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  • Modern Splicing
  • A Knot A Day
  • The Handy Book of Knots
  • Splicing Companion for Racing Sailors
  • Reeds Splicing Handbook
  • Knots. Step By Step
  • Splicing Modern Ropes
  • The Arts Of the Sailor
  • Knot Craft & Rope Mats
  • The Marlinspike Sailor
  • Knots and Splices
  • The Ashley Book of Knots
  • The Splicing Handbook, Third Edition
  • Collins Gem Knots
  • Nautical Knots Illustrated
  • RYA Pocket Guide to Boating Knots
  • Knots & Splices
  • The Knot Handbook

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    By Egmont M Friedl. HardBack, 1.23kg, 220mm x 285mm, 192 pages, Colour Photos & DVD. Published 2021.

    A splice gives the strongest way of attaching or joining the end of a rope to any object or to another rope. (Every knot, on the other hand, weakens a rope.) In this much-anticipated handbook, world-renowned expert Egmont Friedl guides you through modern splicing techniques with his clear directions, one-of-a-kind color diagrams, and 200+ color photos.

    The book is supplemented by four-plus hours of excellent video instruction. Throughout, every type of splice is shown by an expert climber and shipbuilder.
    Learn what to know before starting to splice, then build a solid understanding and competence of modern cordage, its construction, and its fiber materials.

    Egmont Friedl has over 35 years of sailing experience, including several Atlantic crossings, and is also a professional climber. He teaches seminars and workshops on modern splicing worldwide, and in 2006, Friedl made the modern soft shackle internationally known.

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    By Nic Compton. Flexi cover, 0.83kg, 200mm x 200mm, 368 pages, Colour Photos. Published 2021.

    A knot challenge for every day of the year. With hundreds to choose from, all colour coded by use, you can work through the book from start to finish, gradually building on your knowledge as you go, or alternatively dipping in and out for your daily knotting fix.


  • All the essential knots
  • Useful hitches, bends, whippings and splices
  • Handy knots for making outdoor items: plant hangers, harnesses, tree swings, rope ladder
  • Mini knot craft projects: cool keyrings, friendship bracelets, belts, mats
  • Magic 'trick' knots: escapology knots, vanishing knots, travelling knots
  • Freestyle knots: have a go at the 'thrown bowline' (an old cowboy trick)
  • Everyday fashion knots - new ways to tie your shoelaces, scarf, or even your tie!

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    By Geoffrey Budworth. Flexi cover, 0.46kg, 162mm x 200mm, 240 pages, Colour Photos. Published 2020.

    Learn to tie more than 150 knots for Boating, Climbing and More..

    Illustrated in full colour, easy step by step instructions. Different coloured ropes are used to clarify how the knot is constructed.

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    By Gareth Lincoln. Spiral Binding, 0.06kg, 80mm x 220mm, 24 pages, 100 colour photgraphs. Published 2020.

    The nature of Modern braided ropes requires different techniques to join them together or make eyes to attach to fittings. This slim volume provides a guide to the different types of braided ropes – where to use them and how to splice them for typical uses on a racing sailboat.

    It provides clear easy-to-follow photographs and is splash-proof and spiral bound, which means that it is perfect to take into the dinghy park or onboard and use where you need to do your splicing. The Spiral binding format means that it lays out flat, so you don’t have to hold it open as you follow the sequences with ropes in your hand.
    Contents include:

  • Stitching/whipping
  • Brummel Splice, Single End Eye Splice
  • Adjustable Eye Splice, Soft Shackle
    and many more

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    By Jan-Willem Polman. Softback, 0.12kg, 100mm x 160mm, 123 pages, colour photgraphs. Published in 2018.

    Splicing rope is an essential skill. But the traditional 3-strand rope is fast disappearing. So how do you splice braided rope?

    Most of the techniques are quite easy to master – and also fun to do. See why splices are better – and stronger – than knots or shackles for joining or shortening rope, and follow the step-by-step photographs and clear instructions to find out how to splice efficiently.

    Containing step by step photos and clear instructions, this colourful and easy to follow aide memoire guides users every step of the way.
    This is the definitive pocket-sized guide to all rope splicing techniques.

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    By Des Pawson. Softback, 0.46kg, 100mm x 190mm, 400 pages, Colour Photographs. New Edition 2022.

