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Liners, Merchant Ships and Shipping

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  • Code Number and TitleCover ImageAuthorConditionPrice - click to buy
    #(973) Ship. 5000 Years Maritime AdventureBrian Lavery Fair/ Good Condition, Hardback. 2004 NZ$30.00
    #(974) Ships and Shipyards. Sailors and FishermenRosenkilde and Baggar Good Condition, Hardback. 1972 NZ$10.00
    #(975) Travelling by Sea in the Nineteenth CenturyBasil Greenhill and Ann Giffard Fair Condition, Hardback. 1972 NZ$20.00
    #(977) Rex Maurizio Eliseo Excellent Condition. Hardback 1992. NZ$150.00
    #(979) The Lore of ShipsNordbooks Fair/ Good Condition. Hardback 1975 NZ$30.00
    #(9710) List of Shipowners 1979-80Lloyd's Register of Shipping Average Condition, Hardback. 1979 NZ$50.00
    #(9712) The Riddle of the TitanicRobin Gardiner Good Condition, Softback. 1995 NZ$15.00
    #(9713) Liners. The Golden AgeAlfred Lund Good Condition, Hardback. 1999 NZ$30.00
    #(9714) Ships of the PastCharles Davis Good Condition, Hardback. 1977 NZ$35.00
    #(9720) Tug Booms & BargesR Sheret Excellent Condition, Softback. 1999 NZ$25.00
    #(9721) AquitaniaMark D Warren Good Condition, Hardback 1988 NZ$40.00
    #(9725) The Engine Powered VesselW A Baker Good Condition, Hardback with dustjacket. 1972 NZ$25.00
    #(9742) Cockatoo Island John Jeremy Excellent condition. Hardback. 1998 NZ$25.00
    #(9751) Ocean Liner Odyssey 1958-1969Theodore W Scull Excellent Condition, Softback. 1998 NZ$20.00
    #(9766) Pictorial Encyclopedia of Ocean Liners 1860-1994William H Miller Excellent Condition, Softback. 1995 NZ$20.00
    #(9767) Great Luxury Liners 1927-1954William H Miller Good Condition, Softback. 1981 NZ$15.00
    #(9773) North Atlantic Panorama 1900-1976P Ransome-Wallis Excellent Condition, Hardback. 1977 NZ$25.00
    #(9774) Merchant Ship PanoramaP Ransome-Wallis Excellent Condition, Hardback. 1980 NZ$25.00
    #(9776) TrampMichael Krieger Excellent Condition, Hardback. 1986 NZ$30.00
    #(9778) North Atlantic Seaway. Volume 1N R P Bonsor Excellent Condition, Hardback. 1975 NZ$25.00
    #(9779) North Atlantic Seaway. Volume 2N R P Bonsor Excellent Condition, Hardback. 1978 NZ$25.00
    #(9780) North Atlantic Seaway. Volume 3N R P Bonsor Excellent Condition, Hardback. 1979 NZ$25.00
    #(9781) North Atlantic Seaway. Volume 4N R P Bonsor Excellent Condition, Hardback. 1979 NZ$25.00
    #(9782) North Atlantic Seaway. Volume 5N R P Bonsor Excellent Condition, Hardback. 1980 NZ$25.00
    #(9787) Motor Ships of the ThirtiesWilliam Torrance Excellent Condition, Hardback. 1988 NZ$25.00
    #(9795) Sail, Steam and SplendourByron S Miller Good Condition, Hardback. 1977 NZ$30.00
    #(9796) The First Great Ocean Liners in PhotographsWilliam H Miller Jr Excellent Condition, Softback. 1984 NZ$15.00
    #(9799) The Fabulous Interiors of the Great Ocean LinersWilliam H Miller Jr Excellent Condition, Softback. 1985 NZ$15.00
    #(97106) Oriana. From Dream to RealityP & O Cruises Excellent Condition, Hardback. 1995 NZ$35.00
    #(97122) Beau VoyageJohn Malcolm Brinnin Good Condition, Hardback. 1981 NZ$20.00
    #(97125) Grand LuxeJohn Malcolm Brinnin Very Good Condition, Hardback. 1988 NZ$50.00