BOAT BOOKS: How to race yachts and dinghies. A complete list of our huge WORLDWIDE range of books on learning racing sailing.

Sails, Racing, How to Sail.

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Sailing with Penny WhitingPenny Whiting$NZ55.00
2021-2024 Racing Rules CompanionBryan Willis$NZ25.00
Advanced Racing TacticsStuart Walker$NZ85.00
Asymmetric Dinghy BookAndy Rice$NZ45.00
Asymmetric SailingAndy Rice$NZ25.00
Boating For AllMike and Dee Pigneguy$NZ20.00
Coach Yourself to Win (Sail to Win series)Jon Emmett$NZ45.00
Complete Canvasworker's Guide, The - 2nd EditionJim Grant$NZ40.00
Complete Rigger's Apprentice, The 2nd editionBrion Toss$NZ85.00
Complete Sailor, TheDavid Seidman$NZ40.00
Crewing to WinSaskia Clark$NZ45.00
Elvstrom Explains the Racing Rules 2021-2024Paul Elvstrom$NZ45.00
Expert Sailing SkillsTom Cunliffe$NZ85.00
Hand, Reef and Steer, 2nd EditionTom Cunliffe$NZ60.00
Helming to WinIan Pinnell$NZ35.00
High Performance SailingFrank Bethwaite$NZ85.00
Higher Performance SailingFrank Bethwaite$NZ110.00
Illustrated Sail & Rig TuningIvar Dedekam$NZ45.00
Introduction to Racing CompanionFernhurst$NZ25.00
Knox-Johnston on Seamanship & SeafaringRobin Knox-Johnston$NZ50.00
Laser Book, TheTim Davison$NZ50.00
Laser Campaign Manual, The. (20th Anniversary Edition)Ben Ainslie$NZ40.00
Optimist Racing. Sail to WinSteve Irish & Phil Slater$NZ45.00
Physics of Sailing Explained, TheBryan D. Anderson$NZ50.00
Psychology of Sailing, TheIan Brown$NZ40.00
Racing Tactics, North U. BookBill Gladstone$NZ75.00
RiggingDanilo Fabbroni$NZ45.00
RYA Advanced SailingRYA$NZ40.00
RYA Handy Guide to the Racing Rules 2021-2024RYA$NZ10.00
RYA Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024RYA$NZ40.00
RYA Start SailingSteve Sleight$NZ25.00
RYA TacticsMark Rushall$NZ75.00
Sail and Rig. The Tuning GuideMagne Klunn-Oyvind Bordal$NZ60.00
Sail TrimPeter Hahne$NZ40.00
Sailing For KidsTim Davison & Steve Kibble$NZ30.00
Sailing GamesYachting New Zealand$NZ35.00
Sailing StrategyIan Proctor$NZ40.00
Sailing. A Beginners GuideTim Hore$NZ50.00
Sailmaker's Apprentice, TheEmiliano Marino & Christine Erikson$NZ70.00
Stress-Free SailingDuncan Wells$NZ40.00
Super Yacht SecretsLord Luke Hammond$NZ40.00
Tactics made SimpleJon Emmett$NZ45.00
Tactics to WinNick Craig$NZ45.00
Teach Dinghy SailingGaz Harrison$NZ40.00
Team Racing CompanionChris Atkins$NZ25.00
The Art and Science of Sails. Revised Edition.Tom Whidden & Michael Levitt$NZ70.00
The Complete Sailing Manual 5th Ed.Steve Sleight$NZ55.00
The Rules in Practice 2021 - 2024Bryan Willis$NZ55.00
Training to WinJon Emmett$NZ40.00
Trim, North U. Book (6th Ed)Bill Gladstone$NZ75.00
Tuning to WinIan Pinnell$NZ45.00
Wind Companion for Racing SailorsDavid Houghton$NZ25.00
Wind StrategyDavid Houghton & Fiona Campbell$NZ45.00
Winner's Guide to Optimist Sailing, TheGary Jobson and Jay Kehoe$NZ40.00
Winning isn't luckFred Imhoff$NZ50.00
Yachting New Zealand Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024Yachting New Zealand$NZ38.00
Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations of Sailing 2024-2024Yachting New Zealand$NZ45.00