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See also Seamanship Education and
Knots and Ropework

  • Fast Handling Techniques
  • Reeds Crew Handbook
  • Emergency Crew Book
  • The Insiders' Guide to becoming a Yacht Stewardess
  • Illustrated Seamanship

  • Skipper's Cockpit Guide
  • Cockpit Companion
  • Reeds Superyacht Manual. 3rd Edition
  • The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor

  • Short-handed Sailing
  • Skipper's Practical Handbook
  • Working on Yachts and Superyachts
  • 7 Steps to Successful Boat Docking (Twin Engines) DVD
  • 7 Steps to Successful Boat Docking. 2nd Edition
  • The Adlard Coles Book of Anchoring

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    By Frank Bethwaite. Paperback, 0.54kg, 195mm x 262mm, 160 pages. black and white illustrations. Published in 2013.
    From the author of the bestselling High Performance Sailing and Higher Performance Sailing comes the first scientific analysis of what makes fast sailors fast. Rejecting the idea that luck or innate talent are the keys to success, Frank Bethwaite shows how knowledge truly is power. making use of video cameras aligned to GPS read-outs to track the fastest racers, he meticulously analyses what winners do and how they do it, to show the rest of us how to get the best out of a racing craft.
    Fast Handling Technique promises to guide racing sailors on how to gain (and maintain) their edge. It informs, instructs and enables them to employ the techniques and timing of the most successful racers, making racing more competitive and, ultimately, more exciting. Budding racers will consider this groundbreaking book pure gold dust.

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    By Bill Johnson. Paperback, 0.16kg, 100mm x 160mm, 160 pages. Full colour illustrations. Published in 2012.
    Being a crew member on a yacht is exciting and rewarding - you are part of a dynamic team, involved with a broad range of activities that are essential for running the vessel. To be confident, you need to understand what's going on and what, as crew, you are expected to do. This comprehensive pocket-sized handbook is the prefect primer for new and aspiring crew. It explains clearly what crew need to do aboard any size of yacht, including:
  • Steering, both with a tiller and a wheel
  • Sail handling: raising, dropping and reefing sails
  • Berthing, mooring and anchoring
  • Rope handling and essential knots
  • Watchkeeping on passage
  • Living on board Presented in accessible bite-sized chunks, and packed with colour illustrations, this book will prove invaluable for new crew before going to sea, and a handy aide-memoir for experienced crew when under sail.

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    By Regan Grafton. Spiral binding, 125mm x 122m, 24 waterproof pages in a strong water-tight plastic bag.
    What would your passengers do if something happened to you?
    The Emergency Crew Book has been created to equip even the least 'boat savvy' passenger with a step-by-step guide on what to do in a boating emergency.
    The book is written in plain English and features quick reference tabs covering all emergency situations.
    The book comes in a sturdy clear dry bag with a lanyard rope, and is to be hung permanently in clear view. The book also has spaces for the skipper to fill in which will give specific instructions that pertain to their boat.

    NZ$20.00 + delivery.

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    Paperback, 0.53 kgs, 155mm x 235mm, 329 pages, published 2014.
    A sea of opportunity awaits you in one of the world's fastest growing and most exciting industries; LUXURY YACHTING. Part how-to guide, part travelogue, The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess not only outlines the step-by-step process to getting a job on a luxury yacht, it also reveals what life is really like aboard these oceangoing toys.
    Imagine yourself:
  • Living basically expense-free on a floating, five-star hotel with the chance to explore such exclusive celebrity hot spots as St Tropez, Portofino, and St. Bart's....
  • Getting paid outstanding money to travel in style aboard these $5 million+ mega vessels (and we're NOT talking cruise ships here)....
  • Networking with a high-profile, jet-set crowd as you venture to the most exotic and remote ports in the world....
    Learn HOW in the updated, 2nd edition of The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess and get hired onto a luxury yacht in no time! This book is dedicated to making your journey as easy and hassle-free as possible.

