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  • Skipper's Cockpit Navigation Guide
  • Stress-Free Navigation.
  • Illustrated Navigation.
  • Navigation - A Newcomer's Guide
  • An Introduction to Coastal Navigation - A Seaman's Guide
  • Radar Plotting Sheet
  • Radar For Mariners
  • Navigation Companion
  • Inshore Navigation
  • Coastal and Offshore Navigation
  • The Adlard Coles Book of Navigation Exercises
  • Captain's Quick Guide. Using GPS

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    By Rene Westherhuis. Spiral Bound, 0.18kg, 240mm x 195mm, 24 pages, Colour Photos & Line Drawings. 2022.

    The Skipper's Cockpit Navigation Guide is the ideal instant reference for all skippers and crew. It covers all the essential navigation skills and techniques with a user friendly, easy to follow and succinct approach.

    Written in clear, practical language, with clear photos, step-by-step diagrams and actual chart extracts, the book covers:

  • Using nautical charts
  • Understanding buoys, marks and lights
  • Using the compass, log and depth gauge
  • Plotting positions (including by dead reckoning), courses and bearings
  • Understanding tides (heights, streams, including using tide tables) and currents
  • Factoring in the weather
  • Making a passage plan, keeping a logbook, and more

    Spiral bound to lie flat, and with laminated splash-proof pages, it is the hands-free ready reckoner to help you get where you want to go.

    NZ$30.00 + delivery.

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    By Duncan Welss. Paperback, 0.47kg, 180mm x 246mm, 160 pages, full colour illustrations. Published 2019.
    You might think stress-free navigation sounds like an impossible paradox. Isn’t navigation complicated, full of tricky calculations, difficult to get your head around?
    It need not be. All boaters, whether under sail or under power, need to be able to navigate safely on the water – to keep themselves and their crew out of trouble and to avoid endangering others. Step in the ever knowledgeable and resourceful “Mr Stress-Free”: having in previous books presented techniques for sailing and motorboating in an accessible, manageable fashion, Duncan Wells now turns his attention to navigation. He makes concepts easy to understand and the practice of navigation achievable for all – with minimum stress.
    This book covers the basic introductory elements clearly and simply for novices, and progresses through more advanced techniques for experienced navigators, so that there is something for everyone, whatever your skill level. And most importantly, Stress-Free Navigation is tailored to modern methods, using GPS, electronic chart plotters, apps and integrated weather and tide programs. Each chapter starts with the electronic and moves to the ‘traditional’ to explain what the clever-looking stuff is telling us.
    Key features include:
  • Step-by-step photographs and diagrams
  • Quick-reference tables and box features
  • Flowcharts
  • Top Tips
  • QR codes giving access to explanatory videos.

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    By Ivan Dedekam. Paperback, 0.22kg, 170mm x 240mm, 85 pages, full colour illustrations. 3rd Edition 2017.
    Today, yachts are often equipped with radar, GPS, chart plotters, AIS, etc. This equipment has also become much more reliable, making it possible to make long offshore passages without a great knowledge of navigation.

    However, such equipment can be set up wrongly, interpreted incorrectly, malfunction or lose power. In these circumstances, knowledge of traditional navigation can become extremely important.

    This book will teach you how to navigate in the traditional way using compass, log and plotter; and also how to navigate using electronic aids like GPS, radar and chart plotter. In addition, you will learn some basic celestial navigation using the sun and stars to obtain your position using sextant, almanacs, tables and a watch.

    Each method of navigation is explained alongside detailed illustrations and examples, combining to make a straightforward and easy-to-follow guide.

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    By Sara Hopkinson. Paperback, 172mm x 240mm, 95 pages, full colour illustrations 3rd Edition. 2020
    This best-selling book gives you all the information you need to know. It starts from scratch, uses no jargon and features diagrams and pictures, instead of words, wherever possible.

    Whether you are new to the subject, or an experienced sailor, this book will help you unerstand the key topics and explain how to use them.

    Contents include:

  • Charts
  • Giving a Position
  • Tides
  • Estimated Position
  • Course to Steer
  • Pilotage
  • Passage Planning
  • Electronics

    NZ$40.00 + delivery.

