• Blue water Women
  • Ocean Sailing
  • Escape Under Sail
  • The Complete Yacht Security Handbook
  • The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat
  • Outfitting the Offshore Cruising Sailboat
  • Occupation Circumnavigator
  • Offshore Yachts
  • The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat
  • Sail Away
  • The Cruising Woman's Advisor
  • Changing Course
  • The Voyager's Handbook
  • Sell Up & Sail, Fifth Edition
  • Your First Sailboat, 2nd edition
  • Reach for the Sea DVD

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    By Gina de Vere. Softback. 0.47kg, 140mm x 220mm, 324 pages, full colour photographs. Published in 2018.
    Making the Leap from Landlubber to a Life at Sea.

    This book is for those who yearn for adventure and are dreaming of crossing oceans, cruising the world or making a career at sea but are aware they need to learn more before they can confidently set sail.
    Learn from practical advice based on interviews with 40 Blue Water sailing women.
    It gives the novice passage-maker a reliable foundation for starting a life at sea based on the shared experiences and frank advice of 40 blue water sailor women interviewed from around the globe, from novice to highly professional.

    Highly entertaining yet pragmatic, this book deals with the many issues of a life at sea, from facing and overcoming fears to losing a mast, provisioning, going up on a reef, buying and maintaining a boat and safe sailing.
    Comprehensive and helpful information also covers babies and children on board, communication, banks and visas, staying healthy and enjoying good personal relationships.

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    By Paul Heiney. Hardback. 0.96kg, 180mm x 253mm, 278 pages, full colour photographs. Published in 2019.
    The Offshore Crusing experience with real-life practical advice.

    Fully illustrated throughout, this authoritative reference brings together practical advice from the world's experts on ocean sailing, drawing on wisdom from members of the Royal Cruising Club, the Cruising Club of America and Ocean Cruising Club.

    Ocean Sailing will prepare you for an ocean passage by painting a picture of what ocean sailing is really like, through the experiences of others who have gone before. Topics covered range from safety to boat kit and preparations, budgeting to staying in touch with home, equipment breakdowns to health and weather.

    Members of three great cruising clubs – the Royal Cruising Club, Ocean Cruising Club, and the Cruising Club of America – share their vast wealth of experience, and by focusing on the practicalities of ocean sailing, allay the anxieties and doubts of prospective ocean cruisers to ensure a deeply satisfying ocean voyage.

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    Pursue your Liveaboard Dream
    By Leonard Skinner & Mary Cooney. Softback. 0.75kg, 155mm x 235mm, 352 pages, full colour photographs. Published in 2019.

    This book delves to the very heart of what it takes and shows you exactly how you can go from casual cruiser to long-term liveaboard. It covers all of the crucial topics, including budget and costs, how to choose a boat, making sure crew are equipped and trained, letting go both practically and psychologically, preparation and provisioning, education and, most importantly, the challenges and rewards of living at sea.

    Escape Under Sail pays special attention to making the liveaboard dream come true for those with a limited budget, while providing further options for those with the means and desire to spend more and splurge where they like.

    Written in the voices of both authors, so you can follow their experiences from each of their perspectives, which are sometimes wildly different, this practical handbook is peppered with personal anecdotes and hard-earned wisdom.

    Light-hearted but informative, it contains all the questions, answers, lists, figures and diagrams you need to make your liveaboard dreams come true.

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    By Fritze Von Berswordt. Softback, 0.43kg, 240mm x 160mm, 192 pages, full colour photographs. Published in 2018.

    Whether moored at their home ports, or visiting a less familiar port in a distant country, sailors need to pay just as much attention to the security of their yacht as they would their home or car. By being aware of potential dangers and taking prudent steps in advance, boaters can ensure that voyages to even the more adventurous of destinations will be less stressful.

    The aim of The Complete Yacht Security Handbook is to equip boatowners with the knowledge and confidence to minimize risk, guiding skippers and crew through the entire safety process, from planning the journey, setting up the boat and equipment, to preparing for and dealing with actual threats.

