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Magazine Boat International (UK - Monthly)September 2023 $NZ16.50
Magazine Boating New Zealand (New Zealand - Monthly)December 2023 $NZ12.90
Magazine Classic Boat (United Kingdom - Monthly)Aug 2023 $NZ17.90
Magazine Cruising World (USA - Monthly)September 2023 $NZ26.70
Magazine Mahurangi Cruising Club Yearbook 2022 (Annual)2022 $NZ20.00
Magazine Mahurangi Cruising Club Yearbook 2023 (Annual)2023 $NZ20.00
Magazine Marlin (USA - 7 issues per annum)October 2023 $NZ25.40
Magazine Multihulls World UK (United Kingdom - Bi-monthly)No 189 May/June 2023 $NZ20.00
Magazine Pacific PowerBoat (New Zealand -Bi-Monthly, Propeller & Pacific Motor Yacht combined)November/December 2023 $NZ12.90
Magazine Practical Boat Owner (United Kingdom - Monthly)No 694 August 2023 $NZ18.00
Magazine Professional Skipper (New Zealand - Bi-monthly)Issue 156 November/December 2023 $NZ11.50
Magazine Sea Breezes (UK - Monthly)August 2023 $NZ19.80
Magazine Seahorse (United Kingdom - Monthly)Issue 523 September 2023 $NZ20.00
Magazine Shipping Today and Yesterday (United Kingdom - Monthly)September 2023 $NZ15.20
Magazine Ships Monthly (United Kingdom - Monthly)Aug 2023 $NZ17.00
Magazine Water Craft (United Kingdom - Bi-monthly)No 161 Sept/Oct 2023 $NZ18.90
Magazine Wooden Boat (USA - Bi-monthly)October Issue #294 $NZ21.90
Magazine Yachting Monthly (United Kingdom - Monthly)No 1418 Aug 2023 $NZ17.50
Magazine Yachting World Sea-Freighted (UK - Monthly)Aug 2023 $NZ19.60