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    Collective Nouns
    By Melissa Boardman. Hardback, 175mm x 200mm, 134 pages, 0.41 kg. Published 2020.

    A Tussock of Takahe?, A Hoon of Kaka?, A Whistling of Whio?
    This beautifully illustrated book of collective noun names for our native birds reveals something unique about their character.

    Included too is information on how they live, and how best we can protect and save them.

    NZ$30.00 + delivery.

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    By Oscar Thomas. Softback, 128mm x 180mm, 176 pages, 0.28 kg. Published 2020. Full colour photographs.

    High-quality photographs from one of New Zealand's youngest nature photographers are accompanied by detailed species descriptions, which include nomenclature, size, distribution, habits, and habitat.

    The user-friendly introduction covers climate, vegetation, biogeography, and the key sites for viewing the listed species. Also included is an all-important checklist of all of the birds of New Zealand encompassing, for each species, its common and scientific name, IUCN status.

    NZ$30.00 + delivery.

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    By Skye Wishart & Edin Whitehead. Hardback, 195mm x 230mm, 383 pages, 1.49 kg. Published 2019. Full colour photographs.

    Who knew that the morepork, our forest-dwelling owl, can turn its head 270 degrees? Or that the eastern bar-tailed godwit doubles its body weight before undertaking an epic and continuous migration of 11,000 kilometres? Or that the tui has a specially placed voicebox, enabling it to duet with itself, sometimes producing sounds too high-frequency for humans to hear?

    Zany, off-kilter, wondrous and wild, The Brilliance of Birds gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of some of New Zealandís feathered friends.

    NZ$55.00 + delivery.

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    By Geoff Norman. Hardback, 190mm x 265mm, 387 pages, 1.82 kg. Published 2019. Full colour photographs.

    Kiwi, kakapo, takahe, moa, tui Ė these birds, and many others, are unique to Aotearoa New Zealand, and famous throughout the world. It was the 1873 publication of Walter Bullerís A History of the Birds of New Zealand that introduced overseas readers to these extraordinary creatures, and led New Zealanders as well to appreciate them in a way they had not before. Now, a century and a half later, Geoff Normanís Birdstories builds on that legacy in a compelling, impeccably researched and beautifully presented account, which describes the origins of our birds, their place in both the Pakeha and Maori worlds, their survival and conservation, and the art they have inspired.

    Geoff Norman writes of the birdsí unusual evolution, the disastrous impact of two waves of human migration, but too, the late nineteenth-century realisation that extinction need not be inevitable and the astonishing salvation stories of the following century.

    Birdstories is a visual delight, rich in sketches and paintings by the scientists and draughtsmen who accompanied the early European explorers, and a remarkable range of works by contemporary artists. Much more than a source of fascinating information, this significant book is also a passionate call for action to save our remaining threatened species.

    NZ$70.00 + delivery.

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    By Liz Light. Softback, 150mm x 210mm, 220 pages, 0.54 kg. Published 2019. Full colour photographs.

    New Zealand has a diverse range of bird species and is especially important for pelagics. Thirteen of the world's 18 penguin species have been recorded in the New Zealand region (including the Ross Dependency). Nine of these species breed here. Of petrels, 37 of the world's 114 species breed in the New Zealand region, some on the mainland or nearby islands so they can be seen flying around, but many stick to the Southern Ocean islands. Eleven of the world's 22 albatross species nest in New Zealand and of those nine do not nest elsewhere. As well as these specific species, the book covers 50 sites on the North and South Islands, Rakiura/Steward Island and Chatham Islands that are best for birdwatching.

    Detailed descriptions of each site cover the type of terrain, and the tracks and trails where certain species are likely to be encountered. Particular species for each site are highlighted. A fact file for each site lists land or sea access; type of habitat, best time to visit, facilities and accommodation. Key species for each site are also listed.

    NZ$40.00 + delivery.

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    A Complete Guide.
    By Alan Froggatt. Softback, 180mm x 130mm, 144 pages, 0.28 kg. Published 2019. Full colour photographs.

    New Zealand is a birdwatcher's paradise. This book provides comprehensive information and practical advice on every aspect of the subject, including key birding areas, where to find the most sought-after species, how to get close to birds without disturbing them, pelagic birding, bird photography, bird banding, conservation and feeding birds.

    Alan Froggatt is chairman of the Kapiti Mana branch of Forest & Bird, a member of the Ornithological Society of NZ and is involved in a range of conservation initiatives on the Kapiti Coast.