    Ultimate guide to knots for every occasion "Knots Step by Step" is the essential guide to knowing and tying knots for every purpose. From figure-of-eights to reef knots and highwayman's hitches to monkey's fists, it includes every knot you ever thought you needed to tie, and more. The book comes with a handy rope so you can practice every knot as you learn. Covering more than 100 knots for climbing, sailing, horse-riding, survival and fishing as well as for gardening, DIY, medical and decorative purposes, the clear layout and photographs of every step will move you on from knot-tying novice in no time. You'll also learn all about the different types of knots and the fascinating stories behind how many of these came into being. "Knots Step by Step" is the ideal book to have to hand for whenever a knot is needed.

    (Previously published as the "Handbook of Knots")

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    By Jan-Willem Polman. Hardback, 175mm x 255mm, 176 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2016. 0.67 kg

    For any seafarer, splicing rope is an essential skill. But the traditional 3-strand rope is fast disappearing. So how do you splice braided rope? This is the definitive guide to this crucial skill. Most of the techniques are quite easy to master – and also fun to do. See why splices are better – and stronger – than knots or shackles for joining or shortening rope, and follow the step-by-step photographs and clear instructions to find out how to splice efficiently.

    Learn how to·

  • Make strong, reliable splices in braided rope ·
  • Select ropes in the materials that best suit your on-board requirements·
  • Customise your ropes to make your setup easier and safer·
  • Optimise your deck layout and save weight on board·
  • Taper your sheets for ease of handling·
  • Splice an extra cover on your ropes to give better grip in clutches,
  • Avoid chafe and make them last longer

    While a knot can reduce the strength of a rope by as much as 50%, a well-spliced rope loses only 5–10%. The techniques, insights and suggestions within these pages will be invaluable to all boaters, whether recreational or commercial.

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    By Hervey Garrett Smith. Paperback, 0.30kg, 140mm x 215mm, 226 pages, Line Drawings. Published in 1990.
    Over 150 years ago, the skills needed to operate a merchant sailing vessel were many and varied. While not nearly as much in demand today as they were in the days of the Yankee clippers, these skills nevertheless remain important and necessary to today's yachtsmen and owners of smaller pleasure boats.

    In this excellent handbook on basic shipboard skills, marine expert Hervey Garrett Smith offers boating and yachting enthusiasts a complete course in rigging, working, and maintaining a ship. More than 100 illustrations help the reader grasp the fundamentals and fine points of handling a ship while the author describes in detail a sailor's tools, basic knots, and useful hitches as well as the arts of splicing, handsewing, and canvas work.

    Other topics equally important to safe, economical, and efficient boat maintenance and management include belaying, coiling, and stowing; towing procedures; how to make a chafing gear; and much more. Easy-to-follow instructions for fashioning decorative knots, ornamental coverings, and nettings, and even how to make a proper bucket round out this engaging and informative guide.

    Packed with useful "hands-on" information conveyed in a chatty, humorous style, The Arts of the Sailor is the perfect book to keep aboard ship for study and for ready reference when the need arises. It also makes delightful reading for armchair sailors and the legions of landlubbers with an interest in the sea.

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    By Des Pawson. Softback, 0.57kg, 210mm x 210mm, 176 pages, Line drawings & Sketches. Published in 2016.

    A collection of Des Pawson's personal ropecraft recipes combines an extended and now full-color collection of projects from Des's popular Des Pawson's Knot Craft, together with 20 new and brilliant mat designs.

    Learn how to make 60 different ropework projects, including mats, bellropes, key fobs, fenders, and doorstops. Along with fascinating tidbits of nautical history as background to many projects, Des gives step-by-step instructions on how to put these knots together to form finished projects, and advice on the size and lengths of the materials required.

    Full-color illustrationswith clear and practical tips on technique.

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    By Harvey Garrett Smith. Pbk, 215mm x 280mm, 144 pages, drawings and plans
    Ever wondered how sailors tied those fancy bell handles or how rope fenders were made? And what about that braided rope that you want to splice? Well this book has them all! Discover the tools and trade of the marlinspike sailor and how they used decorative knots practically.
    A comprehensive range of knots made simple by basic illustrations and easy to read text. This book has a very well illustrated section on splicing 2-in-1 Braided Ropes. A fantastic book for any serious sailor!

