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    The Remarkable Story of Herreshoff's S Class Sailboats.

    By Alan Silken. Cory Silken.. Hardback, 1.83 kgs, 260mm x 355mm, 187 pages, Colour Photos, Line drawings & Plans. Published 2019

    Written by Alan Silken, Vice Commodore of the Narragansett Bay Herrehsoff S Class fleet. This large format coffee table book features eye-catching photographs of Herreshoff S boats by one of the world’s premiere yachting photographers, Cory Silken.

    "Captain Nat" Herreshoff, who designed the S Class boat in 1919, is the most famous American yacht designer, with an accomplished history of boat building and innovation. From Bristol, Rhode Island, Herreshoff designed eight consecutive America's Cup defenders, from 1893-1934. The first owners of the S Class boats were also remarkable leaders of industry in the United States, and their stories are as intriguing as the boats are beautiful.

    2019 marks the 100th Anniversary of the S Class design. Setting Sail in America is an homage to Class, and takes the reader on a compelling journey through the history of the S boat- a journey that visits milestones in American society, politics, business, and social life.
    The Herreshoff S Class is the oldest American one-design fleet still racing the original boats, with active fleets in Cape Cod, Long Island Sound, and Narragansett Bay.

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    By Roger C Taylor. Hardback, 2.32 kgs, 210mm x 268mm, 628 pages, Black & White Photos, Line drawings & Plans . Published 2019

    L. FRANCIS HERRESHOFF (1890-1972) was the most remarkable yacht designer of his time. He emerged to become a designer who approached the perfection of form in yacht design and was widely known for his unconventional designs and innovative engineering of hull and rig. Volume 2, L. Francis Herreshoff: The Flowering of Genius, 1931-1972, covers the second half of his life and many of his most beautiful and influential designs.

    With 230 plans and 146 illustrations, this volume features the notable 1931 ocean racer Landfall, the supremely beautiful Tioga, the magnificent Tioga II/Ticonderoga, and the distinctive 12-Metre Mitena; his popular How-To-Build series that introduced readers to the H-28; his thoughtful articles published as The Common Sense of Yacht Design and The Compleat Cruiser; his innovative shallow-draft coastal cruisers; his love of powerboats, good motors, and fine engineering; and his final years in the Castle, his unique home overlooking Marblehead Harbor. His was a genius that still resonates with those who admire the artistry and engineering of fine yachts.

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    By John Leather. Softback, 0.64 kgs, 210mm x 275mm, 222 pages, Black & White Images & line drawings.
    First Published 1990. This Edition 2015

    Albert Strange (1855-1917) was an accomplished artist, teacher, yacht designer, sailor, and writer, and he left his indelible mark on all these fields of activity, with levels of accomplishment, modesty and humour which have endeared him to so many, from his own lifetime to the present day.

    In this book, first published in 1990 by The Albert Strange Association and long out of print, John Leather provides a biography of Strange and a commentary on many of his designs.

    The book includes: Drawings of 27 yacht designs; an appreciation of Strange the artist; a selection of his cruising yarns reproduced in facsimile from The Yachting Monthly of a century and more ago; an updated selection of recently located images of his paintings; and photographs of Strange yachts afloat today.

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    By T Harrison Butler. Softback, 0.42 kgs, 220mm x 215mm, 183 pages, Black & White Images & line drawings.
    First Published 1945. This Edition 2015

    Dr Thomas Harrison Butler was a skilled, yet amateur, designer responsible for some hundreds of classic English cruising yachts.

    Cruising Yachts, his design manifesto, first appeared in 1945—the year of his death—and last appeared in print in 1995. This long overdue Fifth Edition has been produced in collaboration with the Harrison Butler Association, and is a complete re-setting of the original text, drawings and mono photographs, documenting in detail HB’s approach to the design and equipping of a yacht, providing an annotated catalogue of notable designs.

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    By Dick Carter. Hardback, 1.37 kgs, 210 x 260 mm , 327 pages, Colour and Black & White Photographs. Published 2021
    In The Golden Age of Offshore Racing.

    Not many ‘amateur’ yacht designers would dare to enter the first boat they had ever designed into the epic offshore Fastnet Race, let alone with the intention of winning it. But that is what Dick Carter did in 1964, beating all 151 other yachts, some sailed by the most notable sailors of the day.

    His radical innovations created fast and comfortable boats which were much in demand in this, the golden age of offshore racing. They were commissioned by the top sailors and succeeded in winning the Admiral’s Cup, Southern Cross Series, One Ton Cup, Two Ton Cup and many of the biggest races.
    He went on to design the massive 128-foot Vendredi Treize for Jean-Yves Terlain to sail single-handed in the 1972 OSTAR (trans-Atlantic) race – the longest boat ever to have been raced single-handed.

    But after just a decade at the top of his game, he quit the world of sailing and moved on to other challenges.

    While his career as a yacht designer may have been brief, the impact of his innovations has lasted the test of time.
    Who today would think of an offshore yacht without internal halyards in the mast or that the rudder always had to be fixed to the keel?
    These concepts, and many more, were first introduced by Dick Carter.

    This book is a first-hand account of the quantum leap in yacht design that happened in the mid 60s and the story of an underdog sailor taking on the sailing world.

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