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  • History
  • Logbooks
  • Kayaking, Canoeing and Other Watersports
  • Magazines
  • Marine Modelling
  • Maritime Studies and Seamanship
  • Merchant Shipping
  • Meteorology
  • Natural History
  • Navigation and Radio
  • Sailing, Racing, Sails, Rigs and Rigging
  • Travel
  • Yarns, Nautical Tales, Biographies and Humour
  • Yachting and Boating History
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    Boatbuilding, Design and Maintenance
    Thoughts on Clinker Lapstrake Dinghy ConstructionPeter Peal$NZ65.00
    Jack Brooke Story, TheHarold Kidd$NZ25.00
    John Spencer Story, ThePeter Tait / Tino Rawa Trust$NZ35.00
    Jim Young - designer boatbuilder sailorJim Young$NZ80.00
    Retro and Vintage Boats.Don Jessen$NZ40.00
    Beautiful BoatsRobert Brooke$NZ45.00
    Pelin Boat Plans CatalogueFrank Pelin$NZ30.00
    Winkelmann's WaitemataRobin Elliott, Harold Kidd, T L Rodney Wilson$NZ10.00
    Lee RailHarold Kidd & Robin Elliott$NZ35.00
    EmmyRobin Elliott$NZ40.00
    The Story Of BanditShirley-Ann McCrystal$NZ25.00
    All The OceansRon Holland$NZ75.00
    Logans, TheRobin Elliott & Harold Kidd$NZ25.00
    Des Townson. A Sailing LegacyBrian Peet$NZ80.00
    Yacht Interior ConstructionEdward Mitchell$NZ15.00
    Chart Table Instruments
    Handy Plotter PackCaptainTeach Press$NZ50.00
    Compass-rose DemonstratorCaptain Teach Press$NZ50.00
    Coffeetable Books
    Southern NightsNaomi Arnold$NZ65.00
    Craig Potton New ZealandCraig Potton$NZ80.00
    Boaties Book 2022Boaties$NZ00.00
    Story of the Hauraki Gulf.Raewyn Peart$NZ90.00
    Down the BayPhilip Simpson$NZ80.00
    Aotea Great Barrier . Land and PeopleChris Morton & Peter Malcouronne$NZ39.99
    Aotearoa. The New Zealand Experience. Softback EditionPotton & Burton$NZ20.00
    Fish Of The DayClarke Gayford & Mike Bhana$NZ55.00
    Kiwi Smoker, TheCarl Scott$NZ13.50
    Cruising Guides, Chart Catalogue, Preparation and First Aid
    New Zealand's Northland Coast 3rd editionDavid Thatcher$NZ95.00
    Chart Wallet 800mm x 600mmFranron Marine$NZ75.00
    Kayaking New Zealand's Offshore IslandsMax Grant$NZ25.00
    Discover and Explore the Chatham Islands 3rd editionCherry Lawrie & Jocelyn Powell$NZ55.00
    Extendable Chart Tube (8.5cm Dia)DA$NZ30.00
    Chart Wallet 650mm x 460mmFranron Marine$NZ60.00
    Stewart Island Rakiura National ParkNeville Peat$NZ20.00
    Discover Fiordland - An Illustrated GuideJohn Hall-Jones$NZ40.00
    Ulva Island - A Visitor's GuideUlva Goodwillie$NZ42.00
    New Zealand's Hauraki Gulf. 5th editionDavid Thatcher$NZ95.00
    Coastal Cruising Handbook. 11th EditionRAYCC$NZ85.00
    New Zealand Cruising Guide - Central Area. 2013 editionKeith Murray & Baron Ralph von Kohorn$NZ60.00
    New Zealand Pilot, NP51 - 20th ed 2021British Admiralty$NZ260.00
    Boatpak Wallets for folded charts - please add one per chart or as wanted $NZ2.00
    Complete, up to date catalogue of New Zealand charts - please order from the catalogue. $NZ22.50 each
    New Zealand Mariner's Handbook, Second EditionEditor T J Ridge$NZ35.00
    Boaties Guide to Fiordland, AMana Cruising Club$NZ70.00