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    By Cyrus Day. Pbk, 107mm x 152mm, 64 pages, full colour photographs.
    This book has been used by many thousands of sailors all over the world. The new edition of this much loved reference has now been completely revised to bring it up to date with modern developments.
  • Superb full colour photographs show the formation of each knot.
  • Refers to modern materials and their properties.
  • Covers knots, bends, htiches, loops, whippings, seizings and much more.
    A comprehensive pocket guide designed for anyone wanting to work with rope.

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    By Clifford W Ashley. Hardback, 1.86 kg 220mm x 287mm, 620 pages, Black and White Illustrations and drawings.

    This is the definitive book on knots. Here are approximately 3900 different kinds, from simple hitches to "Marlingspike Seamanship." Mr. Ashley has included almost everything there is to know about them. Precisely named and classified (some new ones for the first time officialy), they can be easily found in the big index. He tells when they appeared, something about their history, and what they are good for.
    Above all, Mr. Ashley gives explicit directions on how to tie them. He describes each step simply and clearly in the text and has penned right alongside some 7000 drawings to make it still more graphic. This book and a piece of cord will open a new and chanllenging world of practical adventure to readers of all ages.
    There are many distinctive features to this informal encyclopedia. Outstanding are the delightful sketches and illustrations by the author that enliven every page. Mr. Ashley, a prominent marine artist, is at his best here.

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    THE SPLICING HANDBOOK, Third Edition - 2011, Techniques for Modern and Traditional Ropes.
    By Barbara Merry with John Darwin. Pbk, 140mm x 215mm, 246 pages, monochrome photographs and drawings.
    This 2011 edition has added aditional wire splices and information on the choice of wire. Also a new section on decorative ropework, such as rope fenders, chafing gear and others.
    This is the only book we know of that is dedicated entirely to splicing modern ropes. The book includes step-by-step illustrations and explanations for the most useful and popular splices in traditional twisted and modern braided ropes. It covers every kind of splicing project a boatie is likely to encounter, from the purely functional to the mainly decorative. The text and illustrations cover the most modern cordage such as Spectra, and includes wire splicing and rope-to-wire connection.
    Barbara Merry has the experience of twenty years marine trade ropework; John Darwin is a master of rope technology and has an extensive background at sea as deckhand and master, prior to employment with a large rope manufacturer.

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    Pbk, 82mm x 112mm, 192 pages, full colour drawings. 0.11 kg
    A guide to over 30 of the basic and most useful knots. It has clear step-by-step instructions to tying stopper knots, fixed loop knots, hitches and bends as well as decorative knots.

    Includes a table of knots with their uses.

    NZ$17.00 + delivery.

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    By Paul Snyder and Arthur Snyder. Pbk, 185mm x 235mm, 96 pages, full colour and monochrome photographs and drawings.
    This book performs two functions; one is to describe how to produce 20 common knots, and the other is to instruct in winch and other rope-work in the environment which includes knotting.
    The knotting descriptions are very well illustrated using lined rope and in many cases full coloured photographs, to allow the reader to easily follow the path of the rope. The illustrations are well backed with a full narrative describing how to make the knot as well as its use and other technical information.
    The ropework section includes the use of cleats and winches, and covers the fixing of "snarl-ups" as well as instruction on the correct processes. It also describes heaving lines, running lines through sheaves, hanking a coil, and belaying pin work.

    NZ$35.00 + delivery.

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    By RYA. Paperback, Spiral-bound, Waterproof, 0.04kg, 105mm x 150mm, 17 pages. full colour illustrations. Reprinted in 2012.
    Contains the 8 most useful knots that any boater needs to know. This book is compact enough to fit in your pocket and, because of its design, stays open, allowing you to use both hands to practise tying your knots.

    NZ$15.00 + delivery.

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    By George Lewis. Hardback. 155mm x 215mm. 0.34 kg. 2016.

    Adhesive tape and Velcro have their uses, but they have not rendered knots redundant; no technological advance ever will.
    This book shows you how to tie 50 knots. Some have been chosen for their fame, some for their beauty and some because they are knots that everyone should know how to tie...

    NZ$25.00 + delivery.

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