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  • Tide Times Coromandel Peninsula Sept 2014-Sept 2015 Arrived 21-07-14.

    Bite Times Sept 2014- Sept 2015. Arrived 21-07-14.

    An Englishman Abroad. Discovering France in a rowing Boat. Arrived 17-07-14.

    The Bookshop that Floated Away. An extraordinary bookshop. Arrived 17-07-14.

    Deep.Freediving, Renegade science and the ocean.. Arrived 17-07-14.

    Subritzky Shipping 1843-1993 Firts published in 1993 and still available. Arrived 14-07-14

    Survival at Sea. Distress situations and emergencies at sea. Arrived 15-07-14.

    Great Barrier Island Fishing & cruising handbook.4th Edition. Updated 2014. Arrived 15-07-14.

    Ionian. 8th Edition 2014. Arrived 09-07-14.

    777 Harbours & Anchorages. 2014 Edition. Arrived 09-07-14.

    Chatham Islands 2nd Edition 2014. Arrived 09-07-14.

    Sea legsA Family sailing adventure on their 46-footer.Paperback edition Arrived 09-07-14.

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    Thursday, July 24th. Today's selection of new magazine issues include, the June issue of Sea Breezes includes a short article on making ships in bottles (how do they get them in there?) and comes with beautiful illustrations of some examples of these amazing miniships. There is the 3rd instalment of John D. Roger's article on "Why go to Sea?" as well as an article about the Dutch Immigrant ship "Willem Ruys". The June issue of Marine Modelling International features "Hookers and Longliners" and the story of the design and construction of a 1:0 scale model of a Bermuda rigged sloop. Yachting World the August air-freighted issue has an interview with Her Royal Highness Princess Anne in which she talks about her passion for sailing and Scotland. There is also an investigation into where liferaft should be mounted and the contents needed as well as a feature on Jimmy Cornell's new cruising boat which certainly looks the part.

    Monday July 21st. Todays offerings in magazines are: The July issue of Cruising World, with articles about windvanes and how to develop night vision..the June issue of Pilot, and also the June issue of Moto Nautica and the Summer Issue (what's that?) of Superyacht International.


    The 75th Anniversary Edition available from August 1st.

    Order and pre-pay now to receive a $10.00 Boat Books Voucher.


    "This book is written primarily for dreamers, and they don't mind if a man can write or not as long as the facts are there. It is written for the man who works in a city office and dreams about sparkling blue waters and coconut palms and white sails bellying to the warm trade-winds. It will, perhaps, show him how it is possible to break away from the ties of civilization, build himself a boat and sail in her wherever he wills. I was a dreamer once, but now my dreams have come true, and I am satisfied and happy." ~ excerpt from the preface of South Sea Vagabonds by Johnny Wray

    When unemployed Aucklander Johnny Wray wrote and published South Sea Vagabonds in 1939 he probably had no idea of the effect his story would have on generations of New Zealand back-yard sailors. The book charted his building of the 35 foot yacht Ngataki in his backyard from materials scavenged throughout the city, his cruises around the Hauraki Gulf and subsequently with crews of young New Zealanders, his adventures in the South Pacific, cruising the Islands, racing, trading, even hunting for treasure.

    Johnny’s tale of those adventures, South Sea Vagabonds, is funny and unafraid. Not surprisingly, it was an instant success. Four editions and seventy five years later the book is fondly remembered and often sought

    Johnny died on Waiheke Island in 1986 but the legend he created for New Zealand sailors lives on: with spirit and determination they can do anything. The Ngataki survived, number eight wire and all, and has been restored by the Tino Rawa Trust.