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    Remember, we are a chart correcting agent for New Zealand Charts, and provide a compass adjusting service.

    NZ Chart Catalogue Update.

    New Editions In Store.

    Arrived May 2017.

  • NZ 46,48.

  • NZ 51,52

  • NZ 53.54

  • NZ 61,512

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    Boat Books Ltd

  • The Cape Horners' Club..Tales of Triumph & Disasters. Arrived 16-06-17. Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen.
    Revised and Updated 13th Ediiton 2017. Arrived 16-06-17
    Those Shipwreck Kids. The 3rd book in the series for young adults. Arrived 09-06-17. Those Eco-Pirate Kids. . The 2nd in the series, re-mentioned to coincide with the publication of the 3rd book. Arrived 09-06-17.
    Those Snake Island Kids. The 1st in the series now re-jacketed to match book 2 and 3. Arrived 09-06-17. New Zealand Planning Map Published by that most famous of travel publishers - Lonely Planet. Arrived 08-06-17
    Sea Dreams in The Adriatic Arrived 06-06-2017 Sea Dreams. Sailing the Western Mediterranean. Arrived 06-06-17
    Silly Isles No man is an island, but lots of strange men live on them. Arrived 02-06-2017 Our Secret Weapon Back in Stock.. Arrived 26-05-17

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    Thursday June 22nd 2017

    Cruising Helmsman (June 2017)
    Ships Monthly (June 2017)
    Yachting World (July 2017)
    Sea Breezes (May 2017)
    Australian Sailing (June / July 2017)

    Monday June 26th 2017

    Water Craft (May/June 2017)
    Professional Skipper (July/August 2017)
    Seahorse (April 2017)
    Ocean (Issue 73 2017)


    Now also available on USB Flash drives and in store now.

    Celestial Navigation.. Coastal Navigation.
    Electronic Navigation.. New Zealand Boating.

    All four books on one flash drive.

    Cruising Guides, Books, NZ Charts,Chart table instruments and Courtesy Flags

    Now in Store.

    New Zealand Nautical Almanac 2017/18
    NZ 204.



    The Making of a New Zealand Yachting Legend


    Teak and Tide.

    The Ebbs and Eddies of the Edwin Fox


    The Totorore Voyage.



    We have just received a small shipment of Fijian Charts, including the Yasawa Islands. Follow the link..

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    Hot Johhny Wray coffee and cool boat books!