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101 Wonders Of The WaterwaysSteve Haywood$NZ45.00
A is for AtlasMegan Barfood$NZ100.00
A Spirit CompanionRoger McDonald$NZ60.00
Albert StrangeJohn Leather$NZ60.00
Alexis Rockman: OceanusChristina Connett Brophy (Ed)$NZ135.00
Alpha Flag (Diver Down) $NZ39.00
Atlas of Cursed PlacesOlivier Le Carrer$NZ55.00
Bioluminescence MugLivewires$NZ30.00
Birds on a Wire MugLivewires$NZ30.00
BOATLIFEKatharina Charpian$NZ150.00
Calendar - New Zealand Weather 2024Potton & Burton$NZ20.00
Calendar - Tide Times January - December 2024Ocean Fun$NZ19.90
Calendar - Wooden Boats 2024Potton & Burton$NZ50.00
Chart AUS155 Approaches to Melbourne; Sandringham; Brighton; St Kilda; AltonaJune 2014$NZ65.00
Chart AUS157 Geelong and Approaches; Point Henry Pier; Point Wilson Pier; Clifton SpringsMar 2009$NZ65.00
Chart AUS200 Port Jackson; Paramatta RiverMay 2013$NZ65.00
Chart AUS236 Moreton Bay; Manly Boat HarbourFeb 2017$NZ65.00
Chart AUS252 Whitsunday Group: Laguna QuaysJuly 2014$NZ65.00
Chart AUS253 Whitsunday Passage; Shute HarbourApril 2016$NZ65.00
Chart AUS254 Plans in Whitsundays: Hook Reef; Linderman Island; Fitzalan Passage; Hamilton and Dent Islands; Stonehaven AnchorageAugust 2015$NZ65.00
Chart AUS262 East Coast Queensland. Approaches to CairnsAug 2014$NZ65.00
Chart AUS292 Adolphus Channel to Prince of Wales ChannelJan 2015$NZ65.00
Chart AUS293 Prince of Wales ChannelNov 2011$NZ65.00
Chart AUS294 Australia North Coast- Torres Strait- Endeavour StraitFeb 2013$NZ65.00
Chart AUS400 Approaches to Christmas IslandJuly 2018$NZ65.00
Chart AUS4622 South Pacific Ocean. Admiralty Island to Solomon IslandsSept 2017$NZ65.00
Chart AUS4722 North West Coast - Adele Island to Dampier including Adjacent WatersOct 2012$NZ65.00
Chart AUS487 Bass StraitJan 2005$NZ65.00
Chart AUS55 Approaches to Port WalcottDec 2011$NZ65.00
Chart AUS59 North West Coast - Western Australia - Port of Dampier (Northern Sheet)Mar 2019$NZ65.00
Chart AUS60 North West Coast - Western Australia - Port of Dampier (Southern Sheet)Mar 2019$NZ65.00
Chart AUS606 Approaches to Cocos (Keeling) IslandsAug 2013$NZ65.00
Chart AUS607 Cocos (Keeling) Islands: South Keeling; North Keeling IslandAug 2013$NZ65.00
Chart AUS609 Norfolk Island; Norfolk and Phillip Islands; Ball Bay; Cascade Bay; Sydney Bay; Approaches to Norfolk IslandJun 2019$NZ65.00
Chart AUS610 Approaches to Lord Howe Island; Lord Howe island; The Lagoon (North); The Lagoon (South)Mar 2018$NZ65.00
Chart AUS618 East Coast - Coral Sea - Plans in The Coral SeaMay 1999$NZ65.00
Chart AUS700 Western Approaches to Torres StraitNov 2013$NZ65.00
Chart AUS798 Tasmania - Eddystone Point to Stony HeadFeb 2003$NZ65.00
Chart AUS801 Cape Schanck to Cape LiptrapMay 1996$NZ65.00
Chart AUS802 South Coast - Victoria - Cape Liptrap to Kent GroupJuly 2013$NZ65.00
Chart AUS813 East Coast - New South Wales - Clarence River to Point DangerApr 2009$NZ65.00
Chart AUS814 Point Danger to Cape MoretonApr 2011$NZ65.00
Chart AUS815 Cape Moreton to Double Island PointMay 2011$NZ65.00
Chart AUS822 East Coast - Queensland - Port Clinton to Percy IslesJuly 2014$NZ65.00
Chart AUS830 East Coast - Queensland - Russell Island to Low IsletsAug 2014$NZ65.00
Chart AUS832 East Coast - Queensland - Cape Flattery to Barrow PointAug 2014$NZ65.00
Chart AUS839 Cairncross Islets to Arden IsletOct 2015$NZ65.00
Coaster - AlbatrossHansby Design$NZ12.50
Coaster - Blue PenguinHansby Design$NZ12.50
Coaster - White HeronHansby Design$NZ12.50
Courtesy Flag - American Samoa $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Australia $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Chile $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Cook Islands $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Fiji $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - France (New Caledonia) $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - French Polynesia $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Indonesia $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Japan $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Kiribati $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Malaysia $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Marshall Islands $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Micronesia $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - New Zealand 470 x 270mm Blue $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - New Zealand 480 x270mm Red $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Niue $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Palau $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Papua New Guinea $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Philippines $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Samoa $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Singapore $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Solomon Islands $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Thailand $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Tonga $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Tuvalu $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - USA $NZ39.00
Courtesy Flag - Vanuatu $NZ39.00
Creatures of the Sea - 1000 piece jigsaw puzzleLivewires$NZ30.00
Dick Carter. Yacht DesignerDick Carter$NZ120.00
Driven by the Wind - The Memoir of Captain Henry RoseKaren Stade$NZ50.00
Dumont d'Urville. Explorer & PolymathEdward Duyker$NZ70.00
Endless SeaFrances Walsh & Jane Ussher$NZ70.00
Figureheads on the Bow of the ShipNational Maritime Museum$NZ40.00
Fiji Flag 1500mm x 900mm $NZ55.00
Fishy Fingers. The Odour EroderFishy Fingers$NZ10.00
Floating Houses - Living over the waterEd. Monsa$NZ50.00
Gin Pennant $NZ50.00
Greta The GreatHonu Play$NZ25.00
Guiding LightsShona Riddell$NZ45.00
History of New Zealand and its InhabitantsDom Felice Vaggioli$NZ50.00
Island DreamsGavin Francis$NZ50.00
Jigsaw - OystercatchersCatherine Marion Art$NZ40.00
Knots MugLivewires$NZ35.00
Land of the of White Cloud Enamel MugLivewires$NZ20.00
Lights in the LandscapeGrant Sheehan$NZ75.00
Living the DreamDerek Morrison$NZ55.00
Mana of the PacificApisalome Movono & Regina Scheyvens$NZ40.00
Marine Code Flag SetTFS$NZ220.00
Native Trees Enamel MugLivewires$NZ20.00
New Zealand at the BeachTerry Moyle$NZ50.00
New Zealand Camping. Enamel MugLivewires$NZ20.00
New Zealand Ensign 1370mm x 685mm Blue $NZ140.00
New Zealand Ensign 1370mm x 685mm Red $NZ130.00
New Zealand Ensign 1500mm x 900mm Blue $NZ55.00
New Zealand Ensign 1500mm x 900mm Red $NZ55.00
New Zealand Ensign 1800mm x 900mm Blue $NZ160.00
New Zealand Ensign 1800mm x 900mm Red $NZ160.00
New Zealand Ensign 900mm x 450mm Red - Heavy Duty $NZ65.00
New Zealand Ensign 900mm x 600mm Blue $NZ45.00
New Zealand Ensign 900mm x 600mm Red $NZ45.00
New Zealand Flag - Jack RebelAdams$NZ125.00
New Zealand Flag - Jack RussellAdams$NZ125.00
New Zealand Silver Fern 1500mm x 900mm $NZ45.00
Oceanarium PostcardsTegan White$NZ30.00
Oystercatchers Enamel MugLivewires$NZ20.00
Pacific JourneysPeter Hendrie$NZ50.00
Pocket Atlas of Remote IslandsJudith Schalansky$NZ35.00
Q Flag $NZ20.00
Rock the BoatGestalten$NZ120.00
Sailing AmericaOnne van der Wal$NZ230.00
Sailing the SeasGestalten$NZ120.00
Seashore Sticker AnthologyDorling Kindersley$NZ50.00
Senses - A Circumnavigation with StyleMax Cumming$NZ120.00
Sunset to SunriseTimothy Nicol$NZ40.00
Tales from the TillermanSteve Haywood$NZ30.00
Teatowel - Blue PenguinHansby Design$NZ25.00
Teatowel - New Zealand BirdsShaxuart$NZ25.00
Teatowel - New Zealand FishShaxuart$NZ25.00
Teatowel - New Zealand SeafoodArtful Trout$NZ25.00
Teatowel - New Zealand Whales & DolphinsShaxuart$NZ25.00
Teatowel - Pied StiltHansby Design$NZ25.00
Teatowel - White HeronHansby Design$NZ25.00
The Sailing Boats of Saggimau - MorocatAndrew Fagan$NZ50.00
The Cook Voyages EncountersJanet Davidson$NZ65.00
The Don't Drown Out There Playing Card DeckMountaineer Books$NZ25.00
The Islands BookLonely Planet$NZ60.00
The OceanChris Dixon & Jeremy Spencer$NZ80.00
The Story of the America's Cup 1851-2021Ranulf Rayner & Tim Thompson$NZ75.00
Tide Times. Coromandel Peninsula/Raglan/ Bay of Plenty - August 2023- July 2024Ocean Fun$NZ9.90
Tide Times. Northland / Auckland August 2023- July 2024Ocean Fun$NZ9.90
Tonga Flag 1500mm x 900mm $NZ55.00
Tote Bag FishShaxu Art$NZ35.00
Tote Bag Whales and DolphinsShaxu Art$NZ35.00
Two Worlds: Above and Below the SeaDavid Doubilet$NZ100.00
Vaka Moana - Voyages of the AncestorsK.R. Howe$NZ90.00
Windward Passage A Maxi Yacht in her Sixth DecadeRandal Peffer et al$NZ275.00
Working SailLuke Powell$NZ120.00