    The Book covers:

  • Achieving a security balance: how to assess risks and counter them, and determine whether it's better to avoid a risk or prepare more thoroughly
  • Preparing the boat and equipment, including boat layout, communication, distress signals, alarm systems, access barriers, training, and the pros and cons of weapons
  • Hands-on security: safe marina layouts, deterring thieves, what to do if boarded
  • Background to attacks on yachts: the difference between inexperienced criminals, pirates, and terrorists; understanding attacker's intentions, tactics, and appropriate methods to defend yourself
  • Risk classification for all global cruising grounds
  • Security checklists for various types of voyage

    Full color photos, illustrations, and tables, The Complete Yacht Security Handbook is an indispensable guide for sailors when planning a voyage. It may not be possible to eradicate the risks completely, but this book will help cruisers assess them realistically and prepare to counter them confidently.

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    THE ESSENTIALS OF LIVING ABOARD A BOAT. The definitive guide for Liveaboards.
    By Mark Nicholas. Paperback, 0.56kg, 155mm x 230mm, 324 pages, black & white photographs. Published in 2013.
    The updated and revised edition of this definitive guide includes a new chapter on cruising. The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat speaks to dreamers and explorers alike. Mike Nicholas has combined his experience of life aboard with the advice of other liveaboards, marina owners, technicians, boat manufacturers and advocates in order to detail the challenges and offer real advice for success. This lifestyle, typically thought to be 'out of reach' is now available to all who dream. The chapters include, among other things, how to:

  • Figure out your needs
  • Choose,buy and outfit the right boat
  • Prepare for the Lifestyle
  • Choose the right Marina
  • Forecast your costs
  • Accomodate partners, children and pets
  • Plan for all climates
  • Cruising Considerations.

    If you are contemplating 'living aboard', read this book.

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    OUTFITTING THE OFFSHORE CRUISING SAILBOAT. refitting the used sailboat for blue-water voyaging.
    By Peter I. Berman. Paperback, 0.44kg, 152mm x 230mm, 256 pages, black & white photographs. Published in 2012.
    Peter Berman shares his 40+ years' experience of overhauling and refitting a myriad of different sailboats in preparation for offshore voyaging. Follow the information offered in Outfitting the Offshore Cruising Sailboat and you can buy and refit a cruising sailboat for a fraction of the cost of buying a new boat.

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    By Lars Hassler. Paperback, 157mm x 233mm, 277 pages, colour photos.
    Lars Hassler originally only intended to sail for three years, but ten years later he returned - with a wealth of experience, many new friends and memories, and the knowledge and anecdotes that he shares in this entertaining and inspiring book. By using his funds judiciously and topping them up taking charter guests on cruises, Lars was able to entend his journey, and here he shows how anyone can circumnavigate (or sail for an entended period) without huge funds. Woven into the book is advice on:
  • Costs - before you leave and underway
  • Equipment - for power, navigation, weather, communications
  • Route planning, distances and annual weather patterns
  • Choosing crew, dealing with different personalities and making it work for everyone.
  • Clearance routines and dealing with bureaucracy
  • Emergencies, medication, provisioning
    In other words, the practicalities that everyone needs to know. With its gorgeous photo section, practical advice on planning and financing such a venture, fascinating accounts of the places visited and a helpful final chapter on 'After the Circumnavigation - What Next?', this is a hugely enjoyable read for anyone thinking or dreaming about an extended cruise.

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    OFFSHORE YACHTS, Desirable and Undesirable Characteristics.
    By The Technical Committee of the Cruising Club of America. Softback, 170mm x 240mm, 310 pages, monochrome photographs and drawings.
    No less than 850 years of sailing experience and more than 750,000 miles collectively of blue-water experience have gone into this authorship of this book! This makes it the most authoritative manual available on today's cruising boats and their equipment.
    Amongst fourteen contributors are:
  • Olin Stephens on cruising yachts design,
  • Rod Stephens on rigging and sails,
  • Bill Lapworth and Jim McCurdy on construction and cockpit layout
    Also covered are seaworthy hull design, comfortable interiors, reliable hardware and five detailed studies of optimum boats for offshore sailing.