    All Land Information New Zealand Charts - Click Here For Catalogue $NZ22.50
    Stewart Island Cruising GuideMana Cruising Club$NZ60.00
    New Zealand Nautical Almanac 2022/2023(NZ 204)LINZ$NZ20.50
    Chatham Islands. Heritage and ConservationEd. Colin Miskelly$NZ40.00
    Chart Catalogue and Index (NZ 202) $NZ5.00
    New Zealand Tidal Stream Atlas (NZ 206)LINZ$NZ8.00
    Chatham Islands - A Pictorial JourneyJocelyn Powell et al$NZ40.00
    New Zealand First Aid Handbook, TheSt John$NZ35.00
    Chart Wallet 800mm x 600mm (With Pocket)Franron Marine$NZ85.00
    Sailing with Penny WhitingPenny Whiting$NZ55.00
    Penny Whiting Sailing DVD, ThePenny Whiting$NZ40.00
    Spot X Fish IDSpotX$NZ13.00
    New Zealand Commercial Fishes Poster LargeUnited Fisheries$NZ15.00
    Knots, Rigs & BaitsMark Kitteridge$NZ25.00
    New Zealand Commercial Fishes Poster SmallUnited Fisheries$NZ10.00
    Spot X Fishing Chart Great BarrierSpot X$NZ13.00
    Hauraki Gulf Fishing HotspotsBruce Duncan$NZ19.99
    Kiwi Fishing KnotsSam Mossman$NZ15.00
    Fish Identification SlateNZ Underwater$NZ10.00
    Spot X Fishing Chart Manukau HarbourSpot X$NZ13.00
    Spot X Fishing Chart Mercury Islands - WhitiangaSpot X$NZ13.00
    Spot X Game Fishing New ZealandMark Airey$NZ40.00
    Spot X Fishing Chart Outer Islands - Hauraki GulfSpot X$NZ13.00
    Spot X Surfcasting New Zealand, 2nd EditionMark Draper & Mark Airey$NZ40.00
    New Zealand Seafood PosterSeafood Industry Council$NZ20.00
    Fishy Fingers. The Odour EroderFishy Fingers$NZ10.00
    Spot X Fishing Chart Waiheke Island - Western CoromandelSpot X$NZ13.00
    Spot X Fishing Chart Bay of IslandsSpot X$NZ13.00
    Spot X Fishing Chart Rangitoto island - The NoisesSpot X$NZ13.00
    Spot X Fishing Chart Rotorua LakesSpot X$NZ13.00
    Spot X Fishing Chart Kawau Island - WhangaparaoaSpot X$NZ13.00
    Spot X Fishing Knots & Rigs / SoftbaitsSpot X$NZ13.00
    Spot X Boat Fishing New Zealand 3rd EditionMark Airey$NZ45.00
    Catch More Snapper & Kingfish on LuresMark Kitteridge & Joe Dennehy$NZ30.00
    New Zealand Recreational Fishing and Boating Rules 2021TTMedia$NZ00.00
    How to Catch Fish and WhereMike Rendle$NZ28.00
    Raoul and the KermadecsSteven Gentry$NZ60.00
    Voyages of the Pioneers to new Zealand 1839-85John McLean$NZ45.00
    Nga Waka O Nehera. The First Voyaging CanoesJeff Evans$NZ50.00
    Early Days in Foveaux StraitLloyd Esler$NZ40.00
    Islands of the GulfShirley Maddock & Don Whyte$NZ45.00
    The Story of HMNZS Otago 1970-1976Gerry Wright$NZ40.00
    Lights in the LandscapeGrant Sheehan$NZ75.00
    True tales of Kawau IslandDon Armitage$NZ50.00
    Tall White Tower, TheW.E.H.Creamer$NZ10.00
    The Sea DevilSam Jefferson$NZ40.00
    Endless SeaFrances Walsh & Jane Ussher$NZ70.00
    HMNZS Black Prince 1946-1959Gerry Wright$NZ40.00
    HMNZS RoyalistGerry Wright$NZ60.00
    Sweat and ToilJohn McLean$NZ45.00
    True Tales of Great Barrier Island 2016Don Armitage$NZ50.00
    Polynesian Navigation and the Discovery of New ZealandJeff Evans$NZ40.00
    The Story of HMNZS BlackpoolGerry Wright$NZ40.00
    The Enderby SettlementConon Fraser$NZ50.00
    Dumont d'Urville. Explorer & PolymathEdward Duyker$NZ70.00
