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Seamanship, Seamanship Education, Knots and Ropework

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101 Tips for Stress Free SailingDuncan Wells$NZ30.00
21st Century SeamanshipWitherby$NZ350.00
40 Knots and How to Tie Them.Lucy Davidson$NZ25.00
50 Knots for Every AdventureMarty Allen$NZ25.00
A Knot a DayNic Compton$NZ40.00
A Seaman's Guide Pocket Book of The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at SeaMorgans Technical Books$NZ20.00
A Seaman's Guide to Basic ChartworkMorgans Technical Books$NZ85.00
A Seaman's Guide To The Rule of The RoadMorgans Technical Books$NZ65.00
Admiralty List of Radio Signals NP281 (2) Volume 1. The Americas, Far East & OceaniaBA$NZ240.00
Admiralty List of Radio Signals NP282 (2) Volume 2. The Americas, Far East & OceaniaBA$NZ240.00
Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals. NP83 Volume K. Western Pacific South of the EquatorBA$NZ175.00
Admiralty List of Radio Signals NP283 (2) Volume 3. The Americas, Far East & OceaniaBA$NZ240.00
Admiralty List of Radio Signals NP284 Volume 4. Meteorological Observation StationsBA$NZ160.00
Admiralty List of Radio Signals NP285 Volume 5. GMDSSBA$NZ240.00
Admiralty List of Radio Signals NP286 (4) Volume 6. India Sub Continent, South East Asia & AustralasiaBA$NZ240.00
Advanced Electro-Technology for Marine Engineers (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series Vol 7)Christopher lavers & Edmund Kraal$NZ85.00
Applied Mechanics for Marine Engineers (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series Vol 2)Paul A Russell, William Embleton, Leslie Jackson$NZ120.00
Applied Thermodynamics for Marine Engineers (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series Vol 3)William Embleton, Rev. by Leslie Jackson$NZ120.00
Art of SeamanshipRalph Naranjo$NZ97.00
Arts of The Sailor, TheHervey Garrett Smith$NZ40.00
Ashley Book of Knots, TheClifford W. Ashley$NZ150.00
Australian Boating Manual. 6th Ed.Capt. Dick Gandy$NZ200.00
Basic Electro-Technology for Engineers (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series Vol 6) 5th Ed.Christopher Lavers$NZ120.00
Boat Code Kit, TheCaptain Teach Press$NZ60.00
Boating / Outdoor KnotsPro-knots$NZ15.00
Boatmaster ExercisesCoastguard Boating Education$NZ30.00
Boatmaster Home Study PackCoastguard Boating Education$NZ470.00
Bridge Procedures Guide. 6th EdICS$NZ425.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Sail Trim and Rig TuningBill Gladstone$NZ25.00
Cargo NotesDhananjay Swadi$NZ85.00
Cockpit CompanionBasil Mosenthal$NZ25.00
Collins Gem KnotsTrevor Bounford$NZ17.00
Collision Regulations HandbookSimon Jinks$NZ60.00
COLREGS Pocket Book, 2nd editionMacNeil's Seamanship Examiner$NZ65.00
Complete Day Skipper, The 7th EditionTom Cunliffe$NZ55.00
Complete Guide to Sailing & SeamanshipTwain Braden$NZ35.00
Complete Ocean Skipper, 2nd editionTom Cunliffe$NZ70.00
Complete Yachtmaster, The - 10th EditionTom Cunliffe$NZ55.00
Creative RopecraftStuart Grainger$NZ45.00
Day Skipper Exercises for Sail & Power 2nd Ed.Alison Noice & Roger Seymour$NZ45.00
Day Skipper For Sail & Power, 4th editionAlison Noice$NZ50.00
Des Pawson's Knot Craft & Rope MatsDes Pawson$NZ35.00
Electrical Power Systems For Marine Engineers (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series Vol 16)Gordon Boyd & Fred Taylor$NZ95.00
Emergency Crew BookRegan Grafton$NZ25.00
Emergency Practical CompanionJon Winge$NZ25.00
Engineering Drawings for Marine Engineers (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series Vol 11)H G Beck$NZ95.00
