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  • Silver Yachts
  • Sailing On The Edge
  • Sailing America
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  • Tall Ships Today
  • Yachting - A Visual Celebration of Sailing Past and Present
  • Senses - A Circumnavigation in Style
  • The Book of Wooden Boats Vol III
  • Man of Iron, Ship of Steel
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    By Heinrich Hecht. Hardback, 1.9kg, 308mm x 237mm, 264 pages, Full Colour Photogrpahs. Published 2012

    America’s Cup races, regattas around the world and Olympic Sailing competitions are the classic yachting events where picturesque sailing is abundant. This broad spectrum of yachting fascinates versatile professional photographer Heinrich Hecht, whose work over twenty years (1984-2008) is presented here.

    Twelve chapters are specifically organised to show highlights of the sport: the sail, speed, classic beauty, dinghies and keelboat, the crew, regattas, sailors, the wind, waves and light are themes illustrated by over 300 dynamic colour photographs.

    Be transported to far-flung races with famous sailors of extreme skill through the brilliant images found here. .

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    By Michael Kahn. Hardback, 0.70kg, 210mm x 210mm, 143 pages, Sepia Photogrpahs. Published 2020

    Sailboats features over 75 photographs of stunning sailing images from world-renowned black-and-white photographer Michael Kahn. These warmly toned / sepia, classic yet dynamic sailing photographs feature regattas in Antigua, France, England, and more.
    Working in traditional black-and-white film, Michael Kahn produces luminous silver gelatin prints in his darkroom, which allow the majestic elegance of these sailing vessels to radiate from the page.
    Whether you are a traditional film photographer or an avid sailor or simply love the exquisite beauty of the ocean, this is a small but supremely beautiful book.

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    Published By teNeues. Hardback, 2.67kg, 295mm x 360mm, 238 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2013
    Handcrafted yacht manufacturer SILVERYACHTS was founded in 2003 by German entrepreneur Guido Krass and top yacht designer Espen Oino. Since then it has garnered a host of press coverage and awards for its elegant lines and premium technical specifications. In this in-depth insiders's look at this deluxe artisanal brand, readers gain a keen understanding of the care, exacting precision, and sophisticated knowledge behind every luxury vessel. Respected and admired world-wide for their meticulous design, construction and finish, these masterpieces are crafted from only the highest quality materials, with excellence apparent in every single detail- whether it be engineering, performance or fine features.

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    By Bob Fisher, Kimball Livingston, Ivor Wilkins, Mark Chisnell and James Boyd. Hardback, 240mm x 330mm, 2.0 Kg , 226 pages, full colour and monochrome photographs.
    This beautiful lavish coffeetable book is an America's Cup enthusiasts dream. Sailing on the Edge covers everything from the origins of the race and the science behind the boatbuilding, to the strength of the teams and the debut of the AC72s - the designated class of the 34th America's cup, and the fastest, most demanding catamarans on the planet.

    Through narratives by the world's foremost yacht-racing authors and historians, this treasury of the America's Cup traces the event's evolution into the most riveting race on water. Highly interactive and lavishly produced, this deluxe volume brings the America's Cup home. More than 200 photographs as well as a wealth of reproduced ephemera including:

  • Sail plans of early defenders.
  • Vintage posters
  • 19th century postcards
  • 1903 telegram facsimile
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Booklet detailing the new AC LiveLine technology.

    Completely updated.

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    By Onne van der Wal. Hardcover, 290mm x 365mm, 308 pages, over 200 colour photographs and several gatefolds. Published in 2019.
    The closest you'll get on land to the feeling of being on deck--sailing through the eyes of a true master of both sail and lens.
    This deluxe, grand-scale, limited-edition book is a voyage across America, capturing the joy, excitement, and serenity of sailing in the waters of every region of the United States--from Puerto Rico to the tip of Alaska.
    Over a lifetime devoted to boats and the pursuit of pleasure on water, the photographer Onne van der Wal has accrued an unparalleled archive of the most evocative and beautiful photography of this great American sport. Organized by region, and including competition yachts, leisure crafts, and everything in between, the book presents stunning vignettes of every form of American sailing--from classic yacht racing around Newport, Rhode Island to beautiful schooners drifting across the Great Lakes, and from peaceful catamaran expeditions around the islands of Hawaii to handmade single-masters in the frozen waters of Alaska and intense Grand Prix races along the rocky coasts of the Pacific Northwest.
    This is a celebration of the nautical lifestyle and a love letter to an archetypal American pursuit that is so much more than a pastime for all those lucky enough to enjoy it.

