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    By Andy Rice, 170mm x 240mm, 122 pages, 0.32 kg. Colour photographs,line drawings. Published 2021
    Asymmetric sailing from Start to Finish.

    Asymmetric dinghies burst into the sailing scene in the 1990s and have transformed the sport. They led to the introduction of new types of courses and a new sailing style. While the basic principles may be the same as for conventional dinghies, the increased focus on apparent wind sailing and responding to changes in wind pressure and direction downwind are exciting new elements that asymmetric dinghies bring.

    This book allows you to learn the secrets of getting the most from your asymmetric dinghy – whether you sail an entry level dinghy or a high-performance skiff, single-handed or with a crew. Following its advice will enable you to enjoy being at one with your boat and the wind.

    Step-by-step guidance, accompanied by great photo sequences. Every stage of asymmetric sailing is covered, including rigging and tuning, hoists, gybes and drops, tactics, survival sailing and advanced skills for solo and crewed boats.

    Chapters include:

  • Getting Started
  • Standard Moves
  • Advanced Moves
  • Strong Winds
  • Survival sailing
  • Avoiding disaster
  • Masterclasses
  • Boatspeed
  • Racing & Rules

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    By Andy Rice. Paperback, 0.54kg, 170mm x 210mm, 236 pages, colour photos. Published in 2012.
    Feel the need for speed with Asymmetric Sailing . Learn the secrets of getting the most from your boat - whether you sail an entry level dinghy, high performance skiff, sportsboat or catamaran.
    Tips, advice, and some great shortcuts from expert sailors in a wide range of classes gives you the inside knowledge to get ahead of the fleet. There's step-by-step guidance, and every stage of asymmetric sailin gis covered including:
  • Rigging and tuning
  • Hoists, gybes and drops
  • Tactics
  • Solo and crewed
  • Survival sailing
  • Addvanced skills

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    By Tim Davison & Jon Emmett. Paperback, 032 kgs, 170m x 240mm, 125 pages, colour photographs.
    The Laser was launched just over 50 years ago and has now been renamed the ILCA dinghy and moved to multiple licensed builders. To reflect this change, the leading book on Laser Sailing since 1979, The Laser Book, has now been renamed The ILCA Book. In this latest update, it has also moved from a single author, with ILCA guru, Jon Emmett, joining the original author, Tim Davison.
    The ILCA Book covers the techniques and skills needed to succeed in ILCA sailing, for those starting out through to those striving to win their Club Championship. Whether you are a youngster moving up to an ILCA 4 or ILCA 6, or a club sailor looking to improve your results, the expert advice from the authors, plus contributions from Laser gold medallists, world champions and their coaches, will take your Laser sailing to the next level.
    Beginning with setting up the boat, the book takes you through your early sailing experiences and caring for your Laser. Developing your skills on all points of sailing, you will then be introduced to race tuning and racing itself. This is detailed for all three rigs, including the latest sails and masts.
    Over 350 photographs show you exactly how it’s done and 50 diagrams illustrate key boat parts, the different points of sailing and complex on-the-water scenarios with clarity.
    Whatever your background, your current level or the extent of your ambition, this book gives you all the tools you need to get out on the water and improve your ILCA sailing.

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    By Ben Ainslie. Pbk, 170mm x 240mm, 84 pages, colour photographs. 2020.
    20th Anniversary Edition
    Sir Ben Ainslie won his first two Olympic medals (silver, then gold) in the Laser Class. After winning the gold medal he wrote down the secrets that won him that medal in this book. This new edition is published to mark the 20th anniversary of that first of his four Olympic gold medals. It features a brand-new introduction by Ben reflecting on his victory 20 years ago.

    From psychology, goal setting and getting the boat right to speed, fitness and training – this book illustrates how to win a championship. Brimming with photographs, it is a colourful, detailed account of how to dominate in your fleet.

    Divided into 4 Chapters - Speed - Speed Around the Course - Personal- How to win a Championship.
    Contents include:

  • Checking the Hull
  • Putting the Boat together
  • Preparing your boat for Racing
  • Starting, Beating, Tacking, Reaching
  • Fitness, Diet, Training, Clothing
  • Countdown to Events, Winning, Race Day, The Race

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    By Fred Imhoff. Paperback 170mm x 245mm, 128 pages, full colour illustrations. Published 2016
    Whether racing dinghies or yachts, every sailor wants to drive through the fleet and cross the line first. In this groundbreaking book, international racer Fred Imhoff shows how to do just that. By means of on-the-water action shots and detailed commentary about a sailor's tactics, sail trim, helming, crew positioning and psychological attitude, Fred shares the secrets of competitive racing success.

