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    Remember, we are also a chart correcting agent for New Zealand and Australian Charts, and provide a compass adjusting service.

  • The Enderby Settlement Britain's whaling venture on Auckland Islands. Arrived 25-09-14.

    Beaches of New Zealand Calendar 2015. Arrived 25-09-14.

    The Sailing Frigate. A History in Ship Models.. Arrived 25-09-14.

    Dumont d'Urville Explorer & Polymath. Arrived 25-09-14.

    Flinders The man who mapped Australia. Arrived 15-09-2014 Nelson Navy & Nation The Royal Navy and the British people 1688-1815. Arrived 25-09-14.

    2015 Calendar of Wooden Boats Arrived 19-09-2014 Linex Parallel Rulers with graduations Arrived 15-09-14.

    Epoxy Basics Working with Epoxy cleanly & efficiently. Arrived 10-09-14.

    The Art of Seamanship Evolving skills, exploring oceans, and handling wind, waves and weather. Arrived 12-09-14.

    Under the Ocean For the little ones to explore and discover New Zealand's sea life. Arrived 12-09-14.

    A Kid's Book on Boatbuilding For the slightly older child to learn about building your own boat. Arrived 12-09-14.

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    Monday September 29th. Just a couple of new issues on the shelves today. The September issue of Ships Monthly has an article on the World's great canals. This edition features the Suez and the Panama, via Chandris line vessels in the 1970s. Also in this issue, a look back at the Empress of Ireland, Canada's worst maritime disaster, with the loss of 1012 passengers and crew. Also in today is the August Yachting Monthly with 10 easy ways to improve your boat handling, how to upgrade your electrics, and an article about Jimmy Cornell's new boat, an aluminum centreboard yacht, with 270 degree views from the saloon. Perfect for exploring the Northwest Passage!

    Boat Show Day September 25th and to celebrate we have a swag of new magazines! First up, the local issues ....Trade-a-Boat Issue 245. Advertising 2053 boats for sale, so if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, look no further. The October issues of Boating New Zealand and New Zealand Fishing News are both in. Magazines form further afield feature Passage Maker (September) has articles and inspring places to cruise, including Florida and the Sea of Cortez, also in this it a trawler boat or a sail boat? A fishing trawler with sails...? Hmmm.. Alloy Boat (Spring 2014) has an article about the right time to fish and a bit of a discussion on Fish Finders, as well as the usual reviews. Boat International (August) features a chapter and photos of the New Zealand 56.4m ketch Mondango 3 . The Air freighted October issue of Yachting World has arrived with an article about the new technology in sail making plus being rudderless in the North Atlantic, courtesy of a huge wave. Finally, Multihulls World (UK Issue #137) and a continuation of a cruiisng logbook, this time in Tahiti and Moorea.



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    Usual Price $82.00

    Now $60.00

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