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    bySimon Griffiths. Hardback, 0.72kg, 185mm x 235mm, 206 pages, Colour Photographs. Published 2015
    The Boat — a vessel for escape, adventure, trade and travel. This mode of transport is one of infinite variety and inspires serious passion, whether made of workmanlike bolted steel, sleek modern fibreglass or lovingly hand-burnished timber.

    Photographer Simon Griffiths has paced docksides and jetties all over Australia to bring us this stunning salute to the character and craftsmanship of all sorts of boats and boatbuilders — from old whaling boats to elegant yachts, from fishing dinghies to paddle steamers, rowboats and ferries.

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    By Nigel Rowe, Ron Dadswell, Colin Mudie and Michael Rauworth. Hardback, 1.60kg, 235mm x 318mm, 224 pages, full colour photographs.

    The spectacular sight of a tall Ship under sail or in a port, recalls a bygone age of adventure, romance and National heritage. This book is a celebration of Tall Ships today, it shines a spotlight on the world's most interesting and glamorous ships, the excitement and drama of sailing and racing, and the evolution in Tall Ship design and technology.

    The book is broken down into four chapters:

  • Origins and Evolution The fascinating perspective on the development of tall Ship design, technology and navigation, as well as their role in international trade and conflict.
  • The Tall Ships A celebration of more than 100 of the most interesting and famous Tall Ships sailing today, with stunning photographs, key statistics, and brief history.
  • The Tall Ship Experience. The adventure of sailing on board. The life changing experience for people of all ages and valuable training for cadets preparing for a career at sea.
  • Racing on Tall Ships. Competition at sea, and ashore. A close up look at the most spectacular gathering of Tall Ships for millions of spectators.

    With unique access to the very best photography and up-to-date information, this stunning book showcases just why Tall Ships continue to inspire and captivate people all over the world.

    Tall Ships Today is supported, and endorsed by Sail Training International, a non-profit organisation with a world-wide membership of National organisations. It is the International voice of Sail Training and the world's only organiser of International Tall Ships races. It was nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

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    YACHTING - A Visual Celebration of Sailing Past and Present.
    By Olivier Le Carrer. Hardback, 1.5kg, 267mm x 292mm, 192 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2013.
    What makes yachting so very special? Sailing journalist Olivier Le Carrer takes us on a journey to the iconic places of the yachting world, from Cowes to Auckland, in order to find out. Covering everything from clothing and accessories to important personalities and the sport's portrayal in art and film, he explores the very essence of yachting. Racing, of course, plays an important role and stunning photograhy follows the history of the America's Cup, imposing J Class yachts and the single-handed Transat. Although yachts are simply pleasure boats, regardless of size, they continue to play an important part in the lives of many people. This book pays homage to their beauty and to the seamanship required to sail them well.

    This book encapsulates what it is to sail: the sport, the seamanship, the lifestyle and the culture. It explores why we love it, yearn for it, live and breathe this timeless leisure pastime.

    . Chapters inlcude:

  • The Essence of Yachting - A beautiful discomfort.
  • Myths - The legends of the sea.
  • Iconic Places - At the four corners of the earth.
  • Art, History and Society - Reflections.
  • Schools of Yachting - Each to their own.

