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  • Sea Mammals
  • Fishes of Atearoa
  • Around The Ocean In 80 Fish & Other Sealife
  • Many Things Under A Rock
  • Diary from the Lookout
  • Secrets of the Sea
  • Emperors of the Deep
  • The Secret Life of Fish
  • Reef Fishes of South East Asia
  • Field Guide to Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises
  • A Field Guide to Reef Fishes of the Indo-Pacific
  • Know Your New Zealand Fishes
  • Photographic Guide to the Sea Fishes of New Zealand
  • Coral Reef Fishes
  • Reef Creature Identification Tropical Pacific
  • Reef Fish Identification Tropical Pacific
  • Whales Dolphins and Seals

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    SHARK The World's Most Misunderstood Predator
    By Paul De Gelder. Paperback, 0.18kg, 130mm x 200mm, 232 pages. Full Colour photographs, Published 2023

    We have a perennial fascination with sharks. Portrayed in the media and popular culture as killing machines, we are awed by their power and strength. But the shark is so much more – a marvel of the sea, they have evolved over 450 million years into over 500 species, from the bioluminescent kitefin to the tiny dwarf lantern shark, the sociable lemon shark to the cow shark, which can birth up to 100 pups in one litter. Bringing balance to the ocean’s ecosystem, our planet is at serious risk when these amazing creatures are threatened.

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    SEA MAMMALS The Past and Present Lives of our Oceans' Cornerstone Species
    By Annalisa Berta. Hardback, 0.8kg, 172mm x 235mm, 224 pages. Full Colour photographs, Published 2023

    A richly illustrated introduction to the world’s living and extinct sea mammals. From the gregarious sea otter and playful dolphin to the sociable narwhal and iconic polar bear, sea mammals are a large, diverse, and increasingly precious group.
    In this book Annalisa Berta, a leading expert on sea mammals and their evolution, presents an engaging and richly illustrated introduction tom past and present species of these remarkable creatures, from the blue whale and the northern fur seal to the extinct giant sperm whale, aquatic sloth, and walking sea cow.

    The book features more than 50 individual species profiles, themed chapters, stunning photographs, and specially commissioned paleo-illustrations of extinct species. It presents detailed accounts of these mammals’ evolutionary path, anatomy, behaviour, habitats, and conservation.
    And because these are key species that complete many food chains and have the widest influence of all sea life, the book also offers insights into a broad variety of marine worlds today and in the future.

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    By Paul Caiger. Hardback, 1.4kg, 240mm x 287mm, 200 pages. Full Colour photographs, Published 2023

    Aotearoa has a long and complex coastline scattered with islands, while lakes and waterways are woven through all of our landmass.

    Consequently, we truly are an aquatic nation, home to a wonderful diversity of fishes.

    This book is a major celebration of this fish life, set against the backdrop of the country's numerous underwater habitats around the country.

    It seamlessly blends superb photography of fishes from throughout New Zealand with fascinating natural history stories, all the way from tiny freshwater streams in the high country to the deep, distant ocean.

    Seen and told through the eyes of a marine ecologist, but very much written for a general audience, Fishes of Aotearoa is a significant contribution to our appreciation of the colourful and characterful fish we are lucky to share this country with.

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    By Dr Helen Scales. Hardback, 0.64kg, 160mm x 240mm, 200 pages. Colour Illustrations, Published 2023

    Dive beneath the waves to meet 80 of the oceans strangest and most surprising inhabitants.

    This beautifully illustrated aquatic world tour tells the fascinating stories of beguiling sea creatures and their ingenious feats of survival. From producing anti-freeze to enduring boiling temperatures these seemingly remote creatures have shaped our own lives, whether through medicine, culture or folklore.

    Around The Ocean in 80 Fish and Other Sea Life is a timely and gorgeous celebration of our watery world and the marvelous creatures that call it home.

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    The Mysteries Of Octopuses
    By David Scheel. Softback, 0.39kg, 155mm x 233mm, 307 pages. Published 2023

    Of all the creatures of the deep blue, none captivates us quite like the octopus. This highly intelligent master of disguise is one of our planet’s most intriguing and enigmatic animals.

    Marine biologist David Scheel’s decades – long preoccupation with octopuses has led to a career of groundbreaking research, from finding previously unknown species to the discovery of signaling communication. He is among the scientists who discovered two astonishing octopus cities in Jervis Bay, off the eastern coast of Australia.

    In Many Things Under A Rock, Scheel shares his deep scientific understanding of octopuses and recounts intrepid adventures with these mysterious, charismatic creatures. The octopus is sometimes called the most alien animal on the planet, but here we learn just how much the octopus is like us.

