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  • Setting Sail In America
  • Herreshoff.American Masterpieces
  • L. Francis Herreshoff. The Flowering of Genius. Volume 2
  • L. Francis Herreshoff. Yacht Designer. Vol 1
  • Capt. Nat Herreshoff.
  • Sparkman & Stephens.
  • Charles E Nicholson & his Yachts
  • Iain Oughtred - A Life in Wooden Boats
  • Yacht Design According to Perry
  • Carlo the Legend, Riva the Myth
  • Chris-Craft - An American Classic.
  • Swan. A Unique Story.
  • Hinckley Yachts
  • Herlin Yachts
  • Ranger to Rainbow. The J Class Yachts
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    The Remarkable Story of Herreshoff's S Class Sailboats.

    By Alan Silken. Cory Silken.. Hardback, 1.83 kgs, 260mm x 355mm, 187 pages, Colour Photos, Line drawings & Plans. Published 2019

    Written by Alan Silken, Vice Commodore of the Narragansett Bay Herrehsoff S Class fleet. This large format coffee table book features eye-catching photographs of Herreshoff S boats by one of the world’s premiere yachting photographers, Cory Silken.

    "Captain Nat" Herreshoff, who designed the S Class boat in 1919, is the most famous American yacht designer, with an accomplished history of boat building and innovation. From Bristol, Rhode Island, Herreshoff designed eight consecutive America's Cup defenders, from 1893-1934. The first owners of the S Class boats were also remarkable leaders of industry in the United States, and their stories are as intriguing as the boats are beautiful.

    2019 marks the 100th Anniversary of the S Class design. Setting Sail in America is an homage to Class, and takes the reader on a compelling journey through the history of the S boat- a journey that visits milestones in American society, politics, business, and social life.
    The Herreshoff S Class is the oldest American one-design fleet still racing the original boats, with active fleets in Cape Cod, Long Island Sound, and Narragansett Bay.

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    By Maynard Bray, Claas van Der Linde, Benjamin Mendlowitz. Hardback, 2.26 kgs, 285mm x 355mm, 288 pages, Colour Photos, Line drawings & Plans . Published 2017

    This handsome, large format, 288-page, full-color book features the finest examples of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company's boats and drawings. The book is illustrated with over 200 color photos of the best boats now in existence, along with 75 original Herreshoff construction drawings from the Hart Nautical Collection at the MIT Museum.

    The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company--led by its founding spirit, the brilliant designer Captain Nathanael Greene Herreshoff (1848-1938)-- constructed the most thrilling, innovative, and graceful boats ever built in the United States, not only lavish yachts and thoroughbred racing classes but also daysailers and dinghies, weekend cruisers and motor launches.

    Marine historian Maynard Bray and Herreshoff expert Claas van der Linde, in collaboration with renowned nautical photographer Benjamin Mendlowitz, present the very finest of the Herreshoff designs afloat today, with insightful commentary on design evolution in every facet from lines to displacement to hardware, accompanied by full-color images of each vessel both in detail and under way, as well as unique color reproductions of Herreshoff's own archival plans and drawings. Each entry incorporates a history of the boat (or class), its owners, race results, and fate, celebrating the many that still grace our waters.

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    By Roger C Taylor. Hardback, 2.32 kgs, 210mm x 268mm, 628 pages, Black & White Photos, Line drawings & Plans . Published 2019

    L. FRANCIS HERRESHOFF (1890-1972) was the most remarkable yacht designer of his time. He emerged to become a designer who approached the perfection of form in yacht design and was widely known for his unconventional designs and innovative engineering of hull and rig. Volume 2, L. Francis Herreshoff: The Flowering of Genius, 1931-1972, covers the second half of his life and many of his most beautiful and influential designs.

    With 230 plans and 146 illustrations, this volume features the notable 1931 ocean racer Landfall, the supremely beautiful Tioga, the magnificent Tioga II/Ticonderoga, and the distinctive 12-Metre Mitena; his popular How-To-Build series that introduced readers to the H-28; his thoughtful articles published as The Common Sense of Yacht Design and The Compleat Cruiser; his innovative shallow-draft coastal cruisers; his love of powerboats, good motors, and fine engineering; and his final years in the Castle, his unique home overlooking Marblehead Harbor. His was a genius that still resonates with those who admire the artistry and engineering of fine yachts.

