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    Chart Wallet 800mm x 600mmFranron Marine$NZ75.00
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    Official New Zealand Hydrographic Charts
    Chart NZ 14051 (INT 51) North Pacific Ocean (S.E. part) - 01/9701/1997$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14052 (INT 52) North Pacific Ocean (S.W. part) - 04/9704/1997$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14060 (INT 60) Australasia and adjacent waters - 10/0810/2008$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14061 (INT 61) South Pacific Ocean (W. part) - 10/0810/2008$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14065 (INT 65) Ross Sea to New Zealand - 01/9701/1997$NZ22.50
    Chart WS 212 Asau Harbour - 11/2211/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14600 (INT 600) New Zealand including Norfolk and Campbell Islands - 07/0707/2007$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14601 (INT 601) Tasman Sea, New Zealand to S.E. Asia - 07/0707/2007$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14602 (INT 602) Tasman and Coral Seas, Australia to Northern New Zealand and Fiji - 07/0707/2007$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14604 (INT 604) Coral and Solomon Seas and adjacent seas - 10/9610/1996$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14605 (INT 605) New Zealand to Fiji and Samoa Islands - 07/0707/2007$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14606 (INT 606) Tonga to Archipel des Tuamotu - 07/0707/2007$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14607 (INT 607) South east Polynesia - 04/9704/1997$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14612 Chatham Islands to Pacific-Antarctic Rise - 04/9904/1999$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14613 Chatham Islands to Ile Rapa - 04/9904/1999$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14629 (INT 629) Samoa Islands to Northern Cook Islands and Tokelau - 04/9704/1997$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14631 (INT 631) Samoa Islands to Tonga including Niue - 04/9704/1997$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14638 (INT 638) Fiji to Kermadec Islands including Tongatapu - 07/2007/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14900 (INT 900) Ross Sea - 04/9804/1998$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14901 (INT 9001) Cape Royds to Pram Point - 12/1912/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14902 (INT 9002) McMurdo Station and Scott Base - 12/1912/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14903 (INT 9003) Approaches to Scott Island - 08/0808/2008$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14906 (INT 9006) Cape Adare and Cape Hallett (Cape Adare; Cape Hallett; Ridley Beach; Seebee Hook) - 08/0608/2006$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14907 (INT9007) Possession Islands - 08/0608/2006$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14908 (INT9008) Cape Adare to Cape Daniell - 08/0608/2006$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14909 (INT 909) Cape Hooker to Coulman Island - 06/0406/2004$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14912 (INT 9012) Balleny Islands - 08/0608/2006$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 21 Norfolk Island to Cape Egmont - 04/0504/2005$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 22 Kermadec Islands to East Cape - 06/1206/2012$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 222 Kermadec Islands 3/1803/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 2225 Plans in the Kermadec Islands (Raoul Island; Curtis and Cheeseman Islands; Macauley Island) - 03/1803/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 223F New Zealand and adjacent ocean areas - northern sheet - 04/9904/1999$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 23 (INT 640) New Zealand, North Island - 06/1206/2012$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 232 Lake Taupo (Waikato Entrance; Tapuaeharuru Bay) - 07/1907/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 2325 Plans in Lake Taupo (Western Bay; Wahi Bay; Motupapa Bay; Boat Harbour incl Kawakawa Point - 03/2003/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 24 Western Approaches to South Island - 04/0504/2005$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 2411 The Snares and Solander Islands (Ho Ho Bay) - 02/1802/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 25 (INT 648) New Zealand, South Island - 06/1206/2012$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 252 Lake Wakatipu (Queenstown Bay to Picnic Point; Frankton Arm to Queenstown Bay and Queenstown Bay) - 03/2003/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 26 East Cape to Cook Strait including Chatham Islands - 03/2003/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 268 Chatham Islands - 06/1806/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 2683 Approaches to Waitangi (Ocean Bay; Port Hutt) - 12/1312/2013$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 2685 Plans in the Chatham Islands (Port Waitangi Wharf; Waitangi Bay; Kaingaroa Harbour) -08/1808/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 2687 Pitt strait (Owenga; Flower Pot) - 12/1312/2013$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 27 Chatham Islands to Bounty Islands - 4/0504/2005$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 28 Stewart Island to Macquarie Island - 04/0504/2005$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 