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Navigation, Electronics and Radio

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100 Problems in Celestial NavigationLeonard Gray$NZ65.00
2019 Guide to the Night SkyStorm Dunlop$NZ20.00
Adlard Coles Book of Navigation, TheTim Bartlett$NZ45.00
Adlard Coles Book of Radar, TheBorje Wallin$NZ40.00
America to Antipodes: Sight Reduction TablesCaptain Teach$NZ55.00
Atlas of the Southern Night Sky 4th EditionSteve Massey$NZ50.00
British Admiralty Type Star Identifier $NZ55.00
Celestial Nautical Almanac 2019 Commercial EditionParadise Cay$NZ75.00
Celestial Navigation (Cunliffe)Tom Cunliffe$NZ35.00
Celestial Navigation (Prinet)Dominique F. Prinet$NZ80.00
Celestial Navigation CDMike Scanlan$NZ20.00
Celestial Navigation Exercises for Class and Home StudyDominque F. Prinet$NZ55.00
Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen, 13th editionMary Blewitt$NZ25.00
Celestial Navigation USBMike Scanlan$NZ30.00
Celestial WorksheetsCaptain Teach$NZ17.50
Coastal and Offshore Navigation, Third editionTom Cunliffe$NZ40.00
Coastal Navigation CDMike Scanlan$NZ20.00
Coastal Navigation USBMike Scanlan$NZ30.00
Easy Nav, Second EditionCaptain Teach$NZ55.00
Electronic Navigation CDMike Scanlan$NZ20.00
Electronic Navigation USBMike Scanlan$NZ30.00
GPS AfloatBill Anderson$NZ45.00
GPS for Mariners, 2nd ed.Robert J Sweet$NZ37.00
How to Read a Nautical Chart, 2nd EditionNigel Calder$NZ37.00
Illustrated Navigation. 3rd EditionIvan Dedekam$NZ35.00
Inshore Navigation, Second editionTom Cunliffe$NZ35.00
Learn To Navigate 6th editionBasil Mosenthal$NZ28.00
Navigation - A Newcomer's GuideSara Hopkinson$NZ40.00
Navigation Companion 2nd editionTim Davison$NZ22.00
Navigational InstrumentsRichard Dunn$NZ20.00
New Zealand's Night Sky - Glow in the Dark ChartStardome$NZ14.00
Norie's Nautical Tables. Revised EditionEd. George Blance$NZ150.00
North Star to Southern CrossWill Kyselka$NZ35.00
Ocean Yachtmaster ExercisesPat Langley-Price & Philip Ouvry$NZ80.00
Quick and Easy Guide to Compass CorrectionGeorge H Reid$NZ25.00
Radar for MarinersDavid Burch$NZ37.00
Radar Plotting SheetSeamanship Tutor$NZ .40
Reed's Sextant SimplifiedDag Pike$NZ37.50
Reeds VHF DSC HandbookSue Fletcher$NZ40.00
RYA Astro Navigation HandbookTim Bartlett$NZ30.00
RYA Competent Crew SkillsRYA$NZ35.00
RYA Dinghy TechniquesJeremy Evans Jeremy Evans$NZ45.00
RYA Go SailingRYA$NZ40.00
RYA Go Sailing Activity BookRYA$NZ25.00
RYA Introduction to NavigationTim Bartlett$NZ30.00
RYA Introduction to RadarTim Bartlett$NZ25.00
RYA Navigation Exercises - 2nd editionChris Slade$NZ85.00
RYA Navigation HandbookTim Bartlett$NZ62.00
RYA Sail Trim Handbook for CruisersRob Gibson$NZ45.00
RYA Yacht Sailing TechniquesJeremy Evans$NZ50.00
RYA Yachtmaster Shorebased NotesPenny Haire$NZ35.00
Sextant Handbook, TheBruce Bauer$NZ49.00
Sight Reduction Tables Pub 249 Vol 1 Pre-selected Stars Epoch 2006 - 2014 $NZ75.00
Sight Reduction Tables Pub 249 Vol 2 Latitudes 0 to 40 degrees $NZ75.00
Sight Reduction Tables Pub 249 Vol 3 Latitudes 39 to 89 degrees $NZ75.00
Special Astro Deal! - Sight Reduction Tables 1,2 and 3. Fullset $NZ200.00
Star Chart of the Southern Skies $NZ15.00
Super Special Astro Deal!! - latest Celestial Nautical Almanac plus Sight Reduction Tables 1,2 and 3. Fullset $NZ270.00
Superyacht MasterRobert Avis$NZ60.00
Understanding a Nautical ChartPaul Boissier$NZ55.00
Understanding Boat CommunicationsJohn C. Payne$NZ30.00
VHF Companion 2nd EditionSara Hopkinson$NZ22.00
We, the NavigatorsDavid Lewis$NZ70.00
Weekend Navigator, The 2nd EditionBob Sweet$NZ45.00