    Wake of the InvercauldMadelene Ferguson Allen$NZ55.00
    Great Barrier Island ShipwrecksGreat Barrier Island History Research Group$NZ35.00
    Salty DitsGerry Wright$NZ40.00
    Pioneer SailorGerry Wright$NZ30.00
    North sea WarriorGerry Wright$NZ40.00
    HMNZS Charles UphamGerry Wright$NZ35.00
    The Story of HMNZS Otago 1960-1970Gerry Wright$NZ40.00
    The Story of HMNZS Otago 1977-1983Gerry Wright$NZ40.00
    Whaler by ProvidenceDon Wilson$NZ50.00
    Waka Taua. The Maori War CanoeJeff Evans$NZ35.00
    Orpheus Disaster, TheThayer Fairburn$NZ60.00
    A Sailor At HeartGerry Wright$NZ55.00
    The Battlecruiser New ZealandMathew Wright$NZ60.00
    Excellent Short Walks in the South IslandPeter Janssen$NZ40.00
    Fiordland ExploredJohn Hall-Jones$NZ50.00
    True Tales of Central WhangareiDon Armitage$NZ50.00
    Sunset to SunriseTimothy Nicol$NZ40.00
    Navigators & NaturalistsMichael Lee$NZ70.00
    Vaka Moana - Voyages of the AncestorsK.R. Howe$NZ90.00
    Driven by the Wind - The Memoir of Captain Henry RoseKaren Stade$NZ50.00
    Sea Devil.James Bade$NZ50.00
    True Tales of New Zealand Fisheries OfficersDon Armitage and Duncan Chisholm$NZ50.00
    More True Tales of Whangarei HeadsJan Boyes$NZ50.00
    Reflections, Connections and MemoriesRobert J Hawkins$NZ40.00
    Trial Of StrengthShona Riddell$NZ45.00
    Pathway of the BirdsAndrew Crowe$NZ50.00
    People of the SeaJames Wharram & Hanneke Boon$NZ50.00
    Milford SoundJohn Hall-Jones$NZ60.00
    ShipwreckedGavin McLean$NZ60.00
    The Cook Voyages EncountersJanet Davidson$NZ65.00
    Fjords of Fjordland, TheJohn Hall-Jones$NZ75.00
    Ships of Omaha, TheCarol & James Ramage$NZ70.00
    Reawakenend - Traditional Navigators of Te Moana-nui-a-KiwaJeff Evans$NZ40.00
    New Zealand Safe Ship Management System Ships Log Book $NZ68.00
    Mariner's Log Book, A $NZ40.00
    NZ Safe Ship Management Ships Logbook Insert Pages (3 Hole) $NZ50.00
    Seafarer's Book - Personal Record of Sea ServiceTim Ridge$NZ30.00
    NZ Safe Ship Management Ships Logbook Insert Pages (2 Hole) $NZ50.00
    Kayaking, Canoeing and Other Watersports
    Spot X Diving New ZealandDave Moran, Jenny & Tony Enderby$NZ40.00
    The Dreamtime VoyagePaul Caffyn$NZ40.00
    Spot X SurfingPita Ngaru & Mark Airey$NZ19.99
    Sea Kayak Home StudyCoastguard Boating Education$NZ57.00
    Magazine Professional Skipper (New Zealand - Bi-monthly)Issue 148 Jul/Aug 2022 $NZ11.50
    Magazine Pacific PowerBoat (New Zealand -Bi-Monthly, Propeller & Pacific Motor Yacht combined)Jul/Aug 2022 $NZ11.50
    Magazine New Zealand Geographic Issue 176 Jul/Aug 2022 $NZ14.95
    Magazine Boating New Zealand (New Zealand - Monthly)August 2022 $NZ11.50
    Magazine Mahurangi Cruising Club Yearbook 2022 (Annual)2022 $NZ20.00
    Maritime Studies and Seamanship
    Flashcards $NZ25.00
    Maritime Restricted Operator Certificate Home Study PackCoastguard Boating Education$NZ117.00
    Safety in Small Craft. Revised & Expanded EditionCoastguard Boating Education / Mike Scanlan$NZ50.00
    Outboard Engine Maintenance Home Study PackCoastguard Boating Education$NZ92.00
    How to Go Boating and WhereMike Rendle$NZ35.00
    Celestial WorksheetsCaptain Teach$NZ20.00