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    The Cook Strait Whale Survey 2004-2015
    By Carol Dawber & Nadine Bott. Softback, 0.59kg, 180mm x 240mm, 165 pages. Full Colour Photos, Published 2022

    Thar she blows!’ The cry rings out: the whale is spotted from high on the headland above Tory Channel. The old whaler radios down to the boat – there’s a humpback in Cook Strait. The motor fires up and the crew speeds out. It’s the same drill and the thrill of the chase has not diminished, but these men are no longer out for the kill.

    Former whalers were the heart and soul of the humpback survey that took place every winter for 12 years from 2004. As citizen scientists, they brought generations of skill and local knowledge to the conservation effort. Diary from the Lookout is the story of swapping harpoons for dart guns and cameras to identify and record the whales on their migration journey.

    The story of the ex-whalers who became whale watchers and the scientists, DOC workers and Sounds locals who were part of the team.

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    The Story of New Zealand's Native Sea Creatures.
    By Robert Vennell. Hardback, 1.05kg, 195mm x 250mm, 255 pages. Full Colour Photos, Illustrations & Drawings. Published 2022

    Secrets of the Sea is a fascinating introduction to New Zealand's fish and shellfish, weaving together history, biology and culture to reveal how these unique and intriguing creatures have shaped our lives.
    Ranging from sandy shores and rocky reefs to the open ocean and its cavernous depths, Robert Vennell celebrates the magic and mystery of the world beneath the waves.

    Lavishly illustrated with stunning photographs and fascinating historical illustrations.

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    By William McKeever. Softback, 0.25kg, 130mm x 200mm, 311 pages. Colour Photos. Published 2021

    Documentarian and conservationist William McKeever,is determined to dispel misplaced fear and correct common misconceptions about sharks. In this book he explores in-depth the secret lives of sharks—magnificent creatures who play an integral part in maintaining the health of the world’s oceans and ultimately the planet.

    The first book to reveal in full the hidden lives of sharks, Emperors of the Deep examines four species—Mako, Tiger, Hammerhead, and Great White—as never before, and includes fascinating details such as:

  • Sharks are 50-million years older than trees;
  • Sharks have survived five extinction level events, including the one that killed off the dinosaurs;
  • Sharks have electroreception, a sixth-sense that lets them pick up on electric fields generated by living things;
  • Sharks can dive 4,000 feet below the surface;
  • Sharks account for only 6 human fatalities per year, while humans kill 100 million sharks per year.

    McKeever goes back through time to probe the shark’s pre-historic secrets and how it has become the world’s most feared and most misunderstood predator, and takes us on a pulse-pounding tour around the world and deep under the water’s surface, from the frigid waters of the Arctic Circle to the coral reefs of the tropical Central Pacific.

    At once a deep-dive into the misunderstood world of sharks and an urgent call to protect them, Emperors of the Deep celebrates this wild species that hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the ocean— if we can prevent their extinction from climate change and human hunters.

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    ByDoug Mackay-Hope. Hardback, 0.82kg, 172mm x 230mm, 224 pages. Full Colour Photos and Drawings. Published 2021

    Discover the astonishing truth about our aquatic cousins: how they think and what they know, their experiences and unique behaviours, and the many things we have in common. The Secret Life of Fish brings you up close and personal with:

  • The parasitic vampires that attach themselves to other fish to drain their blood.
  • The sharks that can live for up to twelve hours out of water.
  • The inhabitants of a geothermal pool in Death Valley, Nevada.
  • The amazing transforming eels that migrate thousands of miles to breed.
    He also lists their habitat, distinguishing features, their likes and personality. Did you know a stickleback is defiant and likes plankton and vegetation and a Peter’s Elephantnose Fish is Bookish and likes rooting around? I wonder if he has read this one. Doug Mckay-Hope, a trained biologist, profiles the secret lives of fifty of planet earth’s strangest, largest, tiniest, rarest and most prolific underwater residents in this insightful and myth-busting text, complete with charming watercolour diagrams, maps and expert insight.

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    By Elizabeth Wood & Michael Aw. Softback, 0.30kg, 150mm x 210mm, 144 pages. Colour Photos and Drawings. Published 2016

    Comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide, covering the waters off the coasts of Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

    Illustrated with vibrant colour photographs, this is an essential companion for anyone interested in the undersea world, from the casual snorkeller to the most experienced diver.

    Concise descriptions of 270 species of fish, corals and invertebrates, accompanied by 300 full-colour photographs, and information on habitat, diet and behaviour. Clear line drawings are provided for quick identification of fish families, and a short introduction covers reef conservation and practical tips to help you get the most out of your visit to the region.

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    By Mark Carwardine. Paperback, 0.52kg, 140mm x 215mm, 288 pages. Published 2023

    From the blue whale to the Indo-Pacific finless porpoise, this handbook is the most comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date reference to each of the world's 90 species of cetaceans.

    With more than 1,000 meticulous and specially commissioned illustrations – complete with flukes, blows and dive sequences – it includes detailed annotations pointing out significant field marks, as well as extensive distribution and migration maps. Many of the world's most respected whale biologists have collaborated on the text, helping to provide the ultimate guide to the identification, distribution, behaviour, life history and conservation of every species and subspecies of whale, dolphin and porpoise.

