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  • Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair
  • The Art of Wooden Boat repair
  • The Restoration Handbook
  • The Boat Improvement Bible.
  • This Old Boat. 2nd edition.
  • Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual.
  • Essential Guide to Boating - Boat Maintenance

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    By Simon Jollands. Softback, 0.74kg, 195mm x 250mm, 223 pages, Colour Photos & Line Drawings. Published 2021.
    A boatowner's guide to yacht maintenance, repair and refitting.

    A practical, comprehensive reference manual that provides sensible, accessible advice for boatowners on planning and carrying out annual maintenance, repairs, upgrades and refits of sailing yachts and motorboats, up to 20 metres in length.

    Beginning with all the information owners will need to care for their boat, including how to budget and plan tasks to be done through the year, this book provides essential how-to reference material and ideas for a comprehensive range of projects large and small to be carried out ashore.

    Advice and tips from highly respected boatyard owners, specialists and surveyors, as well as from the author's own 25 years' experience of boat ownership, all fully illustrated with step-by-step photos and illustrations.
    Topics covered include:

  • laying up
  • hull and deck care
  • mast and rigging
  • sail care
  • engines
  • electrics
  • maintenance of plumbing and gas systems
  • more complex projects, including re-wiring a boat, overhauling an engine, how to treat osmosis and how to go about a complete refit.

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    Basic Techniques - Maintenance - Repair
    By Thomas Larsson. Softback, 0.98kg, 255mm x 245mm, 240 pages, Colour Photos, Line Drawings. Published 2013.

    This is both an introduction and a reference guide for wooden boat fans... new and semi-pro.
    Originally published in Sweden, author Thomas Larsson, has years of experience and shares his knowledge of the subject with you.
    The book focuses on techniques, maintenance, and repair, as well as having a section on purchasing a wooden boat. Includes and extensive glossary.

    Chapters included on boat care, including winter maintenance, racing, finishing, and stripping. Additionally, there is updated information on boat building, gluing, and tools. With practical instructions and fact boxes with advice and tips, this book will teach you all about maintenance: surface treatment, scraping the hull, equipping the boat in the spring, and looking after it in the winter.

    Also included are tips on buying a boat, installing an engine, and more.

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    By Gougeon Brothers. Paperback, 204mm x 270mm, 78 pages, monochrome drawings .
    The techniques described in this manual are based on the handling characteristics and physical properties of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy products. Because physical properties of resin systems and epoxy brands vary, using the techniques in this publication with coatings or adhesives other than WEST SYSTEM is not recommended. Refer to the current WEST SYSTEM USer Manual & Product Guide for complete product information, and safety and handling guidelines.
    Contents includes:
  • Introduction
  • Inspecting and evaluating
  • Repairing localized dry rot
  • Repairing the structural frame work
  • Repairing hull and deck planking
  • Installing hardware
  • Protecting and maintaining wooden boats
  • Using WEST SYSTEM Epoxy.

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    By Allen Cody Taube. Softback, 0.52kg, 180mm x 255mm, 275 pages, Line Drawings. 3rd Edition. Published 2018.

    Experience and insights gained by Allen Taube through 40 years of boat building, owning and sailing wooden schooners, marine surveying and wooden boat repair.
    His original book, "The Boatwright's Companion," published in 1986, became the wooden boat owners' bible. This third edition is updated, enlarged and destined to continue to be a wooden boat owner's and wooden boat lover's favorite classic book.

    Taube outlines and details wooden boat repairs in a clear and informal style, taking time and care to answer the many legitimate questions a boat carpenter or boat owner might ask. Illustrations by the author supplement the text.

    This clearly written book takes the mystery out of wooden boat repair. You'll feel confident and have the information you need to work, repair and maintain your own wooden boat.

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    By Enric Rosello. Softback, 210mm x 285mm, 0.91 kg 251 pages, Colour Images. 2nd Ediiton. Published 2018.
    The essential guide to fibreglass yacht restoration and repair.

    A thoroughly practical manual on how to give a fibreglass cruising yacht a complete overhaul or to do specific restoration tasks. Filled with hundreds of colour photo-sequences, which detail how to replace the engine, hatches, electrics, plumbing, rigging, gelcoat and much more. Practical advice on when to call in the professionals and when to consider doing work yourself.