286 Auckland Islands -07/1707/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 2862 Plans in the Auckland Islands (Enderby Island to Smith Harbour; Smith Harbour to South Cape) - 07/1707/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 29 Stewart Island to Campbell Island - 04/0504/2005$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 31 Bounty and Antipodes Islands and part of the Southern Ocean - 04/0504/2005$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 3111 Campbell Islands, Bounty Islands and the Antipodes Island Group (Campbell island; Perseverance Harbour; Bounty Islands - 2 scales; Antipodes Island Group; Anchorage Bay); - 06/0806/2008$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 41 North Cape - 05/1805/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4111 Three Kings Islands (North West Bay; South West Bay) - 04/1804/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 42 Cape Reinga to Manukau Harbour - 05/1805/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4212 Hokianga Harbour (Bar and Entrance) - 01/1801/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4265 Kaipara Harbour - 04/1804/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 43 Manuku Harbout to Cape Egmont - 07/1907/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4314 Manukau Harbour (LPG Terminal) - 05/1205/2012$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4315 Approaches to Onehunga: Onehunga Wharf - 08/1108/2011$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4421 Raglan Harbour - 07/0107/2001$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4423 Kawhia Harbour - 03/2003/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4424 Taharoa Offshore Terminal - 02/1302/2013$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 443 Approaches to Port Taranaki - 04/2204/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4432 Taranaki Roads: Port Taranaki (Taranaki Roads; Port Taranaki) - 04/224/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 45 Cape Egmont to Rangitikei River - 07/0107/2001$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4541 Appraoches to Wanganui (Whanganui River & Castlecliffe Whaves) - 03/2003/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 46 Cook Strait - 07/1907/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 463 Approaches to Wellington - 03/1503/2015$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4631 Rauoterangi Channel and Kapiti Island - 12/1612/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4632 Approaches to Porirua Harbour - 06/2006/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4633 Wellington Harbour - 12/1412/2014$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 4634 Wellington Harbour Entrance and Plans of Wharves (Evans Bay; Lambton Harbour; Pont Howard and Seaview Wharves) - 12/1412/2014$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 48 Western Approaches to Cook Strait - 05/1705/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 51 Tauroa Point to Cape Brett - 05/1705/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5111 Plans Between Parengarenga and Whangaruru (Parengarenga Harbour, Mangonui Harbour, Whangaruru Harbour) - 04/0104/2001$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5113 Rangaunu Bay and Awanui River Approaches (Awanui River, Houhora Harbour) - 03/1703/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5114 Doubtless Bay; Whangaroa Harbour - 03/1703/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 512 Cape Karikari to Cape Brett - 05/1705/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5121 Cavalli Passage - 10/9410/1994$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5124 Plans in the Bay of Islands (Kerikeri Inlet and Te Puna Inlet, Approaches to opua, Opua Wharf) - 11/1511/2015$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5125 Bay of Islands - 11/1511/2015$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 52 Cape Brett to Cuvier Island - 05/1705/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 521 Cape Brett to Bream Tail - 12/1612/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5212 Plans between Whangamumu and Omaha Cove (Whangamumu Harbour, Tutukaka Harbour, Omaha Cove) - 10/1610/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5214 Marsden Point - 06/1406/2014$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5215 Whangarei Harbour - 02/1902/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5216 Poor knights Islands, High Peak Rocks and Sugarloaf Rock - 06/1306/2013$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5217 Plans in Whangarei Harbour - 12/1812/18$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5219 Approaches to Marsden Point - 09/1309/2013$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 522 Bream Tail to Kawau Island Including Great Barrier Island - 10/1810/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5221 Craddock Channel and Mokohinau Islands - 07/1707/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5222 Great Barrier Island (Aotea Island) - 07/1707/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5223 Great Barrier Island (Northwestern Part) - 07/1707/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5224 Great Barrier Island (Southern Part) - 07/1707/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5227 Goat Island to Waiwera River - 06/1806/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 53 Bream Head to Slipper Island including Hauraki Gulf - 