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  • Go Sail
  • Learn to Sail Today
  • Stress-Free Sailing
  • Short-handed Sailing
  • Singlehanded Sailing
  • The Dinghy Bible
  • Sailing Essentials
  • Expert Sailing Skills
  • Sailing for Everyone
  • Hand Reef and Steer, 2nd ed
  • Sailing With Penny Whiting DVD
  • Boating For All
  • RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques

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    By Simon Jollands. Softcover, 0.23kg, 128 pages, 135mm x 215mm, Colour Photgraphs and Line Drawings. Published 2020.

    In this ultimate beginner's guide, yachtsman and writer Simon Jollands takes the helm to show newcomers of any age that sailing is easier than people sometimes think. He quickly covers how to get afloat before exploring what you can do when you are on board:

  • Learn how to steer the boat
  • Understand how sails work, and how to hoist them
  • Find out how to use an anchor – and how to get free again!
  • Learn how to tie useful knots
  • Know what to do if there's a man overboard
  • Discover the curious intricacies of how toilets work on a boat…

    The simple stuff is also, from what clothes to wear, to getting on board safely. With a glossary of boating terms, and clear colour diagrams and photos throughout, this book makes everything easy to understand, so even somebody who has never stepped foot on a boat before can quickly learn the ropes.

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    By Steve Sleight. Softcover, 0.37kg, 160 pages, 160mm x 200mm, Colour Photgraphs and Live Action DVD.. Published 2006.

    Step by Step coaching and inspirational photography to get you started or improve your skills.

    Fully integrated DVD, using 360 degree live action footage with freeze frame graphics and slow motion techniques, demonstrates the key techniques and shows all aspects of sailing from launching the boat to recovering from a capsize.

    Special price.
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    By Barry Lewis. Softcover, 0.33kg, 195 pages, 185mm x 235mm, Black & White illustrations and line drawings. Published 2016.

    Learn to Sail Today offers a uniquely fun and quick method for beginners to learn exactly what they need to enter the fun and rewarding world of sailing. Written specifically to engage and reassure the uninitiated, this sailing primer covers the essentials step by step without overwhelming you with intimidating diagrams and long lists of sailboat parts.

    Using dozens of informative illustrations along with clear explanations, free from unnecessary jargon, to put you confidently at the helm your very first day on the water. It walks you through everything you need to know to be a responsible sailor, from sail-trim theory and practice, safety, sailing etiquette, inspecting a boat, steering, and docking to sailing to another harbor and buying your first sailboat.

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    Single and Short-handed Techniques.

    By Duncan Wells. Softcover, 0.246kg, 160 pages, 190mm x 245mm, Colour Photographs and line drawings. Published in 2015.
    By definition, couples sailing alone have to do everything for themselves. They leave the berth, set the sails, helm the boat, navigate, trim the sails, anchor, pick up mooring buoys, enter harbour, moor up and all without the help of any extra crew. So they need to carry out these manoeuvres efficiently and effectively, with as little physical effort as possible. Stress-free Sailing is the answer to single or short-handed crews' prayers – a step-by-step handbook addressing the most common sailing situations that anyone cruising will have to manage. Here you will find clever, highly effective and successfully tried and tested shorthanded solutions for dealing with everything from getting off and then back onto the dock in a variety of wind and tide configurations, sail setting and reefing, mooring and anchoring, to sailing in heavy weather and new techniques for man overboard, all clearly illustrated with straightforward diagrams and sequence photos. 21 QR codes dotted throughout the book link to online video demonstrations to bring the techniques to life. As single or short-handers you have to plan carefully, prepare properly and be able to anticipate. This book will be a godsend with its original techniques for coping in every situation.

    Duncan Wells is an RYA Instructor, Principal of Westview Sailing School and a featured Magazine writer for Yachting Monthly and Sail magazines

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    By Alastair Buchan. Softcover, 0.41 kg, 163 pages, 170mm x 240mm, Colour Photographs and line drawings. Published in 2019.