Essential Knots - Cockpit cardsR.A.Dearn$NZ17.50
Fast Handling TechniquesFrank Bethwaite$NZ45.00
Field Guide to KnotsBob Holtzman$NZ25.00
Fisherman's Ultimate Knot GuideUK-101$NZ15.00
Five on One. Mike Scanlan USB . Coastal /Celestial/ Electronic/ NZ Boating e-Book/WeatherMike Scanlan$NZ80.00
Flashcards $NZ25.00
Flip cards. CEVNI Signs Symbols & LightsFlip$NZ25.00
Flip cards. Code FlagsFlip$NZ30.00
Flip cards. IALA Buoyage - Area AFlip$NZ30.00
Flip cards. Lights and ShapesFlip$NZ35.00
Flip cards. Morse CodeFlip$NZ30.00
Flip cards. Rule of the RoadFlip$NZ35.00
Flip cards. Sound and Light SignalsFlip$NZ35.00
General Engineering Knowledge For Marine Engineers (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series Vol 8)Paul Russell, leslie Jackson, Thomas Morton$NZ130.00
GPS Home Study PackCoastguard Boating Education$NZ112.00
GPS Operator HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ30.00
Guide to the Collision Avoidance RulesA.N. Cockroft & J.N.F. Lameijer$NZ150.00
Handy Book of Knots, TheGeoffrey Budworth$NZ30.00
Heavy Weather Sailing 8th EditionMartin Thomas & Peter Bruce$NZ85.00
How to Go Boating and WhereMike Rendle$NZ40.00
IAMSAR Volume III 2022 EditionIMO$NZ300.00
IMDG Code 2020 Volume 1 & 2 . Inc Amendments 40-20IMO$NZ700.00
IMDG Code 2022 Volume 1 & 2 . Inc Amendments 41-22IMO$NZ750.00
International Code Flags- Cockpit cardsR.A.Dearn$NZ15.00
International Code of SignalsIMO$NZ220.00
Kiwi Fishing KnotsSam Mossman$NZ18.00
Knot Bible, TheNic Compton$NZ45.00
Knot CompanionTim Davison & Steve Judkins$NZ25.00
Knot Craft, Second EditionDes Pawson$NZ30.00
Knot handbook, TheGeorge Lewis$NZ25.00
Knot PackSteve Judkins & Tim Davison$NZ30.00
Knot Tying Kit /Boating KnotsPro-knots$NZ25.00
Knots & SplicesSteve Judkins & Tim Davison$NZ17.00
Knots and SplicesCyrus Day$NZ18.00
Knots You Need to Know'The Handy Boater'$NZ20.00
Knots. Step by StepDes Pawson$NZ35.00
Learn the Nautical Rules of the RoadPaul Boissier$NZ45.00
Liferaft Survival GuideFrances & Michael Howorth$NZ40.00
Life-saving Signals Double Sided Card SOLAS2MCA$NZ15.00
LIGHTrule COLREGSWeems & Plath$NZ75.00
Living through the GaleTom Cunliffe$NZ50.00
Maritime Radio Operator Certificate HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ30.00
Marlinspike Sailor, TheHervey Garrett Smith$NZ45.00
Marlinspike Sailor's Knots and CraftsBarbara Merry$NZ40.00
Marpol Consolidated Edition 2022IMO$NZ500.00
Mates/Masters Pocket BookMacNeil's Seamanship Examiner$NZ80.00
Mathematics For Marine Engineers (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series Vol 1)Kevin Corner et al$NZ130.00
MCA Official Log BookMCA$NZ55.00
Modern SplicingEgmont M Friedl$NZ95.00
Motor Engineering Knowledge For Marine Engineers (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series Vol 12)Paul Russell, T D Morton & L Jackson$NZ95.00
Naval Architecture (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series Vol 4)Richard Pemberton and E A Stokoe$NZ85.00
Navigation Lights & Shapes- Cockpit cardsR.A.Dearn$NZ35.00
New Zealand Boating E-Book, The USBMike Scanlan$NZ30.00
New Zealand Day Skipper HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ30.00
On Board Training Record Book for Deck CadetsISF$NZ100.00
On Board Training Record Book for Engine CadetsISF$NZ100.00
On Board Training Record Book for ratings forming part of a navigational watchISF$NZ95.00
On Board Training Record Book for ratings forming part of an engineering watchISF$NZ95.00
OOW Pocket BookMacNeil's Seamanship Examiner$NZ60.00
Pass Your Day Skipper 7th EditionDavid Fairhall$NZ40.00
