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  • Flip cards: CEVNI Signs and Symbols. Arrived 31-07-14.

    Flip cards: Rule of the Road. Arrived 31-07-14.

    Flip cards: Lights and Shapes. Arrived 31-07-14.

    Flip cards: Code Flags Arrived 31-07-14

    Flip cards: Sound and Light Signals Arrived 31-07-14.

    Flip cards: Morse Code Arrived 31-07-14

    Those Eco-Pirate Kids. An environmental tale for children... Arrived 31-07-14.

    Tugs In Colour.106 Stunning photographs. Arrived 25-07-14.

    2015 Tide Times calendar Sun, Moon & Tides for the best fishing. Arrived 25-7-14.

    Bite Times Sept 2014- Sept 2015. Arrived 21-07-14.

    Tyne-Tees Steam Shipping Company Arrived 25-07-14.

    The Bookshop that Floated Away. An extraordinary bookshop. Arrived 17-07-14.

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    Thursday, July 31st. Today's selection of new magazine issues include, the August issue of Boating New Zealand includes an article on the dramatic rescue of the yacht Django's crew by HMNZS Otago as well as a story celebrating Bill Hursthouse's 100th birthday. Bill is of course best known for racing Flying fifteens for about 90 years! Congratulations Bill. Trade A Boat issue #243 includes a raft of boat test, from the Riviera 515 SUV to the Cruise Craft 625 hardtop and the Hanse 455 as well as an article featuring Mercury's new four stroke outboards. The August issue of New Zealand Fishing News goes Moki fishing with Mark Kitteridge and an article on the advantage of small frame reels when kayak fishing. The July/August issue of Multihulls World explains the importance of safety training for cruisers as well as an article on cruising Croatia (wish we were there too!) and much more. last but not least we have the special issue of Boat International called best of the best which covers which covers a few amazing cruising grounds like Myanmar, the Galapagos and Antarctica as well as the latest luxury goods for the people that can afford them. Interesting to see how the other half lives!

    Monday July 28th. Only one magazine arrived this morning, which is the August/September issue of Dive New Zealand. Articles on Ulva Island's marine reserve off Stewart island, a night dive on the SS President Coolidge, bare facts about ice diving all accompanied by the usual stunning photography that we have become used to from this magazine.


    The 75th Anniversary Edition in store now!.


    Join us in celebrating the relaunch of one of New Zealand's iconic yachts.

    Ngataki will be on show on August 9th & 10th (9am-4pm) at the VIADUCT EVENT CENTRE, HALSEY WHARF. VIADUCT HARBOUR. AUCKLAND


    A Brand new chart published this month! NZ Chart 5315 Mercury Bay has just arrived in store

    NZ Chart 5315. Mercury Bay

    We have also received two new editions of Northern Charts.

    5214 (Marsden Point)

    and 5215 (Whangarei Harbour)

    Remember we are also a chart correcting agent for New Zealand and Australian charts, and provide a compass adjusting service.