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    By Max Cumming. Hardback, 2.95kg, 375mm x 290mm, collector's edition, cloth-bound in slipcase, 200 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2009.
    A large and luxurious book describing a luxurious circumnavigation of the globe in a large and superbly equipped motor yacht.
    This is truly sailing in style. The yacht ‘Senses’ is owned, necessarily, by a very wealthy man. Indeed, Douglas Myers is one of New Zealand’s richest. This, though, does not mean he is unadventurous or incapable of having fun.
    His work boat-like yacht was ideal for the voyage and ensured its success for all involved. Its helicopter and impressive array of practical and useful tenders enhanced the whole venture.
    The first class photographs and the minimal well-chosen words of the first officer of ‘Senses’ describe the adventure brilliantly.
    A dream voyage of the super-rich that has been very effectively shared with all those lucky enough to read this splendid book.

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    By Benjamin Mendlowitz & Maynard Bray, Hardcover, 1.38kg, 287mm x 287mm, 191 pages, full colour photographs.
    Benjamin Mendlowitz has spent more than three decades traveling around the world in pursuit of beautiful wooden boats. His luminous image have graced the pages of many magazines, his famous Calendar of Wooden Boats, and numerous books as well. To the shortlist of famous marine photographers, including the Rosenfelds and Beken of Cowes, Mendlowitz's name must be added. No one in his generation does it better.
    This stunning new book presents some of the most photogenic boats featured in the calendar over the last ten years. From magnificent sailing and motor yachts to workboats and one-designs, Mendlowitz and his long-time collaborator, historian Maynard Bray, offer up an irrestible collection for all those who love boats and fine craftmanship.
    Of a previous collaboration by these authors, the late Joseph Gribbins, former editor of Nautical Quarterly wrote, "What we're looking at is some of the finest boat photography in the world. And Maynard Bray - boat-builder, author, maritime preservation expert - provides thoughtful information. It's a great combination - rich photographs and plain facts."

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    MAN OF IRON, SHIP OF STEEL - The story of Vic meyer and Solo
    By Kevin Bourke. Hardback, 1.07kg, 228mm x 305mm, colour and black and white photographs. Published 2014.
    Vic Meyer, man of iron; iron by trade and iron by temperament, was the owner, builder and skipper of Solo. She arrived on the Sydney ocean yacht racing scene in 1955 like a runaway train, winning every major ocean race in Australia. Not only first yacht across the line but also on handicap, testimony to both the skills of Alan Payne her designer and her hard driving skipper.

    When Vic tired of racing he took himself cruising and in the twelve years to 1975 he crossed the world’s oceans several times, having all sorts of adventures and grabbing the headlines with his penchant for female crews. You can read the first- hand account of these cruises by most of the girls who ‘walked the plank’ to experience life at sea under Vic!

    The Ship of Steel didn’t stop there but went on and safely bore a bunch of scientists to the Antarctic and back before being put to work to earn her keep taking tourists sailing in the Whitsundays and later in Moreton Bay.

    Painstakingly researched by Kevin Bourke, the book is a comprehensive account of the almost 60 year history of Solo and includes a large range of pictures and factual records.

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    By Nic Compton. Hardback, 176 Pages. 230mm x 215mm, 0.885 kgs. Coloured Line Drawings. 2016

    Forty Remarkable Craft, Forty Great Adventures.

    Whether used for transport, adventure, work, or sport, boats have played a vital role in human history and have inspired numerous stories. This book skilfully balances intricate and beautiful visuals, statistics, and text. As well as everyday crafts such as the canoe and the fishing trawler, there are boats of historic interest, fictional ships, and (even) celebrities' boats. Each boat is featured across two spreads, including the aerial view of its deck/interior plan, a colour study, and a description of the boat and what it is famous for. The stories cover the globe, with adventurous tales from all the world's waterways.

    Some of the boats included are:

  • Spray (Joshua Slocum)
  • Huck's Raft (Huckleberry Finn)
  • Suhaili (Robin Knox-Johnston)
  • Avenger (Uffa Fox)
  • Gypsey Moth IV (Francis Chichester)
  • Serrafyn (Larry Pardey)
  • Joshua (Bernard Moitesser)
  • Iduna (Ellen Macarthur)

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