• Captain's Quick Guide. Using VHF and SSB Radio
  • Reeds VHF DSC Handbook
  • GMDSS. A Users Guide
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    By Bob Sweet. Laminated Fold out Sheet, Waterproof.
    Everything you need to know about using VHF and SSB radio.

  • How VHF works
  • Using the Correct Channels
  • Correct Procedures
  • Advance Communication Methods
  • How SSB works
  • SSB frequen ies and emergency calls

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    By Sue Fletcher. Paperback, 0.29kg, 140mm x 210mm, 132 pages, full colour illustrations. New Edition 2011.
    A marine VHF DSC radio is considered essential kit aboard any boat. Rescue authorities and the commercial maritime world now rely almost entirely on DSC radio for making initial contact with boats at sea, so a good understanding by all crew members of how to work it is paramount.
    This book will ensure readers get up to speed quickly with both the analogue and digital functions on the radio. With straightforward explanations and helpful tips, this guide comprehensively describes the leisure craft VHF DSC radio system in a user-friendly and logical manner. Thoroughly updated for this edition to take into account new developments and procedures, the book covers:
  • radio procedure, channel allocation and radio theory
  • all the information required to pass the Short Range Certificate - compulsory for anyone using a VHF DSC radio
  • a full explanation of GMDSS, including details on EPIRBS, SARTs and Navtex
    An essential read for any seafarer!

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    GMDSS. A Users Guide.
    By Denise Brehaut. 6th Edition 2017. Softback, 235mmx 155mm, 0.28 kg. 128 pages, Colour Photographs.

    The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) - the maritime equivalent to the emergency services number - provides a fast and efficient way of calling for assistance at sea, whatever the size of craft or its location.

    This book explains the operation of the system as a whole and clearly outlines the procedures required to get help quickly, as well as covering the syllabi of the General Operator's Certificate (GOC), the Long Range Certificate (LRC) and the Restricted Operator's Certificate (ROC). Concise descriptions of channel usage, call signs, types of transmission and equipment allow novices as well as long-time users to thoroughly understand this life-saving communications system.

    The 6th edition of GMDSS incorporates all the changes to the regulations that came into force in 2009 as well as the 2016 system updates.

    An invaluable reference for exam candidates and equipment users alike for almost 20 years - it is the GMDSS bible. The clear and lucid text is supported with illustrations, handy Q&A sections and a quick-reference revision guide for GOC and LRC students. Since it was first published, this book has helped explain the system for anyone using GMDSS and has been excellent pre-course reading for students.

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