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    NZ Chart Catalogue Update.

    New Chart Editions - Received. May 24th 2019

  • NZ 827. Approaches to Tongatapu.

    Chart correcting agent for New Zealand Charts.

    Compass Adjusting Services.

    A 'virtual' look inside the shop.

    Boat Books Ltd

    The 2019 Boaties Book

    BOATIES 2019.

  • North to the Night Back in Stock. Arrived 25-05-19.

    A Cat Called Trim Trim was a cat born for adventure... Arrived 25-05-19

    RYA Foiling
    Covers foiling for both sailors and windsurfers. Published 2019. Arrived 24/05/19

    RYA Advanced Sailing
    Third Edition . Updated 2019. Arrived 24/05/2019.

    Marine Diesel Engine Essentials Colouring Book
    Arrived 21/05/19

    Sea People
    The Puzzle of Polynesia. Arrived 21/05/2019.

    Engineering Drawings for Marine Engineers.
    Arrived 09-05-19

    Marine Diesel Basics.
    Back In Stock. Arrived 09-05-19

    Outstanding Scenic Walks of New Zealand. Updated Edition. 2019. Arrived 09-05-19

    Tara. The Terrier who sailed around the World . Back in stock. Arrived 09-05-19 .

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    Monday May 20th 2019

    Australian Multihull World (May/June #156 2019)
    Shipping Today and Yesterday (April 2019)
    Cruising World (April 2019)

    Thursday May 23rd 2019

    Model Boats (March 2019)


    A Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife

    The Birds & Marine Mammals of the Antarctic Continent and Southern Ocean.

    Cruising Guides, Books, NZ Charts,Chart table instruments and Courtesy Flags


    Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook

    Was $67.00
    Now $45.00

    Hand, Reef and Steer

    Was $57.00
    Now $40.00


    All Hands on Deck

    Pt Chevalier Sailing Club. 1919-2019 $45.00

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