    Boatmaster Home Study PackCoastguard Boating Education$NZ360.00
    Economy Boatmaster Kit, The $NZ160.00
    Inboard Engine Maintenance Home Study PackCoastguard Boating Education$NZ102.00
    New Zealand Boating E-Book, The USBMike Scanlan$NZ30.00
    Work Book for Boat Masters, The $NZ25.00
    GPS Home Study PackCoastguard Boating Education$NZ97.00
    Five on One. Mike Scanlan USB . Coastal /Celestial/ Electronic/ NZ Boating e-Book/WeatherMike Scanlan$NZ80.00
    Beginning Boating Online Student VoucherCoastguard Boating Education$NZ35.00
    Diesel Inboard Engine Operation and Maintenance HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ25.00
    Radar HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ25.00
    Maritime Radio Operator Certificate HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ25.00
    GPS Operator HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ25.00
    New Zealand Day Skipper HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ30.00
    Outboard Engine Maintenance HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ25.00
    Rules of the Road at Sea, The. 10th Ed.Mike Scanlan$NZ30.00
    Boat Code Kit, TheCaptain Teach Press$NZ50.00
    Boatmaster ExercisesCoastguard Boating Education$NZ30.00
    Metgen Cook Strait Mariner's Weather Handbook, TheJim Hessel$NZ20.00
    Metgen Inner Hauraki Gulf Mariner's Weather Handbook, TheJim Hessell$NZ20.00
    1994 Pacific Storm Survey, TheKim Taylor$NZ25.00
    Metgen Outer Gulf Mariner's Weather Handbook, TheJim Hessel$NZ20.00
    Mariner's Metpack - South West PacificBob McDavitt$NZ40.00
    Natural History
    New Zealand's Seaweeds.Wendy Nelson$NZ65.00
    An Exquisite LegacyGeorge Gibbs$NZ60.00
    50 Best Birdwatching Sites in New ZealandLiz Light$NZ40.00
    New Zealand SeabirdsKerry-Jayne Wilson$NZ50.00
    Poor Knights WonderlandGlenn Edney$NZ25.00
    Photographic guide to the Mammals of New ZealandCarolyn M king$NZ28.00
    Poor Knights Islands Marine ReserveKeith Hawkins$NZ30.00
    Field Guide to New Zealand Seabirds. 3rd Ed.Brian Parkinson$NZ35.00
    Field Guide to Wild New ZealandJulian Fitter$NZ50.00
    Photographic Guide to the Sea Fishes of New ZealandWade Doak$NZ28.00
    Collins Traveller's Guide: Birds of New ZealandJulian Fitter & Don Merton$NZ45.00
    Volcanoes of Auckland. A Field GuideBruce Hayward$NZ50.00
    Photographic guide to the Seashells of New ZealandMargaret S.Morley$NZ28.00
    Photographic Guide to the Birds of New ZealandGeoff Moon$NZ28.00
    HauturuEd. Lyn Wade$NZ60.00
    Birdwatching for Beginners. A New Zealand GuideAlan Froggatt$NZ20.00
    Know Your New Zealand FishesJenny & Tony Enderby$NZ40.00
    A Naturalist's Guide to Birds of New ZealandOscar Thomas$NZ30.00
    BirdstoriesGeoff Norman$NZ70.00
    Birds of New Zealand. Collective NounsMelissa Boardman$NZ30.00
    Navigation and Radio
    Coastal Navigation USBMike Scanlan$NZ30.00
    Celestial Navigation USBMike Scanlan$NZ30.00
    New Zealand's Night Sky - Glow in the Dark ChartStardome$NZ15.00
    We, the NavigatorsDavid Lewis$NZ85.00
    America to Antipodes: Sight Reduction TablesCaptain Teach$NZ55.00
    Electronic Navigation USBMike Scanlan$NZ30.00