    While relatively few cruise single-handed, many sail short-handed. It may be a couple sailing together or a skipper with a novice crew – he may have lots of people onboard but, in terms of the sailing, he is probably short-handed. They soon discover that there is so much more to short-handed sailing than a lack of crew. It demands a different approach, a new mindset.

    The skipper has a much greater workload but there are also fewer people, sometimes no-one at all, to consult during the decision-making process. Under these circumstances fatigue can be as dangerous as heavy weather: it creeps up on you, often unnoticed, destroying your morale and ability to make rational decisions.
    And when short-handed, the crew’s limited physical resources must be watched over and zealously guarded.

    In this heavily illustrated book Alastair Buchan passes on the lessons of his hard-won experience gained short- and single-handed sailing in coastal, offshore and ocean waters. It will show you everything you need to know about handling a boat alone or short-handed, from choosing a suitable craft to passage planning, manoeuvring, sleep management and watch keeping.

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    ByAndrew Evans, Softcover 0.44kg, 244 pages, 188mm x 230mm, Black & White photos and line drawings. Published in 2014.
    Sailing alone, whether by choice or circumstance? Singlehanded Sailing answers all the questions and shows the best way to handle the boat. Fascinating, informative and fun, this will help you navigate every nautical mile of your journey with confidence. Expert advice, seaworthy anecdotes, insider accounts and tips, techniques and tactics. Chapters include;

  • The Mental challenges
  • Sailboat design and Set up
  • Keeping the Boat upright
  • Self Steering Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Boat Handling
  • Navigation
  • Heavy Weather
  • Damage
  • Living Onboard
  • Racing

    This definitive guide to sailing alone includes interviews with world-reknown singlehanded sailors and racers, many easy to follow diagrams and step by step instructions.

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    By Rupert Holmes and Jeremy Evans. Hardback, 0.84kg, 192 pages, 205mm x 250mm, full colour photos and illustrations. Published in 2014.
    It’s hard top beat the simplicity and versatility of sailing a dinghy. If you want to experience the raw excitement and fun of speeding over the waves, then the responsiveness and ease of handling of dinghies makes them the perfect choice.

    As well as being one of the cheapest way to get afloat, dinghies are also quick and easy to learn to sail – they are straightforward to rig and simple to understand. This makes them ideal for families and beginners, but if you want to expand your skills a little more, dinghies can make great cruising boats too, and can also provide plenty of challenges in racing events.

    The Dinghy Bible covers all these aspects of dinghy sailing, from beginner through to advanced sailing. As well as covering the basics of getting started, how to rig and launch your boat, safety skills, navigation and weather, you will also gain advice on choosing the right boat for you and how to look after your dinghy to ensure you have many years of enjoyable sailing ahead of you.

    Written by experts and packed with stunning photographs and clear illustrations, The Dinghy Bible is the essential guide to this hugely enjoyable activity.

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    By Steve Sleight. Flexicover with clip, 0.55kg, 304 pages, 130mm x 220mm, full colour photos and illustrations. Published in 2013.
  • Packed with practical advice, this is the one-stop guide to survival at sea, for all sailors.
  • Clear step-by-step instruction on everything - from hoisting sails and laying anchors to reading charts and steering a course at night.
  • Concise at-a-glance information on equipment, weather, and navigation, with helpful charts and annotated diagrams.
  • The must-have pocket guide for novice sailors and a perfect refresher for the experienced skipper.
  • With handy clip attached so you have it a your fingertips all the time.

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    By Tom Cunliffe. Hardback, 0.93kg, 179 pages, 215mm x 303mm, full colour photos and illustrations. Published in 2012.
    There are plenty of sailing and seamanship skills that don't feature on the syllabus of even the most advanced official sailing courses - and a wealth of such wisdom can be found in these pages. There's advice on everything from fixing an engine to recovering a casualty from the water - and all of it is delivered with lively prose and hundreds of easy-to-follow photographs and diagrams.
  • Seamanship
  • Boat handling
  • Skippering
  • Navigation
  • Sail trim
  • Emergencies Sailing guru Tom Cunliffe teaches how to improve a vast range of sailing skills - from dropping anchor to planning a passage and from sailing harmoniously with your partner to using onboard electronics. each chapter deals with a specific skill and is highly illustrated with step-by-step photos.
    This selection of the best practical articles from the pages of Yachting Monthly magazine will help sailors at every level.

