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Nautical History, Polar History and Nautical Dictionaries.

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Gilbert J Littler. Shipwright, Boat Builder, Yachtsman. 1962-1992Gilbert J Littler$NZ40.00
150 Years of New Zealand Shipbuilding 1795 to 1945 Second editionMiles Hughes$NZ75.00
A Sailor At HeartGerry Wright$NZ55.00
A Young Man's Antarctic DiscoveryMaureen Lee$NZ40.00
All at SeaEmmanuel Makarios$NZ50.00
All Hands on Deck. Pt Chev Sailing Club 2019-2019Ed. Kirsty Macdonald$NZ50.00
All The OceansRon Holland$NZ75.00
Antarctica. A History in 100 ObjectsJean de Pomereu$NZ55.00
BanksGrantlee Kieza$NZ45.00
Beautiful BoatsRobert Brooke$NZ45.00
Biography of Captain Samuel Phipps (1842 - 1912)Diana McGurk$NZ25.00
Biography of Daid Hutchison (1823 -1867)Don Armitage$NZ25.00
Biography of David Kirkwood (1834 - 1913)Don Armitage$NZ20.00
Blind Bay HookersFred Westrupp$NZ55.00
Boats Of The Lake Wilson and Palmer$NZ50.00
Breverton's Nautical CuriositiesTerry Breverton$NZ40.00
Brief History of the PacificJeremy Black$NZ30.00
Britain's Development of the Nuclear BombGerry Wright$NZ30.00
Catlins BoundMike McPhee$NZ60.00
Classic.The Revival Of Classic Boating in New ZealandIvor Wilkins$NZ200.00
Conquering the PacificAndres Resendez$NZ40.00
Des Townson. A Sailing LegacyBrian Peet$NZ80.00
Devonport Yacht Club - A Centennial Historyed. Harold Kidd$NZ30.00
EmmyRobin Elliott$NZ40.00
EndeavourAustr. Nastional Maritime Museum$NZ25.00
Endurance - Frank WorsleyF.A. Worsley$NZ50.00
Endurance - LansingAlfred Lansing$NZ55.00
Erebus - The Ice DragonColin Monteath$NZ65.00
Far HorizonsRobert Hawkins$NZ50.00
Fish and ShipsNational Marime Museum Greenwich$NZ40.00
Floating BrothelSian Rees$NZ30.00
HMNZS Black Prince 1946-1959Gerry Wright$NZ40.00
HMNZS Charles UphamGerry Wright$NZ35.00
HMNZS RoyalistGerry Wright$NZ60.00
Home BoatsNick Tolerton$NZ80.00
In Search of the Woman who Sailed the WorldDanielle Clode$NZ45.00
Jack Brooke Story, TheHarold Kidd$NZ25.00
Jim Young - designer boatbuilder sailorJim Young$NZ80.00
John Harrison and the Quest for LongitudeJonathan Betts$NZ50.00
John Spencer Story, ThePeter Tait / Tino Rawa Trust$NZ35.00
K ClassJenni Mence$NZ70.00
LatitudeNicholas Crane$NZ30.00
Launching DreamsBaden Pascoe$NZ50.00
Lee RailHarold Kidd & Robin Elliott$NZ35.00
LongitudeDava Sobel$NZ25.00
Madhouse at the End of the EarthJulian Sanction$NZ30.00
Men Without CountryHarrison Christian$NZ40.00
More True Tales of Great Barrier IslandGBIHS$NZ50.00
More True Tales of Whangarei HeadsJan Boyes$NZ50.00
Mullet Boats 'n QuotesNoel Mitchell$NZ30.00
Mutiny on the BountyPeter Fitzsimons$NZ40.00
Mutiny on the BountyWilliam Bligh$NZ30.00
Mutiny on the Spanish MainAngus Konstam$NZ45.00
Navigators & NaturalistsMichael Lee$NZ70.00
New Zealand Maritime Images - The Golden YearsEmmanuel Makarios$NZ50.00
NgatokimatawhaoruaJeff Evans$NZ50.00
North sea WarriorGerry Wright$NZ40.00
One Hundred HavensHelen Beaglehole$NZ60.00
People of the SeaJames Wharram & Hanneke Boon$NZ50.00
Pioneer SailorGerry Wright$NZ30.00
Plimsoll Sensation, TheNicolette Jones$NZ35.00
Ponsonby Cruising Club, the First Hundred YearsRobin Elliott & Harold Kidd$NZ40.00
