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    By John Bowen. Hardback, 0.54kg 190mm x 255mm, 208 pages, black & white photographs and drawings, Published 2003.

    John Bowen brings his knowledge and expertise of waterline ship modelling to a second volume of 'Miniature Merchant Ships', including examples such as Haverford (1901), Carpathia (1903), Oronsay (1925) and Braemar Castle (1952). The book opens with a section giving advice on initial preparations finding and using plans, suitable materials and tools. This section also presents an alphabetical list of the principal fittings on a ship (those that would be included on this type of model) hatches, winches, capstans, anchors, etc with details and diagrams on how to make them. Section II comprises 30 sets of plans of ships built between 1900 and 1969. These are accompanied with at least one photograph of the ship, a full specification, brief history, and notes on essential constructional details, including colour scheme.

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    By Tom Gorman. Paperback, 0.54kg 185mm x 245mm, 184 pages, black & white photographs and drawings, Published 1997.
    A comprehensive guide to the building and sailing of working scale model merchant ships, this new paperback edition covers the spectrum of ship types from tankers to trawlers to paddle-steamers. Every stage of construction is covered in full detail, beginning with the building of the hull and concluding with propulsion, ballasting, and sailing the completed model. All building methods and materials are described, including plank on frame construction, GRP molding of hulls, and casting of deck fittings. Chapters are devoted to the installation of electric motors and steam engines, and the fitting and operation of radio control equipment. This book is indispensable reading for ship modelers of all skill levels. "

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    By Steve Rogers & Patricia Staby-Rogers. Paperback, 280mm x 215mm, 64 pages,Colour photos and line drawings..
    There is a talent that borders on art in creating a wooden hull from straight pieces of timber, albeit in miniature. Steve Rogers appreciates the skill and workmanship of those builders who made them,and so celebrates their passion and talent with his beautiful wooden models of these old working boats. Through his work, he demonstrates an appreciation for the design and construction of these boats, plus a gentle nostalgia for the times they represent.

    Step-by-step colour photos and captions illustrate this book throughout. Chapters on materials, tools, paints and brushes, ropes, lines and boat fittings begin the book, along with a small piece on arranging the workplace. Steve's skill in photographing the real boat, and then scaling down to reproduce an exact copy in miniature is wonderful to see.This is a great book to learn, appreciate and enjoy boat building in any size.

    The end result a true piece of art.

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    By Patrick Matthews. Paperback, 210mm x 280mm, 101 pages, monochrome photographs and line drawings.
    The classic mahogany runabout is a universally popular modelling subject, but many newcomers to the hobby are apprehensive about completing a model. Will they be able to fit the planks perfectly? And what about the glass-smooth clear finish, which tolerates no mistake in woodwork or polishing?
    It's really not so hard, just follow the steps outlined here! Model boat buff Patrick Matthews covers the entire process, from choosing a project from one of the many available kits, through building and finishing a mahogany marvel - even the basics of radio control are covered. Additional suggestions are included for simple but effective customisations, as well as a gallery of models from some real masters of the craft - temptation and encouragement for the modeller to stretch further yet.

    Patrick Matthews shares his enthusiasm for model boating through contributions to Ships in Scale magazine, where he covers radio control scale model boats. In his spare time, Patrick is an automotive engineer.

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    By Harold A. Underhill. Hardcover, 170mm x 233mm, 154 pages plus hull plans (Vol I) and 148 pages (Vol II), monochrome photographs and line drawings.
    These two classics are the standard works for someone wanting to build the finest of scale model sailing ship by using plank-on-frame construction.
    Volume I describes the construction of the hull and Volume II gives very detailed plans and instructions for the masting, spars and running and standing rigging.

    "To produce a first class model, it is not sufficient merely to have good plans of the vessel being built, they must be backed up by a good understanding of the full-size prototype of the class. Therefore full-size practice is described in this book alongside details of the model, which broadens the scope for the modelmaker to apply his own methods to achieve the same results, should he wish to do so.
    The book has been written from the angle of the builder with limited tools and facilities. However the construction used would have been just the same even though a fully equipped workshop had been available, but of course a good bench is always better than a poor table, and the wider the range of tools the greater the pleasure to be obtained from using them."

