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  • Stress-Free Motorboating
  • Complete Rib Manual
  • Sports Boat Handling DVD
  • Confident Powerboating
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  • Motor Boating
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    By Duncan Wells, Paperback, 0.46kgs, 190mm x 246mm, 160 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2017.

    Stress-Free Motorboating is the answer to all single and short-handed crews’ prayers. Extensively illustrated with step-by-step photographs and diagrams, this highly practical handbook tackles the most common motorboating scenarios anyone will ever have to manage, whether cruising along a river or around the coast.
    The author covers groundbreaking and dependable procedures for getting off (and then back on to) a berth, anchoring, picking up mooring buoys, boat-handling in tides and fast-flowing rivers, managing locks and even picking up a man overboard. QR codes link to helpful instructional action videos to clarify the procedures, and individual advice is given about fuel monitoring, engine care and maintenance – in fact all the essential issues that affect motorboats.
    Whether you are aboard a sports runabout or a 60ft displacement cruiser, crossing the Channel or pottering along a river or coast Stress-Free Motorboating will make life aboard that much easier – and with less stress comes more enjoyment for everyone.

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    By Dag Pike, Hardback, 0.88kgs, 180mm x 250mm, 270 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2013.

    First built in the 1960s for rescue work, the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) has since revolutionised the leisure, commercial and military sectors of the marine market. The Complete Rib Manual is the ultimate practical reference on all aspects of a RIB's design, handling and maintenance for all owners and users - commercial, military and leisure.

    With all of the information you need to get the best out of a RIB, this book covers:

  • History and early development
  • Design, tube types, engines
  • Basic and advanced driving techniques
  • All aspects of cruising
  • Using RIBs as tenders
  • Launching, transportation and safety
  • Maintenance of outboards, diesels, water jets
  • Tube care, cleaning and repair
  • Hull Maintenance
  • Winter storage, checks and servicing

    This is the definitive reference, packed with illustrations, photographs, and all the information necessary to handle and maintain a RIB of any size.

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    By Amberley Marine, DVD.
    Driving a sportsboat is fun and an exhilirating experience. Whether it's a trailable ski boat or a powerful off-shore cruiser, driving these boats at speed, safely, requires skill.
    These boats are designed to go fast and you owe it to yourself, your passengers and other water users to be competent at handling your boat.
    Slow speed handling of your boat can give you the most problems. In this video we show you how to achieve the day to day manoeuvres with perfect results.
    Sometimes even the quietest coastal sea can suddenly appear very diffent when aboard a small vessel. We will show you some of the techniques to make life a bit more comfortable and safer in heavier seas.
    Having mastered the handling of your boat we will demonstrate some basic water ski techniques and how to control your boat with safety in mind.

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    By Stu Reininger. Paperback, 188mm x 232mm, 173 pages, monochrome drawings & photos.
    Many powerboaters seem to think that GPS, high-tech drive systems, and readily available towing services have made the art of seamanship obsolete. How wrong they are! "Navigable waters are still the same contrary beasts they always were," says Stu Reininger. "Things continue to go wrong , and help isn't always available." Good boat handling prevents most problems and overcomes any you do encounter. Boating skill and expert seamanship provide great comfort and satisfaction to their possessors.
    This book will show you how to master every situation aboard your powerboat. You'll learn how to:
  • Dock under adverse wind and current conditions with inboard or outboard engines, twin or single.
  • Cope with bad weather, rough seas, and tricky inlets
  • Anchor or raft up in any situation
  • Handle your boat at speed
  • Cruise safely in fog or darkness
  • Overcome engine failures and gear breakage
  • Tow another boat or receive a tow
  • Deal with emergencies such as fire, flooding, going aground, or abandoning a sinking boat.

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    By Bob Sweet. Paperback, 216mm x 276mm, 173 pages, full colour drawings, diagrams and some photo's.
    Master boating educator Bob Sweet takes the mystery out of boat handling and show you how to perform every manoeuvre smoothly and effectively. Understand the unique characteristics of planing and displacement hulls, single and dual engines, and outboard, inboard, jet, and stern drives, and make your boat do what you want it to do.
    You'll learn how to:
  • Approach and leave a dock or slip no matter what the direction and strength of wind or current.
  • Manoeuvre at slow speeds in tight quarters and at high speeds on open water.
  • Learn the secrets of launching and retrieving from ramps.
  • Use trim tabs and engine tilt for comfort, economy and speed.
  • Find out what it takes to anchor effectively.
  • Handle your boat safely in strong winds, high waves, challenging inlets, and sudden storms.

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    By Alex McMullen. Paperback, 171mm x 240mm, 127 pages, full colour photos and drawings.
    This updated and expanded colour edition covers all the essentials of successful motor boating:
  • Choosing and buying the boat that's right for you
  • Registration, licensing and insurance
  • Equipping your boat with the right gear
  • Boat handling - in harbour, at sea and inland
  • Following the "rule of the road" on water
  • Navigating, using paper charts, GPS and plotters
  • Finding and interpreting weather forecasts
  • Using a VHF radio
  • Planning and completing a safe passage
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Maintaining your boat and its engine(s)
  • Towing and launching a trailable boat

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