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  • Two Worlds: Above and Below the Sea
  • Working Sail
  • Windward Passage
  • Alexis Rockman: Oceaus
  • A is for Atlas
  • The Ocean Book
  • The Story of the America's Cup 1851-2021
  • Sailing America
  • Senses - A Circumnavigation in Style

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    By David Doubilet. Hardback, 1.28kg, 348mm x 242mm, 128 pages, Full colour Photographs. Published 2021.

    The first major book in two decades by the pioneering underwater photographer, beloved as the 'Audubon of the sea'

    The ocean covers more than seventy percent of our planet, and yet we rarely glimpse its depths - and especially its exquisite beauty as documented by legendary photographer David Doubilet. His work in and on water has set the standard for decades. In this remarkable and highly-anticipated collection by artist and diver David Doubilet, whose innovation, eye for beauty, and passion for conservation have long set the bar for underwater photography, Doubilet unites life above and below the water's surface.

    Spotlighting a stunning selection of images from Doubilet's 50-year career, spanning the Galapagos to the Red Sea, the icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean to the tropical Great Barrier Reef, this body of work raises important questions about conservation and global warming, topics never far from the headlines. 'I want to create a window into the sea', he says, that invites people to see how their world connects to another life-sustaining world hidden from their view. Doubilet's photographs are accompanied by an introduction by Kathy Moran and an afterword by Kathryn D. Sullivan.

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    By Luke Powell. Hardback, 1.48kg, 250mm x 275mm, 240 pages, Full colour Photographs. Published 2022.

    Luke Powell has almost single-handedly revived the building of traditional pilot cutters in the UK. In Working Sail. A life in wooden boats he describes his rich, rather unconventional life, which he has enjoyed to the full. In doing so, he does not hide the fact that he had to struggle for a long time to gain acceptance for his wooden boats, which ultimately earned him his impeccable reputation. Luke's interest in boats began when he climbed over the rotten wrecks that sank into the mud in the creeks of his childhood in Suffolk.

    At the age of nine, he set sail with his family to the Greek islands. From then on, the sea was his school. After an apprenticeship as a shipwright restoring Thames barges, he returned to the Mediterranean and the nomadic life of a journeyman boatbuilder. Over time, he gained a French girlfriend - the first of many long-term partners in his adventures - and "Charmian", a 75-year-old cutter. In 1990, with his young son on board, he sailed the "Charmian" up the Helford River in Cornwall, little suspecting that seven years later this would become the home of his boatbuilding business, Working Sail. Luke's arrival in England coincided with a resurgence of interest in traditional boats. After stumbling across a book about dazzling pilot cutters, he vowed to build one from scratch. Risking what little money he had to buy wood, he built "Eve" himself - almost with his bare hands. Success came gradually, but to this day Luke is driven by a passionate belief in skills, craftsmanship and values that cannot be expressed in money.

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    By Randall Peffer et al. Hardback, 3.2kg, 310mm x 305mm, 160 pages, Full colour Photographs by Steve Jost. Design by Ronald Geisman. Published 2023.

    Conceived by a lumberman-sailor, drawn by a young and then-untested designer, and built of spruce on a Bahamian beach in 1968, the 73’ ocean-racing maxi-yacht WINDWARD PASSAGE had an improbable rise to stardom during her twenty-year racing career.

    When he first laid eyes on her soon after her completion, the legendary designer Olin Stephens called the yacht “a masterpiece.” In the ensuing years, WINDWARD PASSAGE and her crews roamed the planet, winning the world’s major ocean races and attracting legions of admirers and competitors.

    She continues today, stronger and swifter than built, as a world-cruiser.

    "Publisher Rand Randall Peffer, who profiled WINDWARD PASSAGE for WoodenBoat magazine in 2021, now presents a book-length biography of the storied ocean racer.

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    By Alexis Rockman Hardback, 1.27kg, 260mm x 287mm, 160 pages, Full colour Photographs. Published 2023.

    Fueled by an abiding concern with environmental crisis for more than three decades, contemporary artist Alexis Rockman depicts an ominous and complex vision of ocean life affected by humankind in a monumental new series titled Oceanus. Alexis Rockman: Oceanus takes the viewer on a global journey of discovery beneath the world’s changing seas, through the artist’s ethereal and sublime renderings of real and imaginary marine life within a fragile ecosystem.

    Published to accompany an ambitious traveling exhibition in North America and abroad, this volume documents Rockman’s newly executed 8 x 24-foot panoramic painting Oceanus and ten related large watercolors, important works that tell the story of humanity’s indelible relationship with the ocean and the connections between the sea and our own survival, as the artist deftly weaves natural history, art history, archaeology, adventure, political analysis, and science into a story about the human condition.