Pass Your Yachtmaster, 6th editionDavid Fairhill, Mike Peyton & Peter Rodgers$NZ35.00
Pocket Book of Marine Engineering Questions & AnswersWitherby Seamanship$NZ75.00
Radar HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ30.00
Reeds Lights, Shapes & Buoyage handbookSimon Jollands$NZ25.00
Reeds Ocean HandbookBill Johnson$NZ25.00
Reeds Skipper's Handbook 7th Ed.Malcolm Pearson$NZ25.00
Reeds Splicing HandbookJan-Willem Polman$NZ25.00
Regulatory Primer for 2nd & Chief Engineers - Questions & Answers 2021/2022Witherby$NZ60.00
Regulatory Primer for Mates & Masters - Questions & Answers 2021/2022Witherby$NZ60.00
ROADrule IALAWeems & Plath$NZ70.00
Rule of the Road - Cockpit cardR.A.Dearn$NZ12.50
Rules of the Road at Sea, The. 10th Ed.Mike Scanlan$NZ40.00
RYA Day Skipper Handbook SailSara Hopkinson$NZ65.00
RYA Day Skipper Practical Course NotesAndy Thompson, Penny Haire & Simon Jinks$NZ40.00
RYA Day Skipper Shorebased NotesRYA$NZ40.00
RYA International Regs for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 2nd editionTim Bartlett$NZ30.00
RYA Knots, Splices and Ropework HandbookGordon Perry & Steve Judkins$NZ80.00
RYA Personal Watercraft HandbookRYA$NZ40.00
RYA Pocket Guide to Boating Knots (Waterproof)Steve Lucas$NZ17.50
RYA Sea Survival HandbookKeith Colwell$NZ60.00
RYA Stability & BouyancyRYA$NZ25.00
RYA Training Almanac SouthernRYA$NZ35.00
RYA Training Chart (#6) Southern HemisphereRYA$NZ20.00
RYA Yachtmaster Handbook - pbJames Stevens$NZ70.00
RYA Yachtmaster Scheme - Syllabus and LogbookRYA$NZ40.00
RYA Yachtmaster Scheme. Instructors HandbookRYA$NZ35.00
Safety in Small Craft. Revised & Expanded EditionCoastguard Boating Education / Mike Scanlan$NZ60.00
Seamanship Examiner, TheDavid House$NZ150.00
Seamanship NotesAngus Ferguson$NZ105.00
Seamanship SecretsJohn Jamieson$NZ40.00
Seamanship Techniques, Fifth EditionD J House$NZ310.00
Ship Construction for Marine Engineers( Reeds Marine Engineeringand Technology Series Vol 5)Paul A Russell & E A Stokoe$NZ110.00
Ship Handling. 3rd Ed.Herve Baudu$NZ160.00
Ship KnowledgeKlaas van Dokkum$NZ200.00
Ship NavigationBorje Wallin$NZ160.00
Ship Stability for Masters and Mates, 7th EditionC. B. Barrass and D. R. Derret$NZ150.00
Ship Stability, Powering and Resistance (Reeds Marine Engineering and Technology Series Vol 13)Jonathan Ridley and Christopher Patterson$NZ130.00
Ship Stability. 6th EditionDokmar$NZ120.00
Singlehanded SailingAndrew Evans$NZ45.00
Skipper Tips for EverydayFridtjof Gunkel$NZ30.00
Skipper's Cockpit GuideBo Streiffert$NZ30.00
Skipper's Pocketbook, TheBasil Mosenthal$NZ25.00
Small Vessels ManualCapt. Cal Callahan$NZ130.00
SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2020IMO$NZ600.00
Sound Signals- Cockpit cardsR.A.Dearn$NZ15.00
Speedy KnotsApplesauce Press$NZ35.00
Splicing Companion for Racing SailorsGareth Lincoln$NZ25.00
Splicing Handbook, The - Third EditionBarbara Merry with John Darwin$NZ41.00
Splicing Modern RopesJan-Willem Polman$NZ45.00
STCW. Including 2010 Manila AmendmentsIMO$NZ265.00
Stress-Free Mooring. For Sail & PowerDuncan Wells$NZ30.00
The Adlard Coles Book of AnchoringBobby Schenk$NZ40.00
The Colregs Guide. 7th edition.Dokmar$NZ110.00
The Complete Chief OfficerCaptain Michael Lloyd$NZ100.00
The Instant Handbook Of Boat Handling, Navigation, And SeamanshipNigel Calder et al.$NZ45.00
The Waterproof Book Of Fishing KnotsBrumby Sunstate$NZ15.00
Work Book for Boat Masters, The $NZ30.00
Yachtmaster Exercises for Sail & Power 4th Ed.Alison Noice$NZ55.00
Yachtmaster for Sail & Power 5th Ed.Alison Noice & Roger Seymour$NZ55.00