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  • Soren Larsen
  • The Last Grain Race
  • Yankee's Wander-World
  • Westward Bound in the Schooner Yankee
  • Yankee sails the Nile
  • Cape Horners' Club

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    By Jim Cottier. Softback, 0.50kg, 150mm x 210mm, 250 pages. First Published 1997.

    This is the lively story of a modern voyage under sail around cape Horn.
    Soren Larsen, in company with another ship Eye of the Wind set off from Sydney and Auckland for the return voyage to Europe via the Horn, South America and the Mid-Atlantic Islands.

    In this combination of sailing adventure and travelogue, Captain Jim Cottier tells an entertaining tale of people and places along the way.

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    By Eric Newby. Paperback , 0.31kg, 128mm x 198mm, 323 pages, Re Issued 2014.

    In 1938, 18 year old Eric Newby, desperate to escape the daily grind of London working Life, signed on as an apprentice aboard the four-masted ship Moshulu. She was the largest of the 13 sailing ships which still transported grain to Australia and took part in the formidable 'grain race' on the way home.

    Newby's first-hand account of the hard graft, terrible danger and enthralling beauty of the high seas, illustrated with his own vivid photographs, and recounted with his trademark wit, was also to become a classic portrait of the last days of sail. This was a voyage that launched a lifetime of adventures - and a reputation as one of the great travel writers of all time.

    First published in 1956, this is re-issued paperback edition was published in 2014.

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    By Irving and Electa Johnson. Softback, 180mm x 255mm, 0.50 kg 277 pages. Black & White Illustrations. Reprint. First Published 1949
    Circling the World in the Brigantine Yankee.

    Aboard the brigantine Yankee the Johnsons made their fourth world cruise. Again, as in their previous cruises, the ship's company was made up of young amateur sailors; men and girls who embarked on a voyage that lasted eighteen months and covered 40000 miles of ocean sailing.
    The Yankee sailed from Gloucester and went almost directly to the Panama Canal and thence out in to the Pacific. The voyagers sailed west to the Galapagos Islands then south to Easter island, to Pitcairn, Tahiti and then north to Hawaii.
    After months of cruising through the South Sea Islands and famous battle grounds of the War, they visited Bankok, Siam, Singapore, Bali and eventually Zanzibar, before crossing the Atlantic to return to their home port of Gloucester.

    A chronicle of a cruise, and lives well-lived, reprinted from the 1949 Edition.

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    By Irving and Electa Johnson. Softback, 140mm x 215mm, 348 pages. 0.46kg Black & White Illustrations. Reprint. First Published 1936

    Originally designed and bult by the Dutch Government as a deep-sea pilot schooner, the Yankee had seen thirty years in the rough waters of the North Sea when Captain & Mrs Johnson purchased her in 1933.
    The year following they fitted her out for a voyage in the tradition of Cook and Hakluyt. Among her Ports of call was Floreana in the Galapagos, then the home of the tragic Baroness and her companions.
    The 3000 miles of open sea brought the Yankee to tiny Pitcairn, and in succession, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Fiji and the Solomon islands, New Hebrides, North Borneo and the China Sea.
    Following the Far East, Siam, Singapore, East Indies and South Africa, around the Cape of Good Hope and then to Gloucester,

    On this voyage, new Islands were charted and the discovery of the World's Highest Waterfall, which was then named "Yankee Falls"

    This is a day by day story of the Yankee's voyage written in good deep sea tradition.

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    By Irving and Electa Johnson. Softback, 180mm x 255mm, 3256 pages. Black & White Illustrations. Reprint. First Published 1966

    Exciting Adventure sailing from the Mediterranean to the Second Cataract.

    The Johnsons, famous for their seven worldwide ocean sailing voyages, brought the ketch Yankee to Alexandria in Egypt to sail her up the River Nile before the new Aswan High Dam cut off traffic in the upper reaches of Nubia. Their voyage included "weird and irrational navigation" among the Egyptians, the traffic on the Nile was amazingly busy, and they don't bother with lights when sailing at night.....

    Black and White Images record the voyage and some stops along the way.

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    Tales of Triumph & Disaster at the World's Most Feared Cape.
    By Adrian Flanagan, Hardback, 0.59 kg, 150mm x 235mm, 296 pages. Published 2017. Black & White Images

    Cape Horn's fearsome reputation and the price it has extacted from those who venture there derives from a lethal contrivance of geography that unleashes the most powerful natural dynamic forces on the earth's surface. Reaching deep into the Southern Ocean, the Cape intrudes into the flow of the water and weather patterns at the bottom of the world and funnels them into a maritime superhighway a mere 500 miles wide, building massive seas and accelerating wind speeds to hurricane strength. Currents rip at rates that defeat powerful engines.

    These legendarily treacherous conditions were enough to secure Cape Horn's reputation as the ultimate in ocean violence; the supreme test of sailors and ships. It is the oceanic equivalent of the climbers' Everest, and the challenge to some became irresistible. The roll call of sailors who have managed to round the Horn east-about (and more rarely, head to wind and west-about) glitters with the names of sailing legends: Vito Dumas, Marcel Bardiaux, Francis Chichester, Robin Knox-Johnston, Bernard Moitessier and Chay Blyth. -

    This book recounts the history of the Cape through the stories of the people who've taken it on and made it round the Cape Horners' Club. From the first recorded single-hander in 1934 (Al Hansen, who was lost shortly afterwards and his body never found), we follow these very different protagonists as they pursue the ultimate goal while battling almost overwhelming odds. Woven through their stories is a history of the Cape, from its discovery to its use as a trading corridor until the opening of the Panama Canal, to its more recent role as a pure challenge for the best yachtsmen and yachtswomen in the world. Changes in weather prediction and navigation have had a huge impact, but the pressure for ever-faster times has never been greater.

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    See also Shipwrecks and Maritime Disasters

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