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  • Troubleshooting and Repairing Diesel Engines
  • How to Install a New Diesel Engine
  • Marine Diesel Engines.
  • Replacing Your Boat's Engine.
  • Adlard Coles Book of Outboard Motors
  • Diesels Afloat
  • Captain's Quick Guide. Diesel Engine care
  • Marine Diesel Basics
  • Troubleshooting Marine Diesels
  • Outboard Motors. Maintenance and Repair Manual
  • Reeds Outboard Motor Troubleshooting Handbook
  • Diesel Companion
  • Skipper's On-board Diesel Guide
  • Refrigeration for Pleasure Boats
  • Propeller Handbook

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    By Paul Dempsey. Softback, 0.64 kg. 185mm x 235mm, 404 pages, diagrams and drawings, published 2018.

    This hands-on guide shows, step by step, how to save time and money by learning to identify and fix virtually any diesel engine problem yourself. Thoroughly updated to cover the latest advances in diesel technology, Troubleshooting and Repairing Diesel Engines, (Fifth Edition) contains hundreds of drawings, schematics, and photographs to ensure success and avoid frustration.

    Up-to-date coverage of biodiesel and green fuels, Step by step troubleshooting procedures, New engine repair procedures and tools, the latest turbocharging methods, Details on new diesel/hydrogen and diesel/methane engines.

    This fully revised classic resource equips you with all of the techniques you need to keep diesel engines running in top condition.

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    By Peter Cumberlidge. Pbk, 139mm x 216mm, 140 pages, monochrome drawings and photographs.
    This book covers all the factors relevant to choosing and installing a new diesel engine, whether the work will be done by the owner or entrusted to a boatyard or engineer:
  • Selecting the right size and type of engine
  • Deciding on transmission and stern-gear
  • Designing new engine bearers
  • Fitting fuel tanks, filters and exhaust systems
  • Installing electrics, instruments and engine controls
  • Evaluating marine batteries and charge control systems
  • Choosing the right propeller and fitting sacrificial anodes
    With the new engine installed and sea-trials complete, Peter Cumberlidge looks at how auxilary equipment can be fitted to take full advantage of the available power: adding a new hot water system, ducted cabin heating, an engine-driven fridge and a hydraulic anchor winch.

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    By Nigel Calder. Hardcover, 190m x 240mm, 294 pages, black and white photos, illustrations and diagrams.
    This book has been the bible for tens of thousands of do-it-yourself boatowners for more than 15 years. Now updated with information on fuel injection systems, electronic engine controls, and other new diesel technologies, Nigel Calder's bestseller has everything you need to keep your diesel engines running cleanly and efficiently.
    Marine Diesel Engines explains how to:
  • Cure overheating
  • Flush your cooling system
  • Change your oil
  • Maintain your electrical system
  • Replace fuel filters and bleed air from the fuel system
  • Troubleshoot virtually any problem
  • Perform annual maintenance
  • Retrofit a new diesel engine
  • Extend the life and improve the efficiency of your engine.

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    By Mike Westin. Paperback, 0.46kg, 190m x 246mm, 138 pages, full colour photos and drawings. Published 2011.
    In this series of highly practical, step-by-step photographic manuals, Replacing Your Boat's Engine is the complete guide for any DIY boatowner, boatbuilder or repairer renovating or replacing a boat's engine.

    Shadowing the author's own refit project for his small, long-distance 'pocket cruiser', this comprehensive guide takes a thoroughly hands-on, no-nonsense approach to each stage of the refit or renovation project, and explains in straightforward, jargon-free language all the vital information you need for each stage, including:

  • How to choose whether to rebuild or replace your engine.
  • The hidden costs involved in each approach.
  • The best method for removing the old engine and preparing the engine bed.
  • How to deal with fuel systems and tanks, including the regulatons to follow.
  • Working with propellers, stern gear, raw water and bilge pumps.
  • Soundproofing, test starting and finally running the newly fitted engine.

    Each stage concludes with a helpful summary, providing a difficulty rating, and the likely time and tools required. Also included is an up-to date guide to buying an engine, making this book an absolute must for any DIY boatbuilder or repairer.

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    By Tim Bartlett. Pbk, 263 grams 172mm x 247mm, 86 pages, full colour photographs, diagrams and drawings, published 2011.
    This book has been extremely popular ever since its first publication. Aimed at boatowners rather than experienced mechanics, Tim Bartlett takes the reader under the cover of an outboard engine and explains in clear, jargon-free language how an outboard motor works and how to look after it. Updated for this edition with colour photos and helpful diagrams, there is even a photo sequence showing the vital first aid needed to save the life of an outboard that has been dropped overboard!

  • Covers 2 and 4 stroke engines
  • Explains fuel and cooling systems, ignition, electrics and transmission
  • Describes how an engine converts fuel into power
  • Gives advice on routine maintenance (replacing filter, changing oil, replacing a starter cord etc.)
  • Helpful fault finding table.

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    By Pat Manley. Hardcover, 175mm x 215mm, 287 pages, full colour photographs.
    Just about every yacht and most large motorboats have a diesel engine. This book explains how to prevent problems, troubleshoot and make repairs using safe techniques, and save money on expensive yard services and work you could do yourself.
    This is the definitive guide to diesel engines covering:

  • How the diesel engine works
  • Propeller choice
  • Engine electrics
  • How to get the best out of your engine
  • Fault finding
  • Out of season lay-up and maintenance
  • How to avoid the majority of breakdowns at sea
    Armed with this book and your engine's manual you can be confident in dealing with any problem, save money and get the best performance out of your boat.