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    By Morgans Technical Books, Pbk, 0.45kgs, 172mM x 233mm, 232 pages. 5th edition 1992.
    A Seaman Officer must be capable of navigating a ship safely both across the oceans and in coastal waters under all conditions. making a coastal passage involves many of the seaman's basic navigation skills; the study and interpretation of the chart, the prediction of tidal streams and a variety of other considerations must precede the practical planning and safe execution of the passage whatever the visibility and weather.
    While there is no short cut to careful planning and no substitute for practical experience at sea, much can be learnt from this book which sets out to combine in a logical sequence and an easily assimilated form lessons on coastal navigation from a variety of publications.
    The students who has worked conscientiously through this book will have acquired a good 'Introduction to Coastal navigation' before going to sea, from then on a strict adherence to the basic principles given in this book, practical experience and vigilance will bring confidence and comfort when navigating in confined waters.
    Transparencies and deviation cards included.

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    By Individually sold (as a Single Page). A4 Plotting Sheet.

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    RADAR FOR MARINERS, Revised Edition.
    By David Burch. Pbk, 0.43kgs, 185mm x 230mm, 246 pages, monochrome drawings. published 2013.
    Nothing beats radar for guiding your boat through the darkest night or the thickest fog. Radar enables you to plot a fix from just a single buoy or landmark, and is the only navigation tool that tells you not just where you are, but who else or what else is out there with you. Today's smaller, affordable, efficient radars make more sense than ever for sailors and powerboaters.
    Adopted by the American Sailing Associateion for their radar course and used by professional and recreational radar training schools around the world, this complete, in-depth manual shows you how to:
  • Choose the best radar model for your sailboat or powerboat.
  • Install, adjust and operate your system. Interpret the images on your radar screen.
  • Pilot your boat and track the movement of vessels around you.
  • Use radar to track and avoid squalls, outmaneuver competitors in a yacht race, and other specialised tasks.
  • Interface your radar with a digital compass, GPS or electronic chart.

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    By Tim Davidson, Spiral Bound. 80mm x 200mm, 120 pages, . 2nd edition 2019

    The book covers all the navigation essentials: charts, compass, tides, standard and secondary ports, dead reckoning, estimated position, course to steer, lights, GPS, waypoints and buoyage in a highly illustrated format making it easy to understand at a glance – ideal for those moments when you need an answer, and you need it fast.

    Splash-proof and spiral bound, it stands up to frequent use and serves as a great aide-memoire.

    NZ$25.00 + delivery.

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    INSHORE NAVIGATION. Second Edition
    By Tom Cunliffe. Paperback, 171mm x 210mm, 120 pages, full colour photos and illustrations. Published. 2008 0.27 kg

    The classic guide to navigation and pilotage. This book will show you how to navigate familiar waters by day, using straightforward explanations and clear illustrations. All essential navigational concepts are covered including how to use charts and GPS, plot a fix and an estimated position, recognise navigation marks, work out what the tide is doing and master the essentials of passage planning.

    This is the definitive guide for everyone who wants to learn navigation easily, quickly and safely and is a solid foundation for moving into the broader detail required for offshore and night-time work.

    NZ$35.00 + delivery.

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    By Tom Cunliffe. Paperback, 171mm x 210mm, 160 pages, full colour photos and illustrations.
    In Tom Cunliffe's words, GPS navigation has come of age with the chart plotter, but the basics remain as they have always been.

    Coastal and Offshore Navigation delivers a solid foundation in the art and science of not only knowing where you are, but also plotting the route to your destiation, safely and without fuss. Tom guides you through the theory to be mastered, and shows how to piece the picture together in practice to ensure a smooth trip and a safe landfall.

  • A review of the basic arts of navigation.
  • How to predict the tide and make it work for you.
  • How to keep a realistic check on your navigational accuracy and modify your tactics accordingly.
  • An analysis of the vital relationship between the fix and the estimated position.
  • Safe and constructive use of electronic aids to navigation.
  • Passage planning for an enjoyable, satisfying voyage.
  • Passage making - a systematic, no-nonsense approach.

    Discover what the modern yacht navigator needs to know for stress-free work along the coast and out of sight of land.

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    By Alison Noice and James Stevens. Pbk, 210mm x 295mm, 88 pages, monochrome drawings, and coloured chart.
    This book provides practice questions and answers at both Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster levels. Written by RYA staff these exercises provide an invaluable back-up both to yachtsmen and motorboat people.
    The book provides plotting, tidal, pilotage and passage planning exercises, and the chart is included. All tabular extracts from the relevant navigational tables and sailing directions are also provided.

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    By Bob Sweet. laminated 14 panel Fold Out Sheet.
    Learn to use your GPS in one easy Lesson

  • Get acquainted with your GPS Unit
  • Navigate with GPS
  • Utilise the many functions in your GPS to safely reach your destination
  • Connect GPS to your computer,autopilot and radar.

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