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    Remember, we are also a chart correcting agent for New Zealand and Australian Charts, and provide a compass adjusting service.

  • Ken Ring's Weather Almanac 2014The best selling weather guide. Arrived 28-08-14.

    Paradise Saved The gripping, inspirational story of New Zealand conservation sanctuaries. Arrived 28-08-2014.

    Canoeing the Congo. Arrived 28-08-14.

    Narrow Dog to Wigan Pier. Small Format. Arrived 28-08-14.

    From The Galley Of...Over 250 Seafarer's recipes. Arrived 28-08-14. Knots you need to Know. Arrived 28-08-14

    Hema Country map Philippines Arrived 28-08-14.

    New Zealand Motorhome & Camping Atlas Arrived 28-08-14

    The Boat Data Book The owners' and professionals' bible now in a new updated 7th edition. Arrived 20-08-14.

    Casting Off How a city girl found happiness on the high seas. Arrived 20-08-14

    Frank Worsley - Shackleton's fearless captain. Updated and revised edition of this great biography of a true New Zealand hero. Arrived 20-08-14.

    Blackie the fisher-cat. A heartwarming New Zealand children's story. Arrived 20-08-14.

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    September 1st and a rainy Monday. 5 New Magazines to get the new month going. The August issue of ships Monthly features an 11 page article on the Cruisers and Merchant ships of World war I. The August issue of Shipping Today and Yesterday runs a lead article on Japanese Shipping Line Giants Mitsui-Osk and Sanko. With Watercraft (July/August Issue # 106), we have tips on stripping for beginners, building a wood and canvas canoe, and "Whats the point of traditional rigs?" Pacific Powerboat Sept/october issue is in, and lastly, Yachting Monthly (Summer), some good articles on how to make any boat heave to, a new type of safety ladder for solo sailors, and the pros and cons of petrol, gas and electric outboard motors.

    Thursday August 28th. 6 new issues on the shelves this morning, so September must be on its way. In today is...Boating New Zealand with a fabulous article about the Ngataki, and the South Sea Vagabonds book (amongst other things!) A great article, and worth buying just for that! Also today NZ Fishing News and Trade-a-Boat and 3 International magazines including Marlin (Travel Issue), Boat International for armchair dreaming, and the air-freight edition of Yachting World, featuring J-class revival, keel safety, and adventure cruising to the Auckland islands with Wanderer III.

    Wednesday August 27th sees the long awaited return of Good Old Boat. This popular American magazine which claims to be The sailing magazine for the rest of us certainly lives up to that. There are practical articles on lightning protection, creating a leak-proof deck gland, making a crane for tight spots but also some lovely stories from solo sailing to memories of teaching grandchildren to sail and much more.


    Fish & Shellfish identification guides


    Usual price $36.00

    Now NZ$20.00

    Usual Price $26.00

    Now $15.00

    Usual Price $26.00

    Now $15.00

    South Sea Vagabonds

    75th Anniversary Edition.