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  • Chart Catalogue
  • New Zealand Tidal Stream Atlas
  • International Charts LINZ
  • NP 131 Admiralty Chart Catalogue
  • Chart Symbols & Abbreviations - Cockpit Cards
  • NP 5011 Symbols & Abbreviations Used on Admiralty Charts
  • Symbols Terms and Abbreviations
  • Admiralty Paper Chart Maintenence Record
  • Chart Correction Template
  • How To Keep Your Admiralty Products Up-To-Date
  • Bathymetric Charts
  • New Zealand Mariner's Handbook
  • The Mariner's Handbook - NP100
  • Mariner's Handbook for Australian Waters

  • BoatPak Chart Wallet 300mm x 450mm
  • Chart Wallet 650mm x 460mm
  • Chart Wallet 800mm x 600mm
  • Extendable Tube. 8.5cm Dia
  • Extendable Tube. 10.5 cm Dia
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    ART MOUNTED HYDROGRAPHIC CHARTS. We can supply and arrange Artmount® block mounting for any New Zealand Hydrographic chart.
    Artmount® block mounting Boards are available in depths of 15mm, 20mm or 40mm and can be made up to a maximum of 1.2m x 2.4m. All completed Artmounted® charts come with hangers. Affordable, cost-effective way to create high-quality, sophisticated artwork for dispaly either personal or corporate use.

    Typically a standard NZ Hydrographic Chart (Size 720 x 1008) will cost $195.00. This includes the chart, mounting board and Labour. For the complete list of NZ Charts please Please follow the link....

    • New Zealand Chart Catalogue (Non New Zealand charts are also available. Please contact us for a quote). Please allow two weeks for delivery as it is best to order a new chart, without creases or folds.

      Please see the sample image


      Up to date, large scale charts are an essential part of any boat’s equipment. New Zealand’s coverage extends over most of the south-west Pacific Ocean, with detailed coverage of the entire NZ coastline, major ports, and most popular cruising anchorages. In New Zealand the official publisher of charts is Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). As with other countries, official New Zealand charts are sold only through appointed chart agents. Purchases for commercial vessels should be through one of the country's three "Correcting Chart Agents".
      Boat Books Limited is a Correcting Chart Agent.

      Chart orders on-line. Order the most recent edition of any official New Zealand chart fully updated using the links in the table below. Please note the references to either Individual Chart Wallet or Tube delivery options.

      Chart Catalogue Official LINZ New Zealand charts are $22.50 each. Delivery options are - folded (Boatpak Wallet +$2.00) or rolled (Tube +$3.50). Delivery charges are extra as for other products on the site. Index maps show the chart numbers and geographical areas covered. Click on the chart numbers to purchase. Use the Boatpak Wallet or Tube link in the head banner to select delivery options.
      The Chartroom buy on-line all the latest official charts; in this table the latest edition dates are given, however there are no maps showing the geographical areas. The Chartroom supplies a complete list of non-LINZNew Zealand recreational charts and map-books.

      All New Zealand official hydrographic publications can be updated from the New Zealand Notices to Mariners. These can be uploaded directly on the WEB from .

      NEW ZEALAND NAUTICAL ALMANAC, 2022/23 Edition (NZ 204)
      By Land Information New Zealand. Pbk, 210mm x 297mm (A4), 269 pages, monochrome line drawings.
      The New Zealand Nautical Almanac 2022/23.

      As of 1st July it is the official hydrographic publication giving tides, the list of lights, and the Annual Summary of New Zealand Notices to Mariners. It gives predictions from 1st July until 30th June.
      This edition retains the astronomical information (times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset, etc), however it does not contain the radio, weather forecasting and similar non-statutory information.

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      NZ$20.50 + delivery.

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      Index and reference to the many official charts published by Land Information New Zealand for New Zealand and surrounding ocean waters in the South West Pacific.

      As this is no longer published by Land Information New Zealand in hard copy, we have compiled our own catalogue/listing Publication.

      NZ$5.00 + delivery.

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      By Royal NZ Navy Hydrographic Office. Pbk, 210mm x 295mm, 40 pages.
      This atlas contains 3 sets of 13 charts showing tidal streams at hourly intervals commencing 6 hours before HW and ending 6 hours after HW, based on the times of HW at Auckland, Wellington and Bluff respectively.
      The times of the HW should be obtained from the New Zealand Nautical Almanac, published by the Hydrographic Office RNZN.

      NZ$8.00 + Delivery.

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      International Charts.
      New Zealand produces international charts for the Island Groups of American Samoa, The Cooks, The Tokelaus, Tonga, Kermadecs, Auckland, Bounty and the Antipodes as well as New Zealand offshore sovereign territory. This can lead to big savings compared to alternatives.

      A chart can be supplied rolled in a cardboard tube, or folded into a plastic, weatherproof zip-up Boatpack wallet slightly larger than A4 size. Please ensure to indicate which method is required. Unless indicated otherwise, charts will be supplied folded into the Boatpack wallet.