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    Volume II Masting and Rigging NZ$90.00 + Delivery

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    By Edward W. Hobbs. Hardcover, 150mm x 215mm, 208 pages, monochrome photographs and line drawings.
    "More than a century has elapsed since the building of the Royal Albert, the Ark Royal and the Carrack, which formed the main examples of the model shipwright's craft in the first edition of this book. During that time many hundreds of such models have been successfully built by amateurs in all parts of the world.
    The acid test of time has proved the practicability of the constructional methods fully detailed in this book, consequently no material revision has been called for in this edition."
    The book starts with an introduction to some famous old ships, then carries on discussing building old-time ship models. Details include:

  • Making a waterline model of a carrack
  • Making scenic models
  • Hulls and their construction
  • Modelling the Royal Albert
  • The hull and standard
  • Building the stern galley
  • Making the masts and spars
  • Deck fittings
  • The standing rigging
  • Sails and sailmaking
  • Running rigging
  • Painting and finishing
  • Repairs and restorations
  • Finding the information

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    By Harold A. Underhill. Hardcover, 180mm x 245mm, 128 pages, monochrome sketches and line drawings.
    The authoritative work of Harold A. Underhill is now acknowledged throughout the world by those who find interest in sailing ships.
    In this book the identification of types and sail plans of many famous ships are reproduced with a brief description of each rig. There are 32 illustrations and a complete range of sail and rigging plans from the 5-masted full-rigged ship Preussen to a Humber keel.
    These plans are fully detailed with all running and standing rigging. Each plan is accompanied by a full description of the vessel, notes on points of interest, and all details such as dates, builders, owners, dimensions etc.

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    By Harold A. Underhill. Hardcover, 182mm x 245mm, 304 pages, monochrome sketches and line drawings.
    Containing 50 full-page working drawings and 200 detail sketches this book fully covers the subject of spar construction and rig for nineteenth and twentieth century Sailing Ships.
    Drawings are provided of every spar for both iron and wooden craft, together with chapters on Standing Rigging, Running Rigging, and Sails, while the working and rig of various types of self-reeling topsail, lead of gear and function of brace and halliard winches, etc. are fully explained.
    All running rigging is followed from sail to pin, describing in detail the type and position of every block and rigging fairlead through which it reeves. Full belaying pin and fairlead diagrams are given for each mast, together with a large folding plate, showing the position and use of every pin in the Ship.
    Seperate chapters cover the Sailing Coaster and unusual Rigs, while the final chapter is devoted to tables of Spar proportions and rigging sizes for various size of craft, together with the basic formulae from which they have been compiled.
    This book is the most complete guide to square rig ever published, and is an invaluable reference work as well as providing vital detail for model builders.

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    By Adam & Sheena Duncan. Hardcover, 310mm x 225mm, 304 pages, monochrome sketches and drawings.
    This book contains 169 scraperboard drawings of Clyde Built ships and is representative of the range of vessels built on the river during the post war boom period from 1948 to 1960. Each drawing is accompanied by a clear text, identifying the ship, the builder, the owner, the gross tonnage and the year built.
    The artist, the late Alasdair Macfarlane, was born on the Scottish island of Tiree in 1902 and after a short seafaring career settled in Glasgow in 1929. For the next thirty years he served with Clyde Navigation Trust, utilising most of his free time in furthering his knowledge of art, experimenting in a variety of mediums and producing works commissioned by a growing clientel.
    All the drawings in this unique collection were produced during the nineteen fifties and apart from one short but successful exhibition held in January 1980, at the Greenock Arts Guild - when part of the collection was on display - the pictures have remained out of sight for the past twenty-five years.
    Scraperboard is a form of art-work which requires a considerable degree of skill and patience and in this series of drawings Alasdair Macfarlane combines these qualities with a wide knowledge of ships and an eye for detail.
    Just how dramatically the shipbuilding industry has declined on the Clyde during the past thirty years can be seen on the contents page which lists the names of twenty two internationally known shipbuilders who had ships under construction on Clydeside in the fifties.
    Apart from the artistic content the book will be of considerable interst to lovers of the sea and ships and perhaps, to model ship builders.

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    Marine Modelling, Models and Craft, Page Three.

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