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    NZ Chart Catalogue Update.

    New Chart Editions Published:
    (July 2021)

  • NZ 7656 - Dusky Sound

    Nautical Almanac NZ 204 2021/22
    Compass Adjusting Services.

    In Memory of Tim Ridge.

  • Castaway
    Small Paperback Format. Arrived 29/7
    Explore the life cycle of the Mangrove. Arrived 29/7
    A Knot A Day
    365 Knot Challenges. Arrived 23/7.
    The Astonishing Adventure that Shaped the World .Arrived 23/07
    Doctor On Board
    Ship's Medicine Chest and care on the Water. Arrived 21/7.
    Sailing with Penny Whiting
    Back in print. Arrived 21/07
    Reeds 9-Language Handbook
    9 Ways to make yourself understood. Arrived 7/7
    Complete Day Skipper.
    6th Edition. 2020. Arrived 7/7
    Coastlines. Boxed set
    50 Postcards. Arrived 07/7.
    The Brilliant Abyss
    Exploring the Deep.Arrived 07/07

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