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    By Roger C Taylor. Hardback, 1.82 kgs, 210mm x 268mm, 447 pages, Black & White Photos, Line drawings & Plans . Published 2016

    Francis Herreshoff lived from 1890 to 1972, and, though not prolific, he designed yachts that will always be considered classics. Beginning his career in the shadow of his famous father, Nathanael G. Herreshoff, he emerged to become a designer who would come close to the perfection of form in yacht design. Despite his exquisite designs and wise, published writings on the subject, L. Francis never achieved the popularity of a John Alden or an Olin Stephens, yet his influence on yachting, now and in the future, deserves its place alongside those leaders.

    In this book, Taylor brings Herreshoff’s personality to life, with its artistic and scientific genius, prejudices, omniscience, shyness, quiet friendliness, inward pain, and generosity. He presents a gallery of plans and photographs of Herreshoff’s yachts, with expert descriptions and commentary on the details of his designs. He shows how Herreshoff went about his work, what his daily life was like. He portrays Herreshoff as collector of fine art and antiques, as a master craftsman who made for his friends myriad distinctive objects in wood and metal. Taylor weaves into the story Herreshoff’s complex relationship with his famous father, based on the surviving correspondence between them, as well as interviews with the handful of Herreshoff’s friends who were close enough to him to be privy to his own account of that relationship. Taylor tells of Herreshoff’s many friendships with young and old of both sexes.

    Because of the desirability of presenting plans, photographs, and detailed text on each one of Herreshoff’s complete designs, as well as telling a comprehensive story of his life, Taylor has broken the work into two volumes. Volume 1 takes the story up through the design of the J-boat Whirlwind, a contender for the defence of the America’s Cup in 1930, a definite turning point in Herreshoff’s life and work. Volume 2 will continue the story..

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    By L Francis Herreshoff. Softback, 0.64 kgs, 155mm x 230mm, 349 pages, Black & White Images & line drawings.
    This edition Published 2009 (First Published 1953)

    Nathaniel G. Herreshoff was the greatest yacht and marine designer and builder the USA ever produced. Captain Nat Herreshoff is credited with the introduction of more new devices in the design of boats than any other ma, and the great yachts that he designed for the successful defense of the America's Cup caught the imagination of the world.
    The period of his greatest activity from 1890 to 1920 was known as "the Herreshoff Era," so greatly did his personality and the yachts he designed dominate the sport.
    He was a man of manifold talents and unusual genius and his career makes one of the most fascinating biographies.

    Many of closely guarded secrets of Captain Nat, the great master, are reveled in these pages which teem with human interest, philosophy and the accumulated wisdom of a long lived genius.

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    By Franco Page. Hardback, 1.01 kgs, 355 x 265 mm , 160 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2002

    A celebration, in colour photographs, of the work of Sparkman and Stephens, arguably the most famous yacht company in the USA. Sparkman and Stephens's designs had a significant influence on the development of yachting and their yacht designs dominated 12-metre yacht design and the America's Cup yachts in the early years of the 20th century. Stormy Weather", "Dorade", "Nyala", "Vim", "Columbia", "Intrepid", "Courageous" and "Freedom" are just some of the yachts emanating from the design board of Sparkman and Stephens."

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    By Franco Page. Hardback, 150 x 230 mm , 160 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2000

    This is a celebration of Charles Nicholson, known internationally for his revolutionary yacht designs. He designed all the British-built J-class yachts, four America's Cup challengers and schooners such as "Margherita" and "Creole". It chronicles the development of Nicholson's designs from the 1890s to the start of the Second World War.

