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    TitleCover ImageAuthorConditionPrice - click to buy
    A Glance AsternColin Verity Excellent Condition. Softback. 2003 NZ$50.00
    Immigrant Ships to AustraliaDacre Smyth Good Condition. Hardback. NZ$15.00
    Tuhiutuhi. William Hodges, Cook's painter in South PacificLaurence Simmons Good Condition. Hardback. 2011 NZ$40.00
    Decorative Arts of the MarinerGervis Frere-Cook Fair Condition. Hardback. 1966 NZ$30.00
    Earth From The AirYann Arthus-Bertrand Excellent Condition. Hardback. 2007 NZ$45.00
    Canoes of OceaniaHaddon & Hornell Very Good Condition. Softback. Combined 3 Volume Edition 1975 NZ$300.00
    Chasing Science at SeaEllen Prager Fair Condition. Hardback. 2008 NZ$20.00
    The Hawaiian CanoeTommy Holmes Very Good Condition. Hardback. 1993 NZ$90.00
    NMM Guide to Maritime BritainKeith Wheatley Excellent Condition. Hardback. 1990 NZ$10.00
    Guide to the Flags of the WorldMauro Talocci Good Condition, Hardback 1987 NZ$15.00
    Once upon an Isle - The story of fishing families on Isle RoyaleHoward Stiverson Very Good Condition, Hardback 1992 NZ$20.00
    The Adventurers of BermudaHenry C Wilkinson Good Condition, Hardback 1958 NZ$25.00
    Tropical and Other Diseases commonly met with in Melanesia & PolynesiaClifford S James Fair Condition, Hardback 5th NZ$10.00
    Atlas of Maritime History Ricahrd Natkiel Good Condition, Hardback 1986 NZ$20.00
    Riggers Apprentice Brion Toss Fair Condition, Hardback 1984 NZ$30.00
    Country Life book of Nautical Terms Under SailCountry Life Fair Condition, Hardback 1978 NZ$30.00
    Dictionary of Nautical Words and TermsC W Layton Fair Condition, Hardback 1978 NZ$15.00
    Seven Centuries of Sea travelB W Bathe Good Condition. Hardback with dustjacket 1973 NZ$20.00
    Ship to ShorePeter D Jeans Good Condition. Softback 2004 NZ$25.00
    Illustrated Marine Encyclopedia 1890Captain H Paasch Good Condition. Facsimile Hardback 1977 NZ$150.00
    Falconer's Marine Dictionary (1780) Fair / Good Condition. Reprinted Undated Facsimile Hardback NZ$65.00
    Nautical Antiques for the CollectorJean Randier Fair Condition Hardback 1977 NZ$25.00
    Modelling Ships in Bottles Jack Needham Fair Condition Hardback 1985 NZ$15.00
    The Eternal Sea. An Anthology of Sea Poetry W Williamson Fair Condition Hardback Undated NZ$30.00
    Bermuda's Sailors of FortuneSister Jean de Chantal Kennedy Very Good Condition. Paperback 1963 NZ$15.00
    Dictionary of Nautical Terms Fair Condition. Hardback 1961 NZ$15.00
    Sailing in Glass Joop Van Schouten Fair Condition. Hardback 1981 NZ$20.00
    MaritimeaCharles Gritzner Excellent Condition. Hardcover 2009 NZ$10.00
    Los Grandes Puertos De Las Baleares; Palma, Alcudia, Mahon, Ibiza.Joan AlemanyExcellent Condition. (English translation at the back). Hardback 2001. NZ$25.00
    Swedish LighthousesMagnus RietzExcellent Condition. Hardback. 2001 NZ$45.00
    Weather At SeaDag Pike Excellent Condition. Hardback. 1994 NZ$10.00