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    by Gaspard Konrad. Hardcover, 250mm x 305mm, 1.78kg, 255 pages, full colour photographs, Published 2023.

    Compiling the world’s best surf photographers Surf Porn is a visual impact on the true essence of surfing.

    Best surf conditions or the rarity of a perfect session is what makes surfing so unique and intense. In Surf Porn, not only the right swell, right wind, right tide and weather are important but the right light.
    This book curates the work of some of the most famous surf photographers capturing the most astonishing scenes from the rarest surfing spots on our blue planet.
    In the end, Surf Porn makes the reader maybe understand how surfing creates such an intense mix of joy, adrenaline and well-being. But it definitely creates a deep longing for the next perfect and unridden wave.

    NZ$150.00 + Delivery.

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    by NZ Surf Quest. Map/Poster, 420mm x 600mm, 0.14kg in box 450mm x 75mm x 75mm, 1 page, Published 2023.

    A unique handcrafted map of NZ's best surf spots.

    Gold foil symbols mark each surf spot indicating the intensity of the stoke factor. Each gold foil symbol can be scratched off to reveal the type of surf break and indicate progress in completing your quest.

    NZ$60.00 + Delivery.

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    by Rob Brander. Papeback, 135mm x 208mm, 0.23kg, 182 pages, full colour photographs, Published 2023.

    Many of us live near the beach, and many more visit the beach on holidays.
    But just how much do we understand about the beach and its potential hazards? The types of waves and the way they break, tides and their currents, dangerous rips and how to spot them, and why some beaches are safer than others.
    Every year tens of thousands of people need to be rescued from the ocean because beach-goers don't possess basic beach safety knowledge and skills.

    The Essential Beach Book by Rob Brander (aka Dr Rip), a surf-lifesaver and scientist who studies beaches, rips and currents, is a simple, entertaining and useful guide to beach safety, with a solid scientific basis.
    He explains how beaches form, what drives waves and how rips develop, and offers practical advice to show you how to get the most out of your day at the beach - without risking your life.

    NZ$40.00 + Delivery.

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    by Publ. by Gestalten. Hardcover, 245mm x 305mm, 2.09kg, 320 pages, full colour photographs, Published 2022.

    The Surf Atlas is a compendium of the world’s most unique, unusual, and iconic destinations. Tame monsters at Mavericks, surf beneath the northern lights in Norway, warm up on Ghana’s equatorial waves, ride tidal bores down a river in England, chase mirages across the deserts of Oman, and dance down your longboard in Waikiki.

    Geographically organized across six regions – Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America, North America, and Oceania and the Pacific – The Surf Atlas celebrates exploration, adventure, and the dizzying diversity of our surfing world. Isn’t it time you moved with the tides? Grab your board – surf’s up!

    NZ$140.00 + Delivery.

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    by Matt Majendie. Softcover, 153mm x 234mm, 0.40kg, 296 pages, full colour photographs, Published 2023.

    In a small fishing village on the coast of Portugal, a select band of surfers take unimaginable risks, pushing the boundaries of their death-defying sport as they seek to go bigger than ever before.

    Their goal? To ride the Everest of the ocean- the 100 -foot wave.

    Sports journalist Matt Majendie is welcomed into the inner circle of Nazare’s tight community of big wave surfers and extreme thrill-seekers, living among them for a season as he chronicles their incredible highs and terrifying lows.

    NZ$40.00 + Delivery.

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    by Lonely Planet. Hardcover, 218mm x 265mm, 1.37kg, 328 pages, colour photos, Published 2020.

    From Namibia’s wind-swept Skeleton Coast to Java’s G-Land, discover the best place to ‘hang ten’, whatever your surfing ability.
    Accompanied by a series of stunning photographs, as well as contributions from surf writers all across the globe, this is the quintessential guide for surfers looking for their next epic break.

    Covers 200 destinations, from Australia’s Bells Beach to the coral-flecked islands of the Maldives. Includes some of the most adrenaline-pumping breaks in the world, like Tahiti’s Teahupoo and Mexico’s Puerto Escondido, as well as easier options for beginners, such as Taghazout in Morocco, meaning all abilities are catered for.

    NZ$50.00 + Delivery.

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    by Logan Murray. Hardcover, 310mm x 235mm, 1.34kg, 168 pages, colour photos, Published 2021.

