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RYA Power Schemes Instructors HandbookColin Ridley & Clive Grant$NZ60.00
RYA Yachtmaster Scheme - Syllabus and LogbookRYA$NZ40.00
RYA Navigation Exercises - 2nd editionChris Slade$NZ95.00
RYA Navigation HandbookTim Bartlett$NZ65.00
RYA Introduction to RadarTim Bartlett$NZ25.00
RYA Personal LogbookRobert Dearn$NZ60.00
RYA Powerboat Scheme Syllabus and LogbookJonathan Mendez$NZ30.00
RYA Sea Survival HandbookKeith Colwell$NZ60.00
RYA Personal Watercraft HandbookRYA$NZ40.00
RYA Stability & BouyancyRYA$NZ25.00
RYA Knots, Splices and Ropework HandbookGordon Perry & Steve Judkins$NZ80.00
RYA Start PowerboatingJon Mendez$NZ25.00
RYA Astro Navigation HandbookTim Bartlett$NZ40.00
RYA Powerboat Handbook 3rd edition.Paul Glatzel$NZ60.00
RYA Advanced SailingRYA$NZ40.00
RYA Dinghy TechniquesJeremy Evans Jeremy Evans$NZ45.00
RYA Start SailingSteve Sleight$NZ25.00
RYA Training Almanac SouthernRYA$NZ35.00
RYA Day Skipper Practical Course NotesAndy Thompson, Penny Haire & Simon Jinks$NZ40.00
RYA Yachtmaster Shorebased NotesPenny Haire$NZ40.00
RYA Sail Trim Handbook for CruisersRob Gibson$NZ50.00
RYA Competent Crew SkillsRYA$NZ40.00
RYA International Regs for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 2nd editionTim Bartlett$NZ30.00
RYA Yachtmaster Handbook - pbJames Stevens$NZ70.00
RYA Training Chart (#6) Southern HemisphereRYA$NZ20.00
RYA TacticsMark Rushall$NZ75.00
RYA Sail & Power LogbookRYA$NZ65.00
RYA Weather HandbookRYA / Chris Tibbs$NZ55.00
RYA Handy Guide to the Racing Rules 2021-2024RYA$NZ10.00
RYA Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024RYA$NZ25.00
RYA Yachtmaster Scheme. Instructors HandbookRYA$NZ35.00
RYA Advanced Powerboat HandbookPaul Glatzel$NZ65.00
RYA Wet Notes - waterproof notebookRYA$NZ20.00
RYA Introduction to NavigationTim Bartlett$NZ40.00
RYA Go SailingRYA$NZ40.00
RYA Diesel Engine HandbookAndrew Simpson$NZ60.00
RYA Day Skipper Handbook SailSara Hopkinson$NZ65.00
RYA Commercial Regulations for Small VesselsSimon Jinks$NZ20.00
RYA Pocket Guide to Boating Knots (Waterproof)Steve Lucas$NZ17.50
RYA Yacht Sailing TechniquesJeremy Evans$NZ50.00
RYA Inland Waterways HandbookAndrew Newman$NZ45.00
RYA Safety Boat Handbook with DVDLaurence West and Grahame Forshaw$NZ15.00
RYA European Waterways Regulations, 3rd editionTam Murrell$NZ30.00
RYA Day Skipper Shorebased NotesRYA$NZ40.00
RYA Handy Plotter $NZ50.00
RYA Go CruisingRYA$NZ30.00