    NZ$20.00 + delivery.

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    By Geoff Moon. Softback, 190mm x 95mm, 141 pages, 0.18 kg. Published 2011. Full colour photographs.

    This book features photographs of the most commonly seen birds along with detailed information on distribution, habitat, behaviour and breeding.
    Each bird is illustrated with at least one colour photograph to aid identification, and in many cases photographs also show the birds in their habitat nesting, feeding and socialising.

    NZ$28.00 + delivery.

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    By Kimball Chen. Hardback, 235mm x 235mm, 256 pages, 1.10 kg Published 2018. Full colour photographs.
    From the barely-visible wings of the flightless kiwi to the immense wingspan of the wandering albatross, New Zealand's fragile island ecosystem is home to a diverse array of spectacular birds.

    Intimate portraits of endangered creatures and their glamorous breeding plumage, dramatic wide-angle birdscapes encompassing rugged sub-antarctic habitats, magical fleeting encounters of birds courting and mating and hatching.

    Accompanying this illustrated photographic book is well-researched and engaging text that enrich the imagesí depicting bird behaviour and biology. Discover which native birdís undersides have ultraviolet feathers. What underlies the musical prowess of birdsongs, and which New Zealand bird can mimic human speech? Why do adult grebes feed their babies feathers? What special physiological adaptations allow godwits to survive their monumental migration? What impact does climate change and other emerging threats have on the conservation of New Zealandís avian wildlife?

    NZ$50.00 + delivery.

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    By Lynette & Geoff Moon. Pbk, 148mm x 210mm, 46 pages, 0.13 kg Published 208. Full colour photographs.
    New Zealand is known for its birds, and the melodic quality of their song. Here, in one book (with App included) is a selection of 60 of the most popular, important or interesting birds. Each bird entry includes information about habitat, distribution, appearance and behaviour of the bird, along with a description of its calls.

    NZ$30.00 + delivery.

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    By Geoff Norman. Hardback, 220mm x 187mm, 151 pages, 1.07 kg. Published 2014. Sepia & Full Colour reproductions.
    This accessible new edition of the award-winning classic Bullerís Birds of New Zealand includes the complete set of 95 artworks from both editions of A History of the Birds of New Zealand by Walter Buller and the subsequent supplement, specially photographed and reproduced in full colour.

    Each bird painting is accompanied by a selection of Bullerís original, descriptive text as well as up-to-date taxonomic information in English and Te Reo Maori.

    With a foreword by Stephen Fry and an introduction that traces the history of ornithological painting, and tells the story of Buller and his talented artist, this definitive book will appeal to all those who love New Zealandís unique avifauna.

    NZ$60.00 + delivery.

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    By Paul Scofield and Brent Stephenson. Pbk, 170mm x 240mm, 544 pages, full colour photographs.
    The definitive introduction to New Zealand's extraordinary avian life. Featuring 1000 new photographs and the latest information on identification, behaviour, bird calls, distribution and conservation status.

    This book covers 365 bird species found in the New Zealand region, including all species that occur naturally in the wild regularly within this area, those that have established wild populations and all the rare visitors. Each entry in the book covers a single species, or occasionally, two very similar species, and any sub-species. Common English names, scientific names, most frequently used Maori names and commonly used English or Maori names are given for each species, and also appear in the index.

    NZ$60.00 + delivery.

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    By Julian Fitter and Don Merton. Pbk, 115mm x 190mm, 285 pages, full colour photographs.
    This beautiful photographic guide is the ideal companion for travelling birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Featuring all 350 species of bird you can possibly see in New Zealand. Over 600 colour photographs with full descriptions of all native species, distribution maps and measurements. Included in this book is information about extinct species, Island and Mainland Sanctuaries, key information on National Parks, Birding Tour operators, conservation efforts and a brief history of New Zealand.

    New Zealand is a bird watchers paradise, and this book, is ideal to keep in your glovebox, galley, backpack or on the windowsill. Keep the Binoculars handy!

    NZ$45.00 + delivery.

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    By Ian Newton. Paperback, 130mm x 198mm, 646 pages, 0.57kg.

