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  • The Book of Sea Shanties
  • Sea Shanties
  • Reeds 9-Language Handbook
  • Reeds Maritime Flag Handbook
  • Jack Tar and the Baboon Watch
  • The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 Languages
  • The Practical Mariner's Book of Knowledge
  • Breverton's Nautical Curiosities
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    By Nathan Evans. Hardback, 0.28kg, 135mm x 205mm, 178 pages, Line Drawings. Published 2021.

    The world sang in harmony with Nathan Evans, the Glaswegian postie turned singer of sea shanties. Join him as he takes you through time and seafaring history to discover the true meaning of Wellerman, and who and what exactly was the Drunken Sailor?

    Featuring over 35 best loved shanties, and the meaning behind each of the favourite shanties and show how they have shaped and inspired.

    Beautifully illustrated throughout, it also includes original shanties and bonus content written exclusively for this book.

    NZ$30.00 + delivery.

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    The Lyrics and History of Sailor Songs
    By Karen Dolby. hardback, 0.29kg, 135mm x 205mm, 192 pages, Line Drawings. Published 2021.

    A rousing collection of over fifty of the most memorable and feel good shaties in Maritime history.

    Composed and performed by sailors on sailing ships to ensure the rhythmic operation of the hauling and heaving that was a mainstay of a lot of their work aboard these huge merchant vessels, they were also about camaraderie, positivity and motivation. Life as sea was harsh and relentless, and these songs injected some much-needed humour into maritime life.

    The words and fascinating history of some of the best-loved shanties, dating back as early as the seventeenth century, are brought to life in this wonderful collection.

    NZ$28.00 + delivery.

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    By Reeds. Paperback, 0.16kg, 102mm x 160mm, 160 pages, full colour illustrations. Published 2021.

    The pocket dictionary is centred around clear, colour, annotated diagrams, such as parts of the rig and engine, in each nautical subject area, and makes it very easy and convenient to translate between nine languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Portuguese and Greek).
    The diagrams can easily be used to show someone what is meant (or what is broken!) without having to worry about the language barrier. It covers general terms, such as 'port' and 'starboard', as well as technical words relating to engine and rigging repair and maintenance. Other topics include navigation, weather, seamanship, requesting help, medical emergencies, safety equipment, numbers and time.

    NZ$25.00 + delivery.

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    ByMirana Delmar-Morgan. Paperback, 0.16kg, 102mm x 160mm, 154 pages, full colour illustrations. 2nd ed. Published 2015.
    This handy pocket-size guide is the perfect on-board reference for the maritime flags of the world and their usage
  • What flag goes where and when
  • Types of flags
  • Signals Flags
  • Special ensigns
  • Yacht club burgess
  • International maritime flags
  • Legal requirements
    Anyone who has ever put to sea wondering about the different types of flags flown, how they are made up, and the dos and doníts as well as the traditions and myths of flying flags should find this a fascinating and useful handbook.

    NZ$25.00 + delivery.

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    JACK TAR AND THE BABOON WATCH; A Guide to Curious Nautical Knowledge for Landlubbers and Sea Lawyers Alike.

    by Captain Frank Lanier. Paperback , 0.28kg, 162mm x 230mm, 194 pages, Black & white illustrations. Published 2014.
    Jack Tar and the Baboon Watch is a collection of unusual, nautical-based phrases and trivia tidbits for 'Jack Tars' (sailors) and 'Landlubbers' (unexperienced sailors) alike. These colourful terms and entertaining phrases (in plain language) have been collected and compiled over two decades by Frank Lanier whilst serving in the U.S. Coastguard, and from the various ships he served on and the different postings..

    Some are familiar, some, perhaps a little bizarre....

    Dogs Vomit is a moist hash of hardtack biscuits and meat cooked together, Kissed by Mother Carey are those whose destiny is forever tied to the sea...Suck the Monkey is the clandestine siphoning of spirits from one of the ship's casks via a straw, or other such tube... More than a nautical trivia book, this fascinating collection is more of a 'Ripley's believe it or Not', kind of book. Written for the reader who wants to know more, or the rest of the know how the Amazon River got its name, to know why ...'to fudge something' is named after Captain Fudge, and what about those Roaring Forties and their 360 degrees, 12,000 mile winds..?

