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Adventures and Narratives

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  • Code Number and TitleCover ImageAuthorConditionPrice - click to buy
    #(911) Islands of SurvivalWade Doak Good Condition. Hardback 1976 NZ$25.00
    #(912) The Boys in the BoatDaniel James Brown Good Condition. Softback 2014 NZ$25.00
    #(913) Fishing with JohnEdith Iglauer Good Condition. Softback 1988 NZ$25.00
    #(914) LonerPaul Rodgers Fair Condition. Hardback NZ$20.00
    #(915) Rowing the PacificMick Dawson Excellent Condition. Softback 2017 NZ$25.00
    #(916) Rounding the Horn Dallas Murphy Very Good Condition. Softback 2004 NZ$25.00
    #(917) The Sea is for Sailing Peter Pye Fair Condition. Hardback 1957 NZ$25.00
    #(918) A Fighting Chance Capt. John Ridgeway Fair Condition. Hardback 1967 NZ$10.00
    #(919) The Jason Voyage Tim Severin Good Condition. Hardback 1985 NZ$15.00
    #(9110) The China Voyage Tim Severin Very Good Condition. Hardback 1994 NZ$15.00
    #(9111) Shapes on the Wind David LewisFair Condition. Softback 2000 NZ$25.00
    #(9112) At the Tiller Iain Rutherford Fair Condition. Hardback 1947 NZ$30.00
    #(9113) Voyage of the Cap Pilar Adrian Seligman Fair/ Good Condition. Hardback 1947 NZ$25.00
    #(9114) Messing About In Boats John R Muir Fair Condition. Hardback 1945 NZ$40.00
    #(9115) If the Shoe Fits Rae Ellen Lee Excellent Condition. Hardback 2001 NZ$25.00
    #(9116) The Voyage of Waltzing MatildaPhilip Davenport Fair Condition. Hardback 1953 NZ$30.00
    #(9117) The Book of Puka-PukaRobert Dean Frisbie Fair Condition. Paperback 1957 NZ$25.00
    #(9118) Lonely Sea and the SkySir Francis Chichester Good Condition. Paperback 2002 NZ$25.00
    #(9119) Voyage of the StellaR D Lawrence Fair Condition. Hardback 1982 NZ$25.00
    #(9120) Ships, Sharks and Pirate GoldGraeme Wise Good Condition. Softback 1997 NZ$20.00
    #(9121) The Oceans are WaitingSharon Ragle Fair Condition. Hardback 2002 NZ$15.00
    #(9122) Fragile ParadiseGlynn Christian Fair Condition. Paperback, 1999 NZ$25.00
    #(9123) Give Me a ShipAlan Villiers Fair Condition, Hardback 1958 NZ$25.00
    #(9124) Voyaging Under SailEric C Hiscock Fair Condition, Hardback 1972 NZ$25.00
    #(9125) Serrafyn's Oriental AdventureLin & Larry Pardey Excellent Condition, Softback 1996 NZ$20.00
    #(9126) Sea and IslandsHammond Innes Fair Condition, Hardback 1967 NZ$25.00
    #(9127) Close to The WindPete GossGood Condition, Softback 1998 NZ$25.00
    #(9128) Down The WindJack CooteGood Condition, Hardback 1966 NZ$25.00
    #(9129) Macphersons' VoyagesEd. John Scott Hughes Fair Condition, Hardback 1946 NZ$20.00
    #(9130) Courage at SeaNaomi James Good Condition, Hardback 1987 NZ$20.00
    #(9131) Captain Bligh & Mr Christian Richard Hough Good Condition, Softback 1972 NZ$25.00
    #(9132) Kurun Around the World Le Toumelin Fair Condition, Hardback NZ$25.00
    #(9133) Voyage of the Tai-Mo-Shan Martyn Sherwood Fair Condition, Hardback 1946 NZ$10.00
    #(9134) Arctic 2 Antarctic Michael Holland and Janet King Very Good Condition, Hardback 2008 NZ$35.00
