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    Remember, we are a chart correcting agent for New Zealand Charts, and provide a compass adjusting service.

    NZ Chart catalogue Update.

    New Edition of Chart NZ 5412 (Port of Tauranga) arrived May 2015.

    New Edition of Chart 5314 (Mercury Islands) arrived May 2015

    New Charts due shortly -

    Chart NZ 5411 (Tauranga Harbour) Due June 2015

    Chart NZ 6142 (Nelson Harbour & Entrance) Due later this year

  • Black Sea Coasts and Conquests. Arrived 25-06-15 Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual The maintenance bible now in its updated 4th edition. Arrived 30-06-15.
    The Canal Guide. Britian's 50 best Canals. Arrived 16-05-15 Canvas Flying, Seagulls Crying From Scottish lochs to Celtic shores. Arrived 25-06-15.
    The Weather Experiment . The pioneers who sought the future. Arrived 16-06-15 Waterways - Past & Present. A Unique portrait of Britain's waterways heritage. Arrived 16-06-15.
    OOW Pocket Book MacNeils Seamanship Examiner. Arrived 11-06-15 Empires of the Sea The final battle for the Mediterranean, 1521-1580. Arrived 16-06-2015
    COLREGS Pocket Book MacNeils Seamanship Examiner. Arrived 11-06-15 Mates/Masters Pocket Book MacNeils Seamanship Examiner. Arrived 11-06-2015
    Seamanship Notes. Arrived 11-06-15 Ship Stability OOW Arrived 11-06-2015
    Line. Tying things up, tying things down. Arrived 11-06-15.

    The Complete Chief officer Arrived 11-06-2015

    Don't trust Don't Fear Don't Beg. the Extraordinary Story of the Arctic Thirty. Arrived 05-06-15 Real-Time Boatbuilding Photographic essay of boatbuilding. Arrived 11-06-15..

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    Thursday June 25th. Boating New Zealand has arrived this morning. The anniversary of The Rainbow Warrior bombing (July 1985) features on page 30, with ex crew member Henk Haazen, reflecting on the legacy of the event after 30 years, re-wiring a small boat, Dean Barker shows off his new Kiwi-designed and built 5.5m RIB, and a little (sic) article on babies on board.(safety tips, boat modifications, schooling and the reality of the smallest crew member). Fishing News July has landed. Some fishing from the Solomon Islands and part 2 of Mark Kitteridge's Tongan Adventure. Passagemaker (May/June) goes off to the remote Bahamian Island chain of the Jumentos (70 miles from the North Coast of Cuba). Apparently the archipelago is perfect for cruisers wishing to get off the beaten track. With just the one settlement, and beautiful unspoiled scenery, it appears to be a paradise, except for the very heavy seas and extremely strong winds! Also in this issue, ultrasonic antifouling, keeping you bottom clean with some good vibrations. Finally, the air-freighted edition of Yachting World (July). Freshwater on board is the article on page 47. Storing, rationing and making. With skipper's tips and an overview of how they work, and which to buy. Also, and a bit in the news lately, is the issue of drones. Aside from their use in war zones (and real estate photography), the drones are considered perfect for man overboard searches. And so we have tips and tricks (and also), which drone to purchase!. How the world changes. Lastly, Good Old Boat Issue 103 (July/August) has just arrived. Featured boat is the Chris-Craft Sail Yacht 35, and the makeover of the day is ...the Head!

    Monday June 22nd 2015. The May issue of Classic Boat has the 2015 Best Boat awards and a tribute to the brave little ships of Dunkirk and we are also being taken on a cruise to Cherbourg. Professional Skipper has keith Ingram writing an article about the sacrifices made by members even of the Merchant Navy in both the First and Second World Wars who are more often than not forgotten during the commemorative services. I, for one, am very glad you are trying to put this right with this article, Keith. There is also an article about Pilotage at Taharoa and another issue of "Aquaculture" is part of the magazine. Yachting World has the report of the wrecking of the Team Vestas Wind during the Volvo Ocean Race, the departure of Dean Barker from Emirates Team New Zealand and a couple of reviews of some great new yachts. Ships Monthly's ship of the month is the Britannia. This month also features an article on piracy in the 21st Century and also features the 75th Anniversary of Dunkirk. Shipping Today and yesterday also features the Britannia as well as the Mediterranean Shipping Company as well as Three tramps and a liner, namely Clarkspey, Clarkforth and Highland.


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    The 2015/2016 edition of the New Zealand Nautical Almamanc (NZ 204) is now available in store.

    Nautical Almanac 2015/2016