    Sailing, Racing, Sails, Rigs and Rigging
    Boating For AllMike and Dee Pigneguy$NZ20.00
    Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations of Sailing 2024-2024Yachting New Zealand$NZ45.00
    Yachting New Zealand Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024Yachting New Zealand$NZ38.00
    Sailing GamesYachting New Zealand$NZ35.00
    Yarns, Nautical Tales, Biographies and Humour
    Rolling Seas to Rowling HeightsTom Rowling$NZ35.00
    Down SouthBruce Ansley$NZ50.00
    Into the Midnight SunBarbara Thomas$NZ50.00
    Wild Seas to GreenlandRebecca Hayter$NZ40.00
    Snow PetrelJon Tucker$NZ30.00
    Last Great Adventure of Sir Peter Blake, TheAlan Sefton$NZ35.00
    PassagesLinda Trubridge$NZ40.00
    Te Kaitoa .Geoff Neville$NZ45.00
    Blue water. Stories from a Life AfloatLindsay Wright$NZ45.00
    Island NotesTim Higham$NZ35.00
    With the Wind Behind UsMatt Elliott$NZ40.00
    Just Sea & SkyBen Pester$NZ25.00
    Memories. Roads of DestinyJohn Brooke$NZ45.00
    Columbia Cruises NorthRalph S. von Kohorn$NZ40.00
    To the Ice and BeyondGraeme Kendall$NZ35.00
    Classic PenguinPeter 'Penguin' Blackwell$NZ45.00
    Swirly World Sails SouthAndrew Fagan$NZ35.00
    Trial by TasmanLindsay Wright$NZ35.00
    South Sea VagabondsJohnny Wray$NZ30.00
    Yarns, Nautical Tales, Biographies and Humour
    Postal Tube - for rolled charts $NZ3.50
    Extentable Chart Tube (10.5 cm Dia)DA$NZ40.00
    Childrens Books
    Oliver goes to Stephens Island LighthouseGrant Sheehan$NZ25.00
    The Cat From MuzzleSally Sutton$NZ22.00
    A Hippo Lives in HavelockBrett Avison & Scott Tulloch$NZ25.00
    Snapper. The Real StoryAnnemarie Florian$NZ28.00
    Rock PoolsNed Barraud$NZ20.00
    MangroveGlenda Kane & Lisa Allen$NZ25.00
    Those Sugar-Barge KidsJon Tucker$NZ25.00
    Adventures of TupaiaCourtney Sina Meredith & Mat Tait$NZ35.00
    Little Hector and the Big IdeaRuth Paul$NZ20.00
    New Zealand's Backyard BirdsNed Barraud$NZ22.00
    Incredible JourneysNed Barraud$NZ22.00
    TohoraNed Barraud$NZ9.99
    Wobble, Waddle, ToddleAnne Hunter$NZ22.00
    First Book of New Zealand Backyard Bird Songs.Fred van Gessel$NZ28.00
    Lucy goes to the LighthouseGrant Sheehan$NZ25.00
    Those Eco-Pirate KidsJon Tucker$NZ25.00
    Those Snake Island KidsJon Tucker$NZ25.00
    Where is it?Ned Barraud$NZ20.00
    Golden EyesKelly Lynch$NZ20.00
    At the BeachNed Barraud & Gillian Candler$NZ20.00
    24 Hours on the Kiwi SeashoreGillian & Darryl Torckler$NZ20.00
    The Story of Sir Peter BlakeTessa Duder$NZ25.00
    Up The RiverGillian Chandler &Ned Barraud$NZ20.00
    First Book of Unique New Zealand Bird Songs.Fred van Gessel$NZ28.00
    Watch out for the WekaNed Barraud$NZ9.99
    Jack's CastleBrett Avison$NZ25.00
    Those Shipwreck KidsJon Tucker$NZ25.00
    The Dotterels' Last StandSue Newman$NZ23.00
    Whiti. Colossal Squid of the DeepVictoria Cleal$NZ30.00
    Herbert the Brave Sea DogRobyn Belton$NZ20.00
    Ivan and the LighthouseGrant Sheehan$NZ25.00
    Blackie the Fisher-CatJanet Pereira$NZ20.00
    Out On The WaterTessa Duder$NZ33.00
    Little Hector and the Big Blue WhaleRuth Paul$NZ20.00
