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  • Inland Voyager's Handbook
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  • Inland Waterways of Germany
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  • RYA Handy Guide to CEVNI
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  • European Waterways Regulations, 2nd edition

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    By Marion Martin. Pbk, 155mm x 235mm, 181 pages, monochrome photographs, line drawings and plans.
    Anyone who admits to a sense of confusion when confronted with the bewildering array of European waterway signs, symbols, rules and regulations will find this book a godsend. Marian Martin has set out to de-mystify this new world for the visitor, thereby elimintaing the problems arising from the unfamiliar or from being unprepared.
    The book covers a great deal of specific and general information relating to using canals of Britain and the rest of Europe. It can be regarded as an essential on-board handbook for anyone planning to cruise continental and UK waterways.
    This second edition includes chapters for Americans considering cruising the European Waterways and for Mediterranean bound sailors.

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    By David Edwards-May, 155mm x 293mm, double-sided foldout map plus a concise directory, 2015 edition.
    This directory contains essential information on the existing situation and potential development of inland waterways of each European country featured on the map and details of at least the main waterway authorities and associations. The publisher aims to give the broadest possible picture of inland waterways, covering all navigable dimensions and uses, from modern inland shipping to the various forms of recreational boating. This format of a general introduction is preferred to a formal database approach with hard statistics for each country: length of waterways under each category, barge fleet details, traffic, inland ports etc. Such information has been compiled, for commercial waterways at least, by the UN Economic Commission for Europe, and usefully complements its own map of European waterways.

    It provides a broad image of all inland waterways including those no longer navigable (for historic reference or because their restoration in one form or another may be planned), and those navigable only in the smallest craft.

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    Past and Present Overview Map.
    By David Edwards-May, 148mm x 236mm, Foldout map. Second edition, Published May 2019

    All the navigable waterways along the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Coast, in the Mississippi River basin and on the Pacific Coast. Valuable reference and planning map of the operating waterway network (12 000 miles of Corps of Engineers projects plus hundreds of miles of smaller navigations) as well as the routes of all the historic canals built across the eastern US and Canada from the late 18th to the mid-19th century. Features all the abandoned canals which contributed greatly to the development of both nations: the United States and Canada.

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    Cruisingthe North American Inland Waterways.

    By Danny L Davis, 180mm x 240mm, 0.77 kg. Hardback. 348 Pages Black & White Images. Published 2017.

    Written by an Inland boating expert with decades of experience, this all in one guide offers the latest information on boat materials, anchor systems and design options,with special tips on increasing your comfort ratio and safety.

    Concise travelogues of America's most historic inland waterways. From fishing on the Mississippi, to forging the Wilderness, enjoying quaint towns, vibrant cities, and small quiet lakes along the way. Features inland tours on the Hudson River, Erie Canal, Great Lakes, Puget Sound, Mississippi River, Annapolis, Galveston bay, Clear lake and Corpus Christi.

    The Inland Voyager’s Handbook features:

  • Descriptions of how and where to travel, including all North American loops from Alaska to Florida, as well as some European waterways
  • Soup-to-nuts explanations of the type of boats used, the lifestyle, and the many places for inland cruising
  • How-to information pertinent to the inland areas covered, including locks and canal transits
  • Down to earth instructions on how to choose and prepare a boat for voyaging, and much more

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    By Kapitan K.Nussbaum, Scale: 1:1,000,000. Folded map. Publised 2015
    Enlargements for Berlin area and the Ruhr, plus the Danube from Regensburg to the Black Sea.

    The map shows the entire river network, plus main roads and the division of German states. Navigable waterways are classified into six categories, according to the tonnage, length, beam, draught and headroom of the vessels. Separate markings distinguish canals from rivers, with planned extensions and new canals also marked. All the navigable waterways show existing and planned locks and ship lifts, and have kilometre markings.

    For coastal regions the map also indicates the extent of inland access for sea faring ships. The map extends to northeastern France, west to Reims and south to the confluence of Canal de Bourgogne, the Saône and the Rhine-Rhône canal, plus western Czech Republic with Vltava/Moldau and the Elbe from Kostomlátky. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 1º intervals.

    Insets present the Berlin region and the Ruhr in greater detail at 1:500,000. The remaining part of the Danube, which on the main map is covered to just beyond Linz and Mauthausen (2100km from the Black Sea), is also shown on an inset at 1:5,000,000.

    The map legend includes English, although only the main terms are translated

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    By Barry Sheffield, with revisons by Catherine & John Best & Robert Thomas , 210mm x 298mm, 183 pages. Softback. Revised First Edition. Published 2016.
    This is the only comprehensive directory to the entire navigable German waterway system available in English. After a general introduction to the area, details of German formalities and cruising notes, each river and canal is described in detail and supported by a table of distances indicating locks, bridges, mooring places and other features. The text is supported by small scale mapping and colour photographs.

