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Cruising & Cruising Guides

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  • Code Number and Title Cover Image Author Condition Price - click to buy
    #(881) The Cruising Boat Alan Lucas Fair/Good Hardback. 1979 NZ$25.00
    #(882) 100 Magic Miles of the Great Barrier Reef David Colfelt Good ( 2nd) Condition. Softback. 1985 NZ$25.00
    #(883) Sailing an Atlantic Circuit Alastair Buchanan Excellent Condition Softback. 2002 NZ$25.00
    #(884) Admiralty Sailing Directions. NP 14 Australia Pilot Volume 2 BA Excellent Condition. Hardback. 12th Edition 2013 NZ$45.00
    #(885) Admiralty Sailing Directions. NP 61 Pacific Islands Pilot Volume 2 BA Excellent Condition. Hardback. 10th Edition 1984 NZ$45.00
    #(886) Pacific Islands Pilot Volume II Hydrographer of the Navy Excellent Condition. Hardback. 1969 NZ$15.00
    #(887) New Caledonia Pierre-Alain Pantz Excellent Condition. Hardback. NZ$30.00
    #(888) Anchorages Darwin 2 Carnarvon Leslie Richards Excellent Condition. Paperback. 1963 NZ$25.00
    #(889) The Ocean Sailing Yacht Volume 1 Donald Street Fair Condition. Hardback. 1973 NZ$25.00
    #(8810) The Ocean Sailing Yacht Volume II Donald Street Fair Condition. Hardback. 1978 NZ$25.00
    #(8811) The Cruising Life Ross Norgrove Fair Condition. Hardback. 1980 NZ$25.00
    #(8813) Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat John Vigor Fair Condition. Softback. 2001 NZ$25.00
    #(8814) The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat Mark Nicholas Excellent Condition. Paperback. 2013 NZ$20.00
    #(8815) Amazing Boat Journeys Lonely Planet Excellent Condition. Hardback. 2019 NZ$20.00
    #(8816) Changing Course Debra Ann Cantrell Excellent Condition. Hardback. 2001 NZ$25.00
    #(8817) World Cruising Routes Jimmy Cornell Fair/Good Condition. Hardback. 1987 NZ$30.00
    #(8818) Fast Track to Cruising Steve and Doris Colgate Excellent Condition. Paperback. 2005 NZ$20.00
    #(8819) Turkey Cruising Companion Emma Watson Excellent Condition. Hardback 2010 NZ$40.00
    #(8820) Letters from the Caribbean Andrea & Ian Treleaven Very Good Condition. Paperback 2010 NZ$25.00
    #(8821) Letters from the Med Andrea & Ian Treleaven Good Condition. Paperback 2006 NZ$25.00
    #(8822) RYA Go Cruising RYA Very Good Condition. Softback 2006 NZ$15.00
    #(8823) The Tyrrhenian Sea H M Denham Fair Condition. Hardback 1969 NZ$20.00
    #(8824) Norway. RCC Pilotage Foundation Judy Lomax Excellent Condition. Hardback 2nd Ed.2010 NZ$75.00
    #(8826) The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew Lin and Larry Pardey Fair Condition. Hardback 1995 NZ$15.00
    #(8827) 100 Magic miles Great Barrier Reef David Colfelt Good Condition. Softback 4th Ed.1993 NZ$30.00
    #(8828) Sensible Cruising Don Casey & Lew Hackler Fair Condition. Hardback 1986 NZ$25.00
    #(8829) Shorthanded Seamanship Conrad Dixon Good Condition. Softback 1991 NZ$20.00
    #(8830) RYA Go Cruising RYA Very Good Condition. Softback 2006 NZ$15.00
    #(8831) Sell Up and Sail Bill & Laurel Cooper Fair Condition. Softback 1998 NZ$25.00
    #(8832) Islas Baleares Imray Good Condition 10th Ed 2015 NZ$60.00
    #(8835) Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia Volume II Stephen Davies & Elaine Morgan Good Condition. Paperback 1999 NZ$30.00
    #(8836) Pacific Islands Pilot Vol I BA Fair/Good Condition. Hardback 1970 NZ$20.00
    #(8838) Sailing Directions. Gulf Of Maine. ATL 106 CHS Good Condition. SpiralBound 2001 NZ$10.00
    #(8839) Pacific Islands Pilot Vol III 10th ED. BA Good Condition. Hardback 1982 NZ$20.00
    #(8840) The Galapagos Islands Marylee Stephenson Excellent Condition. Softback 2000 NZ$20.00
    #(8845) Cruising the New South Wales Coast Alan Lucas Excellent Condition. Softback 2007 NZ$85.00
    #(8850) Complete Diving Guide to the Caribbean . Volume 1 Colleen Ryan Good Condition. Paperback 1997. NZ$25.00
    #(8853) Admiralty Sailing Directions. South America Pilot Vol III NP 7 BA Good Condition. Hardback 2009. NZ$30.00
    #(8855) Turkish Waters & Cyprus Pilot Imray Good Condition. 9th Ed 2013. NZ$80.00
    #(8856) 777Harbours & Anchorages. Eastern Adriatic Good Condition. 2017/2018 NZ$100.00
    #(8857) After 50,000 Miles Hal Roth Good Condition. Hardback 1978. NZ$20.00
    #(8858) Corsica & North Sardinia Imray Good Condition. 3rd Ed 2013. NZ$50.00
    #(8861) A Cruising Guide to the Lesser Antilles Donal M Street fair Condition. Hardback 1974. NZ$20.00
    #(8863) Cruising Guide to Maine Coast Hank Taft Good Condition. Softback 2003. NZ$40.00
    #(8865) Landfalls of Paradise Earl Hinz Fair Condition. 3rd Ed 1993. NZ$30.00
    #(8866) Ocean Passages of the World. With Charts BA Fair Condition. 3rd Ed 1973. NZ$60.00
    #(8870) Pacific Crossing Guide. 2nd Edition RCC Pilotage Very Good Condition. Hardback. 2011 NZ$55.00
    #(8871) Charlies Charts Polynesia Charles & Margo Wood Excellent Condition. Softback. 2015 NZ$70.00
    #(8873) Ocean Passages for the World 3rd Ed BA Good Condition. Hardback in slipcase, with Charts. 1973 NZ$75.00
    #(8874) Ocean Voyaging David Parker Good Condition. Hardback. 1975 NZ$25.00
    #(8875) The Ocean Sailing yacht Donald Street Good Condition. Hardback. 1974 NZ$25.00
    #(8877) Admiralty Sailing Directions. South America Pilot. Volume I NP 5 BA Good Condition. Hardback 1999. NZ$30.00
    #(8879) Landfalls of Paradise Earl Hinz Fair Condition. 3rd Ed 1993. NZ$30.00
    #(8880) The Exuma Guide Stephen J Pavlidis Fair Condition. 3rd Ed. NZ$25.00