    #(9135) My Lively Lady Sir Alec Rose Good Condition, Hardback 1968 NZ$30.00
    #(9136) Seafaring TrilogyHal Roth Good Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 2006 NZ$30.00
    #(9137) Bull CanyonLin Pardey Fair Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 2011 NZ$20.00
    #(9138) From Family to CrewDr James Ellingford Good Condition, Softback 2013 NZ$25.00
    #(9139) Return in the WakeCathy Hawkins Good Condition. Hardback 1988 NZ$25.00
    #(9140) LongitudeDava Sobel Good Condition. Paperback 1998 NZ$15.00
    #(9141) RedbillKate Lance Excellent Condition. Softback 2004. NZ$15.00
    #(9142) Ships, Sharks and Pirate GoldGraeme Wise Good Condition. Softback 1997 NZ$20.00
    #(9143) Serpent in ParadiseDea Birkett Fair Condition. Hardback 1997. NZ$10.00
    #(9144) Sixty Years of YachtsHerbert Julyan Fair Condition. Hardback. NZ$30.00
    #(9145) Eternal WaveJhon Scott Hughes Fair Condition. Hardback 1951. NZ$25.00
    #(9146) LionheartJesse Martin Fair Condition. Softback 2000. NZ$15.00
    #(9147) Great Years in YachtingJohn Nicholson Fair Condition. Hardback 1970. NZ$25.00
    #(9148) The Voyage of the Tai-Mo-ShanMartyn Sherwood Fair Condition. Hardback 1946. NZ$15.00
    #(9149) Close to the WindPete Goss Fair Condition. Paperback 1999. NZ$15.00
    #(9150) Voyage to the IceDavid Lewis Fair Condition. Hardback 1979. NZ$25.00
    #(9151) First LadyKay Cottee Fair Condition. Softback 1990. NZ$25.00
    #(9152) To The Great Southern SeaWilliam A Robinson Fair Condition. Hardback 1973. NZ$30.00
    #(9153) Tamata and the AllianceBernard Moitessier Very Good Condition. Hardback 1995. NZ$50.00
    #(9154) White Cliffs to Coral ReefWilliam Howell Fair Condition. Hardback 1958. NZ$15.00
    #(9155) Great Years in YachtingJohn Nicholson Fair Condition. Hardback 1970. NZ$25.00
    #(9156) Voyage of the Tai-Mo-ShanMartyn Sherwood Fair Condition. Hardback. Ist Edition 1935. NZ$30.00
    #(9158) The Beken File Keith Beken Good Condition. Hardback 1980. NZ$50.00
    #(9159) Coasts of Treachery.Eugene Grayland Fair Condition. Hardback 1963. NZ$25.00
    #(9160) Tales of the SeaOlaf Ruhen Fair Condition. Hardback 1964. NZ$25.00
    #(9161) Across the South Pacific.Iain Finlay Good Condition. Hardback 1981. NZ$15.00
    #(9162) Sacred Cowes.Anthony Heckstall-Smith Fair Condition. Hardback 1955. NZ$10.00
    #(9163) Round the World Non-Stop.John Ridgeway & Andy Briggs Good Condition. Hardback 1985. NZ$25.00
    #(9164) Sailing Alone Around the World & Voyage of LiberdadeJoshua Slocum Fair Condition. Hardback 1949. NZ$30.00
    #(9165) Two Years Before the MastRichard Henry Dana Good Condition. Hardback 1968. NZ$15.00
    #(9166) Taratai IJames Siers Good Condition. Softback 1977. NZ$30.00
    #(9167) Taratai IIJames Siers Good Condition. Hardback 1978. NZ$20.00
    #(9168) True SpiritJessica Watson Fair Condition. softback 2010. NZ$10.00
    #(9169) Northwest Passage Solo.David Scott Cowper Very Good Condition. Hardback 1994. NZ$25.00
    #(9170) The Lonely Sea and the SkyFrancis Chichester Fair Condition. Hardback. 1964. NZ$25.00
    #(9172) IcebirdDavid Lewis Fair Condition. Hardback. 1976. NZ$25.00