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    by Nic Compton, Hardback, 230mm X 284mm, 159 pages, full colour photographs and monochrome drawings.
    Britain's wooden boat revival was a long time coming, but when it arrived there was one name that stood out above all others: Iain Oughtred. A former dinghy racer turned boatbuilder and designer, Iain developed a cult following both for the beauty of his designs and the quality of the drawings. Challenging the view that building boats was the province of the wealthy, he created exceptionally appealing yet inexpensive wooden boats ideal for amateur construction, often basing the designs on traditional local craft. Still going strong, his designs now number more than 100 and are built around the world by amateurs and professionals alike.

    This beautiful and comprehensive book traces the life of this most enigmatic of designers, from his roots in Australia to the wilds of Scotland. His most popular designs are brought to life with gorgeous photography, often set in the stunnig Scottish landscape where he is based, and supplemented with an extensive plan section. Including interviews with family, friends and fellow designers, the evocaive text provides both a moving personal biography and a comprehensive overview of one man's life work.

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    My Boats and What Shaped them.
    By Robert H Perry. Hardcover, 225mm x 280mm, 280 pages, 0.95 kg monochrome drawings and plans. Published 2008

    A great designer offers you a virtuoso tour through the world of sailboats

    Yacht Design According to Perry is a personal look at design Bob Perry's benchmark designs, his 34-year career, the highs and lows of the boatbuilding industry. The book focuses extensively on how Perry balances practical considerations with yacht design alchemy to create the many classic boats in his portfolio

    Interspersed with these design stories are essays on the thorny cruxes of yacht design: hull forms and how to understand them; the cruising keel, the rudder, the rig, bow and stern shapes; and the aesthetics of yacht design, in which Perry illustrates key points with boats from his portfolio.

    Bob Perry's body of work has established him as the world's foremost designer of performance-oriented cruising yachts—a trend he initiated and labeled. His Valiant 40 has been in production longer than any other cruising sailboat in the United States and was named to the American Boatbuilders Hall of Fame in 1995. Perry himself was one of the original 15 inductees into Cruising World Magazine's Hall of Fame in 1989.

    Perry is not only a leading yacht designer--he is also an accomplished wordsmith whose blunt, insightful, irreverent, and always entertaining boat reviews have captivated readers of Sailing magazine for 24 years. This book is vintage Perry, a no-holds-barred tour of the world of yacht design through the benchmark boats of his 30+-year career.

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    CARLO the Legend, RIVA the Myth.
    By Piero M Gibellini. Two volume set in slipcase. Hardcover, 250mm x 320mm, total 850 pages, colour and black and white photos, and line drawings in a separate pouch.
    Originally published in Italian, this two-volume slipcased set is the most complete history of Riva runabouts available.

    Volume 1 – THE HISTORY: Objectivity checked out by examination of archives and backed by anecdotes of sporting, human and company events as told by the protagonists. All this to understand why, for lovers of motorboats, Carlo Riva has now become a legend and his boats are revered throughout the world. The history is backed by documents and photographs of the time, which has revealed many little-known designs that were the forebears of standard production models. The history also outlines development of the models, knowledge indispensable for correct restoration.

    Volume 2 – THE IMAGE: The second volume identifies and illustrates the aesthetic qualities that have contributed to the spread of the Riva trademark throughout the world. These qualities are undoubtedly design, with the consequent sporting and social successes, and diligent advertising and customer service. The Riva image is so intent that it is beyond time, not affected by any fashion. It instils a strong stimulus for restoration. This image has also meant that a complete catalogue is available of the boats produced from 1939 onwards, something rare in pleasure-craft boatyards, especially Italian ones.

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    Nick Voulgaris III. Hardback, 1.6 kgs, 264mm x 262mm, 224 pages, Full Colour Photographs. Published 2018

    Since its beginning in Algonac, Michigan, in 1874, Chris-Craft has built boats of timeless beauty that evoke an emotion and passion in all who see them. The varnished mahogany runabouts of yesteryear and their modern sisterships share the same design ethos, gorgeous lines, high quality, and style. As one of the most recognizable boating brand in the world, the name Chris-Craft alone conjures up images of classic wooden boats, waving American flags, and unforgettable memories made on the waves.
    Immortalized on the big screen in such movies as On Golden Pond and Mission Impossible, the aura and romance of Chris-Craft shines through in this book featuring more than 175 photographs – from never-before-published historical images to gorgeous colour images of collector and new boats – as well as ephemera from Chris-Craft’s own archives.
    A thoroughly researched and informative narrative brings this captivating 144-year story to life.
    This book is an ideal gift for boaters or anyone who loves being on or near the water. Chris-Craft: An American Classic celebrates all that is quintessentially American about being on the water in the world’s beloved boat.

