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  • New Guinea
  • Sailing the Seas
  • Figureheads
  • Amazing Boat Journeys
  • The World's Great River Journeys
  • Rock the Boat
  • Floating Houses
  • Atlas of Extinct Countries
  • Atlas of Cursed Places
  • Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands
  • Pacific Journeys
  • The New Panama Canal
  • Water Light Time
  • Photography at Sea
  • The Captain's Table
  • A History of Sailing in 100 Objects
  • The Marine Art of Geoff Hunt
  • The Sea Painter's World - The New Marine Art of Geoff Hunt

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    By Bruce M Beehler. Hardback, 1.95kg, 245 x 285mm, 373 pages, Colour and Black & White Photographs. Published in 2020.

    The biologically richest island on Earth, featuring more than 200 spectacular colour images by award-winning National Geographic photographer Tim Laman.

    Lying between the Equator and Australia's north coast, and surrounded by the richest coral reefs on Earth, New Guinea is the world's largest, highest, and most environmentally complex tropical island—home to rainforests with showy rhododendrons, strange and colorful orchids, tree-kangaroos, spiny anteaters, ingenious bowerbirds, and spectacular birds of paradise.
    New Guinea is also home to more than a thousand traditional human societies, each with its own language and lifestyle, and many of these tribes still live in isolated villages and serve as stewards of the rainforests they inhabit.

    New Guinea provides a comprehensive introduction to the island's environment, animals, plants, and traditional rainforest cultures. Individual chapters cover the island's history of exploration; geology; climate and weather; biogeography; plantlife; insects, spiders, and other invertebrates; freshwater fishes; snakes, lizards, and frogs; birdlife; mammals; paleontology; paleoanthropology; cultural and linguistic diversity; surrounding islands and reefs; the pristine forest of the Foja Mountains; village life; and future sustainability.

    Complete with informative illustrations and a large, detailed map, New Guinea offers an enchanting account of the island's unequalled natural and cultural treasures.

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    A VOYAGER'S GUIDE TO OCEANIC GETAWAYS By Gestalten. Hardback, 1.79kg, 230 x 300mm, 262 pages, colour Photographs. Published in 2020.

    From short sailing trips with friends to longer cruises along coastlines or across the oceans, this book celebrates the nautical way of life.
    Sailing the Seas takes the reader on a series on adventures across the globe, from the coast of the US down to the Caribbean, through classic Mediterranean voyages and of trips in far-flung locations such as Thailand and French Polynesia. Presenting a fresh, younger side of sailing, this beautiful hardback gift book reveals the sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences that can be had on board a boat.

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    By National Maritime Museum. Hardback , 0.49kg, 160 x 215mm, 160 pages, Colour Photographs. Published in 2020.

    Figureheads, the carved wooden sculptures that decorate the prows of sailing ships, offer protection for the crew from harsh seas and lends the vessel its specific spirit--or at least that was the theory in the distant past. Figureheads developed from an ancient tradition of decorating ships with painted eyes, carved figures, and animal heads. Vikings in northern Europe adorned the bows of their vessels with dragon heads, which were thought to help ships see their way through the sea. They are considered the only tangible evidence of the "Great Age of Sail." But what other purposes did sailors believe figureheads served? What stories do these beautiful objects tell? And what do the different characters symbolize?

    Figureheads:On the Bow of the Ship contains over fifty examples of wooden carvings from the National Maritime Museum in London, home to the world's most extensive collection of figureheads. The illustrated guide explores themes surrounding these unique carvings from mythology and gender to politics and literature.

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    By Lonely Planet. Hardback , 1.10kg, 193 x 245mm, 239 pages, colour Photographs. Published in 2019.

    Experience 60 of the world's greatest adventures on water - from sailing the Nile by felucca and cruising the Canadian Arctic, to exploring Pitcairn Island by cargo ship. With detailed accounts of each route, beautiful photos and practical tips on how to plan your own voyage.

