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  • Wing of the Manukau

    Captain Thomas Wing. His life and Harbour 1810-1888

    Thomas Wing was born on 19 June 1810 at Bradfield, Essex, England.

    From 1832 to 1834 Wing journeyed around the northern coast of New Zealand and to Port Jackson. During this time he acquired a good knowledge of New Zealand waters.
    Wing went on voyages to Tauranga Harbour in 1835, and Kaipara, Manukau, Kawhia and Raglan harbours in 1836, making what were probably the first detailed charts of those harbour, (Wing also became one of the first Europeans to sail into the Waitemata Harbour). In 1837 Wing sailed down the east coast in the schooner Trent. During the voyage he visited Port Ahuriri and made the first chart of that harbour.

    In early 1844 he sailed from Nelson with the New Zealand Company's survey party to find a suitable site for the settlement of New Edinburgh (Dunedin). During that voyage he drew a chart showing Stewart Island, Foveaux Strait and part of the southern coastline, including Bluff Harbour.
    Wing had an abiding interest in boatbuilding. In the early 1850s he helped with the restoration of an American schooner, Iliomama, in Auckland, and the building of the schooner Zillah, at Coromandel. Later Wing designed two steamboats, the Halcyon and the Tam O'Shanter.

    In March 1857 Wing was appointed harbourmaster and pilot of Manukau Harbour, a post he held for 30 years. He played a valuable role in the early exploration, mapping and settlement of New Zealand, and later helped to transform the Manukau Harbour into an important and safe port...

    Published 1991. $100.00.

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