    The phenomenon of bird migration has fascinated people from time immemorial. The arrivals and departures of different species marked the seasons, heralding spring and autumn, and providing a reliable calendar long before anything better became available.
    Migration is shown by many kinds of animals, including butterflies and other insects, mammals, marine turtles and fish, but in none is it as extensively developed as in birds.
    The collective travel routes of birds span almost the entire globe, with some extreme return journeys covering more than 30,000 km. As a result of migration, bird distributions are continually changing Ė in regular seasonal patterns, and on local, regional or global scales.
    Migration has repeatedly prompted familiar questions, such as where birds go or come from, why do they do it, how do they know when and where to travel, and how do they find their way?

    In this seminal new book, Ian Newton sets out to answer these Ė and other Ė questions.

    NZ$35.00 + delivery.

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    By Steve N G Howell & Kirk Zufelt. Flexicover, 155mm x 215mm, 359 pages, Coloured Photos and Line Drawings, Published 2019. 0.37 kg

    Oceanic birds are among the most remarkable but least known of all birds, living at sea, far from the sight of most people. They offer unusual identification challengesómany species look similar and it can be difficult to get good views of fast-flying birds from a moving boat.

    The first field guide to the worldís oceanic birds in more than two decades, this exciting and authoritative book draws on decades of firsthand experience on the open seas. It features clear text filled with original insights and new information and more than 2,200 carefully chosen color images that bring the ocean and its remarkable winged inhabitants to life. Never before have oceanic birds been presented in such an accessible and comprehensive way.

    Contents include:

  • A comprehensive, authoritative, and accessible guide to oceanic birds
  • Covers more than 270 species
  • Includes more than 2,200 color photos with concise captions noting key features
  • Features careful species comparisons, overviews of the latest taxonomy, tips on how to observe and ID birds at sea, and much more

    NZ$70.00 + delivery.

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    By Adam Nicholson. Softcover, 128mm x 198mm, 400 pages, Black and White Images, Published 2018. 0.37 kg

    This book is the full story of seabirds, looking at the pattern of their lives, their habitats, the threats they face and the passions they inspire.

    In ten chapters, each dedicated to a different bird, The Seabirdís Cry travels their ocean paths, fusing traditional knowledge with all that modern science has come to know about them: the way their bodies work, their dazzling navigational expertise, their ability to smell their way to fish or home, to understand the workings of the winds in which they live.

    At the heart of the book are the Shiant Isles a cluster of Hebridean islands in the Minch that author Adam Nicolson has known all his life but he has pursued the birds much further: across the Atlantic, up the west coast of Ireland, to St Kilda, Orkney, Shetland, the Faeroes, Iceland and Norway to the eastern seaboard of America, the Falklands, South Georgia, the Canaries and the Azores reaching out across the widths of the world ocean.

    This book is a paean to the beauty of life on the wing, but even as we are coming to understand the seabirds, a global tragedy is unfolding. Their number is in freefall, dropping by nearly seventy per cent in the last sixty years, a billion fewer now than in 1950. Of the ten birds in this book, seven are in decline. Extinction stalks the ocean and there is a danger that the grand cry of a seabird colony, rolling around the bays and headlands of high latitudes, will this century become but a memory.

    NZ$28.00 + delivery.

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    By Ken Stepnell. Softcover, 155mm x 200mm, 112 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2017. 0.29 kg

    The Little Penguin, Blue Penguin or Fairy Penguin...whichever name you give it, this fascinating bird lives an extraordinary life. It is the world's smallest penguin species found all around the coasts of the southern half of Australia and New Zealand, in spite of the pressures of modern day life it appears to be doing well and even thriving, often just a stone's throw from major towns and cities.

    This beautifully illustrated book explores every aspect of the lives of these remarkable seabirds from feeding and breeding to migrations and threats. The entertaining and informative text is accompanied by many beautiful photographs that illustrate aspects of the penguins' life and behaviour which are rarely seen by humans. The book is ideal for anyone interested in birds and conservation and makes the perfect gift for anyone who has witnessed a spectacular 'penguin parade' as the birds return en masse to their nesting burrows at dusk after a day's fishing out at sea.

    NZ$30.00 + delivery.

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    By Derek Onley & Paul Scofield. Paperback, 156mm x 234mm, 240 pages, illustrations.
  • A comprehensive guide to 137 species of pelagic seabirds, with subspecies and phases fully illustrated.
  • Concise information opposite plates is designed for use in the field, with tips for identification at sea, at close range and over distance.
  • Confusion species included on plates to assist accurate identification
  • Detailed species accounts include colour distribution maps for every species
  • Full treatment of recently rediscovered and rarely seen species

    NZ$70.00 + delivery.

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