    An indispensable resource for anyone interested in these truly spectacular animals.

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    By Gerald R.Allen. Paperback, 0.77kg, 166mm x 242mm, 316 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2023, 5th ed.

    The coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific are bursting with marine life and are home to more animal species than any other diving spot in the world - more than 40% of all coral reef fishes known worldwide. Added to this, the waters are crystal-clear, giving the best chance of viewing the incredible species diversity.

    The Indo-pacific is the dream destination for all divers and snorkellers and this book covers:

  • Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines, Vietnam

    This is the revised and expanded fifth edition of a book that is the standard referance guide for divers, anglers and scientists. It covers over 1,670 fish species found in the tropical seas of Southeast Asia, the South Pacific Islands and Australia. Top quality photos of each species often with male and female examples.

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    By Jenny & Tony Enderby. Paperback, 0.4kg, 152mm x 216mm, 176 pages, full colour photos.
    New Zealand's seas and freshwater habitats are home to more than 1100 known fish species, with scientists regularly adding new discoveries to the tally. Whether you like to fish, snorkel, dive or swim off the beaches and lake shores, or you simply have a personal interest in aquatic life, you'll welcome this fact-packed book. Featuring fishes of the rocky and sandy shores, reefs and open water, as well as some of the unusual species that wash in on tropical currents, not to mention representatives from rivers and lakes.
    Know Your New Zealand Fishes describes more than 80 of the country's best-known or most significant species.
    Each entry includes:

  • text on distribution,
  • appearance, behaviour, diet and breeding habits
  • spectacular colour photography of the fish in its natural environment
  • sub-entries, where applicable, of similar or related species

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    By Wade Doak. Pbk, 95mm x 190mm, 140 pages, full colour photographs.
    The author is well known in New Zealand for his illustrated books on diving, marine life and underwater photography, and is widely regarded for his interest in natural history and the preservation of species.
    This book contains accurate, full colour photographs of 117 species. Each has an authoritative text describing the key identification features of the fish.
    The book is in a handy pocket-size and format, is easy to use for reference and will make a very useful addition to the personal library of anyone interested in finding out more about the ecology of New Zealand's seashore and coastal waters.

    NZ$28.00 + delivery.

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    CORAL REEF FISHES, Indo-Pacific and Caribbean.
    By Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers. Pbk, 115mm x 190mm, 400 pages, full colour illustrations.

  • Concise yet comprehensive guide to all fishes found in or near coral reefs to a depth of 60 meters
  • Expanded edition covering 2,118 species of coral reef fishes, including 44 new species
  • More than 2,500 colour illustrations depicting the major forms of each species, including sex, age and geographical variations
  • Accessible text providing information on the coral reef environment, habitats, ecology, social interactions, conservation, and dangerous marine fishes
  • Detailed pointers for identifying fish

    NZ$75.00 + delivery.

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    By Paul Humann & Ned Deloach. Published 2010 Flexicover, 154mm x 232mm, 500 pages, full colour photographs.
    This 500-page reference detailing 1,600 animals with 2,000 photographs and descriptive text is not only the most comprehensive visual field guide to marine invertebrate life inhabiting the waters from Thailand to Tahiti, but also a pictorial tour de force skillfully bridging science and the aesthetic. The text focuses on mobile species, highlighting crustaceans, mollusks, worms and echinoderms, however the pages include an overview of attached marine animals, and also explore facets of marine invertebrate behaviour. The guide provides a boon of information for diving photographers and underwater naturalists, and for the armchair adventurers, the brilliant gallery of images brings an unseen, unimagined world to the surface like never before.

    NZ$125.00 + delivery.

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    By Gerald Allen, Roger Steene, Paul Humann & Ned Deloach. Flexicover, 1.2 kgs. 154mm x 232mm, 475 pages, full colour photographs. 2nd edition 2015.
    This books is the most comprehensive field guide ever compiled for identifying tropical Pacific fishes, with more than 2500 photographs of 2000 species taken in their natural habitats.
    Areas include Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, French Polynesia and beyond.

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    By Hadoram Shirihai & Brett Jarrett. Paperback, 0.59 kgs, 142mm x 217mm, 384 pages, full colour photographs and drawings.
    This is the first complete guide to the world's marine mammals. It covers the field identification - including geographical, sex and age variations - of all the whales, dolphins, seals and sea cows, plus the Walrus, Polar Bear and Marine otters.
  • All 129 species illustrated with over 500 beautiful new artworks
  • easily confused species are also shown together on comparison plates
  • Over 475 stunning colour photographs
  • Informative, up-to-date species distribution maps, including viewing hotspots
  • Includes a useful guide to some of the best marine mammal watching sites

    NZ$35.00 + delivery.

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