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Design, Boatbuilding, Mechanical and Maintenance

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  • TitleCover ImageAuthorConditionPrice - click to buy
    Practical Conversions and yacht Repairs Michael Verney Fair condition. Hardback 1957 NZ$25.00
    The Book of Wooden Boats Benjamin Mendleowitz Excellent condition. Hardback 1992 NZ$75.00
    Aluminium Boatbuilding Ernest H Sims Good condition. Hardback 2000 NZ$35.00
    Best Boats to Build or Buy Ferenc Mate Good condition. Hardback 1983 NZ$30.00
    Theory and Technique of Ship Design George C Manning Fair condition. Hardback 1956 NZ$35.00
    Sailboat Maintenance Clymer Publications Fair condition. Hardback 1975 NZ$25.00
    Skene's Elements of Yacht Design Revised and updated by Francis S. Kinney Average condition. Hardback 1973 NZ$30.00
    Ferrocement Yacht Construction Chris Cairncross Good condition. Hardback 1972 NZ$50.00
    Building Chine Boats Michael Verney Poor/Fair condition. Hardback 1965 NZ$25.00
    Sailing Boats Uffa Fox Fair condition. Hardback 1960 NZ$25.00
    The Finely Fitted Yacht. Volume II Exterior Ferenc Mate Fair condition. Hardback 1979 NZ$35.00
    Small Steel CraftIan Nicholson Fair Condition. Hardback. 1971. NZ$20.00
    The Way of a YachtAllan Hollingsworth Fair Condition. Hardback. 1974. NZ$10.00
    Yacht Design ExplainedSteve Killing Very Good bCondition. Hardback. 1998. NZ$180.00
    This Old Boat Don Casey Good condition. Hardback 1991 NZ$50.00
    Practical Mechanics. Griffins Nautical Series T Mackenzie Fair condition. Hardback 1920 NZ$20.00
    Naval Architecture of Planing Hulls Lindsay Lloyd Good condition. Hardback 1954 NZ$150.00
    The Science of Yachts Wind & Water H Kay Very Good condition. Hardback 1971 NZ$35.00
    Building Small Boats, Surf Craft and Canoes in FibreglassJeff Toghill Fair condition. Softback 1982 NZ$25.00
    Designed to WinRoger Marshall Good condition. Hardback 1979 NZ$35.00
    Boats with an Open Mind Philip C. Bolger Good condition. Paperback. 1994 NZ$25.00
    Sailing Theory and Practice C.A. Marchaj Excellent condition. Hardback. 1975 NZ$60.00
    Lapstrake BoatbuildingWalter J Simmons Good condition. Hardback. 1978 NZ$45.00
    Sailing Craft Edwin J Schoettle Fair condition. Hardback. 1955 NZ$35.00
    Marinize Your BoatIan Nicholson Fair Condition. Hardback. 1977. NZ$25.00
    The Finely Fitted YachtFerenc Mate Good Condition. Hardback. 1979. NZ$35.00
    The Sharpie BookReuel B Parker Good Condition. Softback. 1994. NZ$30.00
    The Gougeon Brothers on Boat ConstructionMeade Gougeon Excellent Condition. Hardback. 5th Ed 2005. NZ$85.00
    The 12 Volt Bible for BoatsMiner Bretherton Very Good Condition. Softback. 2003. NZ$20.00
    The Canoe ShopChris Kulczycki Excellent Condition. Softback. 2001. NZ$30.00
    Principles of Yacht Design Lars Larsson Good Condition. Hardback 2000 NZ$40.00
    Boatbuilding with Steel Gilbert C. Klingel Excellent Condition. Hardback. 1973. NZ$30.00
    Small Steel Craft Ian Nicholson Very Good Condition. Hardback. 1975. NZ$25.00
    The Proper YachtArthur Beiser Excellent Condition. Hardback. 1978. NZ$15.00
    The Guide to High Performance PowerboatingJoanne A Fishman Good Condition. Hardback. 1989. NZ$70.00
    The Offshore YachtA T Thornton Good Condition. Hardback. 1984. NZ$20.00
    Marinize Your BoatIan Nicholson Fair Condition. Hardback. 1977. NZ$20.00
    A Sail for all SeasonsIan Nicholson Good Condition. Softback. 1998. NZ$12.00
    Sailing Boats Uffa Fox Fair condition. Hardback 1959 NZ$30.00
    Pelin Boat Plans Catalogue Pelin Fair condition. Softback 2000 NZ$15.00
    Ferrocement Yacht Construction. Chris Cairncross Good condition. Hardback 1972 NZ$50.00
    How to Design a Boat John Teale Excellent condition. Softback 1992 NZ$25.00
    Enterprise to Endeavour. The J Class yachts Ian Dear Excellent condition. Hardback 1999 NZ$75.00
    Understanding Yacht Design Ian NicholsonExcellent Condition. Softback 2003. NZ$25.00
    How to Build a Wooden BoatDavid McIntosh Very Good Condition. Hardback. 1987. NZ$60.00
    Amateur Boat BuildingMichael Verney Good Condition. Hardback. 1952. NZ$25.00
    Self-Steering for Sailing CraftJohn S Letcher Fair/ Good Condition. Hardback 1978. NZ$50.00
    The Proper YachtArthur BeiserVery Good Condition. Hardback 1966. NZ$15.00
    Janet: The Restoration of a Victorian YachtJonathon watsonExcellent Condition. Hardback 1986. NZ$30.00
    Building the St Helena IICarroll M Gantz Excellent Condition. Hardback 2012. NZ$25.00