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    NZ Chart Catalogue Update.

    New Chart Editions Published (July2020)

  • NZ 14638 - Fiji to Kermadec Islands including Tongatapu.

  • NZ204
    Nautical Almanac 2020/21

    Available now!

    Chart correcting agent for New Zealand Charts.

    Compass Adjusting Services.

    In Memory of Tim Ridge.

    Founder and Friend.

    Joseph Banks and his Voyages of Discovery. Arrived 30/10
    New Zealand's Offshore Islands. Arrived 30/10
    Red Lead
    The Legendary Ships cat who survived the sinking of the HMAS Perth. Arrived 30/10
    The Outlaw Ocean
    Small Format Edition. Arrived 30/10
    New Guinea
    Arrived 22/10
    Deep South
    In Search of the Great Southern Land. Arrived 29/10
    Naturalist's Guide to Birds of New Zealand
    Photo ID of 238 NZ Birds. Arrived 13/10
    The Deep
    The hidden wonders of our Oceans. Arrived 20/10
    The NZ Photographs of Whites' Aviation. Arrived 13/10
    An Exquisite Legacy
    The Works of GV Hudson. Naturalist. Arrived 13/10
    Classic Penguin
    The boy from the Barrier. Arrived 7/10
    Where is it?
    A Wildlife hunt for Children. Arrived 13/10

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    Thursday October 28th 2020

    Classic Boat (Sept 2020)
    Practical Boat Owner (Sept 2020)

    Monday October 27th 2020

    Professional Skipper (October/November 2020)
    Sea Breezes (September 2020)


    Guiding Lights

    The extraordinary lives of Lighthouse Women from around the world.

    The book also explores our dual perception of lighthouses: are they comforting and romantic beacons symbolizing hope and trust, or storm-lashed and forbidding towers with echoes of lonely, mad keepers?


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    Oceanic Birds of the World


    270 Species. 2200 Colour Photos.



    Tamatea Dusky

    The remarkable story of Fiordland's Dusky Sound.



    The Tall White Tower

    Was $40.00
    Now $10.00

    Wild Auckland

    125 Natural Places in the Auckland Region

    Was $35.00
    Now $20.00


    A Promised Land

    (Due November 18th.)


    Cruising Guides,
    NZ Charts, Books,Chart table instruments and Courtesy Flags

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