      A full catalogue of official New Zealand charts can be found here. When you have selected the charts needed from that link we can supply them from stock, fully corrected to the latest Notices to Mariners. Don't forget to include the type of packaging - wallet or tube. Wallets are used if no alternative is specified.

      By British Admiralty. 420mm x 600mm. Spiral Bound.2.19 kg. 2022 Edition..
      A comprehensive reference in graphical and textual form of all Admiralty charts and publications worldwide, listed by region.

      The catalogue gives full details for each chart and publication, including details of all digital products and Admiralty distributors worldwide.
      The catalogue is revised in December every year. An addendum is supplied with each copy to bring the catalogue up to date with any subsequent changes.

      NZ$175.00 + delivery.

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      By R.A.Dearn. 158mm x 236mm , 4 laminated cards, full colour.
      Essential chart symbols and abbreviations used on British Admiralty Metric Charts in a compact, user friendly format. Chart Symbols are now easy to locate as we have grouped the most important ones so that you can find them in a hurry. Cards include; dangers - rocks and wrecks, buoyage, beacons, cables and pipelines, bridges, obstructions, depths, limits, contours, soundings, tide levels, lights, leading lights, sector lights, nature of seabed etc. This set will be invaluable to all who use charts and the waterproof encapsulation means it can safely be used on RIBS and other wet craft. Consisting of 4 double sided A5 cards of crisp and clear images, printed using light-fast ink and encapsulated with a heavy duty plastic for cockpit use and abuse. Grouped together in one corner so that any sheet may be removed for individual use if required. Ideal for training and instructional purposes. Handy reference for anyone on-board.

      NZ$29.50 + delivery.

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      This publication is based on the "Chart Specifications of the IHO" (International Hydrographic Organization) adopted in 1982, with later additions and corrections. The layout and numbering accords with the official IHO version of Chart INT 1 (English produced by Germany).
      It is primarily a key to symbols and abbreviations used on Admiralty and International Charts complied by the UKHO (United Kingdom Hydrographic Office). Variations may occur on charts adopted into the Admiralty Series that were originally produced by another hydrographic office. Where these symbols and abbreviations are easily understood they will not be included as examples in this publication.
      Since the NZ 201 is out of print, this is the perfect substitute which will enable you to read and understand a nautical chart.

      NZ$65.00 + delivery.

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      This publication is out of print. New Zealand Coastguard Publication The Rules of the Road at Sea, Tenth Edition 2018 has been revised to include a list of most commonly used symbols and abbreviations as found on New Zealand charts and it may be considered as the partial replacement for NZ 201. Or for a complete list see: Symbols & Abbreviations Used on Admiralty Charts

      By British Admiralty. Ring Binder 260mm 310mm. 5th Edition 2017. 1.87 kg
      Enables easy maintenance of chart correcting details for admiralty charts. Audit pages to record receipt of Weekly Notices to Mariners, New Charts and New Editions. Index to check Notices to Mariners against all Admiralty Charts.

      NZ$150.00 + delivery.

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      By Weems & Plath. 105mm x 220mm.
      Chart Correction Template contains the Region A & B IALA Maritime Buoyage symbols required for updating and correcting nautical charts. Keeping charts updated with the Chart Correction Template helps ensure the safety of your crew and vessel. Designed for use with a fine line pen, corrections to nautical charts can be made neatly and quickly with this simple-to-use stencil. These corrections then become a permanent part of the chart. Corrections should be made in ink so they will not be accidentally erased when you are using the chart

      NZ$25.00 + delivery.

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      By The UK Hydrographic Office. Pbk, 210mm x 295mm 58 pages, full colour illustrations.
      This is the standard reference work on the proper way to correct international format charts (which includes New Zealand charts). The new edition includes information about updating both paper and digital Admiralty products.

      NZ$95.00 + Delivery.

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      By NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research)
      These charts describe the bottom composition and contours of the sea floor and are not intended as navigational charts. There are three types: the type illustrated specialises in showing offshore contours of formations. Another type specialises in showing sea-bed composition and a third shows New Zealand lakes.
      The Lake Series are of particular interest to dinghy and kayak sailors in that 102 charts cover 134 New Zealand lakes; included in the series are Rotorua, Pupuke and Hamilton lakes, for none of which charts exist. It is not commonly known that NIWA produce more marine charts than the hydrographic authority in New Zealand!
      Please email for catalogue details.

      NZ$22.50 + Delivery.

      To order please go to NIWA Bathymetric Charts.