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    THE SEAWORTHY OFFSHORE SAILBOAT, a Guide to Essential Features, Gear and Handling.
    By John Vigor. Pbk, 185mm x 235mm, 232 pages, monochrome drawings.
    All sailors want to believe that their boats can go anywhere and stand up to anything. Who knows when you might get caught by bad weather? It's enough to worry about your own responses without having the integrity of the boat weighing on your mind as well. This book explains feature-by-feature how to refit your boat for worry-free cruising.
    Everything is covered from structural modifications and reinforcements to rigging, engine systems and gear. Such processes as navigation and voyage preparation are also covered.

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    By Nicola Rodriguez. Paperback, 240mm x 170mm, 248 pages, 145 colour photos. Second Edition 2019.
    Practical advice on everything from choosing a boat to crossing oceans. You’ll be guided through each step of the preparation before casting off. Information on everything the would-be blue-water sailor needs to consider, including safety, communications, children, ocean passages and budgeting.

    Routes and destinations around Europe, the Caribbean, the Pacific and beyond to help you cruise the Mediterranean, cross the Atlantic or circumnavigate the world. Colour photographs and charts will inspire and inform in this essential guide for the 21st century blue water sailor.

    Fully updated for 2019 with a new section on visiting high and low latitudes.

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    By Dianna Jessie. Pbk, 140mm x 214mm, 242 pages.
    How to prepare for the voyaging life.
    The cruising life offers adventure, exotic destinations, and expansive opportunities for personal growth. But considering such a life leads to vexing questions: What do I need to learn? What to do if my partner falls overboard? How will our relationship be tested at sea? Let longtime cruiser and circumnavigator Diana Jessie start you on the journey of a lifetime with her advice on:
  • Cruising roles and relationships.
  • What life at sea is really like.
  • Children on board.
  • How to make a boat your home.
  • Identifying the dangers and putting them into perspective..... and more.

    Plan for smooth cruising with advice from Sally Bee Brown, a contributing editor to Passage Maker magazine; Carol Cuddyer, cofounder of Sea Sense, a sailing and powerboating school for women; Dawn Riley, noted America's Cup and Whitbread sailor; Patience Wales, two-time circumnavigator and editor emeritus of SAIL; and thirty other cruisers. This updated edition also contains information on powerboating (including choosing between power and sail), cruising with pets, and satellite communication.

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    By Debra Ann Cantrell. Pbk, 192 pages. Published 2003

    Debra Ann Cantrell faced a dilemma when her husband proposed living and cruising on a boat. She would lose a career she loved and, she feared, everything by which she'd defined herself. She wondered how others had made the decision to go cruising and how their choice affected their lives. Her search for answers led her to more than a hundred women, over a five-year period, whose partners had proposed the cruising life."Changing Course" chronicles the odyssey of making a major lifestyle change from land to sea.
    This thought-provoking and highly personal book explores what women stand to gain when they set forth on such a journey - and what they stand to lose if they do not.

