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  • A Spirit Companion
  • New Zealand at the Beach
  • Mana of the Pacific
  • Endless Sea
  • The Cook Voyages Encounters
  • An Exquisite Legacy
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    By Katharina Charpian. Hardback. 1.75 kgs. 235mm x 295mm, 252 pages, Full colour illustrations, Published 2023

    Boat life, this is like vanlife on the water - explore the world across the great blue waters.

    Boatlife visually explores a nomadic lifestyle on the water featuring unique homes from sailboats to trawlers. Through illustrated maps, itineraries and background information, this book will inspire your own adventure, while taking you on a journey across bodies of water from The Americas and Europe to voyages alongside Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle.
    Thanks to the ever growing popularity of alternative living propelled by a pandemic, and the increasing affordability of boats, the boatlife movement is fast on the rise. People are choosing to escape their stressful life on land for a simpler and more mindful world on the water. Whether it be spending the summer on the Mediterranean or a weekend in the Caribbean - explore a universe filled with new landscapes, cultural experiences, and endless adventures.

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    By Roger McDonald. Hardback. 1.05 kgs. 177mm x 226mm, 343 pages, Black & White illustrations, Published 2023

    All a trainee needed to feel — could not help feeling — was that their feet were on the decks of something pretty big, and change was happening all around them just by the motion that happened when the wind blew.
    For 50 years, people from all walks of life have stepped aboard first the Spirit of Adventure, and today the Spirit of New Zealand Te Waka Herenga Tangata o Aotearoa, for a voyage of personal discovery. They’ve had fun, made friends, and been given a taste of expanded possibility.
    Distinguished author Roger McDonald captures stories from over 70 people who have made the Spirit part of their lives — from those who have worked and sailed for the Spirit of Adventure Trust to the young people whom it has introduced to sailing and self-recognition.
    This attractive cloth-bound hardback is illustrated with drawings by Sue Fisher, which combines with writing of the highest standard to make this an ideal memento for anyone who has sailed the Spirit or loves the sea.
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    By Terry Moyle. Hardback. 1.21 kgs. 238mm x 268mm, 240 pages, Colour Photos, Published 2022

    In the 1960s and 1970s, going to the beach was in its heyday. Camping grounds were full and at the pictures, surfing movies made being at the beach cooler than ever.

    Generations of New Zealanders have always included days of golden weather at the beach among the happiest of their lives.

    New Zealand at the Beach combines entertaining recollections, images of beach artifacts, vintage advertising and art, (and a few recipes)

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    ByApisalome Movono & Regina Scheyvens . Hardback. 0.71 kgs. 180mm x 235mm, 159 pages, Colour Photos, Published 2021

    Mana of the Pacific: Wisdom from across Oceania brings you inspirational proverbs matched with beautiful photographs from a wide range of Pacific Islands, that highlight the strength, resilience, wisdom and innovation of Pacific Island peoples.
    Written in each national language, as well as English, this book speaks to the importance of Pacific culture and customs.

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    Stories told through the taonga of the New Zealand Maritime Museum Hui te Ananui a Tangaroa.
    By Frances Walsh & Jane Ussher. Hardback. 1.47 kgs. 230mm x 280mm, 262 pages, Sepia & Colour Illustrations & Photos, Published 2020

    A book for all New Zealanders who feel connected to the sea.

    This beautiful book, photographed by Jane Ussher, surveys the New Zealand Maritime Museum’s collection and explores New Zealand maritime history through 100 fascinating and wide-ranging objects. From ship-building tools and Peter Blake’s first trophy, to menu cards from the glory days of ocean liners and exquisite model ships, it’s the perfect book for all who love the sea, boats and ships, and all else that sails on the water.

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    The Cook Voyages Collections of Te Papa.
    By Janet Davidson. Hardback. 1.29 kgs. 210mm x 260mm, 279 pages, Sepia & Colour Photographs. Published 2019

    A comprehensive guide to the objects associated with the voyages of James Cook held at New Zealand's National Museum

    Almost 250 years after James Cook first sighted Aotearoa New Zealand in October 1769, there is still world-wide interest in all aspects of his three voyages of exploration in the Pacific between 1768 and 1779, discovery (by Europeans), astronomy, natural science, and interactions with indigenous communities. For many people, the ‘artificial curiosities’ – works of human manufacture from exotic locations – collected on these voyages by Cook himself and others on his ships, including super-numenaries and servants, have held a particular fascination

    In this handsome book, widely respected Pacific scholar Janet Davidson details the collection of Maori, Pacific and Native American objects associated with the voyages held at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, one of the few significant institutional collections that have not been fully described until now.

    Richly illustrated and accessibly written, it is a treasure trove.

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    The Life & Works of New Zealand Naturalist G V Hudson
    By George Gibbs. Hardback, 0.99 kgs. 208mm x 288mm, 160 pages, Colour, Black and white, Sepia, illustrations and drawings. Published 2020

    The biography of one of New Zealand’s greatest naturalist-artists, G. V.Hudson.
    George Hudson, 1867-1946, was one of New Zealand’s pioneer naturalists, who devoted his life to collecting and describing the New Zealand insect fauna. He amassed what is probably the largest collection of New Zealand insects, now housed at Te Papa.

    Hudson also wrote seven books on insect fauna between 1898 and 1946, each illustrated in colour with immaculate paintings of the specimens, a total of over 3100 paintings, mainly focused on months and butterflies.

    An Exquisite Legacy is a biography of Hudson, written by his grandson Dr George Gibbs, himself a prominent entomologist.
    Gibbs outlines the life of this naturalist and artist, whose dedication and output was truly remarkable. Hudson remained an amateur naturalist his whole life, but his contribution to our knowledge about the New Zealand insect world is of enduring significance, while his artistic legacy, built up over nearly seven decades, is truly remarkable.

    Beautifully illustrated throughout, this biography of George Hudson is the first chance for most people to see his exquisite artwork.

    This extensive collection of exquisite illustrations is without parallel in New Zealand.

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