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    By Simon Watts. Paperback, 165mm x 235mm, 87 pages. Many colour maps, drawings and plans.
    This book began as a guide for Simon Watts' family and friends, and gradually evolved into a primer on small boat sailing. Chapters include About the Wind; Too Much Wind; Arrivals and Departures; Securing Boats; When Things Go Wrong; Rules of the Maritime Road; Knots, Splices, and Whippings; and Languages of the Sea. Written in a friendly and clear style, this book promises to put you at ease so you can truly enjoy small boat sailing, even if you've gotton the "bug" a bit later in life.

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    HAND, REEF AND STEER, Traditional Sailing Skills for Classic Boats. 2nd Edition
    By Tom Cunliffe. Pbk, 0.71 kgs, 190mm x 245mm, 224 pages. full colour photographs, drawings and plans. Published 2016
    In this book Tom explains the different sailing characteristics of traditionally rigged craft and shares his knowledge of the special skills required to handle them. Modern gaffers and replicas are covered as are large classic yachts and more modest craft. Tom shares invaluable techniques for handling heavy loads using tackles and reveals the mysteries of making the boat work for you rather than fighting the gear.

    He provides step by step advice on:

  • Setting up the rig
  • Sail handling skills - hoisting, setting and reefing
  • Heavy and light air sailing
  • Manouevring a long-keel boat
  • Losing way, scandalizing and steering with sails
  • Topsails, watersails, single-luff spinnakers and fisherman staysails
  • And much, much more

    Hand, Reef & Steer with its wonderful watercolour drawings and atmospheric photos will delight all who love the unique character and grace of classic craft.

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    By Penny Whiting. DVD, 136 pages.
    This is the DVD edition of the book by New Zealand’s leading sailing school instructor and popular television yachting commentator. It shows in her own style how to learn to sail a keel boat yacht. Covering every aspect of sailing, from the rig and parts of the boat, hoisting sails, running, gybing, going about, reefing, tying knots, and handling a spinnaker.

    (Please note that the book version is Out of Print)

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    By Mike and Dee Pigneguy. Pbk, 210mm x 297mm (A4), 132 Pages, full colour drawings.
    Following the success of their first book, Boating Fun, aimed at beginner sailors, Mike and Dee Pigneguy take readers to the next level. Included is easy-to-understand text that will help you learn about tides, cloud formations, how to maintain your boat, safety drills, how to read charts, how to plot your courses, how to take bearings and much more.

    NZ$20.50 + delivery.

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    By Jeremy Evans. Paperback, 0.7kg, 170m x 245mm, 222 pages, colour photographs and illustrations. Published in 2011.
    Thousands of hours are required to build up experience afloat and there will always be more things to learn. In the meantime, this book will help start the ball rolling, building expertise by providing a basic overview of yacht sailing techniques which should be enhanced by the RYA’s Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses.
    RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques is the perfect companion for any skipper or crew looking for the basic skills to enjoy cruising in good conditions.
    Contents include:

  • The layout and equipment on a small to medium sized yacht
  • The essential safety information that all need to know before getting underway
  • Basic maintenance
  • Manoeuvring in a marina
  • Handling under sail
  • Anchoring and mooring
  • Man overboard rescue strategy
    This will provide you with enough information to enjoy relaxed yacht cruising in favourable conditions with a family, particularly for flotilla or bareboat holidays. That means fair weather, light to moderate winds, little or no tide, a quiet sailing area, easily assessed navigational hazards, well protected anchorages with good holding and uncrowded marinas.
    Specific recommendations are made throughout the book to RYA courses and books for those who wish to increase their knowledge and expertise to higher levels.

    NZ$50.00 + delivery.

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