    Complementing this stunning presentation of Rockman’s paintings—as well as many details and photographs documenting the artist’s process, along with a rich selection of contextual imagery—are essays by leading writers and scholars on such topics as maritime and oceanic history and Rockman’s work within the larger context of art history.

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    By Megan Barford Hardback, 1.51kg, 230mm x 255mm, 255 pages, Colour Photos. Published 2022.

    A fascinating, lavishly illustrated celebration of cartography, featuring charts, maps, globes and atlases.

    The map collection at Royal Museums Greenwich comprises about 40,000 maps, charts, globes and atlases, covering a time period from the thirteenth century to the present day.
    Curator of Cartography Dr Megan Barford explores the variety of stories hidden within the collection, highlighting the materials, techniques, makers, users, genres and features, to reveal the different worlds in which maps were produced and consumed.

    From imperial rule to labour solidarity, and from sumptuous display to scrap paper, A is for Atlas presents the Royal Museums Greenwich map collection as it's never been seen before.

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    By Chris Dixon & Jeremy Spencer. Hardback, 0.70kg, 185mm x 235mm, 350 pages, 200+ Line Drawings. Published 2021

    The Ultimate Handbook of Nautical knowledge.
    An absolute treasure trove of information and inspiration for anyone with an abiding love for the ocean.

    Featuring short-subject deep dives on topics like science, sailing, kayaking, surfing, diving, survival, and much more.
    From experienced seafarers to ocean novices, for those about to ride their first wave, stand-up paddle on a dive, or identify a bird that landed on the bow, The Ocean is rich with how-to advice and instruction.

    Section Titles include:

  • Boating
  • Surfing
  • Science
  • Survival
  • Scuba and Snorkelling
  • Fishing

    An entertaining, authoritative, and captivating guide to all activities involving the sea.
    The ultimate gift book for sailors, fishers, surfers, beachcombers, and ocean lovers everywhere. Perfect for people who live in coastal areas, and love the ocean, sailing, and ships

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    By Ranulf Rayner. Hardback, 0.70kg, 260mm x 2340mm, 103 pages,. Published 2022

    The Story of the America's Cup 1851-2021 tells the chronological history from it's inception,of 150 years of the most exciting and exhilarating yacht race - The America's Cup.
    Illustrated with Tim Thompson's celebrated paintings, with a text by Ranulf Rayner.

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    By Onne van der Wal. Hardcover, 290mm x 365mm, 308 pages, over 200 colour photographs and several gatefolds. Published in 2019.
    The closest you'll get on land to the feeling of being on deck--sailing through the eyes of a true master of both sail and lens.
    This deluxe, grand-scale, limited-edition book is a voyage across America, capturing the joy, excitement, and serenity of sailing in the waters of every region of the United States--from Puerto Rico to the tip of Alaska.
    Over a lifetime devoted to boats and the pursuit of pleasure on water, the photographer Onne van der Wal has accrued an unparalleled archive of the most evocative and beautiful photography of this great American sport. Organized by region, and including competition yachts, leisure crafts, and everything in between, the book presents stunning vignettes of every form of American sailing--from classic yacht racing around Newport, Rhode Island to beautiful schooners drifting across the Great Lakes, and from peaceful catamaran expeditions around the islands of Hawaii to handmade single-masters in the frozen waters of Alaska and intense Grand Prix races along the rocky coasts of the Pacific Northwest.
    This is a celebration of the nautical lifestyle and a love letter to an archetypal American pursuit that is so much more than a pastime for all those lucky enough to enjoy it.

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    By Max Cumming. Hardback, 2.95kg, 375mm x 290mm, collector's edition, cloth-bound in slipcase, 200 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2009.
    A large and luxurious book describing a luxurious circumnavigation of the globe in a large and superbly equipped motor yacht.
    This is truly sailing in style. The yacht ‘Senses’ is owned, necessarily, by a very wealthy man. Indeed, Douglas Myers is one of New Zealand’s richest. This, though, does not mean he is unadventurous or incapable of having fun.
    His work boat-like yacht was ideal for the voyage and ensured its success for all involved. Its helicopter and impressive array of practical and useful tenders enhanced the whole venture.
    The first class photographs and the minimal well-chosen words of the first officer of ‘Senses’ describe the adventure brilliantly.
    A dream voyage of the super-rich that has been very effectively shared with all those lucky enough to read this splendid book.

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