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    BLUEWATER CRUISERS A by-the-numbers compilation of seaworthy offshore-capable fiberglass monohull production sailboats by North American designers.
    By David Bennett Laing. Paperback, 0.71kgs, 233mm x 235mm, 188 pages, Black & White illustrations, Published 2017.

    Whether you’re new to sailboat cruising or you’ve already crossed the ocean a few times, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the astonishing range of new and used bluewater cruisers currently on the market. This book helps you navigate those waters using the revolutionary new Seaworthy Index, a comprehensive rating system that combines motion comfort with ocean-capable sturdiness and safety. You’ll discover:

  • Authoritative reviews of 400 sailboats in 6 size categories.
  • Ratings for each entry based on 11 key criteria.
  • Photographs, sail plans, hull details, and other specs for every model.
  • Performance ratings under various sea states and weather conditions.

    Packed with insider tips, expert assessments, and Pro-and-Con opinions you won’t find anywhere else, the book tells you everything you want to know: how smoothly the boat sails, how easily it handles in rough waters, how roomy and comfortable it is, how well the design suits your lifestyle, and much more. It also includes a must-have directory of sailing websites and other resources. This is your one-stop guide to finding the perfect bluewater cruiser that’s right for you—and for the greatest voyage of your life.

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    By Alastair Buchan. Paperback, ring-bound, 80mmx224mm, 23 pages, colour photos.
    A passage plan is much more than routeing information. It covers every aspect of a voyage with the aim of preparing both ships and crew so that the passage is made in a safe, seamanlike and enjoyable manner.
    It is not the purpose of this booklet to teach navigation, tides, weather forecasting, leadership or boat management. It is an aide-memoire. Place it alongside a sheet of blank paper and prepare your plan by following the headings. Not every heading applies to every passage. Voyage by voyage you decide which to omit.
    Topics include:
  • Passage plan timetable
  • Port information
  • Routeing
  • Weather
  • Tides
  • Timings
  • Communications
  • Formalities
  • Ship management
  • Annexes

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    By Peter Chennell. Paperback, 0.2kg, 170mm x 210mm, 72 pages,full colour illustrations.
    No sea voyage, whether long or short, offshore or within sight of land, should go ahead without adequate planning and this book is your perfect companion to help you prepare thoroughly before setting off.
    RYA Passage Planning will take you through all you need to know and allow you to work through some examples of different passages. This will show you what you might need to think about on the range of different journeys you may undertake. The essential facts and methods are split into three sections:
  • Getting down to basics
  • The essential first steps
  • Putting it into practice
    Written by RNLI Sea Safety Manager Peter Chennell, this book will help you make passage planning routine. It is packed full of useful information on where to find the relevant planning sources and will prove to be a useful companion to all who take their recreation afloat.

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