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    Remember, we are also a chart correcting agent for New Zealand and Australian Charts, and provide a compass adjusting service.

  • One Girl One Dream The story of the youngest ever solo circumnavigation of the world. Arrived 31-10-2014 RYA Advanced Powerboat Handbook Arrived 31-10-14.

    Surf Science 3rd Edition Arrived 23-10-2014 Singlehanded Sailing Arrived 23-10-14.

    A winter's Paddle A Kayak Journey around the South island. Arrived 23-10-14.

    Yoga Onboard. A guide for cruisers and live-aboards Arrived 19-10-14.

    Our Big Blue Backyard. New Zealand's Oceans and Marine Reserves Arrived 18-10-2014 The new Alamanc for Celestial Navigation 2015. Arrived 18-10-14.

    Professor Penguin Lloyd Spencer Davis' discovery and adventure with penguins. Arrived 18-10-14. Buehler's backyard Boatbuilding for the 21st Century. The classic & definitive guide.. Arrived 16-10-14.

    A history of the World in 12 maps Arrived 16-10-14.

    Playing With Water Alone on a Philippine Island. Arrived 16-10-14.

    The Sailor's Weather Guide. Arrived 010-10-2014 Advanced Electrotechnology for Marine Engineers. Arrived 16-10-14.

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    Sunday October 26th. Still waiting for the Cruising Helmsman (!), but in the meantime we have a few others to suggest..Issue 107 (Sept/October) of Watercraft includes free plans to build a 13.1m Steel Motor Sailer. The Oct/Nov/Dec issue of Australasian Amateur Boatbuilder & Kitboats features a cool little houseboat (Which really appeals to me) and building a Derwent Skiff, amongst others.. Ships Monthly October Issue, farewells the HMS Invincible after 32 years service, the Costa Concordia salvage operation and U-Boat victims of World War 1. Yachting Monthly (September) has some offshore cruising tips for Skippers and a worthwhile article on getting electronics to 'talk' to each other, plus some advice on advanced anchoring techniques. Professional Skipper is in (Nov/Dec) and features the new Queen of the Fullers Ferries Fleet Te Kotuku, the arrival of a new Auckland Tug and a host of other great articles. And finally, last magazine of the day is the NZ Fishing News, November, which has the top 10 kingfish jigging tips...

    Thursday October 23. New issues just to hand. First up the Boating New Zealand November issue. Some great articles, including a lesson learned about anchoring and music festivals (or, "how to lose your boat in front of 6000 people"), cruising the Ionian Islands, and a six million dollar Hawaiian fishing boat. Not to mention building a jollyboat for the kids, and a biography of multihull designer David Barker. Trade-A-Boat issue 246 has arrived if you need to buy a new boat for the long weekend, and finally, the Air-Freighted issue of Yachting World, featuring navigating through coral, and a special report on the technology and imagery of Google Earth Navigating. Also in this issue, racing the Worlds biggest sailing trimaran, the 131ft Spindrift 2 singlehandedly. Begging the question...'why?'



    Hamilton Jet is the dominant propulsion choice for high speed vessels around the world.

    This is the story of Bill Hamilton and an iconic New Zealand company.


    Hurricane Sandy, the sailing ship Bounty, and a courageous rescue at sea.

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