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  • Cruising Guide to Indonesia. 2nd Editon
  • 101 Anchorages Within the Indonesian Archipelago
  • Southeast Asia Pilot. Sixth Edition.
  • Southeast Asia Pilot. Fifth Edition.
  • Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia, Vol II
  • Indian Ocean Cruising Guide, 2nd Edition
  • Lonely Planet - Indonesia
  • South China Sea
  • Lonely Planet - Philippines
  • Cruising Japan to New Zealand
  • Red Sea Pilot
  • North Africa Pilot
  • East Africa Pilot
  • Maldives Cruising Guide

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    By Andy Scott. Softcover 1.18kg, 304 pages, 215mm x 280mm, full colour photographs and chart illustrations. Published 2017

    There is truly no greater cruising ground than Indonesia. With 18,000 isles covering some two million square miles of pristine tropical water and a rich and vibrant local culture there truly can be no comparison. Cruising Guide Indonesia covers everything the prudent navigator needs to safely ply the Indonesian waters and enjoy the largest and best island nation in the world.

  • New chapters covering the Triton Bay, Saumlaki, Kai, Anambas, and Natuna areas.
  • Extensive updates and additions to all of our previous 25 chapters.
  • Detailed charts including approaches, waypoints and GPS coordinates.
  • Dangers, chart errors, missing islands, reefs and rocks.
  • Formalities, Immigration, Customs, Harbor Master and National Park regulations.
  • Regional weather patterns, local anomalies and currents.
  • Shore side facilities, restaurants, beach bars, supermarkets, provisioning and fueling.
  • Cultural excursions, waterfalls, wildlife, diving, hiking, climbing, day tripping, etc…
  • Comprehensive coverage: 304 pages thick with more than 400 anchorages.

    Sailing in Indonesia is definitely on the rise and more and more yachts are visiting every year. The Indonesian government is pushing hard for development in the marine sector and new facilities are being built and funded as demand increases. Government regulations are changing for the better and the old large scale corruption seems to have been eradicated and sailors are taking note. Instead of hurriedly passing through the country yachts are now beginning to linger and some are even choosing to stay year around.
    The new edition of this very popular guide will keep you up to date with all the formalities and hurdles you may come across.

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    By Geoff Wilson. Softcover .31kg, 60 pages, 210mm x 298mm, full colour photographs and illustrations..
    First published in 2007. This is the second edition of this compilation of safe anchorages in the Archipelago. Utilising known waypoints to guide vessels into sensible and safe anchorages, with local knowldege taking into account the different characteristics during each Monsoon. Many of the anchorages listed are lovely unspoilt bays, with beautiful local peoples.

    101 Anchorages details entry, location, mudmap, wind and swell protection afforded, reef quality, expected water clarity, holding pollution and many other pieces of data that cruisers, and sailors, value when selecting a place to overnight. Mudmaps are used to illustrate the many reefs or bay entries, but are not to be used as sole navigation aid. Mudmaps provide invaluable 'word of mouth' information, much as if a friend had drawn a chart on a napkin,over a beer!.

    101 Anchorages is designed to allow the Skipper a one page quick view of a selected anchorage.

    Geoff Wilson is based on the Gold Coast of Australia, and his family have been based in Indonesia for over 25 yeras. During this time, he has explored the far reaches of the Archipelago. 101 is a compilation of many Skipper's favouties anchorages throughout this vibrant chain of islands.

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    By Andy Dowden and Bill O’Leary. Paperback. 1.05kg, 290 pages, 210mm x 290mm, full colour illustrations. Published 2019.

    Encompassing approximately 600,000 square miles of some of the best cruising grounds in the world. From the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the west to the gulf of Thailand in the east. A lot has happened since the first issue of Andaman Sea Pilot, this includes- new marinas, marinas under development, new resorts, new restaurants and other onshore facilities, changes wrought by the 2004 tsunami (though fortunately few of these) and more.

    Detailed coverage of the Andaman Sea with Malacca Straits, Singapore, Malaysia 9Incl. Borneo), Gulf of Tahialan, Cairns & Darwin, Indonesia and Palau. Plus...introductory chapters on Greater China (Incl. Hong Kong) Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Cambodia, Vietnam & The Philippines.