    First edition of this book was published in 1995 shortly after the reunification of Germany. Barry Sheffield died some years ago and this revised edition has been produced as a result of many contributions from users of the original book. Catherine and John Best have completely recompiled many of the original tables, brought information up to date and supplied excellent new photographs.

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    By Louise Busby and David Broad. Paperback, 1.13 kgs, 210mm x 297mm, 296 pages, colour maps and photos. 2nd edition Published 2016
    With 6,000km of navigable waterways, the Netherlands offers one of the most extensive yet compact cruising grounds in Europe. This book is a user's guide to the whole network, covering all the mast-up routes and excluding only those waterways which offer less than 3.5m bridge height.
    Navigational details are provided for each waterway; comprising dimensions and obstacles to be expected, including service arrangements for bridges and locks. This is followed by details of over 300 stopping places across all twelve provinces; some which are large or popular harbours, and others which are well off the beaten track. Comments on the significant features are expanded for nearly 100 'principal venues' where more details on things to do and see are provided, as well as information on practical facilities ashore and the authors' selective and subjective restaurant tips!
    The book is designed to be of interest to all crew members, not just the skipper or navigator, to establish not only how to approach a place but also what to do or see, and whether it will be of interest on arrival. Easy to browse, the book's illustrations have been selected to give a flavour of this water-loving country as well as to prepare the visiting yachtsman, whether under power or sail.

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    By Bill & Laurel Cooper, paperback, 155mm x 234mm, 202 pages, black & white and colour photos and line drawings.
    Many people dream of selling up, leaving their old life behind them and swapping suburbia for an ever-changing view of the water. And it's a dream and increasing number of people have, living in the UK, across Europe and in North America. Attractive for financial, environmental or lifestyle reasons, living afloat on the inland canals, rivers and waterways has never been more popular.

    Bill and Laurel Cooper are the undisputed experts on living afloat, having lived aboard a variety of boats for over 30 years. In this thorough and inspirational guide they share their practical first-hand advice on:

  • Suitable boats.
  • Likely costs.
  • Insurance considerations.
  • Pros and cons of a liveaboard lifestyle.
  • dealing with health and other problems.
  • Provisioning.
  • Rules and regulations
    and much much more.

    This book will help anyone dreaming of selling up and cruising the inland waterways to make that dream a reality.

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    By . Paperback, 0.11kg, 148mm x 210mm, 48 pages, full colour illustrations. Published 2016
    The CEVNI (Code Européen des Voies de la Navigation Intérieure) code governs navigation on all interconnected European inland waterways, and a good knowledge of it is vital for every user of these waters.

    If you are going cruising on the inland waterways of Europe then it is essential that you understand what you may see and hear while there. While the RYA European Waterways Regulations (G17) is the official text for the CEVNI test, this handy guide is the perfect text to provide a quick-reference guide to the lights, shapes, sounds, and signs you may encounter.

    Providing useful information on how CEVNI (Code Européen des Voies de Navigation Intérieure) is a category of the International Certificate of Competence (ICC), why you should take the CEVNI test and how you can do it, and where the CEVNI rules apply.

    Contents include

  • The CEVNI test
  • How the Rules apply
  • Orientation
  • Categories of Signs
  • Prohibitory Signs
  • Mandatory Signs
  • Restrictive Signs
  • Recommendatory Signs
  • Informative Signs
  • Auxiliary Signs
  • Buoyage
  • Rules of the Road
  • Navigation Lights and Sound Signals

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    By Andrew Newman. Paperback, 0.3kg, 90 pages, 170mm x 245mm, full colour photos and illustrations. Published 2010.
    RYA Inland Waterways Handbook accompanies the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman’s Course and chapters include types of boat; rope handling; rules of the road; steerable power; turning; reversing, and propeller and wind effect.
    Revised and updated to keep abreast of any changes in the inland waterways regulations.
    Written and updated by Andrew Newman, Principal of a RYA Training Centre which runs courses applicable to the inland waterways and the types of boats used thereon.

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    By RYA. Paperback, 0.16kg, 148mm x 210mm, 68 pages, colour maps and photos. This 2nd edition published in 2012.
    The CEVNI (Code Europeen des Voies de la Navigation Interieure) is the Code governing navigation on all interconnected European inland waterways. Devised in 1985 by the United Nations, the CEVNI Code enables boatmen of all nationalities to communicate, and to understand what is going on without the need to speak each other's language.
    This new edition has been fully updated and is essential reading for anyone taking the CEVNI qualification. The exciting new colourful format, with user-friendly text and illustrations enables the reader to find information quickly - a perfect learning tool and reference.

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