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Cruising Preparation; Cruising Tales of Adventure and Survival

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As Long as it's FunHerb McCormick$NZ35.00
Blue Water WomenGina De Vere$NZ55.00
Capable Cruiser, 3rd editionLin & Larry Pardey$NZ45.00
Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew, The 4th Ed.Lin & Larry Pardey$NZ45.00
Changing CourseDebbie Cantrell$NZ30.00
Cost Conscious CruiserLin & Larry Pardey$NZ45.00
Cruising in Seraffyn, Tribute EditionLin & Larry Pardey$NZ35.00
High Latitude SailingJon Amtrup & Bob Shepton$NZ55.00
Ocean sailingPaul Heiney$NZ75.00
Passage Planning CompanionAlastair Buchan$NZ25.00
Self Sufficient Sailor (Third Edition)Lin & Larry Pardey$NZ55.00
Seraffyn's European AdventureLin & Larry Pardey$NZ35.00
Seraffyn's Mediterranean AdventureLin & Larry Pardey$NZ35.00
Seraffyn's Oriental AdventureLin & Larry Pardey$NZ35.00
Storm Tactics HandbookLin & Larry Pardey$NZ45.00
Taleisin's TalesLin & Larry pardey$NZ35.00
The Dinghy Cruising CompanionRoger Barnes$NZ35.00
The essentials of Living Aboard a BoatMark Nicholas$NZ60.00
The Real Deal. DVDLin & Larry Pardey$NZ32.00
The Real Deal. USBLin & Larry Pardey$NZ32.00
Voyager's Handbook, The - 2nd EditionBeth A Leonard$NZ95.00
Voyaging With KidsBehan Gifford, Sara Dawn Johnson, Michael Robertson$NZ55.00