    The Restoration Handbook appeals equally to sailors and boat owners who want to overhaul a boat completely and to those who have one or two smaller jobs to do. Although the whole boat is covered, each section is broken down into manageable chunks. Readers can work their way through each job using the clear sequential photographs for step-by-step guidance.

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    By Adlard Coles. Hardcover, 1.09kg, 198m x 252mm, 303 pages, full colour photos. Published 2015.
    Boatowners by nature are often inveterate fiddlers, constantly wanting to improve their vessels, whether it's to make them more comfortable, easier to handle or just simply, more efficient.

    The Boat Improvement Bible is the most up to date, user friendly and hands-on practical manual for boatowners who wish to improve their sailboat or motorboat. It will equip any boatowner with average DIY skills to improve all aspects of their boat: safety, comfort, facilities, storage and performance on the water. Many of these projects will also help increase a boat's value.

    Projects include: installing a heating system, installing hot water and a shower, increasing water tank size, making the heads electric, installing air conditioning or better ventilation, setting up solar or wind power charging for the batteries, fitting a generator, adding a gas alarm, installing interior lighting, adding a bathing platform or boarding ladder, plus much, much more.

    Packed with exploded diagrams, helpful step-by-step photographs and detailed guidance, The Boat Improvement Bible provides a wealth of DIY expertise and advice to enable anyone to improve their yacht or motorboat.

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    THIS OLD BOAT. Completely revised and expanded 2nd edition.
    By Don Casey. Hbk, 223mm x 282mm, 547 pages, black and white illustrations and diagrams.
    Here's how YOU can turn an aging fiberglass classic into a showpiece...and do it on a shoestring budget.
    Now completely revised and greatly expanded, This Old Boat has helped more than 100,000 boatowners upgrade their boats. Whether you are skilled or unskilled, a sailor or a powerboater, this book will show you how to

  • Find the right boat at the right price.
  • Map out an affordable, achievable renovation plan.
  • Work with fiberglass - everything from minor cosmetics to major structural repairs.
  • Renovate rigging, winches, engines, and other mechanical systems.
  • Transfrom the cabin from a cramped, dingy cell into a light, livable home.
  • Repair and modernise plumbing, electrical and refrigeration systems.
  • Give a stunning, mirror-smooth finish to your topsides and brightwork.
  • Make your own dodgers, sail covers, even sails - and much more.

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    By Don Casey. Hbk, 190mm x 240mm, 892 pages, monochrome and colour drawings.
    This book combines six core volumes into a single, utterly dependable resource that answers every frequent question, explains every major system, and helps you keep your boat and its components shipshape.
    More than 2,500 clear and detailed illustrations guide you step by step through every procedure. Casey's technical virtuosity, his user-friendly explanations, and Peter Compton's diesel engine expertise make even the more complicated repairs and improvements easy to understand. This must-have guide saves you time, money, and grief as you learn the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to:
  • Evaluate the condition of your boat or one you're about to purchase
  • Repair structural damage to your fiberglass sailboat
  • Improve or repair your sailboat's elctrical system
  • Troubleshoot, maintain, and repair your boat's diesel engine
  • Put a professional-looking finish on your boat's hull, deck, spars, wood and trim
  • Make and repair sails, sail covers, dodgers, awnings, sailbags, and bimini tops.

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    By Fox Chapel Publishing, 0.43kg, 191mm x 229mm, 160 pages, full colour photographs. Published in 2011.
    Every boat, be it sail or power, wood or fiberglass, stored in the water or on dry land, needs regular maintenance to keep it seaworthy. Proper maintenance can help save money by catching trouble before it starts.
    The Essential Guide to Boating: Boat Maintenance will help you, whether you are new to boating or an experienced boat owner, keep your boat in tiptop shape. From repairing scratched and worn hulls and decks, to fixing engines and tightening fittings, every inch of the boat is covered, including the below-deck quarters. This comprehensive guide also features historical details and examples of real-life events related to boat maintenance that illustrate its importance.
    Learning to care for this valuable possession is part of the fun of owning one. Whether you plan to DIY or hire help, this book is a great guide to have on-board to ensure many years of boating enjoyment.

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