    These journeys are eclectic and wide-ranging, from the wonder of a glass-bottomed boat ride through Florida springs to the ease of a thatch-roofed kettuvallam exploring Kerala's famed backwaters. Old-fashioned paddlesteamers ply the length of the Mississippi in the style of the 1800s, and cruise ships on the Yangtze feature enthusiastic karaoke in Mandarin. Off-the-beaten-path cruises include Antarctica and Papua New Guinea. On the opposite end of the spectrum from a weeks-long journey over open seas is the charm of seeing a city from the water, whether crossing Victoria Harbour via Hong Kong's classic Star Ferry, viewing the banks of London from the Thames, or traversing Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River. Each trip includes authoritative commentary, awe-inspiring photography, and details of life on board the vessel, similar routes, and how to make the trip happen.

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    By Nick Dalton& Deborah Stone. Hardback , 1.22kg, 225 x 270mm, 208 pages, colour Photographs. Published in 2018.

    Journeying by river provides the perfect opportunity to discover new places or see a new side of a familiar destination. Presented here are 50 remarkable, scenic and memorable voyages along the waterways of 6 Continents. Trips chosen because of the stunning scenery they pass through, as well as the historic and cultural sites that can be visited from side excursions.

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    By Gestalten. Hardback, 1.39kg, 220 x 265mm, 272 pages, colour Photographs. Published 2017.
    A Celebration of life afloat.

    For those who crave open skies and endless horizons, relocating to a home on the water inspires a new sense of freedom. Moveable homes with endless opportunities for exploration and changes of scenery.

    Whether it be historic Narrow boats with shabby chic interiors or a barge transformed into a family home, thses vessels represent the best in waterborne cabin culture.

    From the romantic lakes of Kashmir to the Bay of Venice, houseboats claim their space atop the water worldwide. A buoyant boutique hotel awaits guests in London. A floating sauna promises relaxation for friends upon the Pielisjoki River. DIY timber rafts evoke pride of craftsmanship whilst inspiring feelings of adventure. These charismatic structures provide refuge from being landlocked and a promise to satisfy curious natures.

    Rock The Boat profiles the imaginative inhabitants and designers behind these houseboats; and inspiration to anyone interested in a touch of escape or even a permanent change of address. The ingenuity knows no bounds...

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    By Institutio Monsa de ediciones. Hardback, 0.64kg, 141 Pages. 238mm x 177mm, Line Drawings & Full colour photographs. Published 2018.

    There is a growing trend around the world – especially in Europe and America – to build greener and more sustainable housing, such as floating homes. Cities like Amsterdam and Seattle boast spectacular neighbourhoods of floating homes with all the comforts and amenities of traditional homes. Available in different sizes and finishes, they are tailored to the needs of each individual homeowner.

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    By Gideon Defoe. Hardback, 0.38kg, 289 Pages. 142mm x 210mm, Black & White drawings. Published 2020.

    Countries die. Sometimes it’s murder. Sometimes it’s by accident and sometimes it’s because they were so ludicrous they didn’t deserve to exist in the first place. Occasionally they explode violently. A few slip away almost unnoticed. Often the cause of death is either ‘got too greedy’ or ‘Napoleon turned up’. Now and then they just hold a referendum and vote themselves out of existence.

    An Atlas of Extinct Countries is an exploration of the places that no longer officially exist. Some endured for centuries, other for barely a day – or in the case of one, the time it took a Dutch princess to give birth.

    The histories recorded here involve a catalogue of chancers, conmen, madmen, people trying to get out of paying tax, mistakes, lies, evil schemes and General Idiocy – usually wrapped up in some questionable flag designs and set to the bombastic beat of a bad national anthem

    From the Islands of Refreshment to the Free State of Bottleneck, and from the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace to the republic of Rough & Ready, An atlas of Extinct Countries salvages from the forgotten corners of history the gloriously eccentric and illuminating stories of 48 countries that fell off the map.

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    By Olivier Le Carrer. Hardback, 0.79kgs, 195 x 268mm, 142 pages, Colour Reproductions and Illustrations. Published 2015.

    A fascinating history and armchair journey to the world's most dangerous and frightful places, complete with vintage maps and period illustrations in a handsome volume.

    This alluring read includes 40 locations that are rife with disaster, chaos, paranormal activity, and death. The places gathered here include the dangerous Strait of Messina, home of the mythical sea monsters Scylla and Charybdis; the coal town of Jharia, where the ground burns constantly with fire; Kasanka National Park in Zambia, where 8 million migrating bats darken the skies; the Nevada Triangle in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where hundreds of aircraft have disappeared; and Aokigahara Forest near Mount Fuji in Japan, the world's second most popular suicide location following the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Olivier Le Carrer is a journalist and passionate sailor. He has spent the last 30 years exploring the shores of the planet. He has written several books on cartography and navigation.