      Edited By Tim Ridge. Hbk, 210mm x 298mm (A4), 190 pages, monochrome and full colour photographs.
      The handbook provides "ship-board" hard copy of the radio, weather and other material not in the New Zealand Nautical Almanac, and there is a great deal more:
    • The radio section includes the full distress and emergency procedures and international signals;
    • The Maritime Safety Authority section contains much important, current information; eg. accident reporting procedure in detail and official forms; information for becoming a commercial operator, preparing a vessel to go overseas; and national registry;
    • A general navigation section includes coastal distances, variation diagrams, and reviews of all the current New Zealand cruising and coastal resource guides in print;
    • The Department of Conservation section contains details of the New Zealand coastal reserves;
    • The Land Information section contains details for obtaining the tide tables from the web; and also the latest, full version of the chart catalogue, NZ202, not elsewhere in print;
    • A section for NIWA includes a catalogue of their coastal and lake series bathymetric charts; and details of using their web-based tide programme for obtaining tides anywhere along the coast of New Zealand;
    • A Water Safety New Zealand section lists their many recreational member organisations - kayaking, swimming, surfing, life-saving and more;
    • A commercial and recreational education section has details of workboat and leisure education programmes and certification;
    • A Yachting New Zealand section has details of handicapping, a directory of yacht inspectors, and the YNZ register; application forms are included.
      The front and rear covers are used to provide the New Zealand system of buoys and beacons, and a selection of chart symbols in full colour. The Pacific Ocean national flags and a selection for Pacific rim countries in full colour, with their dimensions, are on the back cover.

      NZ$35.00 + delivery.

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      THE MARINER'S HANDBOOK, NP100, 12th Edition 2020.
      By The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. Hbk, 215mm x 305mm, 235 pages, full colour and monochrome photographs and drawings.
      This is the standard text intended to be used in conjunction with all other official, UK based nautical publications, giving definitions, descriptions and instructions on their wide-ranging content. As examples the book contains a set of half-page, coloured photos showing sea states throughout the Beaufort Scale; and full and illustrated descriptions of ice and ice navigation, and the use of roses and other information in the Admiralty monthly routeing charts. In addition to a considerable amount of information and bibliography on charts and other official publications, British and international, the chapters cover the following in detail: The sea - currents, tides, waves and much else from the sea floor to the surface; Meteorology - global and local weather, clouds routeing, atmospheric phenomena; Ice and operations in polar regions; Other sections cover the I.A.L.A. buoys and beacons; the Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, and contain a large number of useful diagrams and tables to help in making a range of seamanship decisions.

      NZ$280.00 + delivery.

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      By Australian Hydrographic Service. 210mm x 298mm, 5th Edition 2019. 308 pages
      The Seafarers Handbook for Australian Waters (AHP20) is an official nautical publication providing mariners with a description of the Australian physical and jurisdictional maritime environment. It is a first stop reference for international mariners and is popular with Australian commercial mariners because it combines important maritime information from various Australian government agencies under the cover of one nautical publication. It contains much of the textual information that relates to the features depicted on navigational charts but is too detailed to be shown,


    • Seabed characteristics, tides & currents, sea names and shipwrecks.
    • The regional climatic environment.
    • Marine Protected Areas, Regulations and responsible agencies.
    • Major Australian Maritime Legislation and Regulations, and responsible agencies.
    • Buoyage, Navigation Aids, Coastal Pilotage, Torres Strait and GBR Shipping Routes, Accident and Incident Reporting.
    • Maritime Safety Information, Meteorological Broadcasts, Warnings, Search and Rescue.
    • Ship Reporting Systems - AUSREP and REEFVTS Ship Reporting Systems.
    • Maritime Security, Customs, Biosecurity, Quarantine, Immigration and Military information.
    • Australian trading ports – Pilots, Pilot Boarding Grounds, VHF Channels, ETA and port contact details. Key contact information for each government agency and links to further information is included.

      NZ$120.00 + delivery.

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      300 x 450mm,

      Pastic Chart Wallet with Ziplock

      NZ$2.00 + delivery.

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      650 x 460mm, strong, weatherproof wallet.

      Clear durable plastic With either Red or blue trim (colour dependent on availability), zip and carry handle.

      NZ$60.00 + delivery.

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      800mm x 600mm, strong, weatherproof wallet.

      Clear durable plastic With either Red or blue trim (colour dependent on availability), zip and carry handle.

      NZ$75.00 + delivery.

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      Extendable plastic tube with carrying strap. Length 64cm, extending to 108cm. Inner Diameter Approx 7.5cm. Outer Tube Diameter Approx 8.5 cm.

      Lockable screw top. Black Plastic. Suitable for rolled charts.

      NZ$30.00 + Delivery.

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      EXTENDABLE TUBE. 10.5CM Dia.

      Extendable plastic tube with carrying strap. Length 64cm, extending to 108cm. Inner Tube Diameter Approx 10.0cm. Outer Tube Diameter Approx 10.5 cm.

      Lockable screw top. Black Plastic. This is a larger Diameter Version. Suitable for (more) rolled charts.

      NZ$40.00 + Delivery.

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