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    Also still available at special price, the fifth edition

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    By Stephen Davies and Elaine Morgan. Hardback, 214mm x 304mm, 260 pages, colour maps, plans and photos.
    This is the first of the two-volume set of the Southeast Asia Cruising Guide to reach a second edition. It is the only guide that covers the entire length and breadth of a region frequently visited by round-the-world sailors, many of whom leave Australia to head west.
    This edition concentrates on the most frequented routes and includes the most popular stops. There are hundreds of possible anchorages, brief details of the most popular are usefully summarized in tables. Introductory sections cover planning and the last part of the book deals with more general topics including advice on provisioning and on problems that are often faced by cruisers.
    Areas covered are:

  • Indonesia and East Timor
  • Singapore, West Peninsular Malaysia
  • West Thailand
  • Papua New Guinea and Palau

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    By Rod Heikell, Hbk 212mm x272mm, full colour photographs and plans.
    A general cruising guide describing the routes from Europe to Australia and points in between, Indian Ocean Cruising Guide covers all the usual points of interest for cruising yachtsmen, from history to climate, weather patterns, formalities, route planning and so on.
    The general sections are followed by a country-by-country round up in which key ports are described in detail with the aid of harbour plans and photographs.
    This second edition has been thoroughly revised and contains a lot of additional information on Malaysia and Thailand, the Seychelles and Chagos archipelago. The introduction has been expanded and throughout there are new plans and photographs. Indian Ocean Cruising Guide is now in full colour.
    This guide is an ideal companion to Rod Heikell and Andy O'Grady's Ocean Passages and Landfalls which discusses routes across the Indian Ocean.

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    By Paperback, 128 x 197mm, 832 pages, colour photographs 132 maps. 12th Edition. 065kg. Published 2019.
    Take in a traditional gamelan performance, laze on hidden beaches, or hike volcanic peaks...Indonesia is the world’s best adventure; its beauty as diverse as the people. You can have world-class fun at night and the next day be off the grid in a tropical idyll. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Indonesia, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice.

    Inside Lonely Planet Indonesia Travel Guide:

  • Colour maps and images throughout
  • Highlights and itineraries help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests
  • Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots
  • Essential info at your fingertips - hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, transit tips, prices
  • Honest reviews for all budgets - eating, sleeping, sight-seeing, going out, shopping, hidden gems that most guidebooks miss
  • Cultural insights give you a richer, more rewarding travel experience – history, cuisine, environment, outdoor activities, responsible travel and more
  • Over 60 maps

    Covers: Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Papua, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and more.

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    By Jo Winter. Hardback, 1.49kg, 215mm x 305mm, 320 pages. 1st Edition. 2019.
    Singapore to Hong Kong via the Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines and Taiwan

    For the past 12 years, Jo Winter has been cruising these waters in her 45’ Island Packet, Brother Wind, and she describes it as one of the most diverse, beautiful, unspoilt and undiscovered sailing areas in the world. The book covers thousands of miles of coastline, a multitude of islands and inland up many of the region’s navigable rivers.

    Along with a comprehensive range of information to help with planning a cruise in this region, the introductory section details weather information, including coverage of typhoons, and also indicates piracy risk areas to be avoided.
    Sailing directions include small scale area plans to orientate the navigator and larger scale plans to show details of harbours and anchorages. Full colour throughout, the plans and numerous photographs illustrate key features and places.

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    By Michael Grosberg et al.. Paperback, 0.40kg, 120mm x 197mm, 480 pages. 13th edition July 2019.
    The Philippines is defined by its emerald rice fields, teeming megacities, graffiti-splashed jeepneys, smouldering volcanoes, bug-eyed tarsiers, fuzzy water buffalo and smiling, happy-go-lucky people.

    Coverage includes:Planning chapters, Manila, North Luzon, Southeast Luzon, Mindoro, Boracay & Western Visayas, Cebu & Eastern Visayas, Mindanao, Palawan, and the Understand and Survival guide chapters. Inspirational images, highlights and recommendations from our expert authors.