    Let seasoned travel professional Julie Perry be your guide to the private domains where royalty, celebrities, and billionaires vacation. Based on her own work experience and interviews with yachting industry experts and recruiters, this clever and entertaining career guide delivers all the exclusive advice and practical guidance you need to get started-and-succeed as a luxury yacht steward/ess, including:

  • Candid and colourful stories from the author's own personal journals-at-sea.
  • An easy to follow Quick Start Guide outlining each seperate step to landing your first job.
  • Two full chapters devoted to a yacht stew's responsibilities and what your daily duties may include.
  • Suggested courses to enroll in as entry level crew.
  • Resource lists and contact information for crew recruiting agencies, crew training schools, and crew housing options in the U.S., Europe and, Australia.
  • Insider tips on how and where to network in the hub hiring ports around the world.
  • Recommendations to help you fund your job hunt and conduct your job search online.
  • Putting together a winnning resume/CV, how to prepare for and handle interviews, and even how to choose which job you want once you've been bombarded by employment offers...

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    Paperback, 170mm x 210mm, 91 pages, full colour illustrations.
    It is often only necessary to have a basic knowledge in order to voyage safely at sea. Illustrated Seamanship shows you the minimum number of techniques you should be familiar with - rope handling, manoeuvring and anchoring - in order to keep a boat safe and make cruising as enjoyable as possible for you and your crew.

    Learning the traditional techniques is not only necessary but you will develop your skill through an interesting and fun way. Each technique is illustrated in Ivar Dedekam's distinctive style, backed up with clear and simple text.

    Illustrated Seamanship is split into three main sections:

  • Ropework outlines the minimum level of knowledge of knots, hitches, splices amongst others.
  • Boat handling covers techniques for manoeuvring a yacht in harbours and confined spaces under various wind and sea conditions.
  • Anchoring provides the techniques and tips to anchor securely under any conditions.

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    By Bo Streiffert (editor). Spiral binding, 200mm x 241m, 24 waterproof pages. Reprinted 2015
    Instant facts & practical hints for boaters in a handy size to have at your fingertips in the cockpit. With vital information on:
  • The chart.
  • Seamarks.
  • Symbols & abbreviations.
  • Buoyage.
  • Pilotage.

  • Speed, time and distance.
  • Lights - Night sailing.
  • Compass, course & position.
  • Ships' lights.
  • Sounds & shapes.
  • Steering & sailing rules.

  • Boat handling.
  • Anchoring & mooring.
  • Ropes & knots.
  • Offshore sailing - Seasickness.
  • Heavy weather.
  • Man overboard - Grounding.
  • Fire aboard - First aid.
  • Distress signals - VHF radio.

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    By Basil Mosenthal. Spiral Binding 80mm x 225mm, 10 pages.
    This is the perfect summary of all you need to know - lights, shapes, buoys, Rules of the Road, tides, flags, knots, breakdowns etc., presented in a splash-resistant, quick-reference format. This is recommended reading for RYA courses and compliments the Dayskipper and Yachtmaster courses perfectly.


  • Rule of the Road
  • Height of the tide
  • Lights and shapes
  • Engine troubles
  • Sound signals

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    By James Clarke. Flexibound, 165mm x 240mm, 406 pages.
    Reeds Superyacht Manual, published in association with Bluewater Training, is the first and the best reference manual for everyone involved with yachts large and small, under sail or power, from deckhands to skippers and owners.
    There is extensive coverage for leisure and professional yachtsmen including:
  • Key information for all required courses at all levels from STCW crew basic training through RYA Yachtmaster Offshore to MCA Officer of the Watch (Yacht).
  • Comprehensive treatment of : safety, sea survival, first aid, fire fighting, navigation, seamanship, meteorology, marine radio and general ship knowledge.
  • An additional section on marine law, including international and flag state requirements.
  • An easy guide to the Collision Regulations, as well as their full text.
    Well illustrated and user-friendly, this is the complete reference for all those involved with commercial and private yachts worldwide.

    NZ$80.00 + delivery.

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    THE YOUNG SEA OFFICER'S SHEET ANCHOR, A Key to the Leading of Rigging, and to Practical Seamanship.
    By Darcy Lever. Softback, 205 x 280mm, 126 pages, black and white illustrations.
    First published in 1808, The Young Sea Officer’s Sheet Anchor became a standard guide throughout the 19th century in both England and the United States. Author Darcy Lever compiled the text for “a young gentleman whose inclinations at that time led him to the choice of a sea-faring life”, and he later expanded its contents for the general use of young officers in the Royal Navy and East India Company.

    Starting with a precise explanation of the principles of rigging, the text proceeds to a well-defined account of a ship’s operation through the effect of the wind on its sails. Tacking, use of a compass, the art of swinging a ship at single anchor, casting, and numerous other aspects of seamanship receive close attention and clear definitions. Detailed drawings accompany the ample directions for splicing ropes, making sails, and other practical measures; indeed, every other page of this book features clear, well-drawn illustrations of the procedure under discussion and its execution.