    The perfect book for know-alls, wanna be know-alls, or Nautical Trivial Pursuit or Quiz games. Probably not as interactive as Painting the Lion , (???) but just as much fun!

    Test yourself, or your mates... No more 'fudging' it!

    NZ$31.00 + delivery.

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    THE ILLUSTRATED BOAT DICTIONARY IN 9 LANGUAGES by Vanessa Bird. Paperback, 0.45kg, 190mm x 245mm, 160 pages.
    The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 Languages is an invaluable reference for boating excursions abroad. Helpful explanatory illustrations, arranged by topic, will enable you to communicate quickly and easily abroad when you need help but can't speak the language. Centered around clear annotated diagrams on a wealth of subjects, this invaluable visual reference makes it easy to explain what you need (or what has broken!) in nine different languages

    Let's imagine you are stuck in Rotterdam and you need some bolt cutters (betonschaars) or perhaps you have an urge for a grease gun in Copenhagen (schmierpresse), or maybe you need to be making headway (Arrancada avante) in Spain..and hey, who doesn't want to know where anchoring is prohibited in Porto (Probido Fundear!) or what the the formalities are like in Denmark (Formalitaten) This book has words and illustrations for the nine most used languages, including.. English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Portugese and Greek.

    Topics covered:

  • Parts of a boat (Sail and Power)
  • Manoeuvring, berthing, anchoring.
  • Tides, Navigation and Weather
  • Parts of an Engine, including outboards.
  • Water, gas, electrical and steering systems
  • Tools, plus maintenance and repair terms
  • Safety equipment and parts of the body

    Amazingly comprehensive, and specially geared to yachtsmen and motorboaters, this is a must-have reference for anyone cruising in foreigh waters.

    NZ$45.00 + delivery.

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    THE PRACTICAL MARINER'S BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE - 460 sea-tested rules of thumb for almost every boating situation.

    by John Vigor. paperback, 0.28kg, 120mm x 204mm, 274 pages. Second expanded edition published 2013.
    The Practical Mariner's Book of Knowledge is either the most useful boating book ever designed to entertain or the most entertaining book ever designed to be useful. In its alphabetical organization that juxtaposes wildly disparate entries, you can read about the derivation of figureheads where you turned to for recommended thicknessess of fibreglass hulls. In between the whimsy, however, is the essence of centuries of seafaring experience distilled into a concise reference for sailors and powerboaters. There may be no substitute for a lifetime of experience, but this book is the next best thing. It should be kept at the navigation station and on every boat.

    Inside you will find information that is otherwise scattered through dozens of volumes. If you can't find what you want quickly from the table of contents, there's an exhaustive subject index. If you need more precise data than a rule of thumb can provide, you may well find it among the 6 appendix tables, which are also indexed. You'll find rules of thumb for:

  • Changing a boat's name
  • Towing the safest way
  • Burial at sea
  • Preventing wood rot
  • Hull thicknesses
  • Anchoring rights
  • Jib size
  • Curing mast vibration
  • Time taken for boat tasks
  • Survival rations
    and a lot more: open it up and get lost in the sage advice and witty wisdom that will make you long for the sea.

    NZ$40.00 + delivery.

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    By Terry Breverton. Hardback, 0.67kg, 140mm x 206mm, 384 pages, colour contents and illustrations.
    What is the origin of the distress call 'Mayday'? How did the cod change the world? Where was history's most devastating wave? How did the War of Jenkin's Ear start? Who was the bloodiest pirate ever to have sailed? Where would you find the poop deck?
    From famous naval battles to the parts of an anchor, from maritime slang and saying to the heroes and villains of the high seas, and from the amazing creatures of the deep to how the oceans affect our weather, this remarkable compendium will entertain, inform and enthral anyone who has ever felt the call of the sea.

    NZ$40.00 + Delivery.

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