  • Planning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip
  • Local secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip unique
  • Plus dedicated feature on diving in the Philippines, plus coverage of the region’s other outdoor activities, people and culture, and environment

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    By Tere Batham. Hardback, 0.62kg, 160mm x 235mm, 275 pages, colour photos and black & white maps.
    After several years spent cruising the South Pacific Islands, Tere Batham and her husband settled in Japan. Two and half years later, they set out once again, embarking on a fourteen-month, 10,000-mile voyage back to their home in New Zealand.
    Michael and Tere acquire a novice crew, Miki, a beautiful young Japanese girl who is more interested in escaping an arranged marriage than in enjoying life aboard SEA QUEST, their 47-foot steel sailboat. But despite Miki's bouts of seasickness and her fears during storms, she becomes a great companion and participant in their numerous adventures.
    Their route takes them first to Japan's Southern Archipelago, then to Hong Kong and Macau. The Philippines brought new adventures as well as some sailing problems, including a short-lived grounding. Soon they were in Micronesia, discovering little known islands and cultures, which Tere, a keen observer, was intent in experiencing.
    They discover the remnants of an ancient South Sea island culture verging on extinction, explore the daunting ruins of megalithic Nan Madol, after the Solomons Islands, Vanuatu, where they participate in a cargo cult sabbath, they spend some time in New Caledonia, waiting for good weather to cross the Tasman Sea.
    Armchair cruisers and serious sailors will enjoy Tere's vivid and colorful accounts of exotic places, people and cultures and at the same time will be thrilled by her gripping stories of dangers and navigational challenges overcome.

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    By Elaine Morgan & Stephen Davies, Hbk, 280 pages, 215mm x302mm, full colour photographs and drawings
    The second edition of this comprehensive pilot incorporates information collected by the authors during their cruises in the area during 2000-2001. Some 70 anchorages were resurveyed and new ones explored, and the details of these have been included in this edition. Improved coverage of diving and diving sites is also one of the key improvements. Dive sites are now clearly identified.
    Users of the authors' guides to Southeast Asia will be familiar with their background information on culture, history and politics - an attractive feature of their writing, and in this new edition of Red Sea Pilot discussions on the history of the pilotage and charting of the area have been added. There are particularly interesting sections on hydrographic surveying and, with this in mind, the authors have included their own sketch charts of the Sudan coast which are folded into the back of this volume.
    For this edition the cartography has been completely renewed and is now clearer. The text is illustrated by a section of colour plates which capture the atmosphere of the sometimes harsh but always fascinating geography of the area covered by the pilot.

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    By Graham Hutt. Hardback, 1.41kg, 218mm x 305mm, 300 pages, colour maps and photos. Published in 2010.
    This is the fully revised and updated 4th edition of the North Africa Pilot and covers the following countries; Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia and also includes Gibraltar, Pantelleria and the Pelagie Islands (Italian islands between Tunisia and Sicily) and Malta.

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    By Delwyn McPhun. Hardback, 1.13kg, 218mm x 305mm, 229 pages, colour maps and photos. Published 1998.
    The Author has cruised the coast of East Africa between Kenya and Durban for many years and has surveyed the area covered by this pilot book in detail, visiting each port, harbour and anchorage that he describes. As a long-term resident of the East African countries, he has gained unrivalled working knowledge of the people, customs and problems that the visiting yachtsman may encounter.
    His sailing directions and narrative have been produced as a complete handbook for both yachtsmen and diving enthusiasts.

    East Africa Pilot is the definitive work on the area.

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    By Max Molteni. Softback, 0.47kg, 210mm x 280mm, 229 pages, colour maps and photos. With Chart. Published 2009.
    This cruising guide is the most comprehensive to cover the Maldives archipelago. Providing a full range of sailing directions as well as anchorage locations, supported by detailed charts and aerial photographs in full colour.

    The introductory section provides important information on the country, as well as covering navigation, equipment and cruising formalities. Climate and weather - crucial to planning cruises in these waters - are discussed at length and a chapter is devoted to fishing, surfing and scuba diving.
    The itineraries section provides explanatory advice on approaches, navigation, anchorages, harbours and places of interest for all the Maldivian atolls.

    Clearly presented and indexed for easy reference, also included is a full colour map (36 x 100cm) of the entire archipelago indicating useful waypoints for the approaches and through the passes. Maldives Cruising Guide is an essential source of information not only for cruising yachtsmen but also for anyone planning to visit these unique and fascinating island

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