How to cruise beyond the Pacific. Complete list of our WORLDWIDE cruising guides and books for marine and nautical cruising beyond the South Pacific

Cruising Guides Beyond the South West Pacific

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200,000 MilesJimmy Cornell$NZ110.00
777 Harbours & Anchorages Pilot Book. Eastern Adriatic. Volume 1Karl-Heinz Bestandig , dario Silvestro$NZ280.00
777 Harbours & Anchorages Pilot Book. Eastern Adriatic. Volume 2Karl-Heinz Bestandig , dario Silvestro$NZ280.00
Adlard Coles Book Of Baltic CruisingAdlard Coles$NZ55.00
Adlard Coles Book of Mediterranean Cruising. 5th Ed.Rod Heikell$NZ55.00
Adriatic Italy (North) Chart M33Imray$NZ60.00
Adriatic Pilot, 8th EditionTrevor & Dinah Thompson$NZ230.00
Adriatic Sea Passage Chart M23Imray$NZ60.00
Aegean Sea (North) Chart G2Imray$NZ60.00
Aegean Sea (South) Chart G3Imray$NZ60.00
Atlantic Crossing Guide, The 7th EditionJane Russelll$NZ105.00
Atlantic France. 2nd Edition.Nick Chavasse$NZ175.00
Balearic Islands, 12th EditionDavid & Susie Baggaley$NZ175.00
Canal Du Midi. The Ultimate GuideAndrea Hoffman & Hans Zaglitsch$NZ40.00
Canary Islands Cruising CompanionMarek Jurczynski$NZ75.00
Cape Horn and Antarctic WatersPaul Heiney$NZ180.00
Charlie's Charts - North to Alaska 6th EditionCharles and Margo Wood$NZ140.00
Charlie's Charts - Southern CaliforniaCaptain Holly Scott$NZ85.00
Charlie's Charts - U.S Pacific Coast 6th EdCharles and Margo Wood$NZ140.00
Chile - Arica Desert to Tierra Del Fuego, 4th EditionAndrew O'Grady$NZ150.00
Cornell's Ocean AtlasJimmy & Ivan Cornell$NZ280.00
Corsica and North Sardinia, Fourth editionMadeleine and Stephan Strobel$NZ150.00
Cruising Guide to Indonesia. 2nd EditionAndy Scott$NZ160.00
Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia, Volume TwoStephen Davies and Elaine Morgan$NZ155.00
Dream Cruising DestinationsVanessa Bird Martin Walker and Anne Hammick$NZ45.00
Dubrovnik to Bar and Ulcinj Chart M27Imray$NZ60.00
East Aegean 3rd EditionRod & Lucinda Heikell$NZ100.00
Eastern Caribbean Chart 1Imray$NZ60.00
Eastern Mediterranean Chart M20Imray$NZ60.00
European Waterways. Map and DirectoryDavid Edwards-May$NZ60.00
Greek Waters Pilot, 14th EditionRod Heikell$NZ240.00
Grenada to the Virgin IslandsImray$NZ220.00
GSR. The Great Southern Route (4th Edition)Ocean Media.$NZ75.00
Guide Fluvial # 07. Canal Du MidiEditions du Breil$NZ80.00
Gulf of Paria to Curacao Chart DImray$NZ60.00
Ile de Corse Chart M6Imray$NZ60.00
Inland Waterways of France -1 (North & Centre)David Edwards-May$NZ90.00
Inland Waterways of France -2 (Northeast & Southeast)David Edwards-May$NZ90.00
Inland Waterways of France -3 (South & West)David Edwards-May$NZ90.00
Inland Waterways of GermanyBarry Sheffield$NZ110
Inland Waterways of Great BritainJane Cumberlidge$NZ145.00
Ionian, 11th EditionRod Heikell$NZ100.00
Italian Waters Pilot, 11th EditionRod Heikell$NZ220.00
Lonely Planet Antarctica 6th Ed.Lonely Planet$NZ40.00
Lonely Planet Croatia. 11th EditionLonely Planet$NZ40.00
Lonely Planet Indonesia 13th EditionLonely Planet$NZ40.00
Mainland Greece & the Peloponnisos Chart G1Imray$NZ60.00
Map of German WaterwaysPublished by Delius Klasing Verlag$NZ65.00
Map of Inland Waterways of Great BritainJane Cumberlidge$NZ40.00
Map of the Inland Waterways of FranceK. Nussbaum$NZ40.00
Mediterranean Almanac 2023-24Lucinda & Rod Heikell$NZ150.00
Mediterranean France & Corsica Pilot, 6th editionRod Heikell$NZ200.00
Mediterranean SpainSteve Pickard$NZ210.00
North Ionian Islands Chart G11Imray$NZ60.00
North Sardegna Chart M8Imray$NZ60.00
Ocean Passages & LandfallsRod Heikell and Andy O'Grady$NZ195.00
Ocean Passages For the World. Volume 1 Atlantic Ocean (NP136(1)Admiralty$NZ320.00
Ocean Passages For the World. Volume 2 Indian and Pacific Oceans (NP136(2)Admiralty$NZ360.00
Otok Rab to Sibenij Chart M25Imray$NZ60.00
Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego Pilot, 3rd EditionMariolina and Giorgio Ardrizzi$NZ310.00
Puerto Rico to Martinique Chart AImray$NZ60.00
RCC. Atlantic Spain and Portugal (8th Edition)Henry Buchanan Martin Walker and Anne Hammick$NZ175.00
River CruisesSchiffer Publ.$NZ135.00
RYA European Waterways Regulations, 3rd editionTam Murrell$NZ30.00
RYA Inland Waterways HandbookAndrew Newman$NZ45.00
Sardegna to Ionian Sea Chart M50Imray$NZ60.00
Sicilia Chart M31Imray$NZ60.00
Siciliaa Chart M31Imray$NZ60.00
South America Pilot Volume 1. NP5 20th EditionBritish Admiralty$NZ260.00
South America Pilot Volume 2. NP6 19th EditionBritish Admiralty$NZ260.00
South America Pilot Volume 3. NP7 14th EditionBritish Admiralty$NZ260.00
South China Sea - ImrayJo Winter$NZ210.00
South Ionian Islands Chart G12Imray$NZ60.00
South Sardegna Chart M9Imray$NZ60.00
Southeast Asia Pilot. Sixth Edition.Bill O’Leary and Andy Dowden$NZ195.00
Southern Adriatic and Ionian Seas Passage Chart M30Imray$NZ60.00
Split to Dubrovnik Chart M26Imray$NZ60.00
Strait of Gibraltar to Azores and Canaries Chart C20Imray$NZ60.00
Strait of Gibralter to Archiplago dos Acores & Isles Canaries Chart C20Imray$NZ60.00
The Baltic Sea and Approaches 4th Ed.RCC Pilotage$NZ180.00
Through the French Canals, 14th EditionDavid Jefferson$NZ55.00
Through The Netherlands via the Standing Mast RoutesAndy Mulholland and James Littlewood$NZ50.00
Turkish Waters & Cyprus Pilot, 10th EditionRod Heikell$NZ200.00
Western Mediterranean Chart M10Imray$NZ60.00
World Cruising Destinations 3rd EditionJimmy Cornell$NZ110.00
World Cruising Routes 9th EditionJimmy Cornell$NZ130.00
World Voyage Planner.3rd editionJimmy Cornell$NZ95.00