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Seamanship and Education Books

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  • Code Number and TitleCover ImageAuthorConditionPrice - click to buy
    #(961) Wind-Vane Self SteeringBill Belcher Good Condition. Paperback 1997 NZ$30.00
    #(962) The Mariner's Handbook NP100BA Excellent Condition. 11th ED. Hardback 1986 NZ$50.00
    #(963) Boating For AllMike and Dee Pigneguy Excellent Condition. Paperback 2007 NZ$15.00
    #(964) Heavy Weather Sailing - 6th ed.Peter Bruce Excellent Condition. Hardback 2008 NZ$50.00
    #(965) Sea SenseRichard Henderson Fair Condition. Hardback 1975 NZ$20.00
    #(966) A Square Rig HandbookFrank Scott Excellent Condition. Hardback 2001 NZ$150.00
    #(967) RYA CEVNI HandbookRYA Excellent Condition. Softback. 2010 NZ$10.00
    #(968) STCW. 2017 Edition IMO Excellent Condition. Hardback. 2017 NZ$150.00
    #(969) Instant Weather Forecasting Alan Watts Good Condition. Hardback. 1971 NZ$20.00
    #(9610) Practical Seamanship IllustratedRobert Das Good Condition. Softback. 1987 NZ$25.00
    #(9611) Safety in Small CraftCBE Excellent Condition. Softback. 2020 NZ$35.00
    #(9612) Meteorology for SeamanCmmdr Burgess Fair Condition. Hardback. 1950 NZ$25.00
    #(9613) RYA YachtmasterRYA Excellent Condition. softback. 2002 NZ$15.00
    #(9614) RYA Inland Waterways HandbookRYA Excellent Condition. softback. 2010 NZ$20.00
    #(9615) RYA Weather Handbook - Southern HemisphereChris Tibbs Good Condition. Paperback. 2006 NZ$20.00
    #(9616) Handling Small Boats in Heavy WeatherFrank Robb Fair Condition. Hardback. 1970 NZ$20.00
    #(9617) Heavy Weather SailingPeter Bruce Excellent Condition. Hardback. 1999 NZ$40.00
    #(9618) Weather-wise BoatingGoeff Sivess Very Good Condition. Paperback. 2003 NZ$15.00
    #(9619) RYA Sea Survival HandbookKeith Colwell Good Condition. Paperback. 2008 NZ$25.00
    #(9620) Storm Tactics DVD Lin Pardey Dvd NZ$25.00
    #(9621) RYA Manual of SeamanshipTom Cunliffe Excellent Condition. Hardback. 2007 NZ$50.00
    #(9622) Heavy Weather Sailing - 4th ed.Peter Bruce Excellent Condition. Paperback 1996 NZ$30.00
    #(9623) Nicholl's Seamanship and Nautical KnowledgeCapt H Brown Fair Condition. Hardback. 1961 NZ$20.00
    #(9626) Symbols Terms and Abbreviations used on Charts - NZ201NZ Hydrographic Office Fair Condition. Paperback. 1995 NZ$15.00
    #(9628) Reeds Lights, Shapes & Buoyage Handbook Simon Jollands Very Good Condition. Softback. 2019 NZ$20.00
    #(9629) Understanding WeatherfaxMike Harris Good Condition. Softback. 2005 NZ$20.00
    #(9630) The Yacht Master's GuideFrank Carr Fair Condition. Hardback. 1943 NZ$40.00
    #(9631) RYA Training Almanac - SouthernRYA Good Condition. softback. 2006 NZ$20.00
    #(9632) Storm Tactics DVD Lin Pardey Dvd NZ$25.00
    #(9633) RYA Yachtmaster Handbook RYA Excellent Condition. Hardback 2021 NZ$50.00
    #(9635) RYA Weather Handbook Chris Tibbs Excellent Condition. Softback 2017 NZ$35.00