    Regarded internationally as one of the surfing world’s top line-up surf photographers, Logan Murray has had a long New Zealand career spanning five decades.
    These photographs come from Murray’s home patch on the east coast of the North Island, as well as the Bay of Plenty and Coromandel, though their appeal is universal.
    Many of these images have been cover shots or double-page spreads for the world’s most prestigious surf publications.

    This is Logan Murrays second Book.

    Was NZ$60.00 + Delivery.
    Now NZ$40.00 + Delivery.

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    By Pita Ngaru & Mark Airey. Paperback, 0.51kg, 210mm x 297mm, 152 Pages, colour photographs and maps.
    This book lists over 300 surf spots of New Zealand.

  • North Cape to Bluff
  • Topographic maps with access to spots clearly shown
  • Best wind, tide, season and swell
  • Surf quality, experience, consistency, wave type
  • Local services, accomodation and facilities

    NZ$45.00 + Delivery.

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    By Dave Moran, Jenny & Tony Enderby. Pbk, 210mm x 295mm, 200 Pages, colour maps.
    In this book, you'll find over 750 diving spots for wrecks, crayfish, scallops, caves and reefs etc.
    Features include:
  • GPS marks and access to all dive spots
  • Depth, current, restrictions & special conditions
  • Spots rated for experience and fitness
  • Expert preview of species & items of interest

    NZ$40.00 + Delivery.

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    A Bounty of Reefs, Wrecks and Coral Gardens

    By Sarah Ann Wormald. Paperback, 0.51kg, 138mm x 220mm, 288 pages. Published 2016. Full colour photographs and maps.

    The best Dive Sites in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philipines and Thailand

    Areas covered include:

  • Malaysia - Sipadan, Layang Layang, Terangganu, Tioman, Langkawi
  • Indonesia - East Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Maluka,
  • Philippines - Southern Luzon, Visayas, Palawan, Davao, Sula sea
  • Thailand - Similan Islands, Ko Tachai, Mergui Arch. Shark Point, Phi Phi Islands,

    Also includes information on when to dive. reef topography, liveaboard diving and much more.

    NZ$40.00 + delivery.

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    By Bill Mattos. Softback , 0.59kg, 208mm x 265mm, 171 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2013

    The essential guide to all kinds of Kayaking.

    Covers everything from flat water through to ocean paddling, white water surfing, and competition.
    The author explains clothing and equipment required plus the different boats and paddles, techniques, hydrodynamics and safety considerations.

    Clear easy to follow photographic sequences and authoritative information for beginners through to experienced.

    Was NZ$40.00 + delivery.
    Now NZ$10.00 + delivery.

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    By Paul Caffyn. Softback, 1.0kg, 210mm x 295mm, 186 pages, black and white photographs and illustrations. Published 2010.

    The first kayak circumnavigation of Australia - a 9,420 mile 360 day epic.
    An inspirational tale of one man's dogged determination to fulfill his impossible dream against all odds, including tropical cyclones, raging surf, sharks, sea snakes, crocodiles and three long sections of sheer limestone cliffs.

    Was NZ$40.00 + Delivery.
    Now NZ$30.00 + Delivery.

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    By Shelley Johnson. Paperback, 0.58kg, 185mm x 234mm, 338 pages, black and white photographs and illustrations. Published 2011.
    Author Shelley Johnson's passion for kayaking and her ability to share that passion has been honed by years of guiding trips and teaching courses throughtout the United States and Canada. Now you can benefit from her hard-won and time-tested experiences and learn everything from basic paddling strokes and rolling techniques to advanced navigation and trip logistics. The author's practical advice and clear explanations ring true because she knows they work- she and her students have tested them all for you. Included in this new edition is much-needed information about buying used sea kayaks, as well as detailed tips for stretching to prevent fatigue and injury, allowing longer, more enjoyable days on the water. With this award-winning how-to guide, Shelley gets you out there sea kayaking safely and happily for years, whether on your backyard pond or across salty harbours.

    NZ$50.00 + Delivery.

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    By Coastguard Boating Education. 0.52kg, Sea Kayak Manual, Study Guide, and Assessment Pack. 2015.
    The Home study course is ideal for people who cannot attend a Coastguard Boating Education Sea Kayak course due to a restricted schedule or geographical location.

    The pack contains:

  • Instructions and Study Guide
  • Sea Kayak handbook
  • Sea Kayak Assessment
  • Prepaid Envelope to return completed assessment.

    The Home Study course is valid for one year from date of enrolment. All studies and assessments must be completed within that 12 month timeframe. You may apply for a course extension by applying to Coastguard Boating Education.

    NZ$62.50 + Delivery.

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