    Toroa's JourneyMaria Gill$NZ9.99
    Hero of the SeaDavid Hill & Phoebe Morris$NZ28.00
    Sam and the Dog from the SeaDick Frizzell$NZ20.00
    Those Seal Rock KidsJon Tucker$NZ25.00
    Little Hector meets Mini MauiRuth Paul$NZ20.00
    On Plastic Bag PatrolAndrew Fagan$NZ18.00
    Under the OceanNed Barraud & Gillian Candler$NZ20.00
    Merchant Shipping
    Era of Coastal Shipping in New Zealand, TheMurray Jennings$NZ50.00
    Ships of Wellington . The Past 50 yearsVictor Young$NZ45.00
    Vehicular Ferries of Auckland. the Floating BridgeDavid Balderston$NZ65.00
    Home BoatsNick Tolerton$NZ80.00
    150 Years of New Zealand Shipbuilding 1795 to 1945 Second editionMiles Hughes$NZ75.00
    All at SeaEmmanuel Makarios$NZ80.00
    New Zealand Maritime Images - The Golden YearsEmmanuel Makarios$NZ70.00
    Yachting and Boating History
    All Hands on Deck. Pt Chev Sailing Club 2019-2019Ed. Kirsty Macdonald$NZ50.00
    Catlins BoundMike McPhee$NZ60.00
    K ClassJenni Mence$NZ70.00
    Square Rigged Sailing Ships Visiting Nelson 1841-1914P. D. Raggett$NZ45.00
    Devonport Yacht Club - A Centennial Historyed. Harold Kidd$NZ30.00
    Ponsonby Cruising Club, the First Hundred YearsRobin Elliott & Harold Kidd$NZ40.00
    Semper Fidelis - 50 Years of the Ocean GreyhoundSandra Gorter$NZ10.00
    Galloping GhostsRobin Elliot$NZ10.00
    Launching DreamsBaden Pascoe$NZ50.00
    The New Zealand Clinker BoatTino Rawa Trust$NZ18.00
    Salt Water in our VeinsPeter J Blomfield$NZ30.00
    Classic.The Revival Of Classic Boating in New ZealandIvor Wilkins$NZ175.00
    Lonely Planet South Island Road TripsLonely Planet$NZ25.00
    Worth a Detour South IslandPeter Janssen$NZ40.00
    Kid Friendly Auckland. 2nd Edition. UpdatedOutdoor Kid$NZ25.00
    Kid Friendly Hamilton & WaikatoOutdoor Kid$NZ25.00
    Kid Friendly Central North IslandOutdoor Kid$NZ15.00
    Whanganui Journey mapGeographix$NZ25.00
    A New Zealander's Guide to Touring Natural New ZealandPeter Janssen$NZ40.00
    Wild AucklandPeter Janssen$NZ35.00
    A Travel Guide to Captain James Cook's New ZealandGraeme Lay$NZ35.00
    New Zealand Aotearoa Map 6th EditionHema$NZ15.00
    Stories From Our Back Roads. North IslandRay Stone$NZ50.00
    New Zealand Handy Atlas. 6th EditionHema$NZ20.00
    Abel Tasman mapGeographix$NZ25.00
    Lonely Planet Auckland & Bay of Islands Road TripsLonely Planet$NZ25.00
    Lonely Planet New Zealand, 20th Edition Brett Atkinson, Peter Dragicevich, Andrew Bain et al.$NZ40.00
    South Island Map 8th EditionHema$NZ15.00
    North Island Map. 8th EditionHema$NZ15.00
    Rakiura mapGeographix$NZ25.00
    Worth a Detour North IslandPeter Janssen$NZ40.00
    Milford Track mapGeographix$NZ25.00
    Lonely Planet New Zealand's South Island, 7th EditionBrett Atkinson et al$NZ35.00
    Lonely Planet New Zealand's North Island 6th EditionBrett Atkinson et al$NZ35.00
    Excellent Short Walks in the North Island.Peter Janssen$NZ40.00
    Day Walks in New ZealandShaun Barnett$NZ50.00
    Let's Get LostNicola McCloy$NZ50.00
    Best Day Walks New ZealandLonely Planet$NZ40.00
    Greater Auckland WalksPeter Janssen$NZ35.00
    Stories From our Back Roads. South IslandRay Stone$NZ50.00