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    By Beth A Leonard. Hardcover, 2240mm x 282mm, 574 pages, monochrome photographs, drawings and plans.
    This inspirational and comprehensive manual leads you step by step through every aspect of choosing, planning, and following the voyager's life. Using three example boats representing three cruising lifestyles - Simplicity, Moderation , and Highlife - Beth Leonard helps make your bluewater dreams come true, whether you're sailing on a shoestring or a CEO's pension.
    Starting with the things you can't do without - an enthusiastic crew, a seaworthy boat, and of course, money - Leonard offers sage advice on how to select crew-members who are truly committed to the voyage, how to choose the right boat for you, and how to find just the right approach to financing your voyage and making the most of every dollar spent.
    Managing life from a floating home and keeping that home livable, seaworthy, and safe requires you to become, among other things, the ship's purser, engineer, doctor, cook, and cruise director. You'll discover how to prepare for these new roles and put necessary equipment and arrangements in place before you untie your docklines.
    This exquisitely detailed guide also helps you master the skills you'll need to handle a boat at sea with a small crew, including:
  • Weather forecasting
  • Passage planning
  • Watchkeeping
  • Heavy-weather sailing
  • Emergency management
  • Midocean repairs
    Complete with easy-to-use graphs and tables for quick reference, along with the hard-won wisdom of the experienced cruisers, this book is the ultimate resource for anyone who is planning, preparing for, or just dreaming about a great adventure on the high seas.

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    SELL UP AND SAIL Fifth Edition, Pursue The Dream.
    By Bill and Laurel Cooper. Pbk, 160mm x 235mm, 378 pages, full colour and monochrome photographs and drawings.
    This is an old favourite and on the basis that in this business people vote with their feet, this book should be highly regarded by anyone wanting pre-voyaging advice. The publication is in its ninth printing since the first in 1986 and this edition was first published in 2005.
    The book is described as a complete kit for the cruising lifestyle. Whether short or long term it tells you all that you need to know and at what stage you need to know it.
    The narrative moves from the practicalities and pitfalls of early retirement, choosing a boat to live in, looking after her on the move, organising finances, preventing ill-health afloat, and choosing suitable cruising grounds. It covers the thorny problems of achieving successful crew interaction and provisioning in far-flung places.
    This latest edition has added material describing coping with recent far-reaching changes in bureaucracy, navigation and communications which have changed the life of the typical long-term cruiser.

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    YOUR FIRST SAILBOAT.2nd edition
    By DANIEL SPURR. Paperback, 0.49 kg, 187mm x 232mm, 276 pages.Monochrome photographs and drawings. Published 2014.
  • Can a keelboat tip over?
  • How can I determine what boat I want?
  • Once I do, what's a fair price to pay for it?
  • Should I buy it new or used?
  • How can I tell the difference between a used boat and one that's used up?
  • Now that I have it, how can I start sailing quickly and safely?

    This book has answers to all your questions about selecting, buying, maintaining, and using your first boat. This user-friendly guide covers issues that other books ignore, including how to choose between a trailer sailer, daysailer, raceboat, cruiser, or multihull; what hull material is best for your first boat; whether to buy new or used; where to shop; how to judge quality and condition; where to keep your new boat; and what to do about gear, loans, insurance, and annual maintenance. Special features of this secopnd edition include:

  • A up-to-date descriptive buying guide to 84 recommended sailboats of all types and sizes, from daysailers to racers, cruisers, and multihulls.
  • Howe-Do-I? sections that cover boat handling, maintenance and navigation.
  • What-If? segments that cover a variety of worst-case sceanrios that you may worry about - from getting lost, to sinking, and when to look for the next sailboat..
    Straightforward and fun, this book gives you just what you need to stop asking questions and start sailing. Everything else is optional. Save money. This book omits everything you don't need to know.

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    By Lane and Kay Finley. DVD, run time 87 minutes.
    Most of us have dreamed of cruising offshore on our own sailing yacht, visiting exotic islands and learning about different cultures or just experiencing the freedom this life offers. This film gives a clear understanding of what needs to be considered in the process of reaching for that dream, whether you are an experienced sailor or an armchair sailor.
    The Finley's have cruised extensively over nearly three decades. They bring us a film full of fascinating information through interviews with cruisers, well known yacht designers, sailmakers and boat builders. They know the questions we want answered.
    This documentary will bring you closer to the cruising life, its realities, difficulties and beauty. The well organised view of what needs to be considered when preparing for this adventurous lifestyle is well presented in an exciting and interesting style.

    NZ$20.00 + delivery.

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