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    by Michael Daly-. Softback, 0.47 kgs, 175mm x 235mm, 176 pages. Published 2012

    Foraging for wild foods is gaining momentum around the country.
    Divided according to edible weeds, food foraged from the fields, forest and seashore and a pantry section, Michael Daly provides identification notes and recipes that demonstrate the use of wild foods in everyday cooking. He promotes the health-giving, nutritional benefits of foraging, using wild ingredients to add flavour and zest to the recipes. From Chickweed and Potato Samosas to Wild Mock Strawberry and Passionfruit Tartlets, there is plenty of opportunity to experiment with new ways to incorporate wild foods in your cooking. Colour photographs identify each food, and safety guidelines highlight the care that must be taken when gathering wild foods.

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    by Paul Pfluger. Hardback, 1.25 kgs, 230mm x 295mm, 191 pages. Published 2018

    Capturing life at sea through engaging photographs, compelling stories, and authentic fisherman’s recipes, this characterful volume is a one-of-a-kind companion for all sea lovers with a sense of adventure and appetite.

    Captain’s Dinner is a maritime journey of discovery through the world of fishing. What does it mean to be dependent on the vagaries of nature on a daily basis? What is it like to haul in fishing nets in rain and galeforce 8 wind? How do freshly caught breams, herring, etc. actually end up on deck by lunch break and on the plate by night? In search of answers, photographer Paul Pflüger braved the wind and weather to accompany 27 fishermen at work on European seas, observing their daily routine over several months. The result is a lively, intimate, and unadulterated logbook of fishing and life at sea.

    The featured fishermen also share their own favorite, previously-unpublished seafood dishes, from fried onion herb herring to Irish surf & turf or cold smoked mullet. With more than 50 delicious, simple seafood recipes.

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    by Sonja Brodie. Softback, 0.14 kgs, 100mm x 160mm, 173 pages. Published 2017

    This handy pocket-sized reference book is packed with invaluable advice for feeding a hungry crew for a weekend, a week, a month or even a long-term cruise or ocean passage. A third of the book contains simple but delicious recipe ideas, but most of the book is packed with tips, tricks and guidance from someone who learnt all the secrets (and the pitfalls) during a 2-year cruise with only a single paraffin burner.

    The book covers: cooking whilst underway; cooking in harbour; food storage tips; how to equip or modify the galley for weekend or long-term cruising; how to provision and plan for coastal cruises or ocean passages; preparing freshly caught fish; baking bread aboard; using a pressure cooker; speed cooking; different foods available in different climates; and much, much more.

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    by Fiona Sims. Softback, 0.54 kgs, 188mm x 220mm, 176 pages. Published 2017

    An expert look at the drinking culture in key sailing spots around the world. The book is split into five regions: Atlantic, Med, Baltic, Pacific, and Caribbean, and author Fiona Sims encourages us to explore each region and discover what locals like to drink, how it's made, where to go to drink it, and what is best to eat with it. In doing so she uncovers distilleries, breweries and wineries all within a short taxi ride of the harbour and shows us how to make the most of traditional markets.

    As well as giving us the insider knowledge on fabulous locations worldwide, The Boat Drinks Book gets in on the making too. Cocktail and drink recipes inspire us to whip up something delicious – using local liqueurs, wines, spirits and produce – to sip on deck at the end of a long day's cruising or exploring. There's even a scattering of recipes for ultimate boat nibbles, inspired by each region, from tapenade to salsa to stuffed piquillo peppers.

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    COASTAL KITCHEN Fresh and Creative New Zealand Cuisine
    Photograpy by Ian Batchelor. Hardback, 0.95 kgs, 255mm x 220mm, 191 pages. Published 2016
    Fish and seafood dishes feature prominently in this (2015) edition. A full range of delicious meats, vegetarian dishes and desserts are also included to create a substantial recipe book that will cater to all tastes. From lively beach cafes with windswept backdrops to harbourside fine dining; from serene vineyards with sensational sea views to culinary caravans right on the sand, a wide variety of eateries have contributed their favourite recipes to form this collection.

    The extraordinary photographic talent of Ian Batchelor captures the food in situ, weaving in gorgeous coastal shots to truly capture the seaside eating experience and New Zealand's magnificent coastline

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    ByBy Fiona Sims. Paperback, 0.50 kgs, 188mm x 220mm, 160 pages, full colour photos. 2nd Edition 2019

    Subtitled "Real food for Hungry Sailors", this 2nd Edition of The Boat CookBook is designed for anyone with a tiny galley kitchen and an appetite for fresh, gorgeous food.

    For anyone with a tiny galley kitchen, there's good news: no more bland leftovers aboard. These delicious and easy recipes, all made with minimum fuss and maximum flavour, will allow you to spoil yourself in harbour and keep things simple at sea – not to mention rustle up a mean rum punch. With handy ideas on setting up the galley, a lazy guide to filleting mackerel and tips for hosting the perfect beach barbecue, this is the must-have guide for sailors and seaside-lovers alike. Scattered throught this book are lots of hints, tips and bits of lore.

    Includes recipe contributions from top chefs, and sailing legends (Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Mike Golding, Brian Thompson, Shirley Robertson and Dee Caffari).

    With wonderful photography and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, this will be an invaluable addition to the food lover's kitchen or galley.