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    By Judith Schalansky. Paperback, 0.29kg, 116mm x 170mm, 239 pages, colour drawings. Published in 2012.
    Born on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall, the only way Judith Schalansky could travel as a child was through the pages of an atlas. Now she has created her own, which takes us across the oceans of the world to fifty remote islands - from Iwo Jima to Tristan da Cunha and from Easter Island to Disappointment Island. On one page are her perfect maps, on the other unfold cryptic stories from the islands. Rare animals and strange people abound: marooned slaves and lonely scientists, lost explorers and confused lighthouse keepers, mutinous sailors and forgotton castsways. Armchair explorers who undertake these journeys will find themselves in places that exist in reality, but only come to life in the imagination.

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    By Peter Hendrie, Hardback, 1.72kg, 330mm x 233mm, full colour photographs.
    This book takes you on an unforgetable journey through some of the most beautiful islands of the South Pacific.

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    By Rizzoli Books, Hardcover, 1.61kg, 258mm x 295mm, 223 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2017
    A stunning photographic journey, this book tells the emotional story behind the epic construction of the new Panama Canal, a monumental work of technological achievement immersed in tropical splendor.

    Also referred to as the Third Set of Locks Project, the recent expansion of the Panama Canal by a construction consortium led by the Salini Impregilo group is a great feat of engineering, intending to double its capacity by increasing the number and the size of the ships passing through, minimizing the time it takes to cross the continent to just two hours and paving the way for a new era in global trade.

    This highly visual book documents the progression and construction of the canal, retracing its history and important events to reveal in vivid color this colossal human intervention in nature. The words of the authors, along with spectacular photographs by Edoardo Montaina, are accompanied by stunning views of the massive oil tankers, cargo ships, and cruise liners floating between two wings of wild forest.

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    By David Doubilet. Paperback, 1.62kg, 340mm x 235mm, Reprinted 2010.
    Beneath the world's Waters lie landscapes, species, vegetations and populations as diverse and splendid as those on land, yet they are terrain and kingdoms that have explored by few. This book is an extraordinary look at the work of David Doubilet, a diver, journalist and image-maker, who is widely acclaimed as the world's leading underwater photographer. A mesmerizing and evocative volume, this book looks at a world in which humans are the encumbered intruders. From the waters of North America, this book includes over twenty-five years of Doubilet's work and reveals the exquisite beauty of the sea - its life forms and landscapes - in which spectacular shapes and colours form memorable and remarkale compositions.

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    By Patrick Roach & Fred Barter. Paperback, 0.75kg, 216mm x 276mm, 160 pages, full colour photographs.
    Yachts under full sail, motorboats with huge bow waves, seemingly impossible angles and close encounters - even before you factor in the spray-filled atmosphere, blinding sunlight, fast-moving targets and an unstable platform, photography at sea is a very tricky proposition. But it is an attractive one. The glamour and the excitement can result in spectacular photographs, but it helps to have some expert guidance.
    In this full-colour, gloriously illustrated guide, one of the world's leading yachting photographers show how to get the best shot, capture that dramatic moment and create memorable effects.
    Packed with information, advice and tips, this is a book that will both instruct and inspire.

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    THE CAPTAIN'S TABLE - Life and Dining on the Great Ocean Liners
    By Sarah Edington. Hardback, 0.66kg, 195mm x 254mm, 144 pages, full colour and black & white photographs and illustrations. Published 2011..
    This charming book recalls the heyday of the ocean liner, evoking the elegance of the dining experience on board. Author and chef Sarah Edington recreates some of the classic dishes that appeared on the menus of such iconic ships as Titanic, Lusitania and Queen Mary. Her recipes cover a range of lunch and dinner courses, from soups to puddings, including Creme Vichyssoise, Navarin of Lamb Printanier and Trifle a l'Ecossaise. The book is beautifully illustrated with original elegant menu cards from the archives of the national maritime Museum, as well as contemporary photographs that capture the glamour and excitement of an ocean voyage.

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    By Barry Pickthall. Hardback, 0.99kg, 222 Pages. 195mm x 255mm, Full colour and B & W images. Published 2016.

