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  • RYA Go Sailing
  • RYA Better Sailing DVD
  • RYA Start Sailing
  • RYA Dinghy Techniques
  • Sailing For Kids
  • Sailing Games
  • The International Marine Book of Sailing
  • The Complete Sailor
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    By RYA. Paperback, 0.44kg, 210mm x 295mm, 83 pages, published 2013.
    Have you ever sat by the water, watched people sailing and wished you were out there too? If so, then this is the book for you!. This handbook offers heaps of practical advice in bite sized chunks that are easy to read, and easy to understand. Packed full of essential facts, good humour and wonderful illustrations, the chapter headings are fun and follow on seamlessly, so you know you won't miss any important bits!

  • Chapter 1: "Where do I start?"
  • Chapter 2: "How do I learn the Ropes?"
  • Chapter 3: "How does it all work?"
  • Chapter 4: "How do I slow down and stop?"
  • Chapter 5: "How do I choose a Boat?"
  • Chapter 6: "How do I stay safe?"
  • Chapter 7: "What else do I need to know?"
  • Chapter 8: ""What next?"

    With concise explanations and vibrant illustrations, 'Go Sailing' really brings the theory of sailing to light in a way that kids will love

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    By RYA. Paperback, 148mm x 210mm, 78 pages, Third edition. April 2016. Full colour illustrations.
    RYA Start Sailing. Revised and updated edition.

    The book you must have if you want to learn to sail.

    The book is packed full of illustrations and photographs with 19 chapters covering all facets for the beginner/ novice sailor.

  • Clothing & Personal Equiptment
  • Parts of the Boat
  • Types of Boat
  • Rigging Your Boat
  • Going Afloat
  • Basic Skills
  • Tacking
  • Gybing
  • Knots and Ropework and much much more.

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    By Jeremy Evans. Paperback, 170mm x 245mm, 131 pages, full colour illustrations.
    Featuring seven experts sailing six popular modern single-handed and twin-crewed dinghies this is for sailors who want to develop their knowledge, understanding, and sailing expertise.
    From the novice wanting to get to grips with the basics to the hotshot who wants to be at the head of the fleet, this book gives the latest and most innovative sailing techniques and racing strategies.
    It is filled with all the top tips, secrets and advice every dinghy sailor craves, so join the experts on the water and learn:
  • Preparing your Boat, Self and Crew
  • Reading the Wind
  • Sheeting, Tweaking & Trimming
  • Points of Sailing and Maximum Speed
  • Spinnaker Sailing
  • Helm Crew Communications
  • Turning Negatives into Positives
  • Understanding the Inner Game
    This book covers a variety of dinghies to reflect typical modern designs, which provide user-friendly sailing, great performance and good value for recreational, high performance and regatta sailors..

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    By Tim Davison & Steve Kibble. Softback. Published 2015. 170mm x 240mm, 46 pages, full colour illustrations. 0.14 kg
    Sailing for Kids is aimed at children aged 8-15 who are taking their first steps into the fantastic world of sailing. Packed full of colour photos and diagrams, this straightforward and easy-to-understand guide is the perfect introduction to the sport.

    It is based on the Optimist dinghy, which is the most popular children’s sailing dinghy worldwide, and is endorsed by the UK Optimist Class Association.

    Topics covered include:

  • what to wear
  • setting up the boat
  • sailing and safety.

    For those who want to go further, there are also tips on sailing faster and preparing to race.

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    By Yachting New Zealand. Spiral binding and waterproof pages, 150mm x 210mm, 48 pages, full colour illustrations.
    Whether training to win or just sailing with friends, games are a great way to add variety to your sessions. As coaches and sailors we tire of constant and repetitive drills. It can be easy to lose sight of the importance of keeping things FUN! Games enhance skills and techniques while keeping sessions fun and often sailors will learn and develop skills without even realising it.

    Coaches are now recognising that well designed games are just as effective as drills and can be the essence of a training programme rather than just a reward at the end of a training programme. These game can be played in all types of boats from dinghies to windsurfers, catamarans to keelboats, and many of the games can be played with as few as two boats.

    If you have just started sailing or you're a national champion, this book is for you. If you are a coach running training sessions, this book is for you. If you are a parent looking to have fun with your kids out on the water, this book is for you.

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    By Robby Robinson. Hardcover, 210mm x 260mm, 520 pages, colour photos and illustrations.
    This is the first sailing book that follows a sailor's ideal learning curve. Rather than tell you all about sail trim or anchoring in a single chapter. Robby Robinson tells you what you need to know when you want to know it. From the absolute basics to the most advanced techniques The International Marine Book of Sailing is highly accessible - and informative - at every level.
  • More than 500 pages and 1,000 color photos and illustrations.
  • Covers everything from high-performance and Olymic-class sailing dinghies to coastal and offshore cruising sailboats. No matter your age or the kind of sailing you'd most like to do, this book will work for you.
  • The easy-flowing instructional text is augmented by sidebar features giving alternative approaches, definitions of terms, and boat-to-boat variations - a unique effective how-to combination.
  • Includes contributions from Nigel Calder (Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual), Beth Leonard (The Voyager's Handbook ), Robert Perry (Yacht Design According to Perry ), Bob Sweet (The Weekend Navigator), Charlie Wing (How Boat Things Work), and other top sailing writers.
  • Renders sailing and seamanship more transparent and accessible than ever before.
  • The ideal book for self-teaching.

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    By David Seidman. Paperback, 0.4kg, 186mm x 230mm, 240 pages, monochrome illustrations. New edition 2011.
    Hundreds of clear, elegant illustrations combine with simple direct writing in The Complete Sailor, illuminating all aspects of the world of the sailor to teach you how to get underway fast - and without stress.
  • Read the winds
  • Trim sails like a pro
  • Rig your boat right
  • Dock without hassles
  • Predict the weather
  • Get out of trouble
  • Anchor to stay put
  • Win races and become a better sailor
  • Navigate with chart and GPS
  • Trailer your boat anywhere
    Since 1995, this book has guided almost 100,000 readers from their first sail to a mastery of wind and water. Now, this second edition improves and expands on a classic.

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