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    Through 50 Years of yachting Evolution
    by Bianca Ascenti. Hardback, 3.18kg, 290mm x 370mm, 322 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2016

    People who purchase a Swan are not simply buying a boat, but fulfilling a dream. They join an exclusive world, where uniqueness is the keyword.

    Designed for all yachting and sailing enthusiasts, this book celebrates the iconic boatyard established fifty years ago in Finland by retracing and illustrating the main events in half a century of yachting history, along with all the vessels that contributed to shaping the Nautor’s Swan legend. A company whose name is synonymous with reliable, top-quality and high-performance boats, since 1966 Nautor has been offering yachts that reflect cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, materials and designs, but also a “craftsmanship” rooted in the centuries-old Finnish tradition.

    Testimonials by personalities such as Germán Frers, Paul Cayard, Grant Dalton, Juan Kouyoumdjian, Jochen Schümann and Skip Novak, articles by specialist journalists, breathtaking photographs and original accounts make this volume a reference book that merits a place on the shelves of every sailing fan.

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    By Nick Voulgaris III. Hardback, 223 Pages 1.80kg, 285mm x 285mm, full colour photographs, Published 2014.
    Celebrating more than eighty-five years of the prestigious yacht company, Hinckley Yachts traverses decades, oceans, and seas, capturing the joy, excitement, and serenity of the ultimate boating experience.

    A highly respected name in the yachting world, Hinckley sets the standard for high quality, performance, and lasting beauty. This book showcases the rich history, classic design, and legendary work of the handcrafted Hinckley yachts from 1928 to today. With historic and contemporary photographs and drawings from Hinckley's extensive archive-featuring the incredible craftsmanship and technical innovations of both its sailing yachts and jet boats-this is the first book to celebrate Hinckley's rich history. Chronicling the company's early years, which includes boats used for World War II, to its integral role in the fiberglass revolution and the evolution of today's modern yacht, it offers an in-depth look at some of the most legendary and renowned boats in the world.

    Hinckley Yachts: An American Icon is a must for any boating, yachting, or sailing enthusiast, as well as those interested in classic design and craftsmanship.

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    By Tore Herlin. Hardcover, 430mm x 303mm, 96 pages, monochrome photographs and line drawings. Text in both Swedish and English.
    When Herlin Yachts was printed for the first time, in 1967, Tore Herlin was still alive. The choice of drawings was his own - a difficult task to find a representative number among all - and he wrote the text for the book.
    Tore Herlin was a humble man who, probably, did not consider his personal history as being of interest to the readers. At that time, he was an authority beyond dispute in Sweden for everything that has to do with vessels, boats, seaworthiness, racing rules, etc.
    In 1967 there was no need for a presentation.
    Now, 50+ years later, the circumstances are different, and it is time for a new generation to get to know his work. He was a constructor with an astonishingly broad repertory. His constructions are timeless and still of interest. Therefore a new edition by the Herlin Society

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    By David Pitman. Softcover, 0.62, 210mm x 298mm, 127 pages, full colour photographs.
    A detailed account of the development of the J Class yachts, primarily from 1996 when author, David Pitman, first became involved with the rebuild of Velsheda. He was Secretary of the class for more than 12 years and primarily responsible for the rebirth of the Class, from the launch of a new Ranger in 2002, then Hanuman, Lionheart and finally Rainbow in 2012. It is packed with many technical and sailing images of these iconic yachts.

    Other J Yachts, including SVEA are now under construction or in design stage. This book also details an account of the build process, the technical development of the yachts, the crewing and the Class Association.

    This volume follows on from, and contiues the detail covered in the book "Enterprise to Endeavour" which was written by Ian Dear.

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