    Did you ever wonder which civilisation first took to water in small craft? Who worked out how to measure distance or plot a course at sea? Or why the humble lemon rose to such prominence in the diets of sailors?

    Taking one hundred objects that have been pivotal in the development of sailing and sailing boats, this book provides a fascinating insight into the history of sailing. From the earliest small boats, through magnificent Viking warships, to the technology that powers some of the most sophisticated modern yachts, the book also covers key developments such as keeps and navigational aids such as the astrolabe, sextant and compass.

    Other more apparently esoteric objects from all around the world are also included, including the importance of citrus fruit in the prevention of scurvy, scrimshaw made from whalebone and the meaning of sailor's tattoos.

    Beautifully illustrated with lively and insightful text, it's a perfect gift for the real or armchair sailor, the book gives an alternative insight into how and why we sail the way we do today.

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    By Geoff Hunt. Paperback, 1.01 kgs, 280mm x 300mm, 144 pages, Softback. full colour reproductions. This edition published 2015.
    Geoff Hunt RSMA is known to millions of readers across the world as the artist responsible for the covers of Patrick O’Brian’s novels featuring Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin. He is widely acknowledged to be one of the leading marine artists of his generation and his paintings of square-riggers, sea battles and naval operations, as well as deck and port scenes, truly evoke the era of Nelson’s navy as well as the emergence of the Continental navy in America.

    Written by the artist himself, this book presents over 15 paintings and drawings for the first time in a beautifully produced single volume. Geoff’s prolific career, his painting techniques and artistic influences are outlined in an illuminating introduction. This is followed by a series of Case Studies, where the artist explains the initial inspiration, the exploration of source material and the sometimes lengthy progression, through notes and sketches, that leads to the creation of a finished painting.

    The major part of the book is dedicated to a plate section focusing on four distinct themes exhibited in Geoff’s output, namely: Nelson’s Navy, The American Revolution and the War of 1812, Illustrating the Naval Writers, and the Modern Maritime Scene. Many of the paintings portray a particular historical moment, and descriptive captions explain the narrative as well as highlighting technical and compositional details.

    The Maritime Art of Geoff Hunt not only showcases the quality of Geoff’s work – the masterfully accurate depictions of powerful and graceful ship in settings infused with life and movement - but provides remarkable insight into the meticulous preparation and execution of his paintings. Further commentary is provided by historian David Cordingly, who sets Geoff’s work in context, and naval fiction writer Julian Stockwin, for whose successful series of ‘Kydd” novels Geoff has created cover illustrations.

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    THE SEA PAINTER'S WORLD - The New Marine Art of Geoff Hunt
    ByGeoff Hunt. Hardback, 1.42kg, 288mm x 305mm, 144 pages, full colour and black & white paintings, Published 2011.
    The Sea Painter's World is a timely and beautifully produced volume that celebrates the considerable artistic output of Britain's leading marine painter.

    Featuring a broad spectrum of work, the book is profusely illustrated with images ranging from large, commissioned paintings to sketchbook drawings.

    In an engaging and insightful text Geoff Hunt looks back on an active period in which he served a five-year term as president of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, worked on a succession of major paintings including the definitive modern interpretation of the Mary Rose, and also completed numerous outdoor sketches and paintings. He discusses his individual approach to marine painting, and his propensity for tackling varied subjects both fictional and historical; drawing ships from life, reconstructing others from extensive reference and blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination in illustrating the work of distinguished writers such as Patrick O'Brian, C.S. Forester, Julian Stockwin and James L. Nelson.

    The book traces a broad geographical progression that reflects Geoff's personal view of the sea painter's world. Beginning in the artist's studio, it moves on to explore London and the river Thames, featuring examples of work produced with the Wapping Group of Artists. From there, the view widens, dealing with British waters, the Mediterranean, the ships of Nelson on the high seas, vessels of North America, and finally the West Indies and beyond. Six rigorous Case Studies illuminate the origins of specific paintings in comprehensive detail, revealing the depth of research behind the finished work. Such examples typify the artist's exacting approach, founded on a commitment to historical authenticity. In addition, galleries of paintings, sketches and other artworks showcase recent works, and highlight Geoff's distinctive painting styles - contrasting his looser plein air work alongside the painstakingly detailed commissions to which he owes his standing as Britain's foremost marine artist.

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