    #(9173) Thousand Dollar YachtAnthony Bailey Good Condition. Softback. 1988. NZ$25.00
    #(9174) Cruising Under SailEric Hiscock Fair Condition. Hardback 1974. NZ$25.00
    #(9175) Sailing Alone Around the WorldJoshua Slocum Fair Condition. Softback 2003. NZ$25.00
    #(9176) A Pirate of Exquisite MindDiana Preston Fair/ Good Condition. Paperback 2005. NZ$20.00
    #(9177) Then We sailed AwayJohn Ridgeway Good Condition. Hardback 1996. NZ$20.00
    #(9178) Half SafeBen Carlin Fair Condition. Hardback 1955. NZ$10.00
    #(9179) Sailing to FreedomVoldemar Veedam Fair Condition. Hardback 1955. NZ$25.00
    #(9180) Ship AshoreDesmond Young. Poor/ Fair Condition. Hardback 1932. First Edition. NZ$100.00
    #(9181) Voyaging Under SailEric Hiscock Fair Condition. Hardback. 1974. NZ$25.00
    #(9182) The Lonely Sea and the SkyFrancis Chichester Fair Condition. Hardback. 1964. NZ$25.00
    #(9183) Business in Great WatersAdrian Hayter Fair Condition. Hardback. 1965. NZ$20.00
    #(9184) This Old Man and the SeaRobert s Ashton Excellent Condition. Softback 2006. NZ$20.00
    #(9186) Sea StoriesJoseph Conrad. Mariner's Library #37. Good Condition. Hardback 1957. NZ$45.00
    #(9187) Lively GhostsOlaf Ruhen Fair Condition. Hardback 1964. NZ$25.00
    #(9188) The Sinbad VoyageTim Severin Fair Condition. Hardback 1982. NZ$15.00
    #(9189) The Brendan VoyageTim Severin Fair Condition. Hardback 1978. NZ$15.00
    #(9190) Ice BirdDavid Lewis Fair Condition. Hardback 1975. NZ$25.00
    #(9191) Yankee's People and PlacesElectra & Irving Johnson Fair Condition. Hardback 1956. NZ$40.00
    #(9192) My Ship is so SmallAnn Davison Poor/ Fair Condition. Hardback 1956. NZ$45.00
    #(9193) The WalkaboutsMike Saunders Fair Condition. Hardback 1975. NZ$25.00
    #(9194) The Rudder TreasuryTom Davin Fair/ Good Condition. Hardback 1960. NZ$40.00
    #(91111) To Hidden Depthscaptain Philippe Tailliez Fair Condition. Hardback. 1954. NZ$20.00
    #(91112) Castaway in ParadiseJames C Simmons Good Condition. Softback. 1998. NZ$25.00
    #(91113) Adventures on the High SeasCapt. H. G. Kendall Fair Condition. Hardback. 1939. NZ$30.00
    #(91114) Trimaran Against the TradesJean Cole Fair Condition. Hardback. 1968. NZ$10.00
    #(91115) Isabel & the SeaGeorge Millar Fair Condition. Softback. 1999. NZ$25.00
    #(91125) A White Boat From EnglandGeorge Millar Fair Condition. Hardback. 1951.NZ$25.00
    #(91127) Fast Swimming Fish KurrewaRod MeyninkVery Good Condition. Softback 2005.NZ$30.00
    #(91128) Children of Three OceansDavid LewisPoor Condition. Hardback 1969.NZ$25.00
    #(91132) FloreanaMargret WittmerGood Condition. Hardback 1961.NZ$20.00
    #(91140) The TuntsaTeppo TurenFair Condition. Hardback 1961.NZ$25.00
    #(91143) The Golden HazeRoderick Cameron Poor/ Fair Condition. Hardback 1964.NZ$10.00
    #(91146) Lost LeviathanJF D OmmanneyFair Condition. Hardback 1971.NZ$30.00
    #(91151) The Cradle of the DeepSir Frederick TrevesFair Condition. Hardback 1928.NZ$10.00
    #(91156) Sail and DeliverRonald Preedy Excellent Condition. Hardback 1989.NZ$40.00
    #(91168) The Miscellany of Pitcairn islandHerbert Ford Fair condition. Softback 1980.NZ$25.00