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Building a Strip Canoe, 2nd EditionGil Gilpatrick$NZ50.00
Building Outrigger Sailing CanoesGary Dierking$NZ45.00
Building Strip-Planked BoatsNick Schade$NZ43.00
Building the Greenland KayakChristopher Cunningham$NZ46.00
CanoecraftTed Moores$NZ75.00
KayakcraftTed Moores$NZ75.00
Kayaks You Can BuildTed Moores & Greg Rossel$NZ90.00
Sea Kayak Home StudyCoastguard Boating Education$NZ45.00
Strip-Built Sea Kayak, TheNick Schade$NZ49.00
The Complete Sea Kayaker's HandbookShelley Johnson$NZ41.00