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    Remember, we are also a chart correcting agent for New Zealand and Australian Charts, and provide a compass adjusting service.

  • Flinders The man who mapped Australia. Arrived 15-09-2014 Linex Parallel Rulers with graduations Arrived 15-09-14.

    2015 Calendar of Wooden Boats Arrived 19-09-2014 The Art of Seamanship Evolving skills, exploring oceans, and handling wind, waves and weather. Arrived 12-09-14.

    Epoxy Basics Working with Epoxy cleanly & efficiently. Arrived 10-09-14.

    A Kid's Book on Boatbuilding For the slightly older child to learn about building your own boat. Arrived 12-09-14.

    Under the Ocean For the little ones to explore and discover New Zealand's sea life. Arrived 12-09-14.

    Ahoy There! Short sea stories from life on board merchant ships. Arrived 05-09-14.

    Boat Log & Record The Perfect Small Craft Record Keeper. Arrived 10-09-14.

    Keep it simple sailor Easy recipes for small boats without a fridge. Arrived 05-09-14.

    The Catch. How fishing companies reinvented slavery and plunder the oceans. Arrived 05-09-14.

    Ken Ring's Weather Almanac 2015 The best selling weather guide. Arrived 28-08-14.

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    One new magazine this morning, Monday September 22nd. It is the September issue of Cruising World and concentrates on cruising in Paradise, namely the Caribbean. With partcular emphasis on the Bahamas, and the Exumas.

    September 19th. At last..The October Issue of Wooden Boat has arrived and this weekend you could be building a Amesbury Skiff, cementing bilges, glueing paddles, or planning to visit the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York. (Or you could just take a seat and spend a rainy weekend reading this wonderful magazine!The other magazine in today is the Sea Breezes (August Issue) with a major feature on the TSS Maori and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Queen Mary 2

    September 15th and we only take flight with one magazine today. The August issue of Pilot touched down briefly..



    Usual price $45.00

    Now NZ$25.00

    Usual Price $30.00

    Now $15.00

    Find us at the Auckland On Water Boat Show from Thursday September 25th to Sunday September 28th.
    We will be selling:

    South Sea Vagabonds

    75th Anniversary Edition.


    As well as:

    Swirly World Sails South