    This rare volume, an authentic look at the maritime world of the nineteenth century, belongs in the library of every ship fancier, model builder, and naval historian.

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    By Alastair Buchan. Paperback, 170mm x 240mm, 137 pages, full colour photos and illustrations.
    There is much more to short-handed sailing than a lack of crew. It demands a different approach, a new mindset. The crew's limited physical resources must be watched over with the same attention to detail as a miser guarding his hoard.
    Not only does this mean that the skipper must carry a much greater workload but there are fewer people, sometime no-one at all, to consult during the decision making process. Under these circumstances fatigue can be as dangerous as heavy weather; it creeps up on you, often unnoticed, destroying your morale and ability to make rational decisions.
    In this practical book the author passes on the lessons of his hard won experience gained short- and single-handed sailing in coastal, offshore and ocean waters.

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    By Richard Crooks. Paperback, 170mm x 210mm, 66 pages, full colour illustrations.
    This book covers the practical syllabus a student skipper needs to pass advanced sailing exams. It is also designed to be kept on board as a coaching guide covering common situations that may trip up even the most experienced yacht skipper. It covers the practical side of yacht cruising; how to be a better skipper, berth the yacht, handle under sail, recover an MOB, navigate and carry out safe and efficient passages.

    All the key technical topics for the sailor with essential data in an accessible format:

  • Perfect for exam preparation with revision and test sections.
  • Illustrated with charts and diagrams.
  • Ideal on-board reference.

    NZ$29.90 + delivery.

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    Working on Yachts and Superyachts. 4th Edition 2013
    By Jennifer Errico. Paperback, 0.68 kgs, 215mm x 278mm, 278 pages. Published 2013.
    This book, in it's fourth edition, is a must read, comprehensive look at the luxury yacht industry from the perspective of working as crew on board. Not only does it discuss what the industry involves, but how it works. Whaat qualifications and/or paperwork are required for crew, what jobs are available and where, when and how to find them. It will also give you a real insight into what living on board is really like and includes information from crew working in yachting, giving up-to-date and sound advice.

    It is not a training manual for safety at sea and it is not a "how to" book on sailing. It is an in depth look at the jobs in particular entry level positions of steward/stewardess, deckhand and chef and crew chef.

    This book gives anyone with a taste of 'wanderlust' an idea of what it is really ike to live and work in one of the most exclusive, jet-set industries on earth.

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    By Captains Ron and Katherine Redmond.
    Forget the why’s; this DVD is packed with the how to’s that will lead you to dock your boat successfully, even in wind and/or current. It presents the ‘local knowledge’ of the authors in an easily understood, and simply implemented, step by step process.

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    By Captains Ron and Katherine Redmond. Softback. 215mm x 280mm. 0.30 kg. 2nd Edition 2016

    Forget the why's; this book is packed with the how-to's that will lead you to dock your boat successfully, even in wind &/or current. It presents the "local knowledge" of the authors in an easily understood, and simply implemented, step-by-step process.

  • Single-Engine Inboard
  • Outboard/IO/Stern drive
  • Twin Engines
  • Power Boats and Sail Boats.

    This 2016 Second Edition has enhanced graphics and text.

    NZ$50.00 + delivery.

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    By Bobby Schenk. Paperback, 0.34kg, 171mm x 246mm, 101 pages, full colour photos.
    Once considered something of a black art, anchoring is growing in popularity as an attractive free alternative to costly marinas. Anyone who masters this essential skill can anchor off a peaceful beach - the perfect excuse to go swimming from the boat, fish for your supper, or just explore by dinghy.
    This thoroughly modern guide explains in clear and simple terms how to become competent and confident in anchoring, demonstrating with helpful photos and diagrams safe and efficient anchoring techniques for all conditions, from strong tides and winds to shallow water and rocky seabeds. Learn about:
  • Different types of anchor - when, where and how to use them
  • Advantages and disadvantages of rope, wire rope, chain and mixed cable
  • The benefits of using multiple anchors
  • Comparing manual and hydraulic systems
  • Maintaining anchoring gear
  • Anchoring commands to use on board

    NZ$40.00 + delivery.

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    Seamanship page three.

    See also Seamanship Education and
    Knots and Ropework

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