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    By Auckland Seafood Schook. Paperback, 1.06 kgs, 210mm x 260mm, 288 pages, full colour photos. Paperback Edition 2017

    The Auckland Seafood School’s second cookbook, showcasing 250+ cooking school recipes for you to enjoy. Kiwis love seafood – be it salmon, snapper, mussels, scallops or blue cod, there is nothing quite like enjoying succulent fresh fish or shellfish cooked at home. As well as a collection of delicious recipes, The Complete New Zealand Seafood Cookbook is also your go-to book for all things seafood with advice on:

  • Catching, handling, purchasing and storing fish
  • Preparing fish at home, including scaling, gutting, filleting, boning and skinning as well as cleaning and preparing shellfish
  • As well as 250+ delicious recipes we have included 6 basic fish recipes – baking, steaming, poaching, frying, smoking and BBQ.
  • How to choose the ideal seafood option for a meal using the visual identification guide.

    From smoked fish pie and whitebait fritters to fish burgers, gumbo and paella. The book will also take you on a journey of flavours from around the world – all matched with our delicious, fresh and seasonal New Zealand Seafood.

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    By Dee Pigneguy and Sonja Raela. Paperback, 0.49kg, 240mm x 225mm, 116 pages, full colour photographs. Published in 2011.
    Delicious, mouthwatering, luscious, delectable... are there enough superlatives to describe the food from Sonja's Kitchen? These remarkably simple dishes are replete with healthy vitality and infused with flavour. Based on traditional, nutrient-dense fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry and seafood, with accents of ginger, lime, lemon, basil, garlic and coconut, Sonja's dishes excite the palate.
    This is sustainable cuisine!
    All over the world people are searching for better ways of growing food and sustaining life. On the South Pacific Island of Aitutaki, Sonja and Tauono relied on their organic plantation and vegetable garden to supply fresh fruits and vegetables for Tauono's Organic Garden Cafe, putting ecologically sustainable theories into practice.

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    RELUCTANT COOK. The none-cook's cookbook.
    By Jane Gibb. Pbk, 128mm x 200mm, 176 pages, monochrome drawings. This is a reissue of a very popular book, written with humour and commonsense to stop it being hard to digest, the Reluctant Cook gives the no-frills low-down on getting good food to the table quickly with minimum fuss, it will encourage the uninspired to triumph.
    This great little book will also help if you are in a caravan or even a student restricted by a short budget. There is a section on cooking dried beans and lentils, so if you are wanting to get ideas for cooking with them this is where to start. And at the start of the book there is a very good section on victualling, so those new to the cruising scene and wondering where to start, this is it.

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    By Carl Scott, Paperback, 148mm x 210mm, 32 pages, colour photos.
    Carl Scott has been a keen fisherman, free diver and hunter for most of his life. His passionate pursuit of outdoor leisure, fish and game is interrupted only by his work as a builder, and the construction of his own "Bushfire" brand of fish smokers.
    Combining a love of seafood with the unique flavours and aromas captured by the smoking process, it was only a matter of time before Carl felt the need to share some of his own personal recipes, and some from his equally enthusiastic friends.
    Some of the techniques and recipes in the book have been designed for use with the "Bushfire Smoker", whilst others have been written for the smaller, compact-type smokers used by the majority of beginners. The principles remain the same though, and hopefully will encourage yout o experiment.

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    By Carolyn Shearlock & Jan Irons, Paperback, 0.76kg, 180mm x 232mm, 450 pages. Published in 2013.
    Whether you're planning a weekend sail or a cruise around the world, The Boat Galley Cookbook will help you get the most out of your boat kitchen. Practical tips from substitutions, provisioning, and food storage to troubleshooting oven hot spots accompany more than 800 everyday recipes designed to be made without electrical appliances. Two of the boat-special topics are Yeast Breadmaking 101 and Thermos Cooking. A taste of the many delicious recipes include:
  • Apple breakfast bread
  • Braided bread
  • Shipwreck stew
  • Whole roast chicken
  • Tangy dipping sauce
  • Buffalo chicken dip
  • Vegetable salad a la que tal
  • Hummus
  • Szechwan Lobster
  • Kristianan fish bone soup
  • World's best pizza on the grill
  • holding ground mud cake

    The Boat Galley Cookbook will be a trusted reference for your boat and a source of inspiration for many tasty meals shared in your cockpit.

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    By Rick Stein. Paperback, 133mm x 183mm, 208 pages, full colour photographs.
    Rick Stein is one of the best-loved chefs, restaurateurs and authors. Passionate about fish, Rick has chosen his best recipes for this book, from simple suppers to pasta and rice dishes to food for friends.

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    By Chris Fortune. Paperback,0.28kg, 164mm x 210mm, 95 pages, full colour photographs.
    Anyone can have a go at smoking food and get excellent results. For those with less experience, this book provides straightforward information on getting started, including handy suggestions on how to use your smoked product. For those who are old hands at smoking, the wide range of mouth-watering recipes encourages you to get even more adventures with your smoker.
    All the recipes have been developed by Chris to help you get the most out of your smoker. Try his Hot-smoked Oysters with Tomato and Chilli Salsa or Hot-smoked Spicy Sausages. The Pork Ribs Hot-smoked over Oak are hard to beat, as are the Green Tea Smoked Duck or Chicken Breasts. The vegetable section has versatile Smoky Tomato Ketchup and there are also delicious recipes for smoking cheese, nuts, chocolate and much more. Also included...
  • pre-smoking processes and smoking techniques
  • which materials - wood, spices or herbs - to choose for different flavours
  • information on different types of smokers and how to use them
  • how to store smoked food, and a useful troubleshooting guide

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    Now NZ$10.00 + Delivery.

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