05/1705/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 531 Great Barrier to Mercury Bay - 02/1702/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5312 Cape Colville to Great Mercury Island (Ahuahu) incl. Cuivier Island (Repanga Island) - 11/1511/2015$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5314 Mercury Islands - 05/1505/2015$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5315 Mercury Bay - 06/1406/2014$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5316 Whitianga Harbour - 08/1508/2015$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5318 Great Mercury Island to Otara Bay (Whitianga Harbour) - 05/2205/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 532 Approaches to Auckland -09/2209/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5321 Mahurangi Harbour to Rangitoto Island - 09/1809/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5322 Auckland Harbour East - 12/2012/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5323 Auckland Harbour West - 12/2012/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5324 Tamaki Strait and Approaches Including Waiheke Island - 09/1809/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5325 Tamaki River - 09/1809/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5327 Waiheke Island to Coromandel Peninsular - 05/2205/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5328 Coromandel Harbour - 05/2205/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 533 Firth of Thames - 09/2209/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 534 Mercury Bay to Katikati Entrance - 09/2209/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 54 Cuvier Island to East Cape - 07/2007/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 541 Mayor Island to Town pont (Okurei Point) - 01/9801/1998$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5411 Tauranga Harbour, Katikati Entrance to Mount Maungnui - 06/1506/2015$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5412 Port of Tauranga - 04/2104/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5413 Approaches to Tauranga - 09/1509/2015$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 542 Motiti Island to Pehitari Point (Whakatane River Entrance; Ohiwa Harbout Entrance) - 03/2003/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5423 Approaches to White Island - 01/2001/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 55 Cape Runaway to Table Cape (Ranfurly Bank) - 07/2007/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5551 Plans on the East Coast (Waipiro Bay; Tokomaru Bay; Hicks Bay; Anaura Bay; Tolaga Bay)- 06/2006/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5571 Poverty Bay and Approaches to Gisborne (Gisborne Harbour and Entrance) - 06/1606/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 56 Table Cape to Blackhead Point - 02/1702/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 561 Approaches to Napier - 11/2211/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 5612 Napier Roads: Napier Harbour (Napier Roads; Napier Harbour) - 09/2209/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 57 Blackhead Point to Castle Point (Castlepoint Anchorage) - 04/1704/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 58 Castle Point to Cape Palliser - 03/1709/2001$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 61 Karamea River to Stephens Island - 07/1907/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 614 Tasman Bay (Tarakohe Harbour; Port Motueka; Mapua) - 09/1509/2015$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6142 Nelson Harbour and Entrance (Port Nelson) - 07/1507/2015$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6144 Abel Tasman (Port Golden Bay - Tarakohe) - 07/1907/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 615 Marlborough Sounds - 03/2203/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6151 Plans in the Marlborough Sounds (Approaches to Te Aumiti/French Pass; Te Aumiti/French Pass; Forsyth and Guards Bays; Port Gore; Stephens Passage) - 12/2112/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6152 Pelorus Sound and Havelock (Havelock) - 12/2112/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6153 Queen Charlotte Sound - 04/1904/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6154 Tory Channel Entrance: Picton Harbour: Picton Wharves (Tory Channel Entrance; Picton Harbour; Picton Wharves) - 01/1901/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6155 Queen Charlotte Sound/Totaranui Northern Approaches06/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 62 Cape Palliser to Kaikoura Peninsula - 07/1907/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6212 Plans on the North East Coast of South Island (Port Underwood; Kaikoura Peninsula; Ingles Bay; South Bay) - 04/1904/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 63 Kaikoura Peninsula to Banks Peninsula - 07/1907/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 632 Banks Peninsula - 02/2002/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6321 Lyttelton Harbour: Port of Lyttelton (Lyttelton Harbour; Port of Lyttelton) - 01/2001/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6324 Akaroa Harbour - 04/1604/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 64 Banks Peninsula to Otago Peninsula - 12/1612/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6422 Approaches to Timaru: Timaru Harbour (Approaches to Timaru; Timaru Harbour) - 06/1606/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6433 Approaches to Oamaru: Oamaru