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    By Captain's Quick / Nigel Calder. Laminated Folded Sheet. 109mm x 229mm Published 2007
    Drawn from the world's largest boating library, this laminated fold out sheet presents 14 color panels of authoritative, concise information on diesel engines.

    This on-the-spot reference is a convenient, accessible, and utterly streamlined information resource.

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    By Dennison Berwick. Softback. 0.28 kg. 151mm x 230mm, 212 pages, Line Drawings. Published 2017.
    The visual guide to marine diesel systems.

    Clear and simple - see how things work, how to select, install, maintain & troubleshoot. Seeing is understanding! With more than 300 illustrations, this explains:

  • All basic maintenance tasks of the marine diesel system - fuel, lubrication, cooling, breathing, electrical, and drive train (coupling, shaft, shaft seal, propeller)
  • The tasks to winterize the complete system and to prepare for tropical storage (high heat and humidity)
  • All the tasks to recommission (“summerize”) the system to ensure reliable and trouble-free service
  • step-by-step instructions in clear, simple drawings
  • Explains all parts of the system
  • Lists all necessary tools and supplies to get each task done
  • Covers sailboats, motorboats and narrowboats
  • Indirect and direct cooled diesel engines
  • Saildrives – maintenance, lay-up, recommissioning

    Comprehensive, practical and useful. This book is recommended for anyone using a diesel engine, for students and for general understanding of the basics of the technology.

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    By Peter Compton. Hbk, 190mm x 240mm, 176 pages. Monochrome drawings.
    This is one of the excellent Sailboat Library series published by International Marine in hard back format, for use one-the-job.
    The text is written and illustrated in the best operator workshop-manual style. The chapters cover:
  • Maintaining the diesel,
  • Troubleshooting, basic first checks.
  • The mechanical and lubrication systems,
  • The raw water and coolant circuits,
  • The fuel system, the intake and exhaust systems,
  • The electrical system, the controls and instruments,
  • Recommendations for tools. Altogether a most useful reference book to have on board.

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    Repair and Maintenance Manual By Jean-Luc Pallas. Softback. 0.39 kg. 210mm x 295mm, 125 pages, full colour photos and Line Drawings. Published 2006.

    The aim of this book, with its step by step photographs and detailed diagrams is to enable every owner to understand the workings of an outboard motor (2 or 4 stroke) and be able to fix it with relative ease. It includes an explanation of the different parts that make up the engine and how they interact; how fuel is transformed into propulsion; regular maintenance and repair worksheets to help even the most mechanically ignorant to work on their outboard engine with confidence; the most common causes of breakdown; troubleshooting tables to allow you to diagnose and fix the most common engine problems and advice on how to winterize your outboard in one short afternoon.

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    By Barry Pickthall. Paperback. 0.13 kg. 101mm x 160mm, 128 pages, full colour photos. Published 2013.
    Most outboard engines will develop a problem at some point in their lives, but armed with the knowledge contained in this book, you needn't worry.
    The Reeds Outboard Motor Troubleshooting Handbook is a compact, pocket-sized guide to finding solutions to all of the most common outboard problems, and many of the less common ones too. The perfect format for quick reference on board, this book will help you fix your troublesome engine yourself, avoiding costly engineer fees if the problem is simple to sort out, or allowing you to effect an emergency patch-up for a more serious problem until you can get back to port.
    Each topic addresses a particular outboard motor problem, and gives clear step by step instructions with helpful colour photographs to show exactly what to do. Straightforward and accessible, this book should be an essential part of your DIY toolkit.

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    By Pat Manley. papercover, Spiral-bound, 80mm x 223mm, 23 pages, 2nd Edition.2019
    The book covers the parts of the engine and has checklists for monthly, weekly and daily checks. It outlines what to do if the engine won’t start, or stop, if it overheats or there are problems with the fuel system. It tells you about servicing, the electrics and winterisation.

    Splash-proof and spiral bound – (allowing you to lay it out flat beside your engine) – this little book stands up to frequent use and will be a valued companion when the engine doesn’t behave.

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    By Hans Donat. Landscape, paperback, spiral-bound, 240mm x 200mm, 24 pages, full colour photographs and drawings.
    Handy full colour waterproof guide on topics including:
  • Engine installation
  • Oil system
  • Cooling
  • Gearbox
  • Injectors
  • Controls
  • Electrics
    Troubleshooting charts also included.

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    By Nigel Calder. Hbk, 195mm x 240mm, 148 pages, monochrome photographs and drawings.
    Nothing beats an icy cool beer after a day’s hard racing, however the running of refrigeration units aboard are fraught with problems. This book explains the essentials for installing, maintaining and repairing an efficient refrigerator on your boat without the need for shore power. The author explains how and why the theory behind refrigeration works, how the different components work together, how to keep them going, and what to look for when it all starts to go wrong. Another excellent do-it-yourself book.

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    By Dave Gerr. Pbk, 215mm x 275mm, 154 pages, monochrome drawings and plans.
    For the enthusiastic sailor this well know classic is still the most thorough treatment of propeller design, from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. The book is primarily a fitting and fault finding manual with a great deal of advice in the selection of propeller pitch, size and form. Included are such matters as achieving top rated boat speed and engine RPM, dealing with shaft vibration, decsions relating to folding versus fixed and the number of propeller blades.

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