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    NZ Chart Catalogue Update.

    New Chart Editions Published (August 2019)

  • NZ 5412 Port of Tauranga

  • NZ204
    Nautical Almanac

    Chart correcting agent for New Zealand Charts.

    Compass Adjusting Services.

    Maiden's Trip
    A Wartime Adventure on the Grand Union Canal. Arrived 7/8

    Eat Like a Fish
    Fisherman turned Ocean Farmer. Arrived 7/8

    How to Build a Boat
    A Fairy Story. Arrived 31/7.

    The Art of Wooden Boat Repair
    How to save wood boats. Arrived 31/07.

    Lampie and the Children of the Sea.
    A Fairy Story. Arrived 29/7.

    Erebus. The Story of a ship.
    Small Format. Arrived 29/7

    Inland Waterways of North America.
    2nd Edition. 2019. Arrived 29/7.

    Islas Baleares
    11th Edition.2018 Arrived 29/7

    Reeds Weather handbook
    For Sail and Power. Arrived 16/7.

    Escape Under Sail
    Pursue your Liveaboard Dream. Arrived 16/7

    Running Free
    Robin Knox-Johnson. Arrived 10/7.

    Des Pawson's Knot Craft & Rope Mats
    Arrived 16/7

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    Monday August 19th 2019

    SAhipping. Today & Yesterday (July 2019)

    Thursday August 15th 2019

    Classic Boat (July 2019)
    Model Boat (June 2019)


    Setting Sail in America

    The Remarkable Story of Herreshoff S Class Sailboats.


    Cruising Guides, Books, NZ Charts,Chart table instruments and Courtesy Flags


    Pre-Order Now!

    Des Townson. A Sailing Legacy

    Due September

    The Legacy of Des Townson - Photos, Boat Plans, Press reports and Personal recollections.


    A fascinating insight into 16th-century seafaring and exploration..

    Nautical Works



    It's In The Blood

    John Lidgard


    The Shape of Speed

    John Bevan-Smith


    A 'virtual' look inside the shop.

    Boat Books Ltd

    The 2019 Boaties Book

    BOATIES 2019.

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