Practical Mariner's Book of KnowledgeJohn Vigor$NZ40.00
Reading The GlassElliot Rappaport$NZ65.00
Reawakenend - Traditional Navigators of Te Moana-nui-a-KiwaJeff Evans$NZ40.00
Reeds 9-Language HandbookReeds$NZ25.00
Reeds Maritime Flag Handbook. 3rd EditionReeds$NZ25.00
Reflections, Connections and MemoriesRobert J Hawkins$NZ40.00
Retro and Vintage Boats.Don Jessen$NZ45.00
RoseSuzanne Falkiner$NZ45.00
Sailing Alone - A HistoryRichard J King$NZ65.00
Salt in our Blood - The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron 150 yearsIvor Wilkins$NZ155.00
Salty DitsGerry Wright$NZ40.00
Sea FeverMeg Clothier & Chris Clothier$NZ25.00
Sea ShantiesKaren Dolby$NZ28.00
Seeing Further. The Story of Science and the Royal Society.Bill Bryson$NZ30.00
Semper Fidelis - 50 Years of the Ocean GreyhoundSandra Gorter$NZ10.00
SextantDavid Barrie$NZ30.00
Shackleton. A BiographyRanulph Fiennes$NZ35.00
Shackleton's Boat JourneyF.A. Worsley$NZ45.00
Ships of Omaha, TheCarol & James Ramage$NZ70.00
Ships of Wellington . The Past 50 yearsVictor Young$NZ45.00
Snow WidowsKatherine MacInnes$NZ30.00
South. The Endurance Expedition. (Orange Penguin Classic)Sir Ernest Shackleton$NZ20.00
South. The Endurance Expedition. (Stanford Travel Classic)Sir Ernest Shackleton$NZ30.00
Square Rigged Sailing Ships Visiting Nelson 1841-1914P. D. Raggett$NZ45.00
SS VentnorKeith Gordon$NZ45.00
Story of the Hauraki GulfRaewyn Peart$NZ90.00
Strait CrossingVictor Young$NZ50.00
StraitsFelipe Fernandez-Armesto$NZ25.00
Te RaAriana Tikao$NZ25.00
Team that hit the RocksPeter Jerram$NZ40.00
The Bathysphere BookBrad Fox$NZ50.00
The Book of Sea ShantiesNathan Evans$NZ30.00
The Enderby SettlementConon Fraser$NZ50.00
The Far LandBrandon Presser$NZ40.00
The Frontier BelowJeff Maynard$NZ45.00
The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 LanguagesVanessa Bird$NZ45.00
The Mullet BoatRobin Elliott & Harold Kidd$NZ30.00
The New Zealand Clinker BoatTino Rawa Trust$NZ18.00
The Ship Beneath The IceMensun Bound$NZ45.00
The Story Of BanditShirley-Ann McCrystal$NZ25.00
The Story of HMNZS BlackpoolGerry Wright$NZ40.00
The Story of HMNZS Otago 1960-1970Gerry Wright$NZ40.00
The Story of HMNZS Otago 1970-1976Gerry Wright$NZ40.00
The Story of HMNZS Otago 1977-1983Gerry Wright$NZ40.00
The WagerDavid Grann$NZ30.00
Thoughts on Clinker Lapstrake Dinghy ConstructionPeter Peal$NZ65.00
Through Darkest SeasGraeme Cocks$NZ95.00
Trial Of StrengthShona Riddell$NZ45.00
True Tales of Central WhangareiDon Armitage$NZ50.00
True Tales of Great Barrier Island 2016Don Armitage$NZ50.00
True tales of Kawau IslandDon Armitage$NZ50.00
True Tales of New Zealand Fisheries OfficersDon Armitage and Duncan Chisholm$NZ50.00
Uncommon CourageJulia Jones$NZ25.00
Vehicular Ferries of Auckland. the Floating BridgeDavid Balderston$NZ65.00
Voyagers - The Settlement of the PacificNicholas Thomas$NZ40.00
Voyages and Wanderings in Far-Off Seas and lands $NZ45.00
We Three Go SouthEthel Richardson/ Cynthia Cass$NZ60.00
We Were DifferentGavin McLean$NZ35.00
Winkelmann's WaitemataRobin Elliott, Harold Kidd, T L Rodney Wilson$NZ10.00
Worst Journey in the WorldApley Cherry-Garrard$NZ45.00