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    By Gregor Tarjan. Hardback, 1.52kg, 221mm x 286mm, 280 pages, colour photographs.
    Buying a luxury multihull is a major decision and a significant investment. "Catamarans, Tomorrow's Superyachts" is the very first book world-wide on this fascinating topic and is designed specifically to assist, educate and provide excellent insights for anyone considering purchasing or chartering a luxury catamaran. It features interviews with leading designers and invaluable information about the fascinating world of supercats. Whether you simply dream of owning or want to know more about them - this book will provide helpful information about these technological wonders of our time. The author's previously published books "Catamarans" and "Catamarans, the Complete Guide for Cruising Sailors" are now in their 3rd edition and have become classic reference works. Gregor Tarjan has been contributing to leading lifestyle and yachting titles, his technical and seamanship articles have been published in numerous international magazines and he is also co-author of the "Sailor's Multihull Guide".

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    By Tom & Brian Phipps. Paperback, 0.39kg, 170mm x 240mm, 154 pages, full colour illustrations. Published 2017
    Beginning with key theory and seamanship skills, the Phipps' take you through your early sailing experiences and caring for your catamaran. Developing your skills on all points of sailing, you will be introduced to trapezing, race tuning and racing itself. Moving onto advanced techniques and high performance catamarans. The final section gives you a glimpse of the cutting edge of catamaran sailing with foiling platforms and solid wings.

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    By Chris White. Pbk, 233mm x 185mm, 268 pages, monochrome photographs, drawings and plans.
    This is the very best book available on modern multihulls. Chris White is an experience sailor, designer and builder of multihulls, both catamarans and trimarans.
    The book presents an in-depth look at what makes for a successful multihull. There are many diagrams and photos, which assist the reader in understanding the factors of design, construction and rig.

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    MULTIHULL SEAMANSHIP, An A - Z of Skills for Catamarans and Trimarans, for Cruising and Racing .
    By Gavin LeSueur. Softback, 170mm x 240mm, 146 pages, Line drawings. Second Edition . Published 2018
    An A-Z of seamanship skills for multihull sailors.

    There are many textbooks on the market which detail general seamanship principles. This is not one of them. Multihull Seamanship is about sea-going catamarans and trimarans and the skills needed to understand and enjoy them to their utmost. Both racing and cruising yachts are catered for, as are trailer-able multihulls.

    Multihull Seamanship started as Dr Gavin Le Sueur's personal index of 'how-to's. It has grown through experience and others sharing their knowledge, and should be on the book shelf of every catamaran and trimaran.

    A book for people who are already multihull sailors, or for those who are contemplating multihull sailing. In print for over 20 years, this second edition (2018)is fully updated and Illustrated with line drawings.

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    By Gregor Tarjan. Hardback, 225mm x 282mm, 296 pages, colour photographs. 2017 Edition.
    From the technical details to the luxurious lifestyle, this book covers every aspect of cruising cats, giving you a "dream book" combination of how-to manual, buyer's guide, and coffee-table showpieces. Yacht designer and expert sailor Gregor Tarjan reviews the basic concepts of multihull design, construction, performance, and handling and discusses the latest developments in this important and comprehensive book.
    Full of informative illustrations, graphs, and spectacular photos, this book examines multihull seamanship and how it differs from sailing a ballasted monohull, revealing little-known tricks to get maximum speed from a cruising cat. You'll discover desirable attributes of multihulls and what to look for when purchasing your own. There is even a catalog of noteworthy production catamarans that will help you compare, rate, and evaluate different types.
    This gorgeously illustrated book is the perfect introduction to the possibilities of these exciting sailing machines and an invaluable owner's guide.

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    See also Boat Building
    and Boat and Yacht Design

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