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    Catalogue Update.

    New NZ Chart Editions.
    March 2024

  • NZ 681 Approaches to Bluff and Riverton

    Obsolete Charts:

  • NZ 21 Norfolk Island to Cape Egmont
  • NZ 22 Kermadec Islands to East Cape
  • NZ 23 North Island
  • NZ 24 Western Appr. to South Island
  • NZ 25 South Island
  • NZ 26 East Cape to Cooks Strait incl Chatham Isl.
  • NZ 27 Chatham Island to Bounty Islands
  • NZ 28 Stewart Island to Macquarie Island
  • NZ 29 Stewart Island to Campbell Island
  • NZ 31 Bounty and Antipodes Islands and part of Southern Ocean


    The Boaties Book

    2024 Edition
    Now in store.

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    In Memory of Tim Ridge.

  • Amphibious Soul
    From the creator of "My Octopus Teacher". Arrived 14/05
    Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures
    with double-page-spread illustrations. Arrived 13/05
    Many Things under a Rock
    Now in small format. Arrived 13/05
    Sardegna to Ioanian Sea
    Passage Chart. Arrived 13/05
    The Wager
    Now in small format. Arrived 07/05
    Small Vessels Manual
    Updated Ed. of Small Ships Manual. Arrived 07/05
    Boats Make Tracks
    Interactive for active kids. Arrived 02/05
    That's Not My Shark
    A tactile book and chunky. Arrived 5/5
    Cargo Of Hope
    Voyages of the Vega. Arrived 02/05
    Unsung Herreshoff Hero. Arrived 02/05
    100 Things to see in Tropical North Queensland
    written by 2 locals. Arrived 17/04
    100 Things to see on Australia's Coral Coast
    includes Karinji and the Pilbara. Arrived 17/04
    The ship that changed the World. Arrived 12/04
    100 Things to see in The Kimberley
    by local Scotty Connell. Arrived 17/04
    The Team that hit the Rocks
    Inside story of the Wahine Disaster. Arrived 10/04
    Well-Intentioned Advice
    Jon Tuckers' life-voyage afloat. Arrived 12/04


    All you ever wanted to know about her

    H. M.Bark Endeavour (9815)

    By Ray Parkin.

    He draws on meticulous research to reveal what the Endeavour looked like, how she sailed, how she smelled: what daily life would have been like for those on board. No aspect of the ship is too insignificant for his enquiries.



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    The Racing Schooner Westward (8918)

    Describes the career of this Big Class Racing Yacht


    Stargazing (91173)

    Memoirs of a Young Lighthouse Keeper


    Sailor's Secrets (9529)

    Advice form the Masters


    Atlantic (8622)

    The Last Great Race of Princes


    The Castaways of Disappointment Island (10114)

    As told by one of the surviors


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