Harbour (Approaches to Oamaru; Oamaru Harbour) - 06/1606/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 66 Katiki to Nugget Point - 01/0301/2003$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 661 Approaches to Otago Harbour - 07/1607/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6612 Otago Harbour: Port Chalmers: Dunedin Wharfs (Otago Harbour; Port Chalmers; Dunedin Wharfs) - 07/0406/2018$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 68 Nugget Point to Raratoka Island including Centre Island - 07/1607/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 681 Approaches to Bluff and Riverton/Aparima (Riverton/Aparima) - 06-1606/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6821 Bluff Harbour and Entrance: Port of Bluff (Bluff Harbour Entrance; Port of Bluff) - 07/1707/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6825 Paterson Inlet/Whaka A Te Wera - ( Paterson Inlet/Whaka A Te Wera; Horeshoe Bay to Ulva Island; Continuation West to Prices Inlet) - 07/1707/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 69 Stewart Island/ Rakiura - 07/1607/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 6912 Plans in Stewart Island/Rakiura (Port Adventure and Lords River/Tutaekawetoweto; Port Pegasus/Pikihatiti; East Harbour) - 07/1707/2017$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 71 Greymouth to Kahurangi Point - 03/0203/2002$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 7132 Approaches to Westport (Westport Harbour) - 06/2006/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 7142 Greymouth Harbour and Approaches (appraoches to Greymouth; Greymouth Harbour) - 06/2006/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 72 Cape Foulwind to Heretaniwha Point - 03/2003/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 73 Abut Head to Milford Sound: Jackson Bay (Jackson Bay) - 03/0203/2002$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 76 Western Approaches to Foveaux Strait - 08/0908/2009$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 7621 Milford Sound/Piopiotahi; Deep Water Basin and fresh Water Basin - 06/2006/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 7622 Milford Sound/Piopiotahi to Sutherland Sound - 06/1606/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 7623 Bligh Sound to Caswell Sound - 09/2109/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 7624 Charles Sound to Dagg Sound (Deep Cove) - 10/2110/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 7625 Thompson Sound and Doubtful Sound/Patea; Neck Cove and Deas Cove; Patea Passage (Gaol Passage) - 06/2106/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 7653 Breaksea and Dusky Sound - 10/2110/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 7654 Chalky and Preservation inlets (North Port; South Port) - 07/1607/2016$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 7655 Breaksea Sound - 06/2106/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 7656 Dusky Sound - 07/2107/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart TO 101 Tonga - (Was NZ 82) 05/2305/2023$NZ22.50
    Chart TO 201 Niuatopuatpu Group and Niuafo'ou (Niuatoputapu and Tafahi; Niuafo'ou; Niuatoputapu Harbour; Niuatoputapu Harbour Entrance) - 02/2202/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart TO 402 Ha'apai Group - southern portion and Namuka Groups - 08/2108/2021$NZ22.50
    ChartTO 301 Neiafu Harbour - 02/2202/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 8235 Anchorages in the Friendly Islands (Ofolanga Island and Anchorage) - 10/9310/1993$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 8238 Approaches to Lifuka (Ava Limi Moto Entrance) - 04/0504/2005$NZ22.50
    Chart TO 401 Ha'apai Group - northern portion - 08/2108/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 8259 Nomuka Group - 07/9307/1993$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 8266 Anchorages in Tonga (Nomuka Harbour) - 07/9307/1993$NZ22.50
    Chart TO 501 Approaches to Tongatapu including 'Eua - 08/2008/2020$NZ22.50
    Chart TO 502 Approaches to Nuku'alofa Harbour - 02/2202/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart TO 504 Nuku'alofa Harbour - 02/2201/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart NU 131 Niue (Alofi Anchorage; Alofi Landing) - 04/2104/2021$NZ22.50
    Chart WS 111 Samoa Islands - 04/2304/2023$NZ22.50
    Chart WS 412 Plans in Upolu Island 02/2302/2023$NZ22.50
    Chart WS 211 Apolima Strait (Matautu Bay) - 04/2304/2023$NZ22.50
    Chart WS 213 Plans in Apolima Strait (Salelologa Harbour, Mulifanua Harbour) - 10/2210/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart WS 311 Approaches to Apia - 04/2304/2023$NZ22.50
    Chart WS 312 Apia Harbour - 01/2201/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart TK 121 Tokelau (Atafu; Nukunonu; Fakaofo) - 01/2201/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart NZ 14628 Cook Islands - 08/19 (Was NZ 93)08/2019$NZ22.50
    Chart CK 141 Plans of the Cook Islands - north (Pukapuka; Nassau; Suwarrow; Suwarrow Lagoon Entr; Manihiki; Manihiki Anchorage; Rakahnga; Penrhyn; Taruia Passage to Gudgeon Bay; Taruia Passage - 01/2201/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart CK 142 Plans of the Cook Islands - southern sheet (Aitutaki; Arutanga Anchorage; Palmerston; Mitiaro; Mauke; Manuae; Takutea; Atiu; Mangaia) - 01/2201/2022$NZ22.50
    Chart CK 242 Rarotonga (Approaches to Avatiu & Avarua Harbours; Avatiu Harbour) - 01/2201/2022$NZ22.50
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