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  • Code Number and TitleCover ImageAuthorConditionPrice - click to buy
    #(981) EnduranceAlfred Lansing Good condition. Hardback 1959. NZ$45.00
    #(982) Scott of the AntarcticDavid Crane Good condition. Softback 2012. NZ$15.00
    #(983) Captain Cook's WorldJohn Robson Excellent condition. Hardback 2000. NZ$50.00
    #(984) Anatomy of a Ship. EndeavourKarl Heinz Marquardt Very Good condition. Hardback 1995. NZ$350.00
    #(988) Captain Cook's WorldJohm Robson Excellent condition. Hardback 2000. NZ$50.00
    #(9811) The Race to the White ContinentAlan Gurney Excellent Condition. Hardback 2000. NZ$30.00
    #(9812) PathfindersFelipe Fernandez-Armesto Excellent Condition. Hardback 2006. NZ$30.00
    #(9813) The Ice MasterJennifer Niven Very Good Condition. Hardback 2000. NZ$30.00
    #(9814) The Voyage of the BeagleCharles Darwin Excellent Condition. Hardback 1987. NZ$30.00
    #(9815) H.M. Bark EndeavourRay Parkin Excellent Condition. Softback 2006. NZ$60.00
    #(9817) CookRob Mundle Excellent Condition. Hardback 2013. NZ$30.00
    #(9818) ErebusMichael Palin Excellent Condition. Softback 1981. NZ$25.00
    #(9819) William Bligh. A Voyage to the South SeaWilliam Bligh Fair/ Good Condition.Facsimilie Edition. Hardback 1979. NZ$65.00
    #(9820) Hell and Paradise Peter Clarke Fair Condition. Hardback 1986. NZ$20.00
    #(9821) Strangers in Paradise Martin Sutton Fair Condition. Hardback 1995. NZ$20.00
    #(9822) The Shackleton Letters Regina Daly Good Condition. Soft back 2009. NZ$40.00
    #(9823) The Voyages of Captain Cook Rex & Thea Rienits Good Condition. Hardback 1968. NZ$20.00