    Every sailor's goal is to constantly improve and stay one step ahead of the competition. Fred's logical, clinical analyses accompanied by fantastic action shots, including many from the 2012 Olympics, will be a godsend to budding and improving racers alike. From advice on mental preparation, honing your gear, working the weather and analysing the course, to briefing your crew, sussing out the other competitors and analysing your mistakes, this book is full of never-before-discussed gold dust that will be absolutely indispensable to all racers, whatever their age or level.

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    By Gaz Harrison. Pbk, 170mm x 210mm, 140 pages, full colour photographs and drawings. 2008
    Whether drifting in Optimists or skimming the water in catamarans, the principles of instruction are the same and the major difficulty is communicating knowledge. It can also be difficult to know how to keep control of a beginner as they drift off on the wind out of control and to keep it fun as the learner seems bombarded with information about 'points of sail' and safety.

    Teach Dinghy Sailing is a step-by-step course in how to teach people to sail safely and effectively. It takes you through the basics of teaching somebody to sail from their point of view and gives constant tips on how to help the student understand new ideas. For every new concept introduced there are off the water instructions and exercises to do once on the water. It is suitable both for those running formal courses and for parents looking to teach their children.

    Teach Dinghy Sailing is illustrated with step-by-step photography and artwork and every section includes boxes with Top Tips and Watch Out information. Whether embarking on a career teaching sailing or looking to teach your children to sail, this step-by-step guide will get the best out of you and your students.

    Gaz Harrison has over 20 years' experience training dinghy instructors throughout Europe. He is a highly qualified coach and when not training he delivers yachts around the world.

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    By RYA. Paperback, 0.28kg, 147m x 210mm, 132 pages, full colour illustrations. Published 2019
    This third Edition of the RYA Advanced Sailing is an informative but easy to follow book packed full of detailed drawings and diagrams. It provides clear instructions on the different manoeuvres, and detailed explanations of relevant sailing theory.

    An invaluable aid which follows on from the RYA Start Sailing title and is the perfect progression for people who are hoping to improve their knowledge and skills.

    This new (2019) edition has been updated with a completely new layout and more detailed illustrations to help enhance learning and includes capsizes, trapezing and foiling,

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    By Steve irish & Phil Slater. Softback, 170mm x 240mm , 116 pages, Colour Photos and Illustrations. Published 2019.

    The Optimist is the most popular junior sailing class worldwide, with thousands of young people actively racing them and hundreds attending the major events in the class. It has been the nursery for most of the top racing sailors in the world.

    Optimist Racing. Sail to Win is written for those sailors, parents and coaches who are looking for success in this competitive class. In it you will learn what it takes to win, including how to achieve blistering boatspeed through technique and tuning, perfect boat handling and tactics as well as covering the mental and physical requirements for success. There is also a section for parents and coaches describing how they can best support their young sailors.

    Originally written by Ben Ainslie’s Optimist coach, Phil Slater, this new edition has been completely updated by top international racing coach, Steve Irish, who can be found coaching Optimist and other sailors worldwide.

    The up-to-date handbook for sailing an Optimist- fast.

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    By Gary Jobson & Jay Kehoe. Pbk, 178mm x 228mm, 176 pages, monochrome photographs and drawings.
    The International Optimist is the largest youth one-design sailing class in the world, with 400,000 boats registered in more than 95 countries. This book is the most comprehensive guide to this popular boat ever written. Its step-by-step format is perfect for young sailors, and special sections offer advice for parents and coaches. Written by champion sailors and sailing coaches Gary Jobson and Jay Kehoe, Optimist Sailing gives you everything you need to know about:

  • equipment, lines, and useful knots
  • basic sailing tips, including where to sit, how to launch and land, tacking, jibing, and Rules of the Road
  • weather awareness
  • more advanced sailing skills - going faster!
  • racing, including starts, upwind tactics, finishes, and dealing with protests
  • practicing alone or in groups
  • Opti events, including tips for parents, plus scholastic and collegiate sailing, and the Olympics
    It is a comprehensive guide for kids learning to sail and race in Optis.

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