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  • Day Skipper is the Coastguards most popular course and is the best course for those new to being the skipper on a boat. It is an introductory course for all members of the family or crew, and applies to a wide range of vessels - including yachts, launches, powerboats, jet skis, sea kayaks, and waka.
    A broad course outlining the whole boating experience.


    The course covers

    1 Boat handling
    2 Safety equipment
    3 Navigation
    4 Tides
    5 Weather
    6 Rules and regulations
    7 Emergencies
    8 Knots


  • Day Skipper Home Study Pack
  • Day Skipper Handbook
  • Safety in Small Craft
  • Rules of the Road at Sea
  • Safer Boating

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    By Coastguard Boating Education.
    This Coastguard Course focuses on the essential knowledge relevant to all boaties. Includes boat handling, safety equipment, navigation, tides and weather, rules and regulations, how to handle an emergency and the most important knots.

    The course is usually offfered over a weekend or as a series of short evening sessions, or learn at your own pace through distance learning.

    Home Study Pack Includes: Day Skipper Handbook, Day Skipper Exercises, Practice Chart and rope, and Assessment papers in a sturdy hard-plastic wallet.

    NZ$170.00 (includes assessment fee) + Delivery

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    By Coastguard Boating Education. Pbk, 210mm x 300mm (A4), 75 pages, full colour drawings.
    The handbook for the day Skipper Course for anyone who would like to know more about the contents of the certificate. it does not contain the exercises, just the text.

    NZ$30.00 + Delivery

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    SAFETY IN SMALL CRAFT, 2020 Edition.
    By Coastguard Boating Education. (based on Mike Scanlan's 2002 Edition) Softback, 185mm x 260mm, 254 pages, colour photographs, images and drawings. New Edition 2020
    This revised and expanded edition includes material that has stood the test of time, along with new sections focussing on recent changes in technology.

    With enhanced images, diagrams, and text, this edition is designed as an essential guide for both the recreational and domestic commercial Skipper and is a core resource for those working towards Boatmaster or Skipper Restricted Limits Ticket.

    Including Chapters on:

  • Your Boat
  • Getting into Gear
  • Communications
  • Getting help
  • Weather
  • Sea and Tides
  • Fire on board
  • Knowing the ropes
  • Stability
  • handling
  • Survival
  • Buoys and Beacons
  • Rules of the Road
  • Navigation

    NZ$50.00 + Delivery

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    THE RULES OF THE ROAD AT SEA, 10th Edition. 2018.
    By New Zealand Coastguard Boating Education, edited by Mike Scanlan. Paperback, 210 mm X 150 mm (A5), 53 pages, monochrome and colour drawings.

    This revised (10th Ed) includes latest amendments to the Collision Prevention Rules and a full text of the new Navigation Safety Rules (Formerly known as the Water Recreation Regulations). Included within the text also is New Zealand's system of Buoys and Beacons, Distress Signals and a selection of the important chart symbols found on New Zealand charts. In this respect it may be thought of as the replacement for the LINZ publication NZ201, List of chart Symbols and Abbreviations, no longer in print.

    A useful study and reference guide to rules and regulations applicable to all commercial and pleasure boats on New Zealand waters.

    NZ$28.00 + Delivery

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    Published by The Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand. Pbk, 150mm x 210mm, 45 pages, full colour.

    This booklet is a very comprehensive summary of basic seamanship and boat safety to the standard of New Zealand Day Skipper. It would probably serve as a Day Skipper text-book, especially if the programme is a tutored course rather than private study.
    Free of charge from the MSA; copies can also be picked up from Boat Books Ltd or can be sent.
    (Charges relating only to packaging and postage)

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