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  • Cruising the Coral Coast. This is the fully updated 9th edition. Arrived 16-04-14.

    Cornell's Ocean Atlas Pilot Charts for all the oceans of the world. Not brand new but now in stock. Arrived 19-04-14.

    101 Anchorages within the Indonesian Archipelago. A compilation of safe anchorages provided by many sailors. Arrived 19-04-14.

    The last Ocean Antarctica's Ross Sea project - saving the most pristine ecosystem on earth. Arrived 19-04-14

    The Billionaire and the Mechanic. Paperback Edition. Arrived 16-04-14.

    How to Build the Gloucester Light Dory Build a 15' 6" dory from sheet plywood. Arrived 16-04-14

    World Cruising Routes This must-have guide to world cruising is now in it's 7th edition. Arrived 09-04-14.

    Trial By Tasman Tales from the singlehanded trans-Tasman yacht races by the author of "Blue Water". Arrived 09-04-14

    Your First Sailboat How to find and sail the right boat for you. 2nd edition. Arrived 09-04-14.

    Through the French Canals 13th edition of this excellent overall introduction to the French inland waterway system. Arrived 09-04-14

    The Dinghy Bible The coplete guide to dinghy sailing - from beginner to advanced, from racing to cruising. Arrived 09-04-14.

    The sea and Civilization A maritime history of the World. Arrived 09-04-14.

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    A stormy day in new Zealand and 5 new magazine issues have blown in! Today (April 17th) we have ..Australasian Amateur Boatbuilder and Kitboats, Formerly 2 seperate magazines, this is now a magazine of combined forces. This is is the April/May/June Issue. Cruising Helmsman, has had a small price rise. This (April) issue features how (not) to buy a boat overseas without considering the electrical side of the vessel, and a timely article on the Solomons, Ports to visit and sights to see. The April issue of Australian Sailing and Yachting leads with an article on start line strategy, the March issue of Model Boats and the March Issue of Marlin are also on the shelves today.

    Today (April 10th), sees 5 new Issues in store, to add to the bunch below! March issues of Seahorse, with features about the Volvo ocean race, and AC72s hydraulics, Boat International, with an article about chartering (plus the usual stunning photographs of Superyachts!), and Multihulls World is leading their new issue with 'which Multihull to choose for Blue water Cruising'. Also today is the April/May issue of Trade-A-Boat, should you be looking for a new addition to the family, and finally, the Spring Edition of Cruising OutPost, the USA magazine of Cruising, Islands and Adventure. This issue is focused on Nova Scotia and the Spanish Virgin Islands, also includes an article on Sextants, a new look at old technology.

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    Secondhand Books

    The Royal Tour - 1901 or the cruise of the HMS Ophir. Secondhand Books on adventures and yarns.


